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Class of 1960 50th Reunion and link to the Memory Book

Class of 1964 get-together in Dallas October 2009

Class of 1962 mini-reunion June 20, 2009

Class of 1961 50th Reunion!

Locust Grove School Reunion October 12 ,2008

Class of 1962 mini-reunion July 13, 2008

Class of 1961 mini-reunion April 27, 2008

Mini-reunion March 9, 2008

Gathering in 2008

Class of 1964 Oktoberfest in Dallas, 2007

Class of 1962 Mini-reunion July 22, 2007

Mini-reunion in Syosset July 2007

Locust Grove School Class of 1957 Mini-reunion 2006

Ron Barry:  In memory

Judy Riccoboni Prianti has role in the Sopranos!

Locust Grove School Class of 1957 Mini-reunion 2005

Class of 1960 45th Year Reunion September 2005

Class of 1963 40th Year Reunion August 2003

The Swamp!

2001 Mini-reunions

Thanksgiving 2000 Classmates Gathering

Christiano's 2000

'98 Five Class Reunion



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Syosset go to the  web site,   A Syosset Scrapbook.

thousands of images! Including video clips.  


Listen to the late Joseph Boslet Jr., interviewed by Isabel Goldenkoff at the Syosset Public Library as he reminisces about old Syosset.  We placed excerpts from this 1991 tape throughout Scrapbook.  



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Syosset High School Class of 1960 50th Reunion

(Image courtesy of Island Photography)
Click on the picture for larger version and names.


John Delin, Sheila Zouderer Strauss, Linda Bradley Casalo, Betty Winkler Farraday, Judy Riccoboni Prianti, Jack Farraday, Peggy Meehan Swanson ('62), Bob Swanson
(Image courtesy of Judy Riccoboni Prianti)


Sheila, John and Marie
(Image courtesy of Marie Manning)


Claire Dryfuss Debor, Barbara Holm Britton, John Delin, Faith Myer Weathington ('61), Georgia Cody Nucci
(Image courtesy of Bill Britton)


Peter Fitzgerald, John Delin, Faith Myer Weathington ('61)
(Island Photography)



Loretta Miller and Don Lifland
(Image courtesy of Carolyn Manning DeJesu)



John and Elinore Abravanel Brown ('61)
(Image courtesy of Elinore Brown)


A great success.  The reunion included members of the classes of 1959, 1961 and 1962.

Here is the link to the official Syosset High School Class of 1960 50th Reunion Momeory Book:


Bob Barone (





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Class of 1964 get-together in Dallas October 2009

Top left to right: Jim Kiffer, John Haass, Mike Egan
Middle left to right: Tony Foglio, Doug Montanaro
Bottom left to right: Rich Vecchia, Ralph Heffernan, Rich Schaller

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1962 Mini Reunion June 20, 2009




Jolly Banch, Lucille D'Amico, Lesley Newman, Judy Riccoboni, Laurey Lebenson


Judy Riccoboni, Lucille D'Amico, Laurey Lebenson, Judi Garfinkel,  Joyce Garrett, Hannah Gerchick



Mark Menis, Lucille D'Amico, Judy Riccoboni, Laurey Lebenson, Jolly Banch, Howie
       Muchnick, Lesley Newman, Paul Lindenauer, Nina Panaseny



Around the table from left:  Nina Panaseny, Dee Drost, Lesley Newman, Judi Garfinkel, Judy Riccoboni, Paul
       Lindenauer, Joyce Garrett, Jolly Banch, Hannah Gerchick, Maxine Rohr,
       Laurey Lebenson (standing) Lucille D'Amico, guest


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1961 50th Year Reunion!


From the Organizing Committee:


Syosset High School Class of 1961 50th Reunion


To members of the class of '61 of Syosset High School,
Can you believe we are fast approaching the 50th Anniversary since we graduated from Syosset High School?  We can't be that old?  We certainly don't look that any rate, the class of '61 is planning for the 50th Anniversary reunion. 
This event will take place September 16-18, 2011 at the Marriott Melville on Long Island; updates to follow.

We are still finding more classmates. We'd like to verify your home address and phone number for future mailings.  Please email your information to

Let us know if you have any ideas you might want to offer, your areas of expertise and if you are available to call on for assistance as needed so we can have the best high school reunion ever.

Does anyone have information relating to:

Lorraine Brenda Bieber 
Grace Cantarella
Ellen Davidowitz
Lynn Feikert 
Betsy Jane Grace                                  
Alice Margareta Johansson   
Jay Philip Kaplan    
Carole Lynne Kollman
Bernice Sandra Korn                      
Geraldine Linda LaMonica Tedesco
Abby Jane Lander 
Barbara Emily Loesel 
James B Lyons
Patricia Lyons    
Susan Ruth McManus
Maria Lucille Miraglia                                  
Denise Ellen Plunkett   
Sari Ellen Rothline
Barbara Jean Rudzinski
Maria Theresa Salerno 
Frank Spina                                   
Russell Frederick Star
Linda Carol Walters
Carol Ann Williamson 
Patricia Randall Wood  

We will send emails with updates as needed.


Elinore Abravanel Brown

Diane Miller Fajen

Judy Baron Albano

Linda Currier Sterling

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Locust Grove School Reunion October 12, 2008

The Locust Grove Reunion was held October 12, 2008, at the Fulton & Prime Steak House, 352 Jericho Turnpike, Syosset.  I had the pleasure of attending this reunion and sharing the celebration of Locust Grove camaraderie.  Images are posted on Syosset Scrapbook.  Thanks to the late Warren Mills for starting it, for his expert research in locating classmates and to John Watson, Ed Watson, Al Weidig and all those attending.

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Class of 1962 Mini-reunion at Cibo Restaurant, NYC, July 13,2008

 Top row, standing:  Jolly Banch, Peter Keers, Lucille D'Amico, Laurey Lebenson, Deede Drost, Judy Riccoboni, Howie Muchnick
Sitting:  Paul Lindenauer, Mark Menis

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Class of 1961 Mini-reunion in Florida, April 27, 2008

 Jane Puccio, Denis (Denny) Norman and Shirlee Sarver
celebrating their 65th birthdays.


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  Mini-reunion in Florida, Waterway Cafe, Palm Beach Gardens, March 9, 2008

 Marcia Feinberg Redd, Judy Riccoboni Prianti, Marie Manning, Ann Baiocco, Ellie Bloomfield Fay, Eli Fay, Lynn Bergrath


 Ann Baiocco, Judy Riccoboni Prianti, Eli Fay, Ellie Bloomfield Fay, Marie Manning, Lynn Bergrath, Marcia Feinberg Redd, Philip Redd


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  Gathering in 2008

 Carolyn Manning DeJesu and Judy Riccoboni Prianti


  Judy Riccoboni Prianti and Marie Manning


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Class of 1964 Oktoberfest in Dallas, 2007

 Rich Schaller, Mike Egan, John Haass, Ralph Heffernan, Doug Montanaro


 Rich Schaller, Ralph Heffernan, John Haass, Doug Montanaro, Mike Egan


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Class of 1962 Mini-reunion at the Manhattan home of Howie Muchnick and his wife Susan Schwartz, July 22, 2007

Front:  Laurey Lebenson, Hannah Gerchick, Mark Menis, Howie Muchnick, Judy Riccoboni, Jon Fisher, 
Lesley Newman, Dee Drost, Carole Sample, Ann Baiocco
Rear: Charlie Weidig, Barbara Tauber, Julius Hecht, Lucille D'Amico, Joel Jacobs, Peter Keers, Paul Lindenauer


Lucille D'Amico, Ann Baiocco, Judy Riccoboni, Carole Sample, Hannah Gerchick, 
Dee Drost, Laurey Lebenson, Lesley Newman, Barbara Tauber


Front:  Peter Keers, Charlie Weidig
Back:  Joel Jacobs, Mark Menis, Howie Muchnick, Jon Fisher, Julius Hecht. (hidden—Paul Lindenauer)


Howie Muchnick, Lucille D'Amico, Barbara Tauber, Paul Lindenauer, Laurey Lebenson, Joel Jacobs, Lesley Newman


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Mini-reunion in Syosset July 2007 
(Images courtesy of Eileen Green)

Back row standing:  Janet Strugats, Marc Andrews, Pat McQuade, Chris McGuire, Jeff Welsch, Howie Berlin
2nd row standing:  Larry Hoffman, Jacci Rubin, Kathy Andrews, Eileen O'Donnell, Sue McGurk
1st row standing:  Nan Goldstein, Arlene Haas, Joanne Mulberg, Jessica Siegel, Eileen Green, Joanne London, Nancy Popper, Sue Gottesman
Sitting:  Heidi Roebuck, Leslie London. Phil Kotik, Pam Tames


Joanne London and Jessica Siegel


Heidi Roebuck, Marc Andrews, Sue McGurk, and Joanne's son Sean


Sue Gottesman, Sue McGurk, Jacci Rubin


Jessica Siegel, Arlene Haas


Sue Gottesman, Sue McGurk, Jacci Rubin


Heidi Roebuck and Phil Kotik


Nancy Popper, Jessica Siegel and Jeff Welsh


Pam Tames, Jacci Rubin, Joanne Mulberg


Eileen Green , Eileen O'Donnell, Sue McGurk, Jacci Rubin, Nan Goldstein


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Locust Grove School Class of 1957 Mini-reunion
at Christiano's 2006

(Images courtesy of Lorraine Graf Zabel)

Lorraine Graf  Zabel, Cheryl Worden Miller, Karen Laschitza Glutz, Clara Yoepp Gamer


Lorraine Graf Zabel, Cheryl Worden Miller, Karen Laschitza Glutz, Clara Yoepp Gamer


Clara Yoepp Gamer, Cheryl Worden Miller, Mr. Pat Hannan, teacher, 
Lorraine Graf Zabel, Karen Laschitza Glutz


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Ronald G. Barry

Ron retired in 1999 after 42 distinguished years as teacher, mentor, friend and assistant principal.  He passed away June 27, 2006.   Long live his memory!


Ron in 1959 Yearbook


Ron in 1960 Yearbook

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  Judy Riccoboni Prianti has role in The Sopranos!

Judy Riccoboni Prianti (GIAA, SAG, AFTRA, AEA), SHS Class of 1962), has a featured role in The Sopranos as Connie Fazio.  Click here for Judy's credits as an actor and producer:  Internet Movie Database


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Locust Grove School Class of 1957 Mini-reunion
October 7, 2005

(Images courtesy of Karen Laschitza Glutz and Clara Yoepp Gamer)

Don Andersen, Ralph Knudsen, Rich Latuga


Clara Yoepp Gamer, Mr. Pat Hannan, teacher, Karen Laschitza Glutz


Don Andersen, Bob Glutz, SHS '63, Ralph Knudsen,
Rich Latuga, Pat Hannan, Karen Laschitza Glutz, Cheryl Worden Miller, Clara Yoepp Gamer


Rich Latuga and Kathy Hickey Latuga


Clara Yoepp Gamer, Cheryl Worden Miller, Karen Laschitza Glutz


The newest addition to the building and the main entrance
Locust Grove School is now the Variety Child Learning Center.


The front of the original building that was Locust Grove School



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1960 45th Year Reunion!

reunion_1960_group.jpg (78635 bytes)
To view larger image please click on this image.  Click your Back Button to come back.  

The Class of 1960's 45th Year Reunion was held September 23-25, 2005 at the Hilton Long Island Hotel, Melville, Long Island.   Congratulations to the committee:  Richard Glazer, Marie Manning and Bob Barone.  Please continue to email me, John Delin, to update your email and/or home addresses/phone numbers.  

Click here for images of the reunion:  Syosset '60 45th Year Reunion Memory Book  and a nostalgic tribute to the Class of 1960:  Class of 1960 Memories  

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1963 Reunion 2003


The Class of 1963's 40th Year Reunion was held August 29-31, 2003.  Congratulations to the committee:  Kathleen Tracy, Stephanie Ferri  and Clara Yoepp Gamer.  Please continue to email  to update your email and/or home addresses/phone numbers.

To view larger images please click on the thumbnails. Click your Back Button to come back.   

Syosset Class of 1963 Holds Reunion
Syosset-Jericho Tribune
October 10, 2003
(© 2003, Long Island Community Newspapers, Inc.)

63ReunionArticle.jpg (116967 bytes)

At the Melville Marriott, 8/29 at night

KathyClaraRalph-N.jpg (58269 bytes)

Clara Yoepp Gamer, Ralph Hochberg, Kathleen Tracy
(photo courtesy of Stephanie Ferri)

EmeryKeith-N.jpg (70164 bytes)

Emery Dessoffy and Keith MacGregor
(photo courtesy of Stephanie Ferri)

At Syosset High, 8/30 in the afternoon

63reunion_cafeteria.jpg (84502 bytes)

front row:  Trish Flood Cody, Jeff Perkel, Bonnie Mirenda De Witt, Lynda Sinatra Thorpe, Diane Perlman Posthauer
second row:  Pat Aveni, Carolyn Klein Olofsson, Linda Schinn Concannon, Ginnie Grosch Kowalski, Chris Posthauer, Brooks Kachner.
back row:  Ted Earl, Rod Solomon, Tom Preston and wife Karen, Dave Darwin,  John Dunn
(photo by John Concannon)


63reunion_patio.jpg (154861 bytes)

Jeff Perkel, John Dunn, Rod Solomon, Brooks Kachner, Pat Aveni, Bonnie Mirenda De Witt, Ginny Grosch Kowalski, Lynda Sinatra Thorpe, Linda Schinn Concannon, Trish Flood. In back:  Tom Preston,  up high:  Ted (Bob) Earl
(photo by John Concannon)

At the Thatched Cottage in Centerport

EmoryPamMikeBernadetteTomPhil-n.jpg (73238 bytes)

Emery Dessoffy, Pam Boslet Buskin, Mike Ricciardi, Bernadette Waters Price, Tom Melville, Phil Como
(photo courtesy of Stephanie Ferri)

ClaraDickPhilBill-n.jpg (60429 bytes)

Phil Como, Bill Reilly, Dick Gamer '59, Clara Yoepp Gamer
(photo courtesy of Stephanie Ferri)

ClaraJudySteph-n.jpg (48437 bytes)

Clara Yoepp Gamer, Judy Vervoort Chaddick, Stephanie Ferri
(photo courtesy of Stephanie Ferri)

LucilleFrankSandraR.jpg (58179 bytes)

Frank Weber '61, Lucille Hendrickson Weber, Sandra Russo, guest
(photo courtesy of Stephanie Ferri)

DonAndersenFrankWeber-n.jpg (40835 bytes)

Don Andersen and Frank Weber, '61
(photo courtesy of Stephanie Ferri)

MrKnoetgen-N.jpg (54561 bytes)

Mr. William Knoetgen and Bob Wiesenberger
(photo courtesy of Stephanie Ferri)

JoeAccordino.jpg (52079 bytes)

Joe Accordino and Paul Binger
(photo courtesy of Nancy Amoroso Binger)

NanNick.jpg (58922 bytes)

Nan Mullen Cheshire with friend Nick
(photo courtesy of Nancy Amoroso Binger)

PaulKimmel.jpg (50707 bytes)

Nancy Amoroso Binger and Paul Kimmel
(photo courtesy of Nancy Amoroso Binger)

PeterOtten.jpg (58465 bytes)

Peter Otten and Nancy Amoroso Binger
(photo courtesy of Nancy Amoroso Binger)

Philagain.jpg (62211 bytes)

Cookie Vormittag Eagen, Phil Como and Nancy Amoroso Binger
(photo courtesy of Nancy Amoroso Binger)

JohnBatza.jpg (49931 bytes)

Nancy Amoroso Binger and John Batza
(photo courtesy of Nancy Amoroso Binger)

glutz-brody-carlin.jpg (76961 bytes)

Bob Glutz, Dr. Stewart Brody and Dennis Carlin
(photo by Karen Laschitza Glutz)


kathleen_clara_carolann_jc.jpg (120541 bytes)

Kathleen Tracy, Clara Yoepp Gamer, CarolAnn Dal Ceredo (Plainview '62), Jimmy Christiano
(photo by Rick Vogel)


kathleen_melodimerson.jpg (103653 bytes)

Melodi Merson Brown, Kathleen Tracy
(photo by Rick Vogel)


2003_NancyBarry_JohnDelin_PamBoslet_WilliamKnoetgen.jpg (112586 bytes)

Nancy Glennan Barry, John Delin, Pam Boslet Buskin, William Knoetgen
(photo by Rick Vogel)


John_Pam_LF_JF_DD.jpg (97037 bytes)

John Delin, Pam Boslet Buskin, Dr. Larry Frankel, Dr. John Finocchio, David Darwin
(photo by Rick Vogel)


JC__pepe.jpg (102924 bytes)

Jimmy Christiano and Trish Flood Cody
(photo by Rick Vogel)


oliveri.jpg (85110 bytes)

Dr. Anthony Oliveri and wife
(photo by Rick Vogel)


PatAveni__AudreyGeorge.jpg (122283 bytes)

Pat Aveni and Audrey George Prentice
(photo by Rick Vogel)


AudreyGeorge.jpg (90256 bytes)

Audrey George Prentice
(photo by Rick Vogel)


valente_menninger.jpg (92683 bytes)

Teresa Valente O'Brien and Adelaide Menninger Cannata
(photo by Rick Vogel)


theearls.jpg (100082 bytes)

Sheila and Ted Earl
(photo by Rick Vogel)


DianePerlmanPosthauer.jpg (86248 bytes)

Diane Perlman Posthauer
(photo by Rick Vogel)


AnneMarieBellack_NancyBuermann_CarolynKlein_CarolDeCarlo.jpg (82466 bytes)

Anne Marie Bellack Calabrese, Nancy Buermann Konopacki, Carolyn Klein Olofsson, Carol De Carlo Kreese
(photo by Rick Vogel)


klurfelds.jpg (90691 bytes)

Jim and Judy Frieband Klurfeld
(photo by Rick Vogel)


DianeTwele_JudyVervoort._GinnyGrosch.jpg (94810 bytes)

Diane Twele Jensen, Judy Vervoort Chaddick, Ginny Grosch Kowalski
(photo by Rick Vogel)


LouiseOill_BernadetteWaters.jpg (100363 bytes)

Louise Oill Goldstein, Bernadette Waters Price, Robert Price
(photo by Rick Vogel)


Louise_Bernadette.jpg (97921 bytes)

Louise Oill Goldstein and Bernadette Waters Price
(photo by Rick Vogel)


SHSReunionGroupOutside2.jpg (86526 bytes)

Group picture taken outside
(photo by John Buskin)

At the Melville Marriott after dinner dance

JBandPB-reunion2.jpg (50179 bytes)

John Buskin and Pamela Boslet Buskin
(photo by John Delin)

JohnDandPam-reunion2.jpg (54231 bytes)

John Delin '60 and Pamela Boslet Buskin
(photo by John Buskin)

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click here:  The Swamp

See the Swamp next to Syosset High School.  It was created c. 1910 when the Long Island Rail Road excavated dirt to be sent to the Jamaica LIRR station; a deep channel was left that now goes under Southwoods Road.
Pictures taken January 5, 2003 by John Delin.

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2001 Mini-reunions

To view larger images please click on the thumbnails. Click your Back Button to come back.   

10/27/01 in Washington D.C.

DCMini.jpg (32997 bytes)

Debbi Spring , Terri Spiegel, Eileen Green '72, Al Jordan '69


11/24/01 in Syosset, Nostalgia Diner

TGMR1.jpg (36877 bytes)

Ed Anderson '71, Bob Epstein '68, Matt Collins '67
Delores's granddaughter, Stephanie, Delores Meinwald Heilbrun '59


TGMR2.jpg (29881 bytes)

Peggy Como, Phil Como, Pam Boslet Buskin, Roger Glazer '63


TGMR3.jpg (34881 bytes)

Pam Boslet Buskin '63,  Bob "Whitey" Harrison '61, Delores's  granddaughter, Stephanie,
Delores Meinwald Heilbrun '59,  John Delin '60


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Thanksgiving 2000 Classmates Gathering
Nostalgia Diner


      Photo Collage by Eileen Green


To view larger images please click on the thumbnails. Click your Back Button to come back.   


   mike.jpg (50218 bytes)                      MikeM1.jpg (37216 bytes)                    DylanM1.jpg (25619 bytes)

                          Mike Mark '67                                                   Dylan Mark


                     eileentravis.jpg (22156 bytes)

       mmdc.jpg (9184 bytes)            unidmmdt.jpg (15088 bytes)

Eileen Travis '64     Mike and Diana Coldwell '72    Margaret Zweig '71, Mike, Debbie Travis '67



PamB1a.jpg (32943 bytes)              pam_boslet.jpg (19029 bytes)           

             Pam Boslet Buskin '63


PamBJohnD1.jpg (16803 bytes)

Pam Boslet Buskin and John Delin '60


JohnD1a.jpg (29016 bytes)               pbbtjdlrmm.JPG (71478 bytes)

      John              Pam, Bob Tolins '70, John, Linda Ray '68, Mike


 BobT2a.jpg (34522 bytes)                 btlr.jpg (21825 bytes)                 pzrhlr.jpg (20248 bytes)

        Bob                              Bob and Linda        Pam Zabitz '72, Roberta Hunken '72, Linda


 SherryA.jpg (13612 bytes)           TomC1.jpg (26785 bytes)                  SherryATomC1.jpg (45115 bytes)

  Sherry Anderson '66            Tom Cain '67                      Sherry and Tom



PamKplus2.jpg (20892 bytes)                 RonEiPamK.jpg (15228 bytes)       dcdc.jpg (16618 bytes)

Ron Heller '66,                     Ron, Eileen, and Pam           Diana and Danny

Pam Krueger '67,

Danny Coldwell '68



alchoy.jpg (16694 bytes)                  group.jpg (18948 bytes)                                 


Al Choy '72               Kelly-Jo, '72: Claire Vitale, Carrie

                                 Zisman,  Nan Goldstein, Nancy Popper



judge.jpg (9282 bytes)                      andimarg.jpg (14459 bytes)

Patrick and Jeanne Judge,     Martin Lynch, Andi Green and Margaret Zweig '71




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Christiano's 2000



To view larger images please click on the thumbnails. Click your Back Button to come back.   

mmjd.jpg (25601 bytes)   

Michael Mark '67 and John Delin '60, 7/2/2000


christi_group.jpg (20555 bytes)  

John Delin '60, Pam Boslet Buskin '63, Karyn Gold Turner '63, Tom Preston '63, 5/28/2000


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Back to Syosset! Reunion was held for the Years 1959-1963—July 17,18,19 1998.

At On Parade Diner 7/19/1998

Top Row Left to Right:  Claire Polidoro, Lenore Domenichello, Ellie Bloomfield, Marie Manning,

Carolyn Manning, Janet Currier, Janet Lusk, Meryl Bromberg, Natalie Ehrenberg.

Sitting: Carol Sample, Ann Baiocco, Julie Baiocco, Judy Riccoboni, Loretta Miller, Linda Currier.

Click here for many more pictures: 1998 Reunion

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