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 Part Six


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Syosset High School

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Syosset High School




part6_proposedHS_1.jpg (254113 bytes) part6_proposedHS_2.jpg (204582 bytes)


part6_proposedHS_3.jpg (185091 bytes) part6_proposedHS_4.jpg (232768 bytes)


part6_proposedHS_5.jpg (237816 bytes) part6_proposedHS_6.jpg (181504 bytes)


part6_proposedHS_7.jpg (190188 bytes) part6_proposedHS_8.jpg (246352 bytes)

Architectural Record October 1955
New High School for a Mushrooming Suburb
[Scroll down and side-to-side.
If you are using Internet Explorer's Automatic Image Resizing, click the Automatic Image Resizing icon in the lower-right corner
 of the picture, which will expand it so you can see the detail.



shs_sketch__large_1955.jpg (736567 bytes)

Another sketch of the floor plans for the proposed high school, c. 1955
[Scroll down and side-to-side.
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 of the picture, which will expand it so you can see the detail.


shs_plan_1955.jpg (200979 bytes)

Additional sketch for the proposed high school, c. 1955,
showing proposed locations of athletic fields and other plans


shs_model_1955.jpg (101048 bytes)

A model of the proposed high school, c. 1955

Syosset High School was established in 1955.  For the first year, the school consisted of only the 9th grade.  Classes were held at the Woodbury (elementary) School (below) while the present Syosset High School on South Woods Road was under construction.


WoodburySchool.jpg (18254 bytes)


thralls_shs_under_construction_1.jpg (47658 bytes) thralls_shs_under_construction_2.jpg (51783 bytes)


thralls_shs_new.jpg (37228 bytes) thralls_shs_new_interior.jpg (38017 bytes)

Syosset High School
Top, under construction
Bottom, the new school, 1956:  Left, auditorium entrance;
Right, the lobby
(photos courtesy of Priscilla Thralls King)


part6_shs2_construction.jpg (32814 bytes)

Panoramic view of construction
(image courtesy of Tom Montalbano)


part6_peeler1.jpg (82356 bytes)

The first 9th grade Football Team, 1955
The players attended SHS at Woodbury School.
This picture was taken at the Village School
First Row:  #21 ?, #26 Dennis Cramer, #41 Billy Voight, #43 Tom
McKeefery, #29 ?, #15 Pete Cacciola, #42 Al Cappabianco, #37 Richie Evans
Standing:  #20 Bernie Bontemps, #23 Mike Batza, #25 Billy Scalise,
 #13 Eddie Fox, #31 Jim Peeler, # 22 Wayne Rasmussen, # 14 Phil Glaser, #11 Andre Lalime

(Image courtesy of Jim Peeler)

part6_peeler2.jpg (237560 bytes) part6_peeler3.jpg (225834 bytes)

1955 football letter jacket issued at season's end
(Images courtesy of Jim Peeler)


part6_peeler_shs_basketball4.jpg (65631 bytes)

1956-7 Basketball Team
Seated: #25 Denny Wolownik, #53 Johnny Morris, #55 Richie Evans, #15 Mike Batza
Standing: Coach Anderson, #33 Chet Lukaszewski, #21 Jim Peeler #41 John Piteris, # 45 Frank "Kem" Kimball, #23 Jimmy Goodfellow, Trainer Gary Ciranna
(Image courtesy of Jim Peeler)


part6_peeler4.jpg (48256 bytes)

1955-6 Cheerleaders
Photo taken in the Village School gym.
Left to right: Arleen Luma, April Venokur, Lisette Catalano, Lynda Levy,
Florence Albanese, Lynn Whitton, Marilyn Horowitz, Lynn Watson
(Image courtesy of Jim Peeler)


part6_peeler_bus.jpg (51781 bytes)

Bus ride home after a basketball game, 1957
Left to right: Lynda Levy, Lynn Whitton, Bernie Bontemps, Arleen Luma, Florence Albanese.
(Image courtesy of Jim Peeler)

part6_peeler5.jpg (137854 bytes)

part6_peeler6.jpg (43180 bytes)

part6_peeler7.jpg (134747 bytes)

Program from the 1957 Awards Dinner
"The First Annual Banquet"
 Sponsored by the Father's Booster Club, it was held at the  Gold Room at
Mitchell Field on Dec. 11, 1957. It was printed by the Syosset HS printshop.
(Images courtesy of Jim Peeler)

part6_peeler_shs_basketball.jpg (51738 bytes)

part6_peeler_shs_basketball2.jpg (33473 bytes)

part6_peeler_shs_basketball3.jpg (39844 bytes)

Basketball team in action, 1959
 Left, Jim Peeler shooting, Johnny Morris, far left.
Center,  Jim Peeler trying to get rebound, Johnny Morris on far right.
Right, Jim Peeler 21 and Johnny Morris 53
(Images courtesy of Jim Peeler)

thralls_bus_to_new_shs.jpg (56050 bytes) thralls_ElaineFlemming_june_1957.jpg (41734 bytes)

Left, Meg Glueck boarding the bus to school, Convent Rd, c. 1956
Right, Elaine Flemming, 9th grade, Spring '57
(photos courtesy of Priscilla Thralls King)


thralls_mr_cedar_1957.jpg (31229 bytes)


thralls_mr_hodgson_1957.jpg (42400 bytes)

Left, Mr. Cedar; right, Mr. Hodgson

thralls_mr_hueppe_1957.jpg (29388 bytes)


thralls_mr_moreau_1957.jpg (36695 bytes)

  Left, Mr. Hueppe; right, Mr. Moreau

thralls_mr_kupec_1957.jpg (41375 bytes)


thralls_mr_baltz_1957.jpg (36227 bytes)

 Left, Mr. Kupec; right, Mr. Baltz

thralls_mrs_gereshan_1957.jpg (36696 bytes)

Mrs. Gereshan with Martin Stickle

Above,  teachers '56-'57
(photos courtesy of Priscilla Thralls King)


ron_barry_60_yr.jpg (20143 bytes)

Mr. Ronald Barry, c. 1960
Ron retired in 1999 after 42 distinguished years as teacher, mentor, friend and assistant principal.
He passed away June 27, 2006.   Long live his memory!

part6_rb_note1.jpg (36404 bytes)

part6_rb_noteheader1.jpg (54502 bytes)

part6_rb_noteheader2.jpg (37284 bytes) part6_rb_noteheader3.jpg (46357 bytes)

Mr. Barry's note headers
 (courtesy of Lynn DeRosa)

part6_lynn_derosa.jpg (17245 bytes)

Mrs. Lynn De Rosa


part6_mrs_osojnak.jpg (24332 bytes)

Mrs. Tilda Osojnak


part6_MrPardoe.jpg (15602 bytes)

Mr. David Pardoe, Sr.
(image courtesy of Richard De Asla)


part6_dr_french.jpg (44885 bytes)

Dr. William French
Principal 1956-1960
(image courtesy of Richard De Asla)


1958Diploma2.JPG (103191 bytes)

The first Syosset High School diploma
Terry Pollock was the only student in the class of 1958; he became Syosset
High School's first graduate.  A 1954 graduate of Locust Grove School, 
he transferred from Westbury High School
in the fall of 1957. 
(courtesy of Terry Pollock)

Syos3.jpg (30958 bytes)

Syosset High School in the 1960s 


SHS handbook cover.JPG (74921 bytes)

SHS handbook-N.JPG (126445 bytes)

Syosset High School Student Handbook, 1959
Click on the thumbnails to enlarge;
for a more legible reading, click here:  Text of History


honor.jpg (44820 bytes)

Delin's National Honor Society pin, 1958


SHS'60_Brookhaven1.jpg (62180 bytes) SHS'60_Brookhaven2.jpg (42933 bytes)

The class of 1960's visit to Brookhaven National Laboratory in 1957
Picture on left, first row:  unidentified teacher, Martin Stickle, Barbara Holm, Carole Nymann, 
Lenore Boudreau, ?, Vinnie Burns
Second row:  ?, ?, Bill Eaton, Bruce Pecheur, Tom Bolk 
Picture on right, Bruce Pecheur, Bill McCartney, Bill Eaton, ?, Tom Bolk, ?, Peter Fitzgerald
(images  courtesy of Elaine Cattani Federico)


thralls_class_trip_csh_dna_lab1.jpg (53601 bytes) thralls_class_trip_csh_dna_lab2.jpg (47812 bytes)

Class trip to Cold Spring Harbor DNA Laboratory, Spring 1958
(photos courtesy of Priscilla Thralls King)

Sleepy Hollow.jpg (85507 bytes)

Girls from the class of '63 at Sleepy Hollow, 1958
Clara Yoepp, Karen Laschitza, Pat Worrell, Pauline Wittenberg, Karen Berg

thralls_class_trip_stratford_1959.jpg (64448 bytes)

Class trip to Stratford Festival Theater, Connecticut, 1959
(photo courtesy of Priscilla Thralls King)

HankDaly.jpg (46752 bytes)

Hank Daly, Driver's Education teacher, c. 1958
Lawrence S. "Hank" Daly 
The driver training car is courtesy of Krebs and Schulz Motors.
Also a gym teacher, Mr. Daly wrestled professionally, was lifeguard Captain at Jones Beach c. 1944 and
a lifeguard for over 50 years.
"Stand tall.  Pull in that stomach.  Brace!"

part6_hank_1989.jpg (54518 bytes)

Mr. Daly, still a lifeguard, c. 1989

Part6_Mr_T.jpg (105420 bytes)

Mr. T, c. 1958

SHSBand1959.jpg (61355 bytes)

Marching band May 1959
[image courtesy of Richard Hicks (shown playing tuba)]

part6_peeler_shs_girls.jpg (39336 bytes) part6_peeler_shs_girls2.jpg (46589 bytes)

Field Day 1959
Left: top, Lynda Levy, Sheila Wiener, Marilyn Horowitz, Irene Campbell
 front, Pearl Frankel, Sue Cohn
Right: Left picture, top to bottom, clockwise, Rita Norton, Maggy McAuley, Julie Baiocco, ?
 Right picture: Rita Norton, Maggy McAuley, Julie Baiocco
(Images courtesy of Jim Peeler)


part6_peeler_shs_football.jpg (44328 bytes)

Football action, c. 1958
Mike Batza with the ball, Jim Peeler blocking on the ground, Jack Erickson behind Mike, Larry Gorman on far right
(Image courtesy of Jim Peeler)

thralls_football_field_1959.jpg (58973 bytes)

Football field activity, fall '59
The majorettes and marching band, Edwin "Andy" Netter and brother Willis  approaching, the referees preparing 
(photo courtesy of Priscilla Thralls King)

part6_otisfootball.jpg (67634 bytes)

 Freshman football team, November 1956
Top row:  Bob Deutscher, Bob Barone, Bruce Kline, Bill McCartney, Steve Chess, Wayne Hill, 
Robert Otis (Weiss), Bill Hogue, Clark Grey, Bob Boustedt
Bottom Row:  Richard Glazer, Louis Grasso, ?, Mike Evans, Gary Eisenstein,?, Al Meringer, Henry Barbetti, Larry Gorman, Joe Oill.
(image courtesy of Robert Otis (Weiss); identifications by Richard Glazer)

part6_peeler_vallary.jpg (31152 bytes)

Richard Vallary, All County Football, 1958
(Image courtesy of Jim Peeler)

part6_football1.jpg (70295 bytes)

Pre-game activity fall '59
Sidelined Bruce Kline in jacket; coach William Murtagh on right.

part6_football3.jpg (54534 bytes)

Tom Bolk, halfback, Bill Hogue, fullback, Bill Eaton, halfback, Jack Erickson, quarterback

part6_football4.jpg (59265 bytes)

Clark Grey, end, Russ McCall, guard, Bruce Pecheur, guard

thralls_football_field_presentation.jpg (63427 bytes)

Indian princesses, fall '59
Dr. William French, principal, and Stephen C. Chess, president of the Syosset Football Braves men's club, look on as the first Indian princess, Barbara Vallary, and the second Indian princess, Shirlee Sarver, share a flower bouquet.
Elinore Abravanel is playing the snare drum; the majorette is probably Debbie Eddy.
(photo courtesy of Priscilla Thralls King)

part6_varsity_tennis_59a.jpg (98266 bytes)

Varsity Tennis, fall '59
Front row:  John Delin, '60, Paul Poschmann '61, Sam Powers, '60, Paul Weintraub, '61, Frank Weber, '61.
Back row:  Jim Weiss, '60, Colin Jones, '61, Mike Ries, '61, Mr. Kalish, Richard Todebush, '61, Pete Bloom, '61, Mike Colin, '61

part6_peeler_kingsburyll.jpg (24232 bytes)

Richard Kingsbury,  All County Baseball, 1959
(Image courtesy of Jim Peeler)

part6_peeler_4_images.jpg (77330 bytes)

c. 1959
At Lake George, a two week canoe trip. Top left: Richie Kingsbury with paddle and his cousin. Top right: Richie Kingsbury with his uncle and cousin. Bottom left:  Frank "Kem" Kimball and Richie Kingsbury. Bottom right: Richie Kingsbury and his cousin.
(Image courtesy of Jim Peeler)


part6_peeler_3_images.jpg (54548 bytes)

Class of 1959
Top photo: unidentified, Chet Lukaszewski, Jeff Schaffer   
Bottom left picture: Jim Peeler, French exchange student, Chet Lukaszewski
Bottom right picture: Lynn Watson and Chet Lukaszewski
(Image courtesy of Jim Peeler)


part6_peeler_3_images_2.jpg (61421 bytes)

Class of 1959
At Jones Beach 1959
 Top left: Mary Celauro; top right: Irene Campbell, Billy Scalise, Mary Celauro
                                              bottom left: Mary Celauro, Billy Scalise, Irene Campbell. 
bottom right: Irene Campbell, Jim Peeler, Mary Celauro
(Image courtesy of Jim Peeler)

part6_varsity_cheer_60.jpg (105361 bytes)

part6_jv_cheer_60.jpg (58538 bytes)

part6_fresh_cheer_60.jpg (68439 bytes)

Cheerleaders '59-'60
 Left, Varsity
Janet Gaffoglio, Barbara Bunyard, Iris Fay, Pat Hogan, Lynn Wrege, Claire Dryfuss, Loretta Miller, Lorraine Scaffidi. Paulette Messina
Front:  Shirley Pryor, Arleen Luma, Capt.
Center, Junior Varsity
Standing:  Jane Golden, Arlene Klein, K. Script, Karen Sossi, Laurey Lebenson
Kneeling:  Claudia Hertzel, Barbara Jones, Corrine Hanulec, Vicki Howes
Right, Freshman
Standing:  Gail Abjornson, Capt., Tracey Maxwell, Co-Capt.
Kneeling:  Louise Oill, Harriet Gottfried, Judy Bunyard, Barbara Weinflash

thralls_arleen_luma_captain.jpg (34865 bytes)

Arleen Luma, cheerleader captain,  fall '59
(photo courtesy of Priscilla Thralls King)

artdept_1959.jpg (188581 bytes)

Art Department, 1959:  Jean Trinkus Mitchell, Lynn De Rosa and John Price, Chairman
(photo courtesy of Lynn DeRosa)



NCCJ, c. 1959
Front circle:  Mrs. Loring, Advisor, Vincent Burns, Angeline Mucera, Marty Liebowitz, 
John Adams, Georgia Cody, Steve Denes, Dave Pardoe Jr. 
Back circle:  Christina Madaio, Steve Leksutin, Faith Myer, Richard Stein


Pam_Boslet_2ndhonors_1959.jpg (73475 bytes)


Pam_Boslet_chorus_choir_1959.jpg (56613 bytes)

1959 Junior High Awards:  left, Second Honors; right, Junior High Chorus and A Capella Choir
From the fall of 1956 to the fall of 1959, Syosset High School was Syosset 
Junior-Senior High School.  In the fall of 1956, the school opened with grades 7 through 10,
and, in the fall of 1958, grades 7 through 12 were active.


59Boat.JPG (200199 bytes)


59PromProgram.gif (82846 bytes)

Program from the first senior prom, 1959 
(courtesy of Lynn DeRosa)

part6_59_announcement.jpg (17293 bytes)

1959 Graduation Announcement



59 grad. ticket.jpg (224118 bytes)


class_of_60_commencement.jpg (68043 bytes)

Tickets to graduation exercises
(1959 courtesy of Lynn DeRosa; 1960 courtesy of Bob Swanson)


SHS1959Program.JPG (50214 bytes)


SHS1960Program.JPG (62536 bytes)

First and second SHS graduation exercises  programs, 1959 and 1960
Board of Education President, William H. McGurk; Vice President, 
Mrs. Elisabeth T. Babcock; Superintendent of Schools, Donald K. Phillips; Assistant Superintendent, Frank R. Manarel; Principal, Dr. William C. French 


part6_1959_grad_program2.jpg (37621 bytes)

part6_1959_grad_program3.jpg (45921 bytes)

part6_1959_grad_program4.jpg (83111 bytes)

Inside and back of the first SHS graduation exercise 

part6_1960_grad_program2.jpg (35865 bytes)

part6_1960_grad_program3.jpg (49466 bytes)

part6_1960_grad_program4.jpg (95805 bytes)

Inside and back of the second SHS graduation exercise 

blockS.jpg (81600 bytes)

letter.jpg (23762 bytes)

VarsityClub-N.jpg (58689 bytes)

Varsity award; Delin's Varsity letter; Delin's Varsity Club jacket 


SHS cheerleader letter.jpg (103348 bytes)


SHS_Cheer.jpg (26101 bytes)

Varsity cheerleader letter, c. '60-'61; vintage t-shirt


part6_sci_hs_diploma.jpg (61844 bytes)

Delin's Scientific High School Diploma
Four years of General Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics?
Anybody ever hear of this?

pbxs__gymsuit.jpg (46823 bytes)

SHS gymsuits were made to last!  And they are multi-purpose, too!  On the right, an early '60s version still looks brand new when worn at a late '70s Halloween party.  (The suit on the left is a cheap Salvation Army imitation.)


braves_tshirt.jpg (49598 bytes) braves_shirt2.jpg (35336 bytes)

Vintage "Braves" t-shirts

part6_joan.jpg (169961 bytes)

Service Corps c. 1959
Joan Schroeder


part6_barone_hall.jpg (56374 bytes)

Service Corps c. 1960
Bob Barone

GO pin.jpg (131107 bytes)

service60.jpg (22883 bytes)

GO pin

GO service pin

GoCard1-N.JPG (85777 bytes) GOCards-N.JPG (142786 bytes)

General Organization cards, 1958-1962


Pulse-N.jpg (114206 bytes)

PressCard-N.gif (120167 bytes)

The Pulse, June 24, 1960

The Pulse press card


part6_pulse1.jpg (138536 bytes) part6_pulse2.jpg (138577 bytes)

Staff of the Pulse, Spring 1960
Picture on right:  Seated, Joan Schroeder, Colin Jones, Karen Wolkov, Marilyn Malkin 
Standing, Pam Boslet, Athena Lambrides, Faith Myer, Elaine Lambrides, Gay Dickerman, Pat Lyons,
Elinore Abravanel, Barbara Bunyard, Pat Krejcik, Paul Weintraub, Steve Denes, Pete Bloom, John Delin

part6_drama.jpg (152717 bytes)

Drama Club, 1959-1960
Standing. left,  Anthony Rao, Colin Jones, Pende Vanderbilt
Jo-Ann Rosenthal, Robert Cymmer, Martin Brody.
Seated on far right, Madeline Katz.


Yearbook 59.jpg (72333 bytes)


Yearbook 59-2.jpg (93793 bytes)

The first yearbook, cover and foreword 
(courtesy of Lynn DeRosa)

part6_manarel_60_yrbook.jpg (86863 bytes)


Yearbook 61.jpg (66342 bytes)

                                                                                            cover of Frank Manarel's copy of '60 Yearbook

Yearbook 62.jpg (78215 bytes)


Yearbook 63.jpg (84541 bytes)


1964YearbookCover.jpg (44458 bytes)

(courtesy of Laurie Koch Misiano)


1965YEARBOOK.jpg (38403 bytes)

(courtesy of Janis Wright Mitchell)


shs_yrbk_66.jpg (41174 bytes)


shs_yrbk_67.jpg (94148 bytes)

(courtesy of Rob Giordano)


1968YEARBOOK.jpg (154722 bytes)


part6_RedWhite_1969.jpg (25042 bytes)

(1968, courtesy of Eileen Gersh Isison)

Covers of yearbooks from 1960-

part6_71yr.jpg (51666 bytes)



yr_bk_73.jpg (53582 bytes)


part6_76_yrbook.jpg (169917 bytes)

(1976 courtesy of Stephen C. Gyetko) 



part6_SyossetYearbook_77.jpg (63998 bytes)


yrbook_79.jpg (47308 bytes)

(1977 courtesy of Steve Griffin) 



part6_1981yr.jpg (22576 bytes)


part6_82_yr.jpg (21221 bytes)



83_yr.jpg (36972 bytes)


84_yr.jpg (43276 bytes)


1985yearbook.jpg (34159 bytes)


1987_cover.jpg (20064 bytes)


part6_88yearbook.jpg (82845 bytes)


1990-yr.jpg (24337 bytes)


SHS_97_yearbook.jpg (36471 bytes)


yr_book_1998.jpg (101188 bytes)


shs_yearbook_1999.jpg (35332 bytes)

Above, Covers of yearbooks from 1971, 1973, 1976, 1977, 1979, 1981, 1982, 1983, 1984, 1985, 1987, 1988, 1990, 1997, 1998 and 1999

ken-N.jpg (46916 bytes)

Cover of ken*, the Syosset High School literary magazine, Spring, 1962;  second issue

Oklahoma.JPG (85671 bytes)

Pajama Game.JPG (83704 bytes)

 Oklahoma, 1960

  The Pajama Game, 1961


South Pacific.JPG (64141 bytes)

Birdie.JPG (83377 bytes)

 South Pacific, 1962

  Bye Bye Birdie, 1963

Above:  Senior play programs 

Couples at the Junior Prom, February 20,1960
The theme was "An Arabian Night."
Click on the above picture for larger version and names.
(photo courtesy of Janet Ellen Lusk)

part6_oklahoma.jpg (88151 bytes)

Rehearsing Oklahoma, 1960 Senior Play
Top:  Karen Wolkov, Amy Feldblum, Patricia Lutz, Nancy Kowalski,
Claire Dryfuss, Linda Banvard, Juliet MacNiven
Kneeling over Martin Brody (playing Jud Fry):  
Michael Evans, Richard Hicks, Susan Baraban, Bonnie Cole, Gary Eisenstein

The class of 1960's Senior Trip to Washington D.C.
Click on the picture for larger version and names.
(image courtesy of Marie Manning) 


thralls_jr_prom_program_1.jpg (37029 bytes) moonlightandroses-n.jpg (29219 bytes)

The class of 1960's Junior and Senior Prom programs
(Junior Prom courtesy of Priscilla Thralls King;
Senior Prom courtesy of Sheila Zouderer Strauss)


thralls_sr_prom_beach_1.jpg (42308 bytes) thralls_sr_prom_beach_2.jpg (43729 bytes)

After the Senior Prom, May 29th, 1960, at Tobay Beach
Priscilla Thralls is on left in both images.
(photos courtesy of Priscilla Thralls King)

SENIORBALL1960.JPG (27634 bytes)

1960 senior prom mug

(donated by Dave Paradine, Wesley Chapel, Florida)


part6_sheila_pulse.jpg (47119 bytes)

Sheila Zouderer, class of 1960,
valedictorian and G.O. president


part6_sheila_bruce.jpg (42176 bytes)

Sheila Zouderer and Bruce Pecheur
"Did the most for the school"


part6_sheila_go1.jpg (76999 bytes)

1960 G.O. President Sheila Zouderer with Dr. French
as he purchases the first bumper tag for the Syosset High School Scholarship Fund
(Image courtesy of Sheila Zouderer Strauss)


part6_sheila_go2.jpg (78537 bytes)

Sheila Zouderer receiving a check for the Scholarship Fund, 1960
(Image courtesy of Sheila Zouderer Strauss)


part6_sheila_letter.jpg (53935 bytes)

Letter of thanks to Sheila Zouderer for her part in the Second Annual Clean Up, Paint Up, Fix Up Campaign

(Image courtesy of Sheila Zouderer Strauss)


part6_SHSGUIDANCEDEPT.jpg (104420 bytes)

Secretaries H. Snoody and Florence Kwiatkowski (class of 1959) in the Guidance office, 1961
(image courtesy of Florence Kwiatkowski Sendrowski)

part6_SophomoreGirls1961.jpg (78263 bytes)

 Sophomore girls rehearse for Café de Paris, 1961

part6_PajamaGame.jpg (36027 bytes)

Scene from the Pajama Game, 1961 Senior Play
Don Cearley, Lois Green, Elinore Abravanel, Meg Glueck, Joanne Munson

Seniors-'61.jpg (77101 bytes)

At the class of '61 Senior Trip
 Left to right:  Mona Wolfson, Monte Brown, Marsha Wolfson, Jerry Rosenblum,
Paul Weintraub, Debbie Lester, Barbara Wolheim, Ray Orobona, Jack Ketay.
(image courtesy of Lois Green)

SHS_Jazz_Concert.jpg (56772 bytes)

Ticket to the jazz concert of March 24, 1961
Slide Hampton, the famed jazz trombonist, was featured.

SHS_ticket_to_function_vintage.jpg (97473 bytes)


59_j_tick.jpg (71123 bytes)

Vintage tickets to other functions
Note:  the ticket on the right says the location is Syosset Junior High auditorium.


Gerry'62-N.jpg (28979 bytes)

Gerry Horan De Asla, '62, in Project Area A, 1962
Project areas no longer exist; they were filled in with offices and studios.
(image courtesy of Richard De Asla) 


part6_SyossetYearbook62CollageICarolPetitoandJudithEvans.jpg (104668 bytes)

Carol Ann Petito and Judy Evans, class of 1962, c. 1961
(courtesy of Carol Ann Petito Babina)


part6_derosa_principal.jpg (57646 bytes)


Laubenstein1.JPG (41921 bytes)

Art teacher Lynn DeRosa and Principal Oswald H. Laubenstein
Dr. Laubenstein entitled this picture "The Pay-Off." See note, right.
(photos courtesy of Lynn DeRosa)

part6_absence_sheet_march_1_1962.jpg (138319 bytes)

SHS Absence Sheet, March 1, 1962
Was this unusually long Absence Sheet a coincidence or...
"Public enthusiasm over the success of the Friendship 7 space flight was illustrated vividly in New York City when the Mercury 7 astronauts arrived there on March 1, 1962 for a ticker tape parade.  An estimated four million people turned out in frigid temperatures to cheer John and Annie Glenn as they rode, again in an open automobile with Vice President Johnson, in the procession down Broadway—temporarily named Astronaut Way for the event."    from Friendship 7:  A 40 Year Legacy

shs_library_book_card_1957-62.jpg (151708 bytes)

Syosset High School library book card, 1958-1962
from Rock Taylor, Football Coach

chair.jpg (12207 bytes)

Vintage chair
(image courtesy of Steven Becker) 

part6_horan_deasla.jpg (19914 bytes)

Geraldine Horan and Richard De Asla
Class of 1962's Junior Prom
(image courtesy of Richard De Asla)


part6-class62SProm.jpg (25856 bytes) part6_GHSProm62.jpg (33925 bytes)

Geraldine Horan 
Class of 1962's Senior Prom
(images courtesy of Richard De Asla)

part6_62_prom.jpg (43390 bytes)

Senior Prom night Class of '62, Hawaiian Room, Hotel Lexington, NYC
Alan Heck and Maxine Rohr; Dick Poduska and Deede Drost
(image courtesy of Dee Drost Stevens)

class62-1.jpg (97662 bytes)

(image courtesy of Richard De Asla) 


graduation1-n.jpg (96329 bytes)


graduation2-n.jpg (127999 bytes)

Left, Assistant Principal Nicholas Downes and Principal Oswald Laubenstein are at the dais.
Right, Mr. Edwin Netter is leading the choir.
(images courtesy of Charles Weidig)

SHS 1962 Graduation, held on the SHS field


gradmass1-n.jpg (99139 bytes)


gradmass2-n.jpg (95525 bytes)

Catholic seniors at St. Edward's on graduation morning, 1962
Left, lining up for mass:  the first girl on the left is Roseann Latuga; the second boy to the left of the lady in the blue dress is Charles Weidig; the man in the black gown is Mr. Martin Stader.
Right, leaving mass:  Charles Weidig is in doorway; the smiling blonde girl is Nina Panaseny.
(images courtesy of Charles Weidig)

syosset_17_3.jpg (60549 bytes)

syosset_17_1.jpg (105544 bytes)

syosset_17_2.jpg (69285 bytes)

The September 1962 issue of Seventeen magazine featured several members of the Syosset Braves football team.
 Center:  Braves, Jim Murray Froelich (#34), George Rosenfeld (#15), Rick Curth (#6)
Right, Visible Braves:  Jim Murray Froelich, Alan Heck, Pat Cavanagh (#3), Rick Curth (#6)
(images courtesy of David (Bowtie) Froelich)

button.jpg (68643 bytes)


shspin3.jpg (45404 bytes)

Senior button and Syosset High School pin


seniortrip1.JPG (11605 bytes)

'63 senior trip: Denise Frazer, Marita Gerhardt,
Bonita Bauer, Karen Geoffrey

seniortrip2.JPG (10703 bytes)

Noreen Taylor, Barbara Wagner, Marilyn Werblin,

         Cheryl Berliant, Angela D'Agostino



6364mugs.jpg (24056 bytes)


prom67.jpg (21117 bytes)

Senior Ball souvenirs  '63, '64 and '67


Diploma plus, Pam.jpg (132301 bytes)


Diploma, Pam3.jpg (116173 bytes)

Syosset High School diploma, 1963
 James F. Redmond, Superintendent of Schools; Oswald H. Laubenstein, Principal
The ceremony was held on the football field; the invitation for the gym was in case of rain.


part6_RichHaaswaitingforabusfrontofschool.jpg (28410 bytes)

Richard Haas. '64, waiting for the bus
(image courtesy of Mike Egan)


part6_65_seniors.jpg (344908 bytes)

1965 Seniors
(image courtesy of Gerry Potus)

part6_meinzer_derosa.jpg (88888 bytes)

Hartley Meinzer and Mrs. DeRosa observing student, c. 1969
(photo courtesy of Lynn DeRosa)

Artshow_1965.JPG (98995 bytes)

Annual Art Show 1965:  Marie Amatulli (practice teacher) and Ruth Gold

(photo courtesy of Lynn DeRosa)

part6_art_show2.jpg (47354 bytes)

Annual Art Show 1965
(photo courtesy of Lynn DeRosa)


deRosa presents-2.jpg (75748 bytes)


Fashion.jpg (115255 bytes)

Left, Art teacher and yearbook advisor Lynn DeRosa, Art Department Chairman John Black and Principal William Kupec presenting award to Lindy Tilp, class of 1967; Right, Fashion Design class, 1967 
(photos courtesy of Lynn DeRosa)



part6_art_60s.jpg (83614 bytes)


part6_derosa_67.jpg (81632 bytes)

Mrs. DeRosa with art sudents c. 1967
photos courtesy of Lynn DeRosa)

part6_meinzer_derosa.jpg (88888 bytes)

Hartley Meinzer and Mrs. DeRosa observing student, c. 1969
(photo courtesy of Lynn DeRosa)

part6_ring2.jpg (15851 bytes)

part6_ring1.jpg (12701 bytes)

part6_ring3.jpg (18369 bytes)

1965 Senior Ring 

part6_diploma_1967.jpg (27613 bytes)

Michael Mark, '67, accepts his diploma from Mr. Russell R. Roetger, President, B.O.E.  
William M. Mayer, Ass't Principal, looks on.
(image courtesy of Michael Mark)

part6_SHS'68Pre-PromGroupShot.jpg (47800 bytes)

Before the 1968 Senior Prom
Linda Connor, Richie, Jane Rosenberg, Michael Mark
(image courtesy of Michael Mark)


Syosset-oldphotosfrom1960's-1990's015.jpg (138763 bytes)

Modern dance show 1971 (Sue Aaronson, Cheryl Kurss and Eileen Green)
(courtesy of Eileen Green Alexander)

part6_72_prom.jpg (28725 bytes)

Senior Prom, 1972
Kevin Wollard MacDonald and Ginny Ferri (MacDonald)
(image courtesy of Stephanie Ferri Green)


part6_class_72_grad.jpg (63442 bytes)


part6_class_72_grad2.jpg (49420 bytes)

Graduation, 1972
(images courtesy of Stephanie Ferri Green)

SHS Art Dept..jpg (192393 bytes)

Art Department, 1975:  L. to r., back row:  Reginald Fludd, John Kozusko, Barry Lieberman, Paul Ratajczak, Lennie Herman, Hartley Meinzer;
 front row:  Lynn DeRosa, Peggy Ross, Valerie Holmes, John Black, Chairman
(photo courtesy of Lynn DeRosa)

part6_RFKSHS1967.jpg (72869 bytes)

 Robert F. Kennedy at Syosset High School, February 17, 1967
(courtesy of The Photo Collection of Richard Berman)

speech.jpg (69463 bytes)

Tape of Robert F. Kennedy's speech at Syosset High School, February 17, 1967
This item was listed on Ebay for $9,999.99 and reduced to $4,999.99 in October, 2005, no bidders yet.

part6_RFK_excerpt.jpg (111133 bytes)

Excerpt from
The Kennedys: America's Emerald Kings by Thomas Maier wherein Robert Kennedy discusses abortion law with Syosset student Martin Friedlander.
(courtesy of Tom Montalbano)


HarveyKarp1-n.jpg (30549 bytes)


HarveyKarp2-n.jpg (78981 bytes)

Harvey P. Karp painting and plaque, 1969
(images courtesy of Tom Montalbano)

shscook.jpg (50211 bytes)

Vintage cookbook, 1975
by the Syosset High School PTSA
(image courtesy of Warren Mills) 


classof59_20th_reunion1.jpg (40153 bytes)


classof59_20th_reunion2.jpg (54181 bytes)

Class of 1959's 20th Reunion. August 24, 1979
(courtesy of Lynn DeRosa)


59 25th reunion.jpg (83929 bytes)


59 '83 reunion pic-N.jpg (200405 bytes)

The 25th graduating class, Class of '83, invites the first graduating class to a celebration; the photo is from Newsday
(courtesy of Lynn DeRosa)

part6_augustine-retire.jpg (58860 bytes)

Ed Augustine and Joe Morris retirement party announcement, c. 70s 
(courtesy of Lynn DeRosa)

part6_barnhart.jpg (55650 bytes)

Barbara Barnhart retirement party announcement, 1976 
(courtesy of Lynn DeRosa)

part6_79_retire.jpg (105901 bytes)

Retirement party announcement, 1979
(including Dick Herzer) 
( courtesy of Lynn DeRosa)

part6_shs_employee_retire.jpg (174919 bytes)

36 employees retire in 1981
(courtesy of Lynn DeRosa)

part6_derosa_retire.jpg (35951 bytes)

Letter from Howard Pierson, principal of South Woods Junior High School,
congratulating Mrs. DeRosa on her retirement in 1982.
( courtesy of Lynn DeRosa)


63reunion.jpg (57437 bytes)


20thReunion_Norden.jpg (51785 bytes)

Class of 1963 20th reunion at Norden Lodge, Huntington Station, and ticket

SHSCornerstone.JPG (69401 bytes) SyossetHS98.JPG (328361 bytes)


 Syosset High in 1998 
(photos by Elinore Abravanel Brown)

np_1999.jpg (29575 bytes)

'99 Graduate Natalie Portman at the Senior Prom
(from People, June 5, 2006)

SHS1999Program.JPG (62920 bytes)

1999 graduation program

part6_shs_aerial_1.jpg (97091 bytes)

part6_shs_aerial_2.jpg (94307 bytes)

part6_shs_aerial_3.jpg (103347 bytes)

Aerial views of Syosset High School, mid-1970s
(Images courtesy of Steve Griffin)

SyossetHS_aerial.jpg (96278 bytes)

Recent aerial view of Syosset High School

wicked.jpg (24506 bytes)

 Syosset High graduate Idina Menzel won the Tony award in 2004 for Best Actress for her performance in the Broadway musical, "Wicked."


part6_vip_discount-card.jpg (40354 bytes)

Braves Football VIP Discount card
(image courtesy of Brian Fitterman)

part6_reunionmemento.jpg (76416 bytes)

Souvenir from the Class of 1961's 50th reunion


part6_SHS_2014_1.jpg (115558 bytes)

part6_SHS_2014_2.jpg (69081 bytes)

Syosset High School July 16, 2014
Right, Carl Delin
(images courtesy of Carl Delin)



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Local Houses of Worship

St. Edward the Confessor Church



part6_St.Edward1of4.jpg (80928 bytes)


part6_St.Edward2of4.jpg (58745 bytes)


part6_St.Edward3of4.jpg (124496 bytes)


part6_St.Edward4of4.jpg (80411 bytes)

Dedication and History of St. Edward the Confessor Roman Catholic Church on Jackson Ave. 
June 12, 1955
(images courtesy of Mary Wencko Gaida)

sainted.jpg (12193 bytes)

St. Edward's in the '70s


fire.jpg (4289 bytes) fire2.jpg (7244 bytes)

St. Edward's on August 4, 2000 
(photos by Don Jacobsen, Newsday, Aug. 5, 2000)


NewStEdwards.jpg (82227 bytes)

 The new St. Edward's
(image courtesy of Ed Anderson)



knightsofcolumbus_boslet4.JPG (60660 bytes) KofC_new2.jpg (55543 bytes)

Robert E. Boslet's Knights of Columbus lapel pins
from the Joseph P. Gorman Council at St. Edward's, c. 1960

bosletswordandscabbard3.jpg (212179 bytes)

Mr. Boslet's Knights of Columbus sword and scabbard

swordcloseup1.jpg (71813 bytes) swordcloseup2.jpg (33189 bytes)

  Close-ups of the hilt and engraving on the blade

Communion book-Pam-2.jpg (78770 bytes) Communion book- Pam.jpg (83458 bytes)

Pam Boslet's First Communion Catechism manual from "Our Lady of Murcy Acadime."  The lessons never really took; the actual year was 1953, not "In the year of our Lord I am very glad and I love our Lord."


Communion memorabilia-Pam.jpg (107824 bytes) Pam's Communion.jpg (41457 bytes)

Pam Boslet's "Remembrance of First Holy Communion" and Pam, May 23, 1953


St. Bedes Episcopal Church


saintbedes1.jpg (11880 bytes) saintbedes2.jpg (11930 bytes)

St. Bede's Episcopal Church on Berry Hill Road


Faith Lutheran Church


FaithLutheran-N1.jpg (374682 bytes) FaithLutheran-N2.jpg (360244 bytes)

Faith Lutheran Church on Jackson Avenue, 2001 
(photos by Robert L. Harrison)


part6_faith_postcard1.jpg (210857 bytes) part6_faith_postcard2.jpg (42498 bytes)

Faith Lutheran Church, vintage postcard

St. Sergius Russian Orthodox Church


StSergius.JPG (287978 bytes) St.SergiusChapel.jpg (79221 bytes)

St. Sergius Russian Orthodox Church on Route 25A

Icon.jpg (103264 bytes) Icon3.jpg (120959 bytes)

The Miracle-working Pochaev Icon of the Mother of God;
 Service of Thanksgiving before the icon in Saint Sergius Chapel


 Community Church of Syosset 

OldCommunityChurch_New.JPG (33860 bytes)

CommunityChurch.JPG (42154 bytes)

OldCommunityChurch-Union.JPG (116812 bytes)

          The Community Church was established in 1860.
It was originally named the Free Church, then the Union Church.
"Syosset has...a free church edifice, standing on a one-acre lot, donated by S.W. Cheshire.
  This church was built in 1860, under the direction of five inhabitants of the place, who became
 trustees.  It cost about $1,300.  The free church building is open to all denominations 
of Christians, and various clergymen have officiated from time to time. 
A Sunday- school of 50 or 60 scholars is maintained, with a corps of
efficient teachers of both sexes.  John Cook is the superintendent."  from History of Queens County
New York:  W.W. Munsell & Co.; 1882.


part6_sunday_school_report.jpg (19719 bytes) part6_sunday_school_report2.jpg (84502 bytes)


 Left, cover of the Annual Statistical Report of the Sunday Schools in Nassau and Queens County, 1905.
Right, the detail for the Union Church in Syosset (later the Community Church) shows 9 teachers and 61 students with 15 dollars contributed for the year.  

part6_cc_beginners.jpg (63122 bytes)


part6_violet_budd_purse.jpg (47283 bytes)

"Mrs. John Pennington was my Sunday school teacher (1928).  The little folding chairs were the same type we sat in, in a circle down in front.
  My class was next to the railing where the Minister used to preach from.  Mrs. Pennington taught from these Beginners Stories.  My mother, Violet Budd, was born May 28, 1904, and raised on Devine Ave., the next house from Ralph Kaiser.  She used this little purse around the early 1900’s when she was a little girl.   Around 1910, each Sunday she had five pennies in the little purse to give at Sunday school."  Virginia Budd Vail Hofstad
(images courtesy of Virginia Budd Vail Hofstad))



part6_nellie_budd_zither.jpg (124551 bytes)

Nellie Edith Budd played this zither at church in the early 20th century.
(image courtesy of Virginia Budd Vail Hofstad)

part6_community_church_bulletin_1931.jpg (57585 bytes)

part6_community_church_bulletin_1931_2.jpg (78588 bytes)

part6_community_church_bulletin_1931_3.jpg (52192 bytes)

March 1, 1931, 8 P.M. Worship Service program 
Rev. Alfred J. Penney, Pastor
Mrs. George Carnes, Organist

CommunityChurchEaster1941.jpg (93526 bytes)

Easter 1941
(from Mildred Knettel Vanstane's album,
image courtesy of Diane Vanstane Oley)

part6_communitychurch_card.jpg (121557 bytes)

c. 1940s
"Here's the church where Forrest & I were married.  It's the only church in town so we are quite proud of it."  Mildred Knettel Vanstane
(postcard courtesy of Diane  Oley)

vanstane_knettel_wedding.jpg (63836 bytes)

vanstane_wedding.jpg (226604 bytes)

Marriage of Mildred Knettel and Sgt. Forrest Vanstane, August 5, 1944
Left, the wedding party:  usher Jerome Suydam, best man Glenn Cook, Sgt. Vanstane, Mrs. Vanstane, matron of honor Mrs. Thomas Taylor (formerly Leone Knettel) and usher Robert Boslet.
Right, "Mildred Knettel, Bride of Sergeant Forrest Vanstane" in the Chillicothe Constitution Tribune (Missouri), August 24, 1944.



Click here:  Reception

If you have a problem, or are using Netscape,
Click here: 

The video may take a while to load; allow approximately 20 seconds after it loads for it to begin.

Video clip of
Mildred and Forrest Vanstane's wedding reception, August 5, 1944,
at the home of Mildred's parents, William and Laura Smith Knettel
On the bride's right is Glenn Cook, best man.
On the groom's left is Leone Knettel Taylor, matron of honor.
On her left is Bob Boslet, usher, and next to him is Edith "Poncey" Webb, the bride's cousin.
Also in the video are William and Laura Smith Knettel, Carrie "Gram" Smith, the bride's grandmother, and Harry Webb, "Poncey"'s father.
(video courtesy of Diane Oley)




Below:  The Community Players of Syosset
For more information, see Part 12, Syosset Stories

part6_syossetplayers001.jpg (55655 bytes)

part6_syossetplayers002.jpg (74403 bytes)

Program for and ticket to "Dear Ruth"
(image courtesy of Elaine Hammond Tucker)

part6_syossetplayers003.jpg (73768 bytes)

part6_syossetplayers005.jpg (90496 bytes)

Left, scene from "Dear Ruth."   Madeline Fritz, Helen Hammond, Louise Williams, Fred Bolk.
Right, entire cast of "Dear Ruth". Herbert Pecheur, Ralph Green, Robert Petrie, Kenneth Lant, Fred Bolk, Helen Hammond, Louise Williams, Madeline Fritz, Peggy Pirie, Peggy Allison.
(images courtesy of Elaine Hammond Tucker)

part6_syossetplayers004.jpg (70493 bytes)

Scene from "The Happiest Years". Eric Lundstrom, Bettye Wells and Helen Hammond
(image courtesy of Elaine Hammond Tucker)


part6_comm_church_40s.jpg (73395 bytes)

c. 1950s

(photo courtesy of Diane Oley)

CommChurchRearWing-N.jpg (28621 bytes)

CommChurchInterior-N.jpg (28593 bytes)

       Rear wing, 1953

Interior, 1953


(photos courtesy of The Library of Congress, Prints and Photographs Division, Gottscho-Schleisner Collection:  left, LC-G613-63601; right, LC-G613-63602)

CommunityChurchMembership.jpg (33940 bytes) CommuniryChurchWorshipBook.jpg (51902 bytes)

Certificate of Church Membership, June 26th, 1955;
A Book of Worship for Free Churches, New York, Oxford University Press, Second Printing, 1950,  given to new members

plant.jpg (29474 bytes) plant2.JPG (18819 bytes)


 Planter, mid-'50s
Hand colored; drawn by Frank Childers;

decorated by Delano Studios, Setauket, LI, NY


ccplate.jpg (51987 bytes)

Plate, mid-'50s
Hand colored; drawn by Frank Childers; decorated by Delano Studios, Setauket, LI, NY

churchpin.jpg (27332 bytes) jennyjune_tomthumb.jpg (75544 bytes)


 Left, Sunday School attendance pin
Right, invitation to the Jenny June-Tom Thumb marriage
 and Strawberry Festival, June 14, 1958 
(image courtesy of Keith MacGregor)

part6_rev_william_irish_1.jpg (16231 bytes)

part6_rev_william_irish_2.jpg (32999 bytes)

Rev. William A. Irish 
Pastor 1955-1965 
 (images courtesy of Christine Irish Morisco)

Confirmation Classes, 1958 (image courtesy of Keith MacGregor) 
and 1960 (image courtesy of Christine Irish Morisco)
Click on the pictures for larger versions and names.

cc-art.jpg (61447 bytes)

Vintage hand-drawn pen and ink picture
(image courtesy of Warren Mills)

part6_cc_book.jpg (34241 bytes)

part6_cc_book2.jpg (48243 bytes)

The Community Church of Syosset (United Church of Christ)
and Its Times;  An Illustrated History
by Ruth Flohn with the assistance of Ruth Phillips, 1987 
left, cover; right, inside cover
 (all images from this book, below, are courtesy of the Community Church of Syosset
Special thanks to The Rev. Sean B. Murray)

part6_cc_book2_covenant.jpg (566787 bytes)

The covenant of the Free Church, signed in 1861

part6_cc_book2_penney.jpg (22753 bytes)

The Rev. Alfred J. Penney, Sunday evening pastor, 1924-1938

part6_cc_book2_vansise.jpg (72547 bytes)

Bill of sale for Sunday School supplies purchased from the VanSise store, 1933

part6_cc_book2_ackly.jpg (25544 bytes)

Left, Seminarian Walton C. Ackley, weekend pastor 1939-1942
Right, Charles "Friday" Hendrickson, Fire Chief

part6_cc_book2_fritz.jpg (38906 bytes)

The Rev. Dr. G. Brewster Fritz, pastor 1942-1955

part6_cc_book2_children.jpg (61919 bytes)

Sunday School class, c. 1955, in the church basement

part6_cc_book2_ground.jpg (47130 bytes)

Breaking ground for the new Christian Education building, 1957
Susanna Menah, King Harvie, Adrian McCall, Fred Bolk, Pastor Irish

part6_cc_book2_corner.jpg (55870 bytes)

Cementing the cornerstone of the CE Building, 1958
Rev. Irish, Susanna Menah, Fred Bolk

part6_cc_book2_vaudeville.jpg (53291 bytes)

A play at the church, 1958, "What Ever Happened to Vaudeville"
Kay Hendrickson, Helen Keith, Janet Miller, Pat Chapman, Peg Stegmeyer



Other Churches and Synagogues


SyossetGospelChurchN.jpg (167996 bytes) BibleBaptistChurch-N.jpg (271556 bytes)

Left, Syosset Gospel Church on Jackson Avenue
Right, Bible Baptist Church on Cold Spring Road
(photos by Robert L. Harrison, 2001)

NorthShore-N.jpg (8253 bytes)

 North Shore Synagogue on Muttontown Road

Midway-N.jpg (43318 bytes)

Midway Jewish Center on South Oyster Bay Road


Eastnassau_New.jpg (133944 bytes)

East Nassau Hebrew Congregation on South Oyster Bay Road
 (August Viemeister, An Architectural Journey through Long Island, Kennikat Press Corp., Port Washington, N.Y./London, 1974)

WoodburyMethodist.jpg (64041 bytes)

Woodbury Methodist Church ad, 1962

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