Syosset '61 50th Year Reunion Memories

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Compiled by Elinore Abravanel Brown and John Delin 



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The reunion, held at the Mariott Melville, spanned September 16-18, 2011.  The Syosset High School tour was September 17th.


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Images courtesy of Island Photography Inc.:




The Class of 1961
Click on the picture for larger version and names.




The Class of 1961
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SHS Class of '61 Baylis School
Front, Joan Elstein, Sandra Schmukler, Joan Schroeder, Marianne DiRenzo, Carol Schmukler
Top, Joe Getz, Buddy Watson, Fred Saar, Al Wappaus



SHS Class of '61 Locust Grove School
Front, Andrea Mirola, Shirley Pryor, Janet Currier, Joyce Yamada, Lenore Domenichello, Linda Currier, Mona Wolfson
Top, Frank Weber, Jane McNulty, Joe Getz, Wayne Robinson, Hal Pollock, Eva Sweeny, Liz "Betsy" Smith, Carl Zeoli, Marsha Wolfson



SHS Class of '61 Locust Grove School, waving



SHS Class of '61 Split Rock School
Front, Judy Frank, Gerry Hofgren, Linda Denaga, Barbara Vallary
Top, teacher Fred Cole, Paul Poschmann, Donald Gwynne, Ray Orobona, Fritz Weinrich, Denis Norman, Tom Whitenack



SHS Class of '61 Village School
Front, Linda Denaga, Denis Norman, Gerry Hofgren
Top, Joe Hickey, Paul Poschmann, Tom Whitenack, Ed Welch



Guest Teachers
Jack Friedman, Louis Ciardullo, Wilbur Christensen. August Franza, Fred Cole



Merrill Freedman, Mona Wolfson Freedman, Mary Ellen Grey Davenport, Larry Davenport



Saosinha Gonsalves, Barbara Jacobsen DiNonno, Linda Currier Sterling, Gail Treharne Pasfield's daughter, Gail Treharne Pasfield, 
Donald Gonsalves, Karen Latimer Lee



Grace Cantarella, Jerry Rosenblum, Marianne DiRenzo



Robert "Whitey" Harrison, Will Christensen



Paul Halesworth, Keith Cymbala



Mary Saar, Fred Saar, Mike Ries, Carole Shea, John Oakes



Ray Orobona, Judy Orobona, Vickie Getz, Joe Getz, Linda Denaga



Linda, Joann Catalano, Paul O'Neill



Al Wappaus, Hal Van Sise



Don Gwynne, Fritz Weinrich



Joyce Carro Phillips, Diane Miller Fajen, Lois Green, Barbara Vallary Carmen



Lois and Mona



Elizabeth "Betsy" Smith Hauser, Carol Weinrich, Eva Sweeny Mancuso



Joan Elstein Rogow, Louis Ciardullo



Paul Poschmann, John Delin '60 (reunion consultant)



Paula and Jerry Rosenblum



Elizabeth Hendrickson Lee and Bob Lee



Group at buffet table



Fred Cole, Fritz, Carol



Ralph Stanio and Bette Wright



John, Carole, Jerry, Paula, John



Barbara, Ron DeFelitta, Carl Zeoli



Saosinha, Gail, Gail's daughter, Karen, Mary Ellen



Saosinha, Gail, Karen, Mary Ellen



Elizabeth, Mary Rae Smith, Lenore Domenichello Galasso, Jane McNulty Christ-Caracciolo



Stephen Rogow, Joan, Wayne and Margaret Robinson



Judy Baron Albano, Joe, Susan Matthes '64, Al Matthes



Judy and Paul



Judy Frank Hinkel, Linda



Prime Rib



Vickie, Bette, Paul, rear Joe, Ralph



Joann, Paul, Anne Pollock, Hal Pollock, Andrea Mirola Cymbala, Keith



Clockwise, Don. Denis Norman, Peggy Norman, Patrick Cavanagh, Gail Carver Cavanagh, Gerry Hofgren Achtem, Buddy Watson, Mary Saar



Front, Paul, Anne, Hal
Back, Hal, Al, Barbara, Grace DeFelitta, Ron, Carl, Bobi Zeoli, Mike



Front, Patrick, Gail, Gerry
Back, Karen, Sandra Schmukler Masnick, Bert Masnick, Carol Schmukler Fleischman



Clockwise, back, John, Joan Schroeder Weiss, Bert Phillips, Joyce Carro Phillips, Barbara, Joe D'Amico.
Front, Don, Denis, Peggy, Patrick 



Tom Whitenack, Ed Welch, Sally Welch, Frank Weber
Front, Karen Engvaldsen, Jane, Paul



Carol, Fritz, Eva, Betsy



Mark the DJ, Ron Larocca






Louis, Elinore Abravanel Brown, Jack Friedman






Susan, Louis, Elinore






Lenore, Fred, Elizabeth



Ron presenting Fred with 50 year late homework assignment






Ken Edwards; Shirley Pryor





Line at dinner buffet












Mary Ellen, Barbara, Joyce



Joyce, Barbara, Mary Ellen



Diane and Ron



Paul and Joann



Jane and Wayne



Judy and Ray



Donna and Joe Hickey



Joyce and Bert



Joe and Barbara



Mona and Merrill



Mary and Fred



Sy and Frances Marmon Strasberg



Joann and Paul



Lois Green and Victor Goodman



Wayne and Margaret



Larry Lambert and Joyce Yamada



Don and Saosinha
Sy and Frances



Al and Linda



Burt and Sandra



Dancers: Lois, Lenore, Linda, Marie Manning '60, Linda, Mary Rae



Sharon LaColla


Joan and Diane






Karen, Judy, Mary Ellen








Mary Ellen



Linda, Mary Rae, Diane



Jane, Marianne, Grace, Lenore



Bobi and Carl









Mary Rae

















Eva and Diane



Diana Tasciotti and Ken Edwards



Diana and Ron



Joan; Lois














Peggy and Denis



Fritz and Betsy



Ed and Sally



Ray and Marie



Linda and Ron



Lois Green and Larry Folb



Saosinha and Don



Joan and John



Merrill and Mona


Andrea and Keith






Jack; Judy


Ron and Ben Brown


The Class of '61 in black and white



Images courtesy of Elinore Abravanel Brown:



Wayne and Margaret Robinson



Mary Rae Smith and Diane Miller Fajen



Donald and Saozinha Gonsalves



Gerry Hofgren Achtem, Quackster Cane (ret.), John Delin



Judy Baron Albano



Judy Frank Hinkel and Don



Group in Hospitality Room



Diane; Ronald Larocca



Titia Warshauer Watson; Don; Joyce Yamada






Group at the high school


Below, current Syosset High School images:




















Ray Orobona and Elinore
Two former drummers from the band, standing in their “spot.”


Linda Currier Sterling



Stephen and Joan Elstein Rogow



Judy and Joan






Janet Currier Toscano, Karen Latimer Lee, Mary Ellen Grey Davenport, Ron DeFelitta



John Delin and Ben Brown



Linda, Ben and Janet



Carol Schmukler Fleischman, Ben, Sandra Schmukler Masnick



Mona Wolfson Freedman, Ben, Marsha Wolfson



Will Christensen, August Franza



Elinore and Will



Larry Folb and Wayne



Joan, Jack Friedman, Will, Judy



Elinore with Louis Ciardullo



Grace Cantarella, Louis, Marianne DiRenzo



Mary Rae, Diane, Diana Tasciotti, Elinore



Lois Green and Louis



Melissa and mother, Shirley Pryor



Liz "Betsy" Smith Hauser, Fritz Weinrich, Carol Weinrich, Linda



Victor Goodman, Mary Rae, Elinore



Images courtesy of Judy Baron Albano:



Diane Miller Fajem, Ron Larocca, Elinore Abravanel Brown



Group in front of school



Group in front of school



Group in front of school



Group in front of school



Group in library



Elinore, Judy, Joan Elstein Rogow



Al Matthes, Judy, Ray Orobona, Elinore, Ron, Joan



Ben and Elinore 




Images courtesy of Donald Gonsalves:



Donald Gonsalves and Karen Latimer Lee



Mary Ellen Grey Davenport



Karen Engvaldsen, Tom Whitenack, Ed Welch, Mary Ellen



Mary Rae Smith



Lois Green



Linda Currier Sterling, Elinore Abravanel Brown, Donald , Judy Baron Albano, Diane Miller Fajen



Linda. Elinore, Judy, Diane, Mona Wolfson Freedman



Group in SHS Auditorium
Top, Joe Getz
Second row, Gerry Hofgren Achtem, Judy, Diane, Joan Schroeder Weiss, Shirley Pryor
First row, Carol Schmukler Fleischman, Sandra Schmukler Masnick, Lois , Judy Frank Hinkel



Group in SHS Auditorium
Top row, Fred Saar, Al Wappaus, Wayne Robinson, Joe Hickey, Donald, ?, Joe Getz, ?
Third row, Robert Finkelstein, (obscured), Judy Baron, Diane (turning head), Joan, Shirley, Ray Orobona
  Second Row, Elinore,. Gerry, Lois, Mary Rae, Ralph Stanio
First row, Carol, Sandra, Barbara Vallary Carmen, Judy Frank, Linda Denaga Eatz



Group in SHS Auditorium
Gerry, Joyce Yamada, Judy Baron, Lois, Diane, Judy Frank


Carol, Joyce, Elinore, Judy and Diane









Mike Ries






Fred and Mary Saar



Margaret Robinson, Jane McNulty Christ-Caracciolo, Wayne, Judy



Mike, Ken Edwards, Diana Tasciotti



Anne and Hal Pollock, Al Matthes


Elinore, Donald, Gail Treharne Pasfield, Phyllis Gaccione Grilo, Karen



Donald, Karen, Gail 



Donald Gwynne
Frank Weber, back left






Mary Ellen and husband Larry



Judy Frank and Donald



Linda, Elizabeth Hendrickson Lee, Frank, Carolyn Manning De Jesu, Al, Ray, Josephine DiPietro Niemczyk



Linda and Betsy "Liz" Smith Hauser


Saozinha Gonsalves, Gail, Gail's daughter, Karen, Mary Ellen



Mary Ellen, Gail's daughter, Gail , Karen



Anne and Hal


Karen, Mary Rae in red



Mary Rae and Judy


Images courtesy of Joe Hickey:



Denis Norman, Linda Denaga Eatz, Judy Frank Hinkel



Ed Welch, Joe Hickey, Tom Whitenack



Joe, Denis, Hal Van Sise



Joe, Paul Poschmann, Tom


Paul and Joe



Ray Orobona



Ron Larocca, John Russi, Maria Russi, John Delin



Tom, Ed, Sally Welch, Frank Weber



Front, Linda Denaga, Denis Norman, Gerry Hofgren
Top, Joe Hickey, Paul Poschmann, Tom Whitenack, Ed Welch



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