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                             THE HISTORY OF SYOSSET HIGH SCHOOL

    The merger, in 1953, of the Woodbury, Locust Grove, and Syosset School Districts into Central School District #2, left the new district faced with many problems.

    First of all considerations was the building of a high school which would be adequate for many years to come. Unfortunately, the building wasn't near completion in September of 1955 when the former eighth graders were ready for classes. Hope loomed in the hearts of many that we'd have no school! Just in time, however, someone found the old Woodbury School on the corner of Jericho Tpke. and Woodbury Road.

    Syosset High School began in that September in a five-room school. The attic was English I, the basement was the shop, the gym was Home Ec. and a study hall. The Language Dept. consisted of Mrs. Osojnak teaching all three languages. Cit.Ed. often held classes on the lawn. The first class clan of '59 became a closely-knit, spirited group.

    In 1956, we happily dedicated the new school. We moved in quickly and found on the cold days we had to close school for lack of heat and on cloudy days we had to go home for lack of electric light. There were no desks, but we had chairs. There was a Biology Lab but no equipment. There were seventy three acres in which to play in the muc, the rye grass, cesspool holes, gullies and building equipment.

    Since moving day*, current history: how the school shaped up; how the halls were inundated by a broken ceiling water main, and how the windows leaked in the lobby.

*    The legends have become part of us.