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Front row, left to right:  Tommy Whitenack,  Linda Denaga,  Heidi Krebs,  Paul Weintraub,  Marlene Garcia,  Phyllis Piana, Shirlee Sarver
Second row, left to right:  Mel Frankel,  Linda Walters,  Skip Hempel,  Jane Puccio,  Denny Norman,  Larry Ebel and (on other side of globe/sign) Florence Gerber and Josephine DiPietro
Third row, left to right:  Tommy Letsch,  Colin Jones, Gerry Hofgren,  Paul Poschmann,  Joan Chasan,  Joe Hickey and (on other side of globe/sign) Larry Gorman
Standing in back, left to right:  Mr. Donald Parkes,  Randy Chapman,  Janet Whitney,  Doris Johnston,  Loretta Flood
Absent:  Sandy Christiano