Syosset '60 50th Year Reunion Memory Book

Compiled by Bob Barone 



The reunion, held at the Mariott Melville, spanned September 24-26, 2010.  The Syosset High School tour was September 25th.


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Images courtesy of Island Photography Inc.:

The Class of 1960
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All Attendees



The Class of 1959
Top:  Bob McCall, Jim Peeler, George (Wyer) Pattison, Chet Lukaszewski, Rich Kingsbury, Edward Fox, 
John Morris, Charles Ekstrom
Second row:  Mike Batza, Virginia Gwynne, Richard Evans. Arnold Sabino, Phil Romanzi, Al Cappabianca
Front row:  Christine Olsen, Margaret McAuley, Delores Meinwald, Mary Celauro, Lynda Levy, Lynn Whitton. Louis Yannotti, Barry Frankel



Class of 1961
Top:  Elinore Abravanel. Don Gwynne, Frank Weber, Betsy "Liz" Smith, Fritz Weinrich, Alfred Wappaus, Hal Van Sise
Second row: Joyce Carro, Barbara Jacobsen, Ron Defelitta, Josephine DiPietro, Wayne Robinson, Gail Carver
Front row: Judy Baron, Carol Forer, Dale DiNunzio, Janet Currier, Carolyn Manning, Lenore Domenichello, Linda Currier, Jane McNulty, Linda Denaga



Class of 1962
Top: Ed Cappabianca, Patrick Cavanagh, John Worrell, Phil Scribner, Fran Siegel, Alan Schule
Seated:  Judy Riccoboni. Lesley Newman, Lucille D'Amico. Peggy Meehan, Judy Rome



Organizing Committee:  Marie Manning, Bob Barone, Richard Glazer



Peter Fitzgerald, John Delin, Faith Myer Weathington ('61)



Louis Yannotti ('59) with Kathleen Morris



Sheila Zouderer Strauss and Marvin Strauss



Barbara Holm Britton, Bill Britton. Marvin Strauss, Sheila Zouderer Strauss



Jack Brunson and Betty Henn Brunson



Betty Henn, Paulette Messina Sosa, Gerry Sosa



Betty Winkler Farraday and Judy Heffernan Tedeschi



Bill Britton, Barbara Holm Britton, Maggie McCauley Cappabianca ('59), Al Cappabianca ('59)



Lisa Pius, Don Pius, Ed Cappabianca, Karen Cappabianca
Standing:  Al Cappabianca and Maggie McCauley Cappabianca



Linda Bradley Casalo and John Casalo



1961: Carolyn Manning DeJesu and Carol Forer Rabin



Mary Celauro Bosch and Charlie Bosch



Mike Cuomo and Claire Dryfuss DeBor



Emile and Marilyn Duchemin



Jerry and Valerie Freund



Seated:  Bonnie Keinz and Louis Schatzer
Standing:  Dominick Poio ('61), Mike Cuomo, Bonnie Cole, Joel Friedman


Tony and Georgia Cody Nucci



Virginia Gwynne Passanante and John Passanante



Lenore Domenichello Galasso and Richard Glazer



Ed Toscano and Janet Currier Toscano, '61



Joey Riccoboni and Cliff Christ



Linda Denaga Eatz ('61), Louis Yannotti ('59) and Josephine DiPietro Niemczyk ('61)



Lesley Newman Domiano ('62), Judy Riccoboni ('62), Lucille D'Amico ('62), Lenore Domenichello Galasso ('61)



Lynda Levy ('59), Richard Glazer, Lynn Whitton ('59), Mike Batza ('59)



1959:  Lynda Levy, Jim Peeler, Chet Lukaszewski, Mike Batza, Lynn Whitton



1959:  Maggie McCauley Cappabianca and Charlie Ekstrom



Marcia Feinberg Redd and Philip Redd



Steve Fink, daughter Kerry Fink ('00), Susan Alexander, Gail Carver Cavanagh, Patrick Cavanagh



Marie Manning and Bill Morice



Mary Campbell Church, Bonnie Cole and Fred Church



Kathleen and John Morris ('59)


Betty Henn Brunson, Judy Rome Dusman, Rosalind Longaro Savilia, Lenore Domenichello Galasso, Judy Riccoboni Prianti,
 Lucille D'Amico, Lesley Newman Domiano



Annemarie and Ron Outwater ('59)



Jim Peller, Rich Evans, Richard Glazer, Lou Kimmel, John Morris, Chet Lukaszewski, Mike Batza in front



Janet and Phil Scribner ('62)



Phil Romanzi ('59) and Linda Romanzi ('67)



Linda Romanzi ('67), Phil Romanzi ('59), Judy Heffernan Tedeschi, Jonny Tedeschi



Charlie Bosch and Ron Smollen



Rosalind Longaro Savilia and Lou Kimmel



Marianne and Arnold Sabino ('59)


Margaret and Wayne Robinson ('61)



George (Wyer) Pattison ('59) and wife Beth



Linda Lindenauer Toch and Bonnie Cole Guthartz



Valerie Schule Zuccaro and Marty Zuccaro



Susan Schule, wife of Alan Schule ('62) and Marty Zuccaro, husband of Valerie Schule.












Images courtesy of Elinore Abravanel Brown ('61):

Our School














Science wing


ken* still exists



Monitor stations still exist


Senior patio doesn't


Nor do project areas



SHS tour



Elinore and Judy Baron Albano ('61)



1961: Fritz Weinrich, Betsy (Liz) Smith Hauser, Elinore, Judy, Jane McNulty Caracciolo,Wayne Robinson, Don Gwynne,
 Barbara Jacobsen DiNonno, Dominick Poio



John Delin and Elinore



Betsy (Liz) Smith Hauser ('61)\






Cocktail hour


Cocktail hour


Dominick Poio ('61)



Don Gwynn ('61)



Fritz Weinrich ('61)



Judy and Joyce Carro Phillips ('61)



Judy, Joyce, Carol Forer Rabin ('61)



Margaret Robinson and Jane



Wayne and Margaret Robinson



1961:  Ron Defelitta and Barbara Jacobsen DiNonno



Elinore and Ben



Images courtesy of Bill Britton:



Claire Dryfuss Debor, Barbara Holm Britton, John Delin, Faith Myer Weathington ('61), Georgia Cody Nucci



Barbara Holm Britton, Mary Campbell Church, Claire Dryfuss DeBor



George (Wyer) Pattison ('59), Barbara



Judy Heffernan Tedeschi, Jonny Tedeschi, Bonnie Cole, Bob Worrell



George and wife, Beth



Standing:  George, Carole Nymann Pollack, John
Seated:  Claire, Barbara, Georgia, Faith



Candid shot of '60 group



Beth, Bill, George



Beth, George, Barbara



Barbara, Kim Egan Voltz, Paulette Messina Sosa



Mary and Barbara



Images courtesy of Mary Celauro Bosch ('59):



Hospitality Room



John Passanante, Virginia Gwynne Passanante, Gladys Olsen Heimburger,
 Christine Olsen Dickerson, Mary Celauro Bosch



Richard Glazer, Christina Madaio Lyon



Louis Yannotti, Christina, Bob McCall, Ron Outwater, Mary, Richard



Linda Stark and Mary



Phil Romanzi and Mary



Harry Iceland, Christina, Linda Romanzi, Phil, Mary, Joan Sidman Iceland



Group in Hospitality Room



Group; Bob Barone on left



Mary with Ron ('59) and Annemarie Outwater



Group:  Eddie Cappabianca ('62) on right



Mary with Jim Peeler



HS tour



Group at tour



Group at tour



Theatre stage









Entire group



1959:  Louie, Maggie, Al, Mary



Sheldon and Carol Forer Rabin (61), Ron Defelitta ('61), Ron Outwater ('59)



Gladys Olsen Heimburger, Christine, Mary



Charlie and Mary



Lynn Whitton ('59) and Mary



Lynn and Mary



Carol Forer Rabin and Sheldon Rabin



1959:  Charlie Ekstrom. Mary, Al, Maggie






Mary and Delores Meinwald ('59)



1959:  Mike Batza, Mary, Eddie Fox



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