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 Part Five


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Syosset Schools


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Syosset Schools


LocustGroveReportCard.jpg (44172 bytes) SyossetschoolReportCard.jpg (45398 bytes)

VillageSchoolReportCard1956.jpg (47105 bytes)

SHSReportCard.jpg (43072 bytes)

A sampling of report cards
Locust Grove, Split Rock, Village, Syosset High School 


1960Board_of_ed.jpg (80920 bytes)

Board of Education, pictured in the 1960 Syosset High School yearbook
Charles Voorneveld, James Collier, Russell Roetger, Elisabeth Babcock, William McGurk, Simon Wittenberg, Allen Hubbard, Samuel Glazer, William Keim.

part5_manarel_1960_yr3.jpg (30279 bytes)

Frank Manarel
A leading educator and Assistant Superintendent of Schools

ScienceFair.jpg (109506 bytes)

 Early Science Fair awards
(image courtesy of Audrey Schwartz)



Syosset Union Free School #12
(Split Rock School)


TrusteesReportCover_N.jpg (112192 bytes)


TrusteesReportSeventhPage-N.jpg (221800 bytes)

Trustees' Annual Report, Syosset School District No. 12, 1893
Left, cover, and right, the district's families (40) with children between the ages of 5 and 21 (95)



TrusteesReportFirstPage-N.jpg (238880 bytes)

TrusteesReportSecondPage-N.jpg (228319 bytes)

TrusteesReportThirdPage-N.jpg (173074 bytes)

Trustees' Annual Report, Syosset School District No. 12, 1893 (continued)
The Financial report, center shows that the school's only teacher, Louise Newman (shown in First Statistical, right), received $142.66 for 42 weeks work and 66 cents was allocated for the library.



TrusteesReportFourthPage-N.jpg (193330 bytes)

TrusteesReportFifthPage-N.jpg (271926 bytes)

TrusteesReportSixthPage-N.jpg (324381 bytes)

Trustees' Annual Report, Syosset School District No. 12, 1893 (continued)
The document on the left shows that 52 children of school age attended school at least some part of the school year while the average daily attendance was 30.
The document in the center lists the number of water closets or privies!
The document on the right reveals that six trees were planted and Arbor Day was celebrated on the Friday following May 1st.


SplitRockAnniversary.jpg (61675 bytes)


SplitRock_history.jpg (158722 bytes)

Cover of the "Split Rock School 50th Anniversary October 1974" souvenir book;
inside, the history of Split Rock School

part5_elsie_may_vansise_certification.jpg (137793 bytes)

1904 NYS Department of Public Instruction Certificate
Elsie M. VanSise, pupil
Conrad O. Schweitzer, teacher
Elsie May VanSise passed the 8th grade exam and was therefore qualified to continue her education.
Her father, Charles Alfred VanSise, was Syosset's postmaster (1905-1927) and she served as "postmistress."
Conrad Otto Schweitzer (1882-1976) was only 21 when he taught in the one-room schoolhouse.  He later moved to New Jersey where he became Principal of Public School 8 in Passaic.


School House.jpg (66958 bytes)


spltrock.jpg (42283 bytes)

The two-room wooden schoolhouse, early 1900s 
This two-room building was constructed c. 1905.  It was the second schoolhouse and was used until the new school was opened September 20, 1925. 
From 1919 to 1925, the firehouse on Muttontown Road was used for the younger children.  Approximately 10 years after the new school was in use, this wooden building mysteriously burned down and its rubble was buried on the site where it stood.
(photo on right, courtesy of Virginia Budd Vail Hofstad)



part5_two_room.jpg (301431 bytes)

The two-room schoolhouse, early 1900s


Syossetschool1915.jpg (76369 bytes)


Syossetschool1917.JPG (70405 bytes)

Left, 1915:  teacher, Ruth E. Roberts
  Albert Budd, third row, third from left
           Violet Budd, fifth row, first on left
Right, 1917:  Albert Budd, third row, third from left
Violet Budd, fifth row, fourth from left
(photos courtesy of Virginia Budd Vail Hofstad)


splitrock_c1916_leonard345.jpg (98345 bytes)

Grades 3, 4 and 5 taught by Mrs. Leonard, c. 1916


part5_school_picture_20s.jpg (61975 bytes)

c. early 1920s
(image courtesy of Tom Montalbano))


8th Grade class, c. 1923
Click on the picture for larger version and names. 
(photo courtesy of Leone Knettel Taylor)


1924, at the Syosset Firehouse on Muttontown Road
Click on the picture for larger version and names. 
Sign on bulletin board advertises DANCES, Huntington Station, Nov. 8 and 29
(photo courtesy of Mary Wencko Gaida)

splitrock_1924_1and2_porter.jpg (73268 bytes)

1924, at the Syosset Firehouse on Muttontown Road
This is a 1st and 2nd grade class; Mrs. Porter is the teacher.
Agnes Nowak (?), third from left, second row.

part5_school_picture_3_firehouse.jpg (38190 bytes)

c. 1924, at the Syosset Firehouse on Muttontown Road
(photo courtesy of Tom Montalbano)

splitrock_c1924_678_miss_edna_wicks.jpg (119218 bytes)

Grade 6, 7, and 8, taught by Miss Emma Wicks, c. 1924

part5_wicks_piano_1922.jpg (188530 bytes)


part5_wicks_piano_1923.jpg (184002 bytes)

part5_wicks_piano_1923-2.jpg (117747 bytes)


part5_wicks_piano_1927.jpg (143271 bytes)

part5_wicks_piano_1927-2.jpg (82725 bytes)

Emma Wicks' mother, May,  bought her a used piano in 1922, then a new one which served her for many years. 


part5_wicks_piano_1937-1.jpg (42904 bytes)

part5_wicks_piano_1937-2.jpg (39643 bytes)

Emma Wicks' piano tuning appointment, 1937.

SplitRock1924-N.JPG (112879 bytes)

1924, still in the old building
LeRoy E. Budd, first row, third from left
Nellie Nowak Boslet, third row, fourth from left

1925spl.jpg (61757 bytes)

1925, the new school!
Click on the picture for larger version and names. 

nellie_split_rock_at_desk-3-new.jpg (30997 bytes)

march2005_stella_split_rock_at_desk.jpg (33332 bytes)

march_2005_agnes_split_rock_at_desk.jpg (19674 bytes)

 Nowak sisters at their desks, c. '20's
Left, Nellie; center, Stella; right, Agnes

split_rock_c.1926-n.jpg (114573 bytes)

split1927-n.jpg (79897 bytes)

split_rock_c.1928-n.jpg (89869 bytes)

c. 1926, 1927, 1928
1926:  6th or 7th Grade, Stanley Kwiatkowski 1st row, 2nd from left
1928:  Agnes Nowak, 2nd row, third from right
(photos left and right, courtesy of the Kwiatkowski Family;
photo in center, courtesy of Tom Montalbano)

splitrock_c1927_grade4_mabel_wicks.jpg (141895 bytes)

Grade 4, taught by Miss Mabel Wicks, c. 1927
First row, far left, Agnes Nowak (?)


split_rock_postcard.jpg (77900 bytes)


part5_split_rock_20s.jpg (89983 bytes)

Split Rock School c. 1928
"This is where I went to school from about the 5th to the 8th grade.  Before that there was our old wooden school on the right [not shownóJD] which I attended.  We have no High School so we had to go to either Oyster bay or Hicksville.  I picked Hicksville because it was easier to get there."  
Mildred Knettel Vanstane to her husband, Forrest Vanstane, during World War II.
(postcard courtesy of Diane Vanstane Oley)

splitrock_1929_grade8.jpg (139522 bytes)

Grade 8, 1929

part5_novakgrad.jpg (99931 bytes)

Long Islander June 27, 1930
Among other Syosset news are two paragraphs on the Syosset School graduation,

Diploma, Nellie.jpg (151452 bytes)

Nellie Nowak's 8th grade diploma, 1931 (graduated 1930)
Not visible in this picture but signed by President of Board,
 George D. Carnes; Secretary of Board, Daniel W. VanSise; Principal, Sarah B. Viste


GreenwayGrazis-N.jpg (127481 bytes)


GreenGrazisNames_N.jpg (123528 bytes)

Grade 8, class of 1932, and names as written on the back by Ethel Greenway
The names are left to right from the top row and broken by spaces in the rows. 
The teacher was Miss Elinor Kilgallon, who later became Mrs. Hefner.
(photos courtesy of Lois Ann Greenway Helser)

part5_school_picture_1933-5.jpg (84032 bytes)

Grade 5, 1933
(image courtesy of Tom Montalbano)

people_MildredGreenway1935.jpg (23141 bytes)

 Mildred Greenway
(image courtesy of Lois Ann Greenway Helser)

part5_SyossetschoolPlayground.jpg (22066 bytes)

 Syosset School playgound, c. 1930s
(image courtesy of Lois Ann Greenway Helser)

splitrock_1936_8thgrade.jpg (97064 bytes)

Grade 8, 1936

part5_syosset_school_graduation_1936_1.jpg (23427 bytes) part5_syosset_school_graduation_1936_2.jpg (45581 bytes)


part5_syosset_school_graduation_1936_3.jpg (45445 bytes) part5_syosset_school_graduation_1936_4.jpg (22851 bytes)

Graduation Program, 1936
(courtesy of Florence Kwiatkowski Sendrowski) 

SplitRock_Basketball-37.jpg (98362 bytes)

Syosset School basketball team, 1937

part5_syosset_school_graduation_1939_1.jpg (23549 bytes) part5_syosset_school_graduation_1939_2.jpg (21316 bytes)


part5_syosset_school_graduation_1939_3.jpg (44887 bytes) part5_syosset_school_graduation_1939_4.jpg (35952 bytes)

Graduation Program, 1939
(courtesy of Florence Kwiatkowski Sendrowski) 

splitrock_1944_grad_fdr_jr.jpg (85031 bytes)

8th Grade graduation, 1944, with
Franklin Delano Roosevelt Jr., speaker

Hicksvillefair.jpg (44745 bytes)

At a fair in Hicksville, c. 1940s
  Mr. Frank Manarel (school principal), his son, Ross, Sally Anne Lynch and a teacher 
(photo courtesy of Sally Anne Lynch)

part5_clemes-np.jpg (72297 bytes)

Long Islander article of May 24, 1944
Syosset School presents Arbor day program May 12th.
Trees were planted to honor war dead: Clemes
Zglieseky, George S. Tiffany, Vladimir Kozak and Robert M. Hendrickson.

GirlsGleeClubSyossetSchool.jpg (55339 bytes)

Arbor Day 1946, Girls' Glee Club
  Far left front, Margaret Melville, far right front, Rose Solnick.
Front row, Florence Rynsky (3rd), soloist, Sally Anne Lynch (4th), soloist.
Also in the photo are Dolores Horan (tall girl in back), Joan Solnick and Carolyn Solnick.
(image courtesy of Sally Anne Lynch)


Arborday1946.jpg (83413 bytes)


BoyScoutsArborday1946.jpg (35203 bytes)

Arbor Day ceremony 1947 
Trees were planted in memory of Daniel X. Lynch, owner of the Berry Hill Service Station and a longtime member of the School Board, and Charles Everett "Dusty" DeMilt, Syosset School stationary engineer and custodian.
(photos courtesy of Sally Anne Lynch)


part5_lynch_tree.jpg (39127 bytes)

part5_demilt_tree.jpg (31549 bytes)

Arbor Day 1947 trees planted
Left, in memory of Daniel X. Lynch
Right, in memory of "Dusty" DeMilt
(photos courtesy of Sally Anne Lynch)




Left, the girls of Mrs. Devine's 2nd grade class, Fall, 1947 
Right, 3rd grade,  6/21/49 
(photos courtesy of Lois Ann Greenway Helser)
Click on the above class pictures for larger versions and names.

Mrs. Curran's kindergarten class 1947-48
Click on the above class picture for larger version and names.

At the weekly assemblies, music teachers, such as Mr. William Healy, would lead the 
whole school in song.
One of the favorites was "The Church in the Wildwood." 
 Here is a rendition by the Carter Family.   Click here: 
The Church in the Wildwood


8th grade class trip to New York, Spring, 1951
Click on the picture for larger version and names. 



Mrs. Devine's 2nd grade class, October, 1952
(photo on right courtesy of Tom Melville)
Click on the above class pictures for larger versions and names.


jack_and_jill_mrs_devine_2.jpg (53078 bytes) jack_and_jill_mrs_devine_1.jpg (59064 bytes)


 Back and front covers of Jack and Jill magazine, September 1946,
given by Mrs. Devine (who wrote her name on the top right) to her 2nd grade student, Pam Boslet, in 1952

SplitRockEmpireState.jpg (91257 bytes)

8th grade class trip to New York, Spring, 1952
 Left to right, first row:  Bob Hammond, Janet Day, Peter Kahn, Monica Rumpf, Marie Maimone, Mrs. Elinor Hefner, Dave Rowntree, Dick Storz.  Second row:  Mr. Frank Manarel, Stan Kwiatkowski, Royall Victor III (Mike), Bob Holm, John Burckley 
(photo courtesy of Robert Holm)


SplitRock1952-outside.jpg (90369 bytes)

8th grade graduation day, June 20, 1952
  Left to right:  Joyce Hale, Janet Day, Marie Maimone, Stan Kwiatkowski, Monica Rumpf, Bob Holm, Royall Victor III (Mike), John Burckley,
Bob Hammond, Dick Storz, Peter Kahn, Dave Rountree 
(photo courtesy of Robert Holm)

SplitRock1952-N1.jpg (83254 bytes)

8th grade graduation, June 20, 1952
(photo courtesy of Robert Holm)

part5_splitrock_grad_1953.jpg (15365 bytes) part5_splitrock_grad_1953_2.jpg (39645 bytes)


part5_splitrock_grad_1953_3.jpg (39415 bytes) part5_splitrock_grad_1953_4.jpg (29365 bytes)

Graduation Program, 1953 



2ndGrade_53_54.jpg (79069 bytes)


Top: Grades 2 (Christine Leuteman?, top row 3rd; Gregory Land, 3rd row 6th), 3 and 6 (split session);
Bottom: Grades 6 (split session), 7, and 8 
Click on the above class pictures for larger versions and names (for 3rd through 8th.)
(Grade 2, courtesy of the estate of Gregory Land;
Grade 7, courtesy of Florence Kwiatkowski Sendrowski)



Grade 5 morning session
Click on the above class picture for larger version and names 
(image courtesy of Ray Orobona)



part5_ray_friends.jpg (65234 bytes)

1954;  Sight-seeing boat trip around Manhattan Island
Left to right: Matthew Lewin, Ronald Berg, Ray Orobona, Burleigh Horan and Bernard Seringer
(image courtesy of Ray Orobona)


part5_1953_5thgrade.jpg (175106 bytes)

Grade 5  afternoon session
Click on the above class picture for larger version and names 
(image courtesy of Shirlee Sarver Iacono)


Diploma_Robin_N.jpg (180981 bytes)


Diploma, Robin.JPG (98389 bytes)

8th grade diploma, 1954;
John Day, President, Board of Education; Frank Manarel, Principal

part5_florence_johnny.jpg (15972 bytes)

Graduation 1955
Florence Kwiatkowski and John Morris
Florence is crying because she didn't want to leave Split Rock School.
(image courtesy of Florence Kwiatkowski Sendrowski)

SchoolDayMemories.jpg (61599 bytes)

Pam Boslet's 4th grade Memory Book, 1955


SplitRockSchool_book.jpg (64437 bytes)


SplitRockPrincipal_MrMoore.jpg (58241 bytes)

Pictures from Memory Book
Right, Evans W. Moore, principal

SplitRockGang.jpg (67106 bytes)

SplitRockFriends.jpg (72697 bytes)

SplitRockFriends2.jpg (69035 bytes)

Left, clockwise from left, Pauline (Cookie) Vormittag, Pam Boslet, Bernadette Waters and Margaret (Peggy) Dunlap
Center, clockwise from left, Robert Sackett, David Dowling, Robert Carra and John Flower
Right, clockwise from left, Norman Marstead, Bronnie Smith and Sandra Bartleski


SplitRock_Autographs_2.jpg (104477 bytes)


SplitRock_autographs.jpg (186001 bytes)

Autographs from Memory Book ("Ike Boslet" was Pam's dog.)

8th grade graduation, 1956
Click on the above class picture for larger version and names.
(photo courtesy of Barbara Holm Britton)

part5_split_rock1957.jpg (116164 bytes)

Mrs. Homire's 2nd grade class, February 1957
Standing by window: Peter Eastman ?
Standing in front of class;  Mike Rose, Cathy Kawacki
by column, top left to lower right:
unknown female, Frank Langa, Pam Cheshire, Helen Sparkes
next column: David Gilbert, unknown female, James Metz, unknown male
next column: Danny Horton, Jeff Gotheart, unknown male, Kelly Charters, Karl Northguard*
next column: Peter Beaurman, Peggy Papsin ?, Doug Stern, Chris Fry, Eileen Rupprecht
next column: Geoffery ---?, Spencer Dayton , Hugh Fisher, Paul Antkow
next column: Jim Puccio, Tom Rinaldo,  unknown female, Robert Hicks
(image courtesy of Robert Hicks)

Mr. Bensen's 6th grade class, 1957
Click on the picture for larger version and names. 

splitrock_kindergarten_6thgrade_1957_article.jpg (104850 bytes)

"Split Rock School Has Closing Exercises" 
1957 Syosset Advance article with handwritten corrections by Pam Boslet
(more corrections:  "Mellville" should be "Melville"; "Mrs. Gearhart" should be "Mr. Gearhart.")

SplitRock field.jpg (303028 bytes)

Denise Frazer and her dog Missy, 1957
   In the background is Split Rock's field and Monfort Place.

Mr. Parkes' 6th grade class, 1965
Click on the above class picture for larger version and names.

splitrock_6th_1974_mrsagell.jpg (129527 bytes)

Mrs. Agell's  6th grade class, 1974

SplitRock50thAnniv-n.jpg (150431 bytes)

Newsday, Split Rock School celebrates 50th anniversary in 1974
(image courtesy of Brian Pauleen)

Below, Split Rock School teachers:

SplitRockMissBrandes.jpg (47689 bytes)

Miss Brandes, c. 1929

MissHiseSallyAnne-N.jpg (47180 bytes)


Mrs.Devine.jpg (47858 bytes)

Left, Miss Pauline Hise (later Mrs. Theodore Galiza) with Sally Anne Lynch, c. 1930s
Right, Mrs. Catherine Devine, 1958 
(photos courtesy of Sally Anne Lynch)


DownerandMinard.jpg (33722 bytes)


Atthedoor.jpg (38600 bytes)

Left, Mrs. Downer and Mrs. Minard, 1947
Right, Miss Laura Spain, center, with Florence Rynsky and Patty Kressly
(photos courtesy of Sally Anne Lynch)


ConradSchwarz.jpg (61866 bytes)

PamandMrBensen1957.jpg (69538 bytes)

MrGearhartPrincipal1957.jpg (60189 bytes)

Left, 5th grade teacher Conrad Schwarz and Pam Boslet, 1956; 
center, 6th grade teacher Mr. Bensen and Pam, 1957; right, Wilson Gearhart, Principal

SplitRock Mr. Bensen with bikes.jpg (371155 bytes)

 Mr. Bensen, Principal, at the school's south entrance, 1957
   Is your bike there?


SplitRockSchool1956.jpg (81202 bytes)

Splitrock84.JPG (89350 bytes)

Splitrock84-2.JPG (87730 bytes)

Left, 1956
Center and right, 1984, only a few months before destruction 
(1984 photos, courtesy of Tom Melville)

SplitRock2000.JPG (86684 bytes)


Splitrock2000-2.jpg (71433 bytes)

All that remains, July, 2000
A "Field of Dreams," site of Syosset Little League from 1953 to 1955


Locust Grove School


part5_oldlocust1.jpg (59315 bytes)

part5_oldlocust2.jpg (57111 bytes)

part5_oldlocust3.jpg (50122 bytes)

One room Locust Grove School #14
It was moved from its original location and used as a storage shed
by the NYS D.O.T until 1979.
It was probably  the second Locust Grove School at James Street and South Oyster Bay Road, 
the first being at what is now Underhill Boulevard and Jericho Turnpike.
(images courtesy of Tom Montalbano)



locustold-N.JPG (114989 bytes)


locustsky-N.jpg (103162 bytes)

c. 1945, the third and final Locust Grove School on Humphrey Drive

Robin Boslet on the left


LocustGroveElementary.JPG (55849 bytes)


RobinLocustGroveField.JPG (81578 bytes)

 Robin Boslet running through the school field,  c. 1945

LocustClass-N.JPG (115671 bytes)

First row, left, George Hvidsten, Rita Viette (3rd), far right in light coat, Robin Boslet; second row, left, Douglas Baird, far right, Johnnie Watson; third row, left, Al "Alfie" Healy, Roddy Mackenzie, Roger Alligier, Henry Miller (6th), far right, Ruth Monilaws

Mrs. Brush's kindergarten class
(photo courtesy of Lorraine Graf Zabel)
Click on the above picture for larger version and probable names

part5_graf_andersen.jpg (37723 bytes)

George Graf, Lorraine Graf and Don Andersen just after the first day of school at Locust Grove, Mrs. Brush's class, September 1950.
(image courtesy of Gary Zabel)

part5_LocustGroveGraduation1951.jpg (91713 bytes)

Graduation 1951
Right, Celeste Viscardi looking forward; Donna Viscardi facing camera
(image courtesy of Stephanie Ferri Green)

part5_LocustGroveTeachersGraduation1951.jpg (94411 bytes)

Teachers at 1951 Graduation
Far left, Mrs. Hilda Brush. Second from left, Ms. Rinaldi
(image courtesy of Stephanie Ferri Green)

wings_for_locust_grove.jpg (55392 bytes)

wings_for_locust_grove2.jpg (127127 bytes)

wings_for_locust_grove3.jpg (128529 bytes)

"Wings for Locust Grove", school musical program, May 1952, 
celebrating the new addition to the  school 
(courtesy of Douglas Baird)



Class of 1954 
(photos courtesy of Douglas Baird)
Click on the above class pictures for larger versions and names

dorisklenkel.jpg (257379 bytes)

Ms. Doris Klenkel's kindergarten class, March 1955.
Bob Brussack is the boy in the dark shirt in the middle of the photograph.

(image courtesy of Bob Brussack)

LocustGrove1958_K.jpg (102507 bytes)

Mrs. Dubsky's kindergarten class, 1957-58
In second row:  Mrs. Dubsky and Principal Tomashefsky;
Third row:  Charlie Abrams (2nd), Ann Steffany (3rd), Stephen Fricker (4th);
Bottom row:  Billy Hildebrandt (3rd), David Aldrich (5th) 
(image courtesy of Stephen Fricker)

part5_locust_grove_slide.jpg (75483 bytes)

Ginny and Terri Ferri at the playground in 1961
(image courtesy of Stephanie Ferri Green)

LocustgroveNow-N.gif (25952 bytes)

Locust Grove School is now
the Variety Child Learning Center.

locustgrovereunion4.jpg (89324 bytes)

2005:  The front of the original building that was Locust Grove School
(image courtesy of Karen Laschitza Glutz and Clara Yoepp Gamer)

part5_08_reunion.jpg (72983 bytes)

Reunion of classes from 1938 to the 1950s
at the
Fulton & Prime Steak House, 352 Jericho Turnpike, October 12, 2008
Left to right:  Wally Stanton, Joan Steiniger, Amy Rebetti and Diane Morris 

(image courtesy of Amy Rebetti Schick)

part8_ian.jpg (86151 bytes)

advice by Ian Mackenzie, Locust Grove School, class of 1938



Woodbury School


OriginalWoodburySchool.jpg (148700 bytes) Woodbury2nd.jpg (66360 bytes)

Left, the original 1748 one-room school originally on Woodbury Road and Jericho Turnpike
It was moved to a private estate; this picture was taken c. 1920s-30s
Right, second school, early 1900s, replaced in 1927 (see Syosset High School) 

(photos courtesy of Tom Montalbano)



T. V. Summers School

Named for prominent attorney and church leader, Theodore V. Summers (1903-1954),
the school on Ketchams Road was part of the school district from 1955 to 1976 after which 
it was demolished to make way for the Campus Estates housing development.


part5_tv_summers.jpg (70737 bytes)


Below, school pictures 1965, 1967-1971 courtesy of Steve Griffin:


part5_Tv_summers_Kindergarten_1966.jpg (55652 bytes)

Kindergarten, 1965
Bottom row: : Steve Griffin, unidentified
 Middle row: Unidentified, Beth Johnson, Steven Lazar, unidentified, Keith Gregory, Shari Kellman, Stephen Mandresh
 Top row: Karen Wolski, Michael Weinstein, unidentified, Miss Regan, Vincent Cardillo, Janice Cicchetti, Robert Neuendorf.

part5_tvsummers1967_2nd.jpg (138612 bytes)

2nd Grade, 1967
Bottom row: Steve Griffin, Shari Kellman, Brian McGee, Marjorie Schwartz, Keith Gregory.
Middle row: Michael Weinstein, Cindy Kaplan, Robert Neuendorf, Marla Richmond, Alan Cohen, Diane Seiden
 Top row: Mrs. Barth, Joshua Weider, Karen Wolski, Ronnie Lehman, Joanne Hunter

part5_tvsummers1968_3nd.jpg (60887 bytes)

3rd Grade, 1968
Bottom row: Cindy Kaplan, Steve Griffin, Joanne Hunter, Robert Neuendorf, Linda Shickler, unidentified, Diane Seiden.
Top row: Steven Lazar, Janice Cicchetti, Mrs. Levy, unidentified, Stefan Chasnov, Alan Cohen, Robin Klauber, Ronnie Lehman

part5_tvsummers1969_4th.jpg (37988 bytes)

4th Grade, 1969
Bottom row: Steven Lazar, Laura Dudley.
Middle row: Shari Kellman, Brian Sneeden, Shari Meltzer, Alan Cohen, Marla Richmond, Steve Griffin, Linda Shickler
Top row: unidentified, Karen Wolski, Mrs. Deering, Ronnie Lehman, Karyn Klauber, Stefan Chasnov, Joanne Hunter, unidentified.

part5_tvsummers1970_5th.jpg (58461 bytes)

5th Grade, 1970
Bottom row: Laura Dudley, Marla Richmond, Resa Feinberg, Joanne Hunter, Janice Cicchetti, Donna Coughlin, Shari Kellman
 Top row: Steven Lazar, Mrs. Rooney, Brian McGee, Neil Feinstein, Steve Griffin, Vincent Cardillo, Joshua Weider, Stefan Chasnov, unidentified, Christopher Vacca

part5_tvsummers19671_6th.jpg (176799 bytes)

6th Grade, 1971
Bottom row:  unidentified, Laura Dudley, Brian Sneeden, Kathy Macco, Scott Amoroso, Rochelle Baer, Christopher Vacca, Shari Kellman
Middle row: Alan Cohen, Elizabeth Lepow, unidentified, unidentified, Michael Weinstein, unidentified, Ronnie Lehman, Marla Richmond. 
Top row: Mrs. Borkan, Cindy Kaplan, Stefan Chasnov, Lisa Odabasi, Robert Neuendorf, Karen Wolski, Steve Griffin.



Walt Whitman School


waltwhitmanschool.JPG (48986 bytes)

Walt Whitman Elementary School, 482 Woodbury Road

Miss Avino's 7th grade class, 1955 
(photo courtesy of Carole Ingrao Tunstall)
Click on the picture for larger version and names.

1956 WALT WHITMAN  8TH GRADE_mm.jpg (87259 bytes)

Mr. Scala's 8th grade class, 1956 
Click on the picture for larger version and names.
(photo by, and courtesy of, Marie Manning)
Right, Marie with Mr. Scala
(photo courtesy of Marie Manning) 


part5_WaltWhitmanGrade5MissLBancheriCarolPetito.jpg (161295 bytes)

Miss L. Bancheri's grade 5, fall 1954
Carol Ann Petito, 2nd row on right, third from right. 
(courtesy of Carol Ann Petito Babina)



part5_WaltWhitmanGrade6MrRLowesCarolPetito.jpg (123244 bytes)

Mr. R. Lowes' grade 6, November 1955
Carol Ann Petito at window curtain
(courtesy of Carol Ann Petito Babina)



  Village School


oldvillageschool.jpg (20627 bytes)

village_school_syosset_advance_1955.jpg (94883 bytes)

villageschool.jpg (19826 bytes)

1954, 1955 (from the Syosset Advance) and 2000



part5_village_school_proposition.jpg (148474 bytes)


part5_village_school_proposition2.jpg (93513 bytes)


part5_village_school_proposition3.jpg (237238 bytes)


part5_village_school_proposition4.jpg (48951 bytes)

The proposition to finance the Village School, March 31, 1953
It contains interesting statistics and includes an architect's rendering of the building and a floor plan.
(courtesy of Bob Swanson)


part5_village_school_cornerstone1.jpg (77968 bytes)

part5_village_school_cornerstone2.jpg (40225 bytes)

Cornerstone ceremony, 1954
Left, Mr. John Day, unidentified, unidentified, Dr. Ernest Weinrich, Superintendent of Schools, laying the stone, unidentified, Mr. George Hofgren, Frank Manarel.
Right, at the podium, Mr. William Kupec, principal, Mr. Hofgren and Dr. Weinrich.
(photos courtesy of Fritz Weinrich)

VillageGradprogram1956_Front.JPG (49161 bytes)






VillageGradProgram1956Back.jpg (70733 bytes)

Second, and last,  8th grade graduation program, 1956

Below, 7th Grade 1954-55 Memory Book:
(images courtesy of David Land)



villageschool_memories.jpg (51522 bytes)


villageschool_memories_kupec.jpg (64661 bytes)


villageschool_memories_athlete.jpg (55347 bytes)

Left, William Kupec, principal; 
Right, Robert Rutzel, class athlete


villageschool_memories_classmates1.jpg (58505 bytes)


villageschool_memories_classmates2.jpg (58776 bytes)

Left, clockwise from top left, Otto Krebs, Joan Morrison, Mike Hofgren, Rosemary Yannotti;
Right, clockwise from top left, Bob Worrell, Sandra Gay, John Delin, Carol Tremont


villageschool_memories_classmates3.jpg (58284 bytes)


villageschool_memories_classmates4.jpg (47513 bytes)

Left, clockwise from top left, Warren Pollock, Geri Van Rees, Peter Eriksen, Priscilla Thralls;
Right, clockwise from top left, Gary Zabel, Steve Zajac


villageschool_memories_autographs1.jpg (52623 bytes)


villageschool_memories_autographs4.jpg (35725 bytes)


villageschool_memories_autographs3.jpg (65958 bytes)

villageschool_memories_autographs2.jpg (66184 bytes)

villageschool_memories_autographs5.jpg (36434 bytes)

Autographs from Memory Book 

8th grade graduation, 1956

Mr. Blossfield's 8th grade class, 1956

(Images courtesy of Annita Harless Sours)     


Mr. Parkes' 7th grade class, 1956
This was his first teaching assigment
(Image, id's and information courtesy of Shirlee Sarver Iacono and Colin Jones)

Click on the above class pictures for larger versions and names

Below, 6th Grade 1954-55 Memory Book:
(images courtesy of Paul Poschmann)


part5_anner_poschmann_book.jpg (127926 bytes)

Mrs. Carolyn Anner, teacher

part5_poschmann_poschmann_book.jpg (121664 bytes)

Paul Poschmann



part5_photos_poschmann_book_1.jpg (107610 bytes)


part5_photos_poschmann_book_2.jpg (110419 bytes)

Left, clockwise from top left,Joe Hickey, Randy Chapman, Tom Whitenack;
Right, clockwise from top left, Gerard Dooney, Joan Chasan, Florence Gerber, Tommy Marzola


part5_photos_poschmann_book_3.jpg (108449 bytes)


part5_photos_poschmann_book_4.jpg (113378 bytes)

Left, clockwise from top right, Sandy Christiano, Larry Ebel, Tom Letsch; 
Right, clockwise from top left, Larry Gorman, Linda Denaga, Denis Norman, Mel Frankel



part5_autographs_poschmann_book_1.jpg (150176 bytes)

part5_autographs_poschmann_book_2.jpg (81981 bytes)

part5_autographs_poschmann_book_3.jpg (199658 bytes)

                 Autographs from Memory Book  (Linda Carol Walters.  If you are reading this, please conract us!)

medal.jpg (18306 bytes)

1956-N.jpg (18608 bytes)

Left, Village School salutatorian medal, 1956
Right, the salutatorian, John Delin


thralls_village_school_class_1.jpg (47865 bytes) thralls_village_school_class_2.jpg (68801 bytes)

Schoolchildren in spring of '56
Image on left, front row:  Ronnie Reilly? (3rd), Frank Alleva? (4th);
back row:  Greg Johnson (2nd), Tricia Mierisch (3rd), Renee Schwartz? (15th)
(photos courtesy of Priscilla Thralls King)


part5_village_school_march_3_1956.jpg (73203 bytes)

Village School, 3/9/56
(courtesy of Shirlee Sarver iacono)

part5_jane_shirlee_classroom.jpg (70052 bytes)

Jane Puccio and Shirlee Sarver in 7th grade classroom,1956
(courtesy of Shirlee Sarver iacono)


part5_1958classphoto.jpg (95893 bytes)

village_1958_2.jpg (79501 bytes)

village_1958_3.jpg (91813 bytes)

Grade Three 1958
(images courtesy of Joy Tuxon)


part5_village_magnet.jpg (44333 bytes)

(donated by Brian Fitterman) 



South Grove School


part5_sg.jpg (22750 bytes)

South Grove Elementary School, 60 Colony Lane c. 1955
(image courtesy of Dee Drost Stevens)

SouthGrove_N.jpg (84838 bytes)

Recent image of South Grove Elementary School




part5_sgSyosset_class001.jpg (152598 bytes)

Mr. J. Tobin's  grade 5, 1955
Front row-_________,__________,Kevin Sullivan, Bob Grasso(?)
Second Row-Fran Seigel, Dee Drost,________, Laurel (?), Don Rase
Third Row-Cheryl Chertoff, Steve Rubin,_________, __________, Bill Price
Fourth Row-________, Annabelle Kerins, Carrie Greene, Ricky (?), Mike Bransfield
Fifth Row-Alan Sherman, Lynn Wrege, Bob Harris, Fernando Licopoli, Art Fitzgerald
Back Row-________, Susan Brissman,Mike Hoey, Jeff Geller

Can anyone supply the missing names?
(courtesy of Dee Drost Stevens)

Mrs. H. Taplin's 6th grade class, 1955 
Click on the picture for larger version and names.
(photo courtesy of Janet Ellen Lusk)

Mrs. Smith's 7th grade class, 1955 
Click on the picture for larger version and names.
(photo courtesy of Peter Smothergill)

Mr. Downes' 8th grade class, 1955 
Click on the picture for larger version and names.
(photo courtesy of Dan Smothergill)

Mrs. H. Taplin's 6th grade class, 1956
Click on the picture for larger version and names.
(image courtesy of Dee Drost Stevens)


part5_hildebrandt.jpg (37436 bytes)

Mr. William Hildebrandt, Principal, c. 1959
(image courtesy of Dee Drost Stevens)

part5_faculty_1956.jpg (63281 bytes)

Faculty c. 1959
(image courtesy of Dee Drost Stevens)

part5_nurse_1956.jpg (25804 bytes)

Mrs. Cora Cullen, school nurse,  with unidentified student c. 1959
(image courtesy of Dee Drost Stevens)

part5_safety_1956.jpg (64440 bytes)

Safety Patrol, c. 1959
(image courtesy of Dee Drost Stevens)

Left, Miss Hickey's Kindergarten class, 1958
Right, Miss Herlihy's 1st grade class, 1959
Click on the pictures for larger versions and names.
(photos courtesy of Jeanne Sittig Moore)

part5_SouthgroveGrade2.jpg (130089 bytes)

Grade 2 Mrs. Kennedy 1965
"I am middle row 2nd from the right... Lawrence end on the left middle row, Peter Lafouche (not sure of spelling) top row 3rd from left. Sharon? 4th from left middle row" óJaneen
(photo courtesy of Janeen Fisher Shaw)

part5_SouthgroveGrade4.jpg (125409 bytes)

Grade 3 Miss Flood 1966
"I am top row 2nd from the right. Mark Fentress is next to the teacher. Angelica Adam bottom row 2nd from left, Ed on the end next to her, Debbie Ganz bottom row 2nd from right . Lilli Ann middle row 4th from right , Sharon? middle row 2nd from left, Peter Lafouche 3rd from right middle row. Sharon , bottom row 4th from right. óJaneen
(photo courtesy of Janeen Fisher Shaw)

part5_SouthgroveGrade3.jpg (118920 bytes)

Grade 4 Miss Krug 1967
"I am middle row 5th from the left .Mark Fentress is top row 4th from the right. Angelica Adam 7th from left middle row. Debbie Ganz bottom row 1st on the right and Lilli Ann 1st on left also on the bottom row. Bottom row 3rd from right, Terri, 5th from right, Sharon, Ed middle row 2nd from left and Sharon ?5th from left bottom row." óJaneen
(photo courtesy of Janeen Fisher Shaw)

part5_SouthgroveGrade5 copy.jpg (51634 bytes)

Grade 5 Mr Shank 1968
"I am bottom row 3rd from left. Lilli Ann bottom row 2nd from right. Ed top row end left and the rest are a blur I'm afraid. However I have a signed memento with the following names but can't put the faces to them; they are as follows: Jeff, Tom, Dan, Mary, Stein, Marsha, Connie, Amy, Billy, Robert, George, Steve, Patricia and John."óJaneen  
(photo courtesy of Janeen Fisher Shaw)

southgrove_6th_washington-n.jpg (42866 bytes)

6th Grade trip to Washington, 1966
(photo courtesy of Randy Stricker)

part5_ciappa.jpg (56824 bytes)

part5_stricker.jpg (48816 bytes)

part5_Miss Cheifo.jpg (72018 bytes)

South Grove Schools 50th Birthday Party
Left,  Mr. William Hildebrandt, the principal of South Grove in its early years, with Larry Ciappa
Center, Mr. Hildebrandt and Randy Stricker
Right, Miss Cheifo, Music teacher at South Grove from the 50's till her retirement many years later
(images courtesy of Randy Stricker)

part5_south_grove.jpg (62411 bytes)

Vincent Ferri receives his diploma at the 6th grade graduation, June 1977
(image courtesy of Stephanie Ferri Green)

part5_southgrove_magnet.jpg (83960 bytes)

(donated by Brian Fitterman) 



Willits Elementary School


willets2.jpg (30576 bytes)

 Alice P. Willits Elementary School, 99 Nana Place
The school's name was corrected from "Alice P. Willets" c. 1965
Miss Alice P. Willits was born c. 1866.  
William Willits, father of Alice and her three sisters, owned lots of land in Locust Grove in the 19th and 20th centuries.
The old Locust Grove elementary school was on his property.  Census records from 1900 reveal that Alice was a school teacher and she could have taught there.  He owned on both sides of Jericho Turnpike and on both sides of the old Underhill Boulevard.  The LIRR went through his land.  The old school was on the north side of the turnpike and the east side of the old Underhill Boulevard.
In 1939, there was still a W. Willits estate on the north side of the turnpike.  On the south, his old property was divided and owned by the Lewis Homes, Joseph Klein and the bank of Syosset.  Now, the streets are Elm Pl and Oak Dr. and Locust Lane among many others, all on land once owned by the Willits family.  As for the Willits School, it's hard to figure where Nana Pl is on old maps; there are lots of owners, but the Willits family did not own that land.

WilletsFieldday.jpg (109991 bytes)

 Early Field Day awards
(image courtesy of Audrey Schwartz)

part5_ries2.jpg (95664 bytes)

 Mr. Carle's Band Class, 1955
In this photo: Mr. Carle, Tom Wasson (seated 2nd), John Wright (seated 3rd), Bob Hamilton (seated 4th), Phil Bonacorsa (seated 6th), Mike Ries (on drums), Hal Pollock (rear, obscured), Betsy Smith (on flute), John Duffy, Steve Denes (sax),  
(courtesy of Michael Ries).

part5_ries3.jpg (110714 bytes)

 Miss Woesthoff's 7th grade class, Dec. 1955
Click on the picture for larger version and names.
(courtesy of Michael Ries)

 Mrs. Brush's 8th grade class, c. 1956
Click on the picture for larger version and names.

part5_AliceWillitsclasspicture1958(2).jpg (173975 bytes)

 Miss Zimmer 2nd Grade 1958
Row1-floor: Terry Mesler- Arthur Mehmel -  Jimmy Sheehan - Teddy Swinecki - Richard Geronimo - Michael Cellamare- Roy Morrison
Row 2: Cheryl Kimchy-Barbara-Jean Magnani- Anne Radigan - Martha E. Schwartz - Joan Hrymack - Susan Gran
Row 3- top: John Matininco - Douglas Burtow - Bethanne L'Hommedieu -
Laura Ann Hayden - Ricky Sendele - Bruce Durton
(image courtesy of Randee Burke Tavarez)

Miss Sheraga's 2nd grade class, 1962
Click on the picture for larger version and names.
(image courtesy of Eileen Green Alexander) 



syosset-kingandI-1966willetsschool-ronnycindy....JPG (340453 bytes)

The King and I, 1966
(courtesy of Eileen Green Alexander)

part5_willits_magnet.jpg (82651 bytes)

(donated by Brian Fitterman) 


Baylis Elementary School


Baylis.jpg (35397 bytes)

 Baylis Elementary School, 580 Woodbury Road

Mrs. J. Cole's 7th grade class, Dec. 1955 
Click on the picture for larger version and names.
(photo courtesy of Janet Ellen Lusk)

Miss Cammarota's 8th grade class '55-'56
Click on the above class picture for larger version and names.
(photo courtesy of Peter Smothergill)

Mr. Oscar Pultz's 8th grade class '55-'56
Click on the above class picture for larger version and names.

part5_RR Mr. Mahoney.jpg (106142 bytes)

Mr. James Mahoney's 4th grade class, June 2, 1959
It was the 500th group to travel on the LI Rail Road. 
Mr. Mahoney is in back row, second from right.
Shelley Keir is in third row, sixth from left.
(image courtesy of Michele"Shelley" Keir)

part5_Baylis Band.jpg (104486 bytes)

Baylis Band, December 1959
Shelley Keir is in third row, second from right, with clarinet.
(image courtesy of Michele"Shelley" Keir)

part5_Baylis Mr. Cohen's sixth grade.jpg (96943 bytes)

Mr. Cohen's  6th grade class, September 1960
Fred Polner is second from right on floor; Shelley Keir is at far right.
(image courtesy of  Michele"Shelley" Keir)

Mr. Cohen's  4th grade class, 1961
Click on the picture for larger version and names.
(image courtesy of Sherry Podgorsky) 

SchooldanceBaylis.jpg (35917 bytes)

6th Grade dance, c. 1961
Carl Giggamotso, Randee Burke, unidentified, Richard Vitale, 
(image courtesy of Randee Burke Tavarez) 

part5_baylis_1969.jpg (87037 bytes)

Mrs. Hess' 1st Grade Class, April 1969
Tom Montalbano is right behind the sign in the first row.
(image courtesy of Tom Montalbano)



Berry Hill School

BerryHill-N.jpg (22140 bytes)

Berry Hill Elementary School on Cold Spring Road, 2000
(photo by Michael Mark)

Mr. Gross' 4th grade class, 1962
Click on the picture for larger version and names.
(image courtesy of Robert Tolins) 

part5_berryhill_magnet.jpg (96234 bytes)

(donated by Brian Fitterman) 



Robbins Lane  School

part5_robbins.jpg (13300 bytes)

Robbins Lane School, 157 Robbins Lane


part5_MichaelMark-RobbinsLane-3rdgrade.jpg (21981 bytes)

Michael Mark, third grade, c. 1958
(image courtesy of Michael Mark)



Green Hill Country Day School

part5_GREENhill3.jpg (93027 bytes)

Nursery School, 1958-1959
Back row:  Far left, Jeffrey Domber and David Gantman
Far right, Robin Haas and Debbie Spring
Seated: left, Eric Jupiter, Debbie Adams
Ruth Schondelmeir is 4th girl from left.
(image courtesy of Eric Jupiter)

Greenhill.jpg (116023 bytes) Greenhill2.jpg (58705 bytes)

Green Hill Country Day Camp
Camper Achievement Award, 1960; Swimming Skills card

part2_greenhill_fromFB.jpg (86504 bytes) part2_greenhill_fromFB2.jpg (40847 bytes)

Memories of Green Hill Country Day School
(courtesy of Donna Trapeo-Viesti)

part5_greenhillcar2.jpg (77824 bytes)

This is a gem.  This vintage vehicle was once owned  by the Green Hill Country Day School:
"My name is Tim Price and I purchased a mid 1950's Chevy Suburban with a logo on the side of it and was hoping someone could find a picture of it or find some information on it. I would love to learn about the background on the vehicle. It is in need of restoration and I will be starting it soon and would love to have a story to go with it. I will send pictures of the suburban and the logo. Any help would be great! Thank you,Timothy Price."
(image courtesy of Timothy Price)

part5_greenhillcar.jpg (199308 bytes)

Logo on Chevy Suburban
(image courtesy of Timothy Price)



Our Lady of Mercy Academy


part5_olom_statue.jpg (64358 bytes)


OLOM-old2.jpg (67431 bytes) OLOM_New.JPG (136039 bytes)
OLOM-N.jpg (13305 bytes)

olomfront.jpg (33478 bytes)

olom1965.jpg (60355 bytes)

Our Lady of Mercy Academy on Convent Road


part5_sisters.jpg (486836 bytes)


 part5_convent_1908.jpg (69588 bytes)

part5_mercy_baseball2.jpg (132322 bytes)

part5_mercy_chaplain.jpg (130704 bytes)

Early postcards


Below, images from the OLMA 1956 yearbook:

part5_olma_inside_cover-1.jpg (80036 bytes)

Aerial view 

part5_olma_pond_path.jpg (57667 bytes)

Path to the OLMA Pond
(not to be confused with Burckley's Pond across the road)


part5_olma_pond1.jpg (46978 bytes)

part5_olma_pond2.jpg (56148 bytes)


part5_olma_ice.jpg (30263 bytes)

part5_olma_pond-skating.jpg (40781 bytes)

The Pond

part5_olma_sweetshop.jpg (41211 bytes)

Outside the Syosset Sweet Shop, c. 1955

part5_olma_symbol.jpg (67268 bytes)

OLMA Crest

part5_olma_57_yrbook.jpg (25627 bytes)

1957 Yearbook

part5_olma_juniors_56_57_1.jpg (54597 bytes)

part5_olma_juniors_56_57_2.jpg (47974 bytes)

1956-57 Juniors

part5_ferri.jpg (59977 bytes)

8th grade graduation 6/59

Pat Murphy and Stephanie Ferri
(image courtesy of Stephanie Ferri Green)

OLOMBook2.jpg (72583 bytes)

OLOMBook2a.jpg (24382 bytes)

OLOMBook2b.jpg (23332 bytes)

Peter-Thomas Rohrbach, O.C.D, The Search for St. ThťrŤse, Hanover House, 1961
from the Our Lady of Mercy Library, c. '60s 

OLOM_Mug-N.jpg (35235 bytes)

1976 prom mug


Harry B. Thompson
Junior High School

HBT_Front.jpg (19099 bytes) HBT2.jpg (20944 bytes)


(photos courtesy of The Library of Congress, Prints and Photographs Division, Gottscho-Schleisner Collection:
    left, LC-G613-78807; right, LC-G613-78808)

HBT_Library.jpg (30357 bytes)

HBTGym.jpg (31533 bytes)



(photos courtesy of The Library of Congress,  Prints and Photographs Division,
 Gottscho-Schleisner Collection:
    left, LC-G613-78818; right, LC-G613-78820)

JHSCAFE-N.JPG (25234 bytes)

JHSScience.jpg (25246 bytes)


Science Room 

(photos courtesy of The Library of Congress,  Prints and Photographs Division,
  Gottscho-Schleisner Collection:
    left, LC-G613-78822; right, LC-G613-78817)

Mr. Siudzinski's 6th Grade class, May 1962
Click on the picture for larger version and names.
(photo courtesy of Richard Weidmann)


ThompsonHSSweatshirt.jpg (44601 bytes)

Sweatshirt c. 1970s


jr_yr_78.jpg (22573 bytes)


jr_yr_79.jpg (26735 bytes)

Yearbooks 1978 and 1979 


South Woods Middle School

SouthWoodsMiddle2003.JPG (111039 bytes)

South Woods Middle School (formerly Junior High), 2003
It opened in the fall of 1959.

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