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In back:   teacher,  Mrs. Katheryn Merchant,  George Gaida, standing next to teacher (1st)
Standing:  George Hillson (2nd), Phyllis Bromley (6th), Mary Zimmer (8th), 
Anne Cheshire (9th), Florence Wencko (11th), Mary Bilensky (12th),
Jennie (Cookie) Kobusky (14th), Mary Wencko (16th)
Girls seated:  Elizabeth Bayles (3rd), Blossom McKinley (4th), Anne Bailey (5th), Hazel Topps (8th), Florence Marzola (9th)
Boys seated:  Charles Devers (3rd), Stanley (Sonny) Gurny (5th), Archie Borodavchuk  (9th), Philip(?) Puccio (10th)