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Front row:  Geri Van Rees (1st), Tom Bolk (2nd), Rosemary Yannotti (3rd), Barbara Holm (5th), Dick Hicks (6th), Deborah Eddy (7th)
Second row:  Gaspare Puccio? (1st), Joan Molitor (2nd), Dennis Wolownik? (3rd), Heather Maxwell (4th), Gary Zabel (5th), Juliette Mac Niven (6th),  Mary Jane Mackey (8th)
3rd row: Bob Worrell?(1st), Bruce Pecheur? (3rd),  Patricia Lutz? (4th),  George Fedoroff? (5th), Kathleen Petrie? (6th)
Standing:  Tommy Young (1st), Mrs. Curran