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 Part One


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Listen to the late Joseph Boslet Jr., interviewed by Isabel Goldenkoff at the Syosset Public Library, as he reminisces about old Syosset.  We placed excerpts from this 1991 tape throughout Scrapbook.  You may have to disable  your firewall temporarily in order to access the sound files.
Look for the
signs.  If you live in Syosset, visit the library to borrow the entire tape and tapes featuring other longtime Syosset residents.  If you wish to listen to the tapes in the library, call the library first to see if they have a tape player; otherwise bring your own.


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Scenes around Town


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Scenes around Town

 In 1924, Syosset had a population of 1,435.  "This scattered community is located in the midst of a fine farming country and the land is the most fertile land in Nassau County.  To the north of the station and on the wooded hills many luxurious country homes have been built.  While Syosset at the present time is not developed very extensively in the way of suburban homes, that is accounted for by the fact that the farmland is too valuable to be disposed of for development purposes, but it is only a question of time when it will be transposed into a beautiful home community—the natural beauty of the country in this section making it ideal for this purpose.  The village now has a Union Church, two schools, motorized fire department, macadam roads, and electric light."  Long Island, The Sunrise Homeland, 1926

  Listen to Joseph Boslet talk about Syosset; click here:  About Syosset

knettel_florist-n.jpg (120141 bytes)

William J. Knettel, Florist, c. 1899
Mr. Knettel is on left.
(photo by George Edward VanSise; postcard courtesy of Leone Knettel Taylor)

part1_WJKnetteljuly_1909.jpg (48450 bytes)

July 1909 Advertisement
(image courtesy of Tom Montalbano)

part1_spreers_1904-n.jpg (88224 bytes)

Yanke Spreer's Hotel 1904 

spreers-N.gif (75208 bytes)

Spreer's Hotel later, still early 1900s 
(photo courtesy of Tom Montalbano)

  Listen to Joseph Boslet talk about the old hotel; click here:  Early Hotel



Syossetgreetings.JPG (210801 bytes)

syossetgreetings2.jpg (83750 bytes)

 Left, aerial view of Syosset, early 1900s 
(photo from Frederick Ruther, Long Island To-Day, 1909)
Center and right, early generic postcards:  "Greetings from Syosset, LI"

part1_greet.jpg (117356 bytes)

Generic postcard; scene is not Syosset



Part1_SYOSSETPOSTCARD_generic.jpg (676471 bytes)

Generic postcard; scene is not Syosset



part1_devines.jpg (96537 bytes)

Looking north on Jackson Avenue, late 1800s
On the right is Devine Bros. General Store, which later became May's Corner.

part1_jacksonwithcar.jpg (103743 bytes)

Looking north
(image courtesy of Don Karas)


part1_devine_1908.jpg (97201 bytes)

A 1908 view of the Devine Bros. General Store
(image courtesy of Don Karas)

part1_mays_corner.jpg (107675 bytes)

May's Corner, Jackson Avenue and Convent Road;
general store operated by Theodore and Georgiana May
from the early 20th century to c. 1940
later Moran and Kyle's Syosset Inn, 1940s; Kyle and Moran's, 1950s
Mr. May's sister was Flora May VanSise, wife of S. Franklin VanSise, of VanSise Farms.
(postcard courtesy of Diane Oley)

STMARY.JPG (122638 bytes)

part1_st_marys_postcard.jpg (70991 bytes)

St. Mary of the Angels Home on Convent Road, founded 1894

StMaryEnv.jpg (62254 bytes)

Letter from St. Mary's to Roulston's Grocery Store, Jackson Ave., Feb. 11, 1946,
 probably containing an order
(image by Tom Montalbano)  

St.Mary's2003.JPG (205879 bytes) St.Mary's2-2003.JPG (253209 bytes)

Monument at St. Mary's, dedicated to the memory of Agnes Koehler,1988

SchenckCem.jpg (135077 bytes)

SchenckStone2.jpg (57892 bytes)

SchenckStone1.jpg (120371 bytes)

The Schenck cemetery behind St. Mary's, 2002
The center stone reads:  "Nelson Schenck, Died July 23, 1852, Age 19 yrs, 2 mos, 7days."
Right, a partial rendering:  "...And hope you'll comfort him..."
 There were forty-four burials from 1821 to 1897, including members of the Schenck , Baldwin, Ellison, Lewis, Marshall, McElvey, Van Sise and Wanser families.
(photos by Tom Montalbano)  

part1_schenck_inscriptions.jpg (124875 bytes)

Schenck cemetery tombstone inscriptions compiled by Raymond Burckley
(courtesy of Ronald Burckley) 

CheshireCemetery2001.jpg (111373 bytes) CheshireCemetery4_2003.jpg (142114 bytes)

The Cheshire family cemetery on Ira Road, 2001 and 2003
Located on the farm of Albert Cheshire, there were twelve burials from 1852 to 1897, including members of the Cheshire, Bedell, Schenck and Wood families.
Funerals proceeded along a path from Cold Spring Road to what later became Ira Road and Miller Boulevard.  Clearly displayed on a 1939 map, straight walking access on this route was possible until 1951 when the Miller homes were constructed.  

TURNPIKE-NEW.JPG (127244 bytes)


JERICHO2-NEW.JPG (93908 bytes)

Jericho Turnpike, early 1900s 
(from Frederick Ruther, Long Island To-Day, 1909)

part1_1904BaylisStore.jpg (64290 bytes)

part1_BaylisStoreWCar.jpg (94919 bytes)

Baylis and Sons general store and post office, Woodbury Road 
 left 1904; right, c. 1910s
It is still standing at 300 Woodbury Road.
J. Irving Baylis established the store in April of 1887 with an inheritance of $160.  He was 17 at the time and had been working for three years (fourteen hours a day/six days a week) as an apprentice in a Huntington grocery store for a salary of $8 a month plus board. 

In the earliest days of the J. I. Baylis General Store, two loaves of bread cost 13 cents, a pound of coffee 14 cents, and a dozen eggs 24 cents.  Postal historians state that the building on Woodbury Road in which the store operated had served as a post office in the 1700's.  During his run as a storekeeper, Mr. Baylis also served as a postmaster.

Interviewed by the Syosset Advance in 1952, Mr. Baylis remarked "The stock has changed some in 65 years and the prices, too.  You could really buy something for your money back then."  He continued, "There were no packaged goods.  In the first fifteen years, flour, sugar, coffee, tea, rice, corn meal, and molasses all came in bulk.  But groceries were not our biggest line then.  It was feed.  This was dairy country back in those days.  Everyone had cows and horses and the big farmers all drove in to the Wallabout Market in Brooklyn."  Mr. Baylis went on to bemoan the state of the business 65 years later.  "There isn't much business anymore.  My old customers have died or moved away and the young folks naturally go to the big towns to do their shopping.  But I'll stay in business.  Guess I'd feel too strange after 65 years doing nothing."
(text and images courtesy of Tom Montalbano)

part1_1908WoodburyRoad.jpg (97028 bytes)

Woodbury road in 1908
(image courtesy of Tom Montalbano)

part1_WoodburyPostOfficeSiteFixed.jpg (44360 bytes)

Vintage picture of the house on Woodbury road
which may have been on the site of the current Woodbury Post Office
(image courtesy of Michael Gilks)

VanSise-N1.JPG (100934 bytes)

VanSise store in 1908, north of the Split Rock-Berry Hill fork
It also housed the post office beginning in 1857. 
(photo courtesy of Tom Montalbano)

part1_vansise-sample.jpg (22929 bytes) part1_vansise-sample2.jpg (28278 bytes)

Foley's Honey and Tar cough medicine sample from the VanSise store, c. early 20th Century

part1_OldPO.jpg (65645 bytes)

Site of the VanSise store in 2008
(image courtesy of Tom Montalbano) 


part1_lang.jpg (72062 bytes)

Looking north, c. 1913
The building on the right is the old Lang Hotel, in the triangle of what became 
Jackson Avenue and Cold Spring Road. 
It was built c. 1824 when Syosset was known as Eastwoods.  

In 1871, it was (Christian) Oberlander's Hotel.  In January 1871, the hotel bar was the scene of an argument
 between a rich farmer, Garrett Wort Nostrand, and William Kelly, a former Long Island Rail Road worker, and John H. Devine.
 Nostrand's body was subsequently found near the hotel.  According to the New York Times, 
Kelly and Devine were charged and convicted of the murder of Nostrand.  Revenge for Nostrand's causing Kelly to lose his job was apparently a motive.
They were sentenced to life in prison.  In 190
6, the elderly Kelly was pardoned by the governor, when it was revealed that he did not strike the fatal blow.
By 1873, the hotel housed the W. Horton store.  Sebald Lang acquired the 10 bedroom hotel in 1899;
 by 1908 he had retired and his son Henry and daughter-in-law Susie were in charge.
(thanks to Florence Kwiatkowski Sendrowski for alerting me to the New York Times article)

OldSyossetshop.jpg (79517 bytes)

Old carpenter shop, pre-1915
The William Henry Horton (born c. 1814) carpenter shop around the turn of the 19th century
 William’s son George was also a carpenter. The shop is on an 1873 map and a 1914 map when the Horton property (near what became Horton Place and Berry Hill Road) was under the name of George’s daughter-in-law, Sybilla.  Her husband, William, did not become a carpenter; he was a piano tuner.
(photo by George Edward VanSise)

SyossetWedding_1916_1-n.jpg (57103 bytes)


SyossetWedding_1916_2-n.jpg (50392 bytes)

Wedding c. 1916
  Left, Helena Kwiatkowski, groom Kazmier Gurney (Gorny, Garney),
 bride Josephine Kacmarska, Anna Petrowski;
Right, Anna Petrowski and unidentified gentleman
They are standing in front of what was to become 14 Roosevelt Street (Avenue), 
the site of Syosset's first library, the Kiwanis Community Library, in 1958.
(photos courtesy of the Wencko and Kwiatkowski families)

SyossetWedding_1916_3-n.jpg (91240 bytes)

Wedding c. 1916
Anna Petrowski, unidentified, Josephine Gurney (Gorney, Garney),
 Mary S. (nee Bagenski) Wencko
 Queens Street is in back of them and Roosevelt Street (Avenue) is to the left.  
The corner behind this group would be where the Syosset Post Office is today.
(photo courtesy of the Wencko and Kwiatkowski families)

part1_peopleonstreet.jpg (75208 bytes)


part1_LefttoRightLonnyBrower-DanielVanVelsorFixed.jpg (86553 bytes)

Lonny Brower and Daniel Van Velsor, around 1917
(image courtesy of Tom Montalbano)

Shovel.jpg (64444 bytes)


110Jackson.jpg (68109 bytes)

Left, W. Wilton Wood (lumber, lime, cement, farm tools), 110 Jackson Avenue  The sterling silver shovel displayed was used by the Duke of Windsor to plant a tree on the Burden Estate, Muttontown Road, in 1924.
Right, 110 Jackson Ave in 2001

part1_WWoodFeb1924.jpg (51504 bytes)

February 1924 Advertisement
(image courtesy of Tom Montalbano)

part1_wilton wood_thermo.jpg (26172 bytes)

W. Wilton Wood thermometer, c. 50s

part1_rent_all_ad.jpg (22599 bytes)

United Rent-Alls, 1965 advertisement


part1_rentall.jpg (122696 bytes)

part1_OldRentAll.jpg (81381 bytes)

110 Jackson Ave on Feb. 2, 2008
(images courtesy of Tom Montalbano)

Waterdrilling-N.JPG (55209 bytes)

Handwritten on back:  "Syosset Well Drillers, Syosset, NY.
Method used by Sy Well Drillers to create water supply."

oldtower9.jpg (42924 bytes)


Water tower 1964.jpg (56416 bytes)

Syosset water tower, Convent Road, late 1930s and 1964
When it was erected c. 1932, it was the world's second largest water tower,
1,500,000-gallon capacity, supported by 20 columns, 78 feet in  diameter, and approximately 175 feet high. 


MildredKnettel_DotVanSise.jpg (25793 bytes)

Mildred Knettel and Dot VanSise, February 7, 1932
after purchasing their coats in New York City
The water tower is already up.
(image courtesy of Diane Oley)

Waterdistrict2_2003.JPG (154476 bytes)

 Jericho Water District structure, c. 1930s, adjacent to the tower,
 now used for chemical storage

CHESHIRE'SPOND-N.JPG (119350 bytes)


Pond2000.jpg (31318 bytes)

Pond on Cold Spring Road early 1900s
(photo from Frederick Ruther, Long Island To-Day, 1909) and in July, 2000
(referred to as both Cheshire and Pelican ponds)


lake_new.jpg (74535 bytes)

ThePond.JPG (127357 bytes)

Picturesquepond.JPG (143642 bytes)

Left, "The Lake, Syosset, Long Island" by George Edward VanSise ("The Lake" could be the Schenck-Mann pond on Convent Road);
Center, "The Pond, Syosset, Long Island, N.Y.";
Right, "The Picturesque Pond, Syosset, Long Island, N.Y."


part1_newlake.jpg (97476 bytes)

 Another view of "The Lake" by Van Sise which is likely the Schenck-Mann pond on Convent Road


part1_pelican_pond_1955.jpg (60480 bytes)

 Pelican Pond, April 1955
(courtesy of Shirlee Sarver Iacono)



vancott1.jpg (124587 bytes) 

vancott2.jpg (133809 bytes)

vancott3.jpg (123496 bytes)

 c. 1930:  The Clarence Van Cott farm 
...at the sharp "S" curve on Split Rock Road, east side, before 25A.  Loaded for market with potatoes and cabbage.  The truck has solid rubber tires and no doors.  The cow, horse, three men and three bottles of beer.  In 1930 Clarence would have been 28 years old and I think he is the man in the middle."
Florence Kwiatkowski Sendrowski
  (images courtesy of Mary Wencko Gaida)

VanSiseFarms.jpg (19760 bytes)


part1_vansisefarms.jpg (44447 bytes)

VanSise Farms on South Woods Road and Jericho Turnpike
On right, 1947, with owner S. Franklin VanSise and Darrin Marie Tollin, grandniece of his wife, Flora May VanSise. 
image on right,  courtesy of Karrin Marie Tollin Werrenrath)

part1_oldview.jpg (71427 bytes)


part1_syosset30s_weinstocks.jpg (102428 bytes)

1930s: Left, downtown area;
Boslet's Restaurant is to the right of utility pole near the center of picture; to the left is Thomas Roulston's Grocery Store and Janke's Syosset Meat Market.
Center, view of town from the railroad tracks;
Right, Weinstock's  "This is a picture of the store where I bought these cards.  The Honor Roll is right to the left of the store.  The main road through the village is to the left too but you can't see any more of the stores in the picture."  Mildred Knettel Vanstane to her husband, Forrest Vanstane, during World War II.
(postcards left and right, courtesy of Diane Vanstane Oley)

part1_JankeJan1947.jpg (110141 bytes)

Advertisement for Janke's Syosset Meat Market
January 1947
(image courtesy of Tom Montalbano)

part1_split_rock_berry_hill_fork.jpg (60147 bytes)

Looking north, c. 1907-1912
Junction of what became Split Rock and Berry Hill Roads
photo by George Edward VanSise

Berry-Split Junction.jpg (31913 bytes)

Junction of Split Rock and Berry Hill Roads, 1930s


cannon-oley2a.jpg (125698 bytes)

cannon-oley-1a.jpg (121353 bytes)

Memorial_1959.jpg (64487 bytes)

Left and center:  Syosset Memorial Park at junction of Split Rock and Berry Hill Roads

The park was dismantled in the 1940s; the World War I monument was moved 
and the cannon was sold for scrap metal. 
Right:  the monument, Memorial Day, 1959
(photo postcards left and center, courtesy of Leone Knettel Taylor)

part1_SyossetWW1CLOSEUP.JPG (232669 bytes)

part1_SyossetWW1CLOSEUP (2).JPG (212705 bytes)

The World War I Memorial 2010 
It's the original WWI memorial with a plaque added to honor the World War II deceased.
(images courtesy of Brian Fitterman) 

part1_wwiarticle.jpg (165387 bytes)

Article, 10/17/1917, about the dedication of the memorial, "Erected in Honor of the Men Who Served in the Great War for Democracy."  It was unveiled by Leone Knettel and Adele Van Sise.
(contributed by Florence Kwiatkowski Sendrowski)

Leoneand Evvie_1937.jpg (29760 bytes)

1937:  Leone Knettel and Evelyn (Evvie) Diel walking south on Jackson Avenue

part1_luckenbach1.jpg (153114 bytes)

part1_luckenbach2.jpg (89434 bytes)

First anniversary of Billy Dobbs and heiress Andrea Luckenbach, June 14, 1939

IceStorm_3_4_1940-2.jpg (80980 bytes)

IceStorm_3_4_1940-4.jpg (104555 bytes)

Local ice storm, March 4, 1940
(photos courtesy of Diane Oley

ralston.jpg (26875 bytes)

The west side of Jackson Avenue:
Roulston's Grocery and Janke's Meat Market

SnowTruck-N.JPG (77515 bytes)

Jackson Avenue, February 9, 1945



Three Video Clips from the Blizzard of February 1945
Jackson Avenue, Doc Howard, Fred Maimone, Boslet's Restaurant, Charlie Diel.

Click here:  SyossetBlizzard1

Click here:  SyossetBlizzard2

Click here:  SyossetBlizzard3

(Courtesy of Tom Montalbano)

part1_DocHowardPharmacyApr1952.jpg (67397 bytes)

Advertisements for Doc Howard's Pharmacy
Left, 1947(not a thumbnail); right, 1952 
(images courtesy of Tom Montalbano)

part1_cf_howard1.jpg (40833 bytes) part1_cf_howard2.jpg (41600 bytes)

 Doc Howard's Pharmacy match cover

summ37.jpg (23900 bytes)

summ37b.jpg (19066 bytes)

The east side of Jackson Avenue, 1937

apr1944a.jpg (21287 bytes)

BerryHillServiceStation.jpg (86220 bytes)

Daniel Lynch's Berry Hill Service Station, built in 1938
(photo on right, courtesy of Sally Anne Lynch)


part1_berry_hill_st_pencil.jpg (32673 bytes)

Pencil from Berry Hill Service Station
(courtesy of Sally Anne Lynch)


apr1944b.jpg (23140 bytes)

K&Sbeingbuilt.JPG (96556 bytes)

K&Satnigtht-N.JPG (67474 bytes)

 Left,  the original Krebs and Schulz Syosset Garage, c. 1930s;
  center, the new Krebs and Schulz Syosset Garage under construction;
 Right, the new Syosset Garage at night c. 1937
(center and right photos, courtesy of Tom Montalbano)

part1_SyossetGarage2Oct1947.jpg (91854 bytes) part1_SyossetGarageOct1947.jpg (130438 bytes)

Advertisements for Syosset Garage
October 1947 
(images courtesy of Tom Montalbano)

part1_sy_garage_thermometer.jpg (37857 bytes)

Thermometer from the Syosset Garage, c. 1950
(image courtesy of Larry Chernow)

part1_KrebsSchulzMotors1952.jpg (78539 bytes) part1_KrebsSchulzMotors1952Ad.jpg (149140 bytes)

Advertisements for Krebs and Schulz, 1952
(images courtesy of Tom Montalbano)

part1_KrebsSchulzMotors1952Ad2.jpg (228422 bytes)

Advertisement for De Soto at Krebs and Schulz, 1952
(Image courtesy of Tom Montalbano)

K&STransportation.jpg (35557 bytes)

K&S (Krebs and Schulz) Transportation Corp., advertisement, 1962

Mobil.JPG (140279 bytes)

Al Peters' service station, 7 Jackson Ave., c. 1950s

SyossetBoysCar_1.JPG (111695 bytes) SyossetBoysCar_2.JPG (80253 bytes)

Group in Syosset, c. 1940s
Left, Edward McAuliffe, second from left; far right, Joe Hines
Right, Edward McAuliffe. left; far right, Joe Hines

DougPlow4.JPG (94125 bytes)

A man with two horses is plowing to clear the property for building at
4 Walker Avenue in 1940.  The road behind him is Jackson Avenue;
in the background is the Jackson Farms' potato field. 
(photo courtesy of Douglas Baird)

walker_ave_baird_birthday-n.jpg (71847 bytes)

 Guests at Douglas Baird's birthday party
Picture taken in front of the Baird play house at 4 Walker Ave., 1945 or 1946
Front row:  Robin Boslet, Jean Olsen from Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, George Hvidsten, Douglas Baird;
Back row:  Joyce Wicks, Ruth Monilaws, Robert Olsen from Bay Ridge, Brooklyn
(image courtesy of Douglas Baird)


Meadowbrook-N.JPG (77756 bytes)

Nellie_Robin_Meadowbook-N.jpg (73720 bytes)

Nellie_withcarriage.jpg (57331 bytes) Meadowbrook-3.jpg (62465 bytes)

Meadowbrook Road, 1941:  Nellie Nowak Boslet with carriage;
Berry Hill Road and Sparks' Woods are in the background. 

EarlyFreds-N.JPG (86037 bytes)

Fred's Barber Shop, est. 1939
Danny Pepe, Charlie Rella and Fred Maimone


part1_fred39.jpg (26369 bytes)

Fred Maimone in 1939
(Image courtesy of Tom Montalbano)

part1_Freds1952.jpg (40736 bytes)

Fred's Barber Shop, 1952 Advertisement
(Image courtesy of Tom Montalbano)

oldfreds1.jpg (25559 bytes) oldfreds.jpg (39268 bytes)

Another view of Fred's

Tony Maimone, Fred's son, at Fred's in 1984 
(photo by Ken Spencer, The Newsday Magazine, May 6, 1984)

freds2.jpg (36699 bytes) freds.jpg (17520 bytes)

Fred's in 2000
(photo on left by Michael Mark)


part1_syosset_produce _market.jpg (61756 bytes)


Rella1-N.JPG (110448 bytes)

GordonandCar.jpg (74180 bytes)

CharlieDiehl.JPG (43031 bytes)

Top and left, Rella's Produce Market, 1940, left, Gordon McAuliffe and Charlie Rella;
Center, Gordon and unidentified friend;
Right, Charlie Diehl, who was an integral part of the Syosset scene in the '30s, '40s and '50s

HempBank1-N.JPG (112011 bytes) HempBank2-N.JPG (74217 bytes)

 Bank of Syosset (later became Hempstead Bank) under construction, 1942

part1_wencko_bank-book.jpg (18002 bytes)

part1_wencko_bank-book2.jpg (18215 bytes)

Andrew Wencko's bankbook, Bank of Syosset, c. 1930
(image courtesy of Florence Kwiatkowski Sendrowski)

part1_BankofSyossetJan1947.jpg (84068 bytes)


part1_BankofSyossetOct1947.jpg (87957 bytes)


part1_BankofSyosset2Mar1952.jpg (106180 bytes)


part1_BankofSyossetMar1952.jpg (125698 bytes)

Bank of Syosset Advertisements
Above, 1947; below, 1952
(images courtesy of Tom Montalbano)

UprootedTrees.jpg (131084 bytes)

Uprooted tree on Muttontown Road 1944
 Mr. James Devine, former postmaster, surveys some of the damage on Muttontown Road in September 1944 after the Great Atlantic Hurricane swept through Long Island  


Dawes Aerial-1.jpg (93379 bytes) Dawes Aerial-2.jpg (95006 bytes)

Left, looking northeast:  Locust Grove School in lower right;
 Dawes Ave. in foreground, then Beatrice Ave. and Albert Ave; c. 1945
Right, looking northwest:  Locust Grove School, on Humphrey Drive, lower left

syossetairport.jpg (59227 bytes)

Hicksville Air Park on Robbins Lane, 1947 
 The aerial photos above by Bob Boslet may 
have been taken from a plane flown out of this airport. 
 Click on the picture to read about it.  
The site is now an industrial park, probably on Aerial Way. 
(from Images of America:  Long Island Airports, 
 by Joshua Stoff, courtesy of Rich Schaetzl)

Hicksville Airpark c. 1945a.jpg (40197 bytes) Hicksville Airpark c. 1945b.jpg (42539 bytes)

Aerial views of the Hicksville Air Park, c. 1945

part1_market_1940s.jpg (125217 bytes)

Inside Bohack's on Jackson Ave. c. 1940s

part1_albar_1949.jpg (109522 bytes)

Carpenter Bros. Food Shop (Albar), Split RocK Road and Jackson Avenue, 1949

part1_DeadEndGang1949.jpg (97350 bytes)

Local kids, 1949
Charles (Charlie) Ekstrom, Stanley (Little Cement) Kwiatkowski, Frank (Frankie) Martin, Charles (Chucky)Martin,
 Florence (Baby) Kwiatkowski. 
Charlie lived on Whitney Ave., Little Cement & Baby on Jackson Ave., 
Frankie & Chucky on First Street and Berry Hill Road. 
Charlie is ready for baseball, Little Cement hanging on the
clothes line, Chucky annoying the kitten, Frankie & Baby
not enjoying having their pictures taken.
(image and caption courtesy of Florence Kwiatkowski Sendrowski)

florence_irene_1949-n.jpg (50340 bytes)

 Bottom of Muttontown Road, junction of Split Rock 
and Berry Hill Roads to their left, c. 1949
Irene Sekelsky & Florence M. Kwiatkowski
(photo courtesy of the Kwiatkowski family)

Dolores' party, 1950-2.jpg (63725 bytes)

Dolores's thank you.jpg (47563 bytes)

Birthday party in Locust Grove, 1950, and thank you note
Seated on ground:  Robin Boslet (partially obscured), Pam Boslet, Louraine Yoepp,
 Judy Egge?
Back row:  Clara Yoepp, Maureen Raynor?, Myrna Belowitz?, Karen Egge?, 
Jeanette Watson? (partially obscured) 

greenway-N.jpg (26522 bytes)

Greenway Circle, Summer of '52:
Dan L., Johnnie Delin, Larry Ebel, Ron Burckley, Steve Zajac

HillsOff ConventRdN.jpg (40442 bytes)

Johnnie Delin, skiing down Hofgren's hill off Convent Road, c. 1953


part1_horan-1.jpg (171102 bytes) part1_horan-2.jpg (93607 bytes)

Testimony by Burleigh Horan in c. early 50s advertisement for Vertagreen Plant Food
Mr. Horan and son, Burleigh

thralls__mike_hofgren_pete_eriksen_hofgren's_hill_1957.jpg (39509 bytes)

thralls__mike_hofgren_ron_burckley_hofgren's_hill_1957.jpg (45158 bytes)

Sledding on Hofgren's Hill, January 1957
Left, Krissy Hofgren, Mike Hofgren, Pete Eriksen, Ron Burckley (partially obscured);
Right, Mike Hofgren and Ron Burckley
(photos courtesy of Priscilla Thralls King)

randy_chicken_fight_hofgrens_hill1.jpg (53695 bytes)

chicken_fight_hofgrens_hill.jpg (53076 bytes)

"Chicken fights" on Hofgren's Hill, c. 1957
Left, Randy Chapman, bottom, Dennis Gormely, top;
Right, Randy, left bottom, Dennis, right top
(photos courtesy of Priscilla Thralls King)

THOMASFLOWER.JPG (69122 bytes)


part1_thomas1.jpg (120495 bytes) part1_thomas2.jpg (48207 bytes)

Syosset's Thomas Flower Mart, Long Island's most famous chrysanthemum farm
It was located in back of what is now 271 Jericho Turnpike, near Humphrey Drive.
1958:  Left, Art Thomas and Charlie Lewis with begonias
Right, information on Lecture re Tuberous Begonias


rege.JPG (32557 bytes) RegeHair.jpg (42558 bytes)

Left, Delin's mom in front of Rege' Hair Styling on Ira Road
Right, 1962 advertisement

rege_ad_1959.jpg (118609 bytes)

 Rege' Hair Styling on Ira Road, 1959 advertisement

Triangle-N.jpg (40633 bytes)

View of triangle, Jackson Avenue and Cold Spring Road, c. 1953 
(photo courtesy of Tom Montalbano)

RedBarn.jpg (67988 bytes) NicholsBros.jpg (62670 bytes)

Left, going north on Jackson Avenue c. 1954
The red barn on the right was Nichols Bros. Hardware. 
(photo courtesy of Tom Montalbano)
Right, advertisement for Nichols Bros., 1962

bfh.jpg (33712 bytes)


beney-auto.jpg (60456 bytes)

Beney Funeral Home, 79 Berry Hill Road, and Mr. Egbert J. Beney's antique automobile,
a 1922 Oldsmobile Touring Car

CoalTowers-N1.jpg (25023 bytes)

  Early photo of Young's coal towers on Ira Road 
(photo courtesy of Tom Montalbano)

fan1.gif (71632 bytes) fan2.gif (112315 bytes)

Hand-held advertising fan given away by Syosset Coal, c. 1950 
(images courtesy of Larry Chernow)

Coal towers.jpg (84613 bytes) Coal towers 2.jpg (78753 bytes)

Young's Coal towers undergoing demolition, c. 1957,
on the future site of the Big Apple Supermarket, Ira Road

Carvel1.jpg (44021 bytes) Carvel2.jpg (70659 bytes)

These Carvel stores are similar to the one on Jericho Turnpike in the '50s, which still exists today. 
(photos courtesy of the Carvel Corporation)


part1_CarvelOpeningMay11952.jpg (526953 bytes)

Advertisement for Carvel grand opening
March 1, 1952
(photo courtesy of Tom Montalbano)

 Carvel on Jericho Turnpike, 1956 advertisement

part1_piana_hofgren.jpg (82990 bytes)

 Unidentified, Phyllis Piana, Gerry Horgren, Nancy Standing, unidentified,  April 1955
on Convent Road,
(courtesy of Shirlee Sarver Iacono)

part1_denis_norman.jpg (53787 bytes)

 Denis Norman on his 13th birthday 2/19/56
(courtesy of Shirlee Sarver Iacono)

part1_melvyn_frankel.jpg (78610 bytes)

 Mel Frankel on Schwinn truck bike, Split Rock Road, 3/9/56
(courtesy of Shirlee Sarver Iacono)

part1_paul_poschmann.jpg (79827 bytes)

 Paul Poschmann, 3/19/56
(courtesy of Shirlee Sarver Iacono)

part1_shirlee_on_way_to_town.jpg (88810 bytes)

 Josephine DiPietro, Irene Sekelsky, Tom Whitenack, unidentified, Denis Norman, Shirlee Sarver 3/19/56
on Convent Road going to the Syosset Sweet Shoppe
(courtesy of Shirlee Sarver Iacono)

part1_tom_gerry_denis_at_janes.jpg (91517 bytes)

 Tom Whitenack, Gerry Hofgren, Denis Norman 3/10/56
in Jane Puccio's backyard
(courtesy of Shirlee Sarver Iacono)

part1_tomW_sandy_Jo_tomL.jpg (98483 bytes)

 Tom Whitenack, sandy Christiano, Josephine DiPietro, Tom Letsch 3/10/56
in Jane Puccio's backyard
(courtesy of Shirlee Sarver Iacono)

Springr Outdoors.jpg (55094 bytes)

 Terence Meehan on Berry Hill Road, August 1956
(courtesy of Terence Meehan)

part1_us as kidsa.jpg (67966 bytes)

 On Georgia Drive, c. 1957
Front row:  Randy Stricker, Ian Donohue; back row:  Kevin Keegan, Tom Stricker, Esme Donohue
(courtesy of Randy Stricker)



Undrhill.jpg (26305 bytes) Underhill-2-N.JPG (77661 bytes)


Underhill_tracks.jpg (73702 bytes) UnderhillSteamroller.jpg (69120 bytes)

Underhill Boulevard under construction;
after completion, this road was used as a drag strip (Pam's dad, Syosset's usually-staid postmaster, took Pam on her first over-100 MPH ride in the Triumph below on Underhill Boulevard.)


Triumph_1958-n.jpg (118280 bytes)

Triumph June 1959.jpg (116310 bytes)

Left, Pam and Bob Boslet Jr. with Bob's 1952 TR2, Summer, 1958;
Right, the same TR2 in June, 1959.  Please drive safely.

Underhill Ribbon-1.JPG (165968 bytes)

Underhill-Patterson.jpg (181867 bytes)

Underhill Ribbon-5.JPG (144919 bytes)

Ribbon-cutting ceremony for Underhill Boulevard, September 29, 1958
A. Holly Patterson, Nassau County Executive, is at the podium. On the right: Lewis Waters, former Town of Oyster Bay Supervisor; John C. Schulz, Chamber of Commerce President; unidentified; A. Holly Patterson; John J. Burns, Town of Oyster Bay Supervisor; Abby Katzman, Syosset attorney

   Listen to Joseph Boslet; click here:  Underhill Boulevard


Singer-N.jpg (24694 bytes)

singer_elvis_1969.jpg (80106 bytes)

Singer Manufacturing Co., Underhill Blvd., 1961
(photo courtesy of The Library of Congress, 
Prints and Photographs Division, Gottscho-Schleisner Collection: 
Singer Company envelope, postmarked August 8, 1969, 
advertising Elvis Presley in concert August 17, 1969 on NBC-TV, sponsored by Singer

Fairchild-N.jpg (20311 bytes)

 Fairchild Camera and Instrument Co., 1953 
(photo courtesy of The Library of Congress, Prints and 
Photographs Division, Gottscho-Schleisner Collection:


FairchildCamera.jpg (63784 bytes)

FairchildCamera4.jpg (87087 bytes)

Vintage Fairchild aerial camera and magazine

fairchild_military2.jpg (53375 bytes)

fairchild_military.jpg (89773 bytes)

Vintage Fairchild military camera

UnderhillFarm.jpg (158359 bytes)

 Arthur S. Underhill farm in Syosset
from a 1958 Dime Savings Bank calendar
The artist is Tschamber.

UnderhillBarns.jpg (69113 bytes)

The barns in this c. '70s photo of the Powell Farm at the Old Bethpage Village Restoration
were originally on the Arthur S. Underhill farm in Syosset.
 (August Viemeister, An Architectural Journey through Long Island,
Kennikat Press Corp., Port Washington, N.Y./London, 1974)

syosset_theatre_ad_1956.jpg (66752 bytes)

The Syosset Theatre, OPENING SOON!
"Designed for 1980 rather than 1956"

syosset_theatre_agreement_1956.jpg (81938 bytes)

syosset_aid.jpg (78336 bytes)

The United Syosset Aid program received 
the opening day proceeds of the new Syosset Theatre.
Left, the agreement signing:
Standing, Edmund Roel (Joint Civic Council president), Ted Allen (Syosset Theatre),
John Schulz (Chamber of Commerce president), William Ferris (Rotary Club), Abby Katzman (Lions Club president), Michael Dane (Kiwanis) and John Martin (Island Federal Savings and Loan Association).
Seated, Honorable Cortland A. Johnson, Justice of the Supreme Court. 


Cineramasyosset.jpg (77594 bytes)

syossettheaterinsideb57.jpg (29940 bytes)

Syosset Cinerama
The Syosset Theatre opened Nov. 20, 1956; it re-opened June 26th 1959 as the first purposely built 70mm Cinerama theatre in America.  It had 1450 seats, an 18 m screen and Ashcraft Super Cinex arcs.  The theatre closed and was torn down in the early 90s. 
(photo on left courtesy of Roland Lataille;
photo on right courtesy of Tom Montalbano)

part1_syossetCinerama59.jpg (77771 bytes)

Announcing Syosset Cinerama, 1959
(image courtesy of Tom Montalbano)

cinemiracle.JPG (108450 bytes)

Poster advertising Windjammer, shown in Cinemiracle,  Syosset Theatre, c. 1959

syosset_cinerama_seven_wonders_1959.jpg (107348 bytes)

syosset_cinerama_seven_wonders_1960.jpg (64788 bytes)

Syosset Theatre presents
Seven Wonders of the World
Left, 1959; Right, 1960

part1_tickets.jpg (75212 bytes)

Tickets to Syosset Theatre August 14, 1960
Cinerama:  Windjammer

Cinerama-N.gif (93813 bytes)

Syosset Theatre presents
West Side Story, April 19, 1962

MadWorld1-N.jpg (8203 bytes)

Syosset Theatre presents
It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World,
October 22, 1963

syosset_cinerama_west_ad_1963.jpg (135119 bytes)

Syosset Theatre presents
How the West Was Won, 1963

funnygirl.jpg (37359 bytes)

Syosset Theatre presents Funny Girl, 1968
Die-cut folding promotional piece

Syosset_theater.jpg (98775 bytes)

Syosset Theatre, 1977
(photo courtesy of Joe Maggio)


syossettheatreoutside57.jpg (42027 bytes)

syossettheaterlobby57-sub.jpg (20628 bytes)

syossettheaterSnackBar57sub.jpg (35515 bytes)


syossettheaterprojection.jpg (34045 bytes)

syossettheater1957-wms1.jpg (19361 bytes)

syossettheater1957-wms2.jpg (19225 bytes)

The Syosset Theatre in 1957
Top center, the lobby; top right, snack bar;
Bottom right, the projection room; bottom center and right, the women's lounge
(images courtesy of Tom Montalbano)

syossettheatre80s.jpg (36364 bytes)

Syosset Theatre, c. '80s
(image courtesy of Tom Montalbano)


D-150 SyossetLINY.jpg (46389 bytes)

D-150TheaterInterior.jpg (31446 bytes)

Ticket with photo for the opening of the UA Cinema 150 on Jericho Turnpike c. 1969
It was recently demolished.
(images courtesy of Robert Weisgerber)


Across_from_Split_Rock_School.jpg (63137 bytes) ColdSpringRoad.jpg (43763 bytes)

Left, Split Rock Road (taken from Split Rock School), 1957
Right, Cold Spring Road, c. 1960 
(photo on right, courtesy of Diane Oley)

blizzard1961-N.jpg (76172 bytes)

Looking up Dawes Avenue from Jackson Avenue after the blizzard of 1960
The Mihaly house is on the left

(image courtesy of Charles Weidig)

part1_Syosset-February1961-1.jpg (15637 bytes)

part1_Syosset-February1961-2.jpg (31365 bytes)

part1_Syosset-February1961-3.jpg (25466 bytes)

After Blizzard of 2/3-4 1961
(images courtesy of Ed Moran)



part1_JacksonFacingSW1962InTown.jpg (251368 bytes)

Jackson Avenue facing southwest, c. 1962.
The Towne Diner is visible.
(image courtesy of Tony Maimone and Tom Montalbano)



part1_JacksonFacingNW1962InTown.jpg (255316 bytes)

Jackson Avenue facing northwest, c. 1962.
Pergament and Weintraub's are visible.

(image courtesy of Tony Maimone and Tom Montalbano)



part1_JacksonFacingSW1962atJericho.jpg (218596 bytes)

Jackson Avenue facing southwest, at Jericho Turnpike, c. 1962.
The Democratic Headquarters is visible, as is the Meadowbrook Bank.

(image courtesy of Tony Maimone and Tom Montalbano)




crest_manufacturing.jpg (49850 bytes)

crest_washers2.jpg (33275 bytes)

crest_washers1.jpg (58269 bytes)

Crest Manufacturing Co. on Underhill Boulevard, postcard postmarked 1965;
old faucet washer tin from Crest
 It became Crest/Good Mfg. Co. in 1963.

part1_sticker snow5.jpg (33007 bytes)

Georgia Drive, Winter of 1963
(courtesy of Randy Stricker)

Below, the Syosset Sweet Shop: 
(photos courtesy of Caren Haas Ballentine)


SyossetSweetShop.jpg (59280 bytes)

Syosset Sweet Shop at 18 Cold Spring Rd, 1963, owned by Carl and Clara Haas 


SyossetSweetShop-CarlHaas.jpg (31643 bytes)

SyossetSweetShop-RichardHaas.jpg (48986 bytes)

SyossetSweetShop-Cleary2.jpg (58033 bytes)

Behind the counter:  Left, Carl Haas; center, Richard Haas; Right, Tim Cleary


SyossetSweetShop-customers2.jpg (57245 bytes)

SyossetSweetShop-longview.jpg (64714 bytes)

SyossetSweetShop-Evelyn1.jpg (81962 bytes)

Left, full of customers; center, long view;
Right, Evelyn Stephenson (Clara's mom) ringing up candy sales 


SyossetSweetShop-Evelyn2.jpg (69389 bytes) SYOSSETSWEETSHOP-CLARAHAAS.JPG (56259 bytes)

Left, Evelyn Stephenson ringing up sales 
Right, Clara Haas waiting on tables


SyossetSweetShop-LoftCandyDisplay2.jpg (65881 bytes) SyossetSweetShop-MagazineRack.jpg (70099 bytes)

Left, Loft candy display 
Right, magazines!

SyossetSweetShopPainting-n.jpg (74202 bytes)

 Syosset Sweet Shop by Lauren Weidenman, SHS Class of '75, 1973
(image courtesy of Leslie Weidenman)

sethnpete-n.jpg (46965 bytes)

 The famous "Seth and Pete" graffiti written 
on the Ira Rd. wall of the shopping center on Jackson Ave.
Seth is the late Seth Bier; Pete is Pete Ziegler.
"SETH + PETE" was written in the early '60s;
"WHO ARE" and "ARE BURNT"  were added later. 
More on this in Syosset Stories.
(1997 image, just before erasure, courtesy of Tom Montalbano)

part1_pete_ziegler.jpg (159850 bytes)

Peter (Pete) Ziegler
at work in the Peak Sweet Shop, Jackson Avenue and ira Road
(photos courtesy of Audrey Schwartz) 

part1_god_loves_syosset.jpg (52469 bytes)


part1_syosset_woodbury_park.jpg (61822 bytes)


part1_syosset_woodbury_pool.jpg (60197 bytes)


part1_syosset_woodbury_pool2.jpg (41853 bytes)


part1_syosset_woodbury_pool2pg.jpg (64734 bytes)

Syosset-Woodbury Park c. 1965-1966
formerly the Tinker Estate
Above, flag posted during the opening ceremonies, June 13, 1965
Below right, Teresa Ferri Quinn
(images courtesy of Stephanie Ferri Green)

Tearing-Down-1-N.JPG (98358 bytes) TearingDown-2-N.JPG (109914 bytes)

Tearing down old stores to make way for new bank, early '70s


Bank-building-2-N.JPG (31145 bytes)

Bank-building-3-N.JPG (113428 bytes)

RedCarBankJackson2.jpg (87002 bytes)

Bank-building-4-N.JPG (93770 bytes) april76.jpg (30109 bytes)

Building the bank on Jackson Avenue

part1_SyossetIceStorm19780114-1.jpg (54240 bytes) part1_SyossetIceStorm19780114-4.jpg (63844 bytes)

Ice Storm, 1/14/78
(images courtesy of Ed Moran)

part1_19780122-3.jpg (83135 bytes) part1_SyossetNY19780207-2cropped2.jpg (45851 bytes)

Snow Storms, 1978
Left, after near-blizzard of 1/19-20
Right,  after Blizzard of  2/6-7
(images courtesy of Ed Moran)

part1_19820407.jpg (32221 bytes) part1_19820407-8cE2.jpg (34934 bytes)

After Blizzard of 4/6/1982
(images courtesy of Ed Moran)

part1_19830211-2.jpg (30694 bytes) part1_19830212-1.jpg (59406 bytes)

 Blizzard of 2/11-12/1983
Left, during
Right, after
(images courtesy of Ed Moran)


newbahnhofs.jpg (32058 bytes)

Left, Bahnhof' Delicatessen on Jackson Avenue, already closed, July 2000
This building once housed the Bank of Syosset.
Right, 1960 advertisement

part1_bahnhofdeli.jpg (108046 bytes)

Interior of Bahnhof in the early 60s
Carl, left, and Fred
(image courtesy of Ed Eschler)


part1_bahnhofRR.jpg (15845 bytes)

Sign from Bahnhof Deli; Bahnhof means "station" in German.
(image courtesy of Diane DeeDee Krueger Crammer)

Syossetdrug.JPG (189632 bytes)

Syosset Drug and Surgical, 38 Cold Spring Road (closed)

coldspring_rd_1984_stores.jpg (124358 bytes)

Stores along Cold Spring Road, 1984
from Newsday Magazine, May 6, 1984

PlainviewMotors-N.jpg (34576 bytes) plainviewford.jpg (59602 bytes)

The back of the postcard on the left reads:  "PLAINVIEW MOTORS, INC.
 So. Oyster Bay Rd. (next to L. I. Expressway intersection) SYOSSET, N.Y.
Right, inside Plainview Ford, 1965


part1_plainview_ford_holder.jpg (53026 bytes)

part1_plainview_ford_holder2.jpg (72637 bytes)

part1_plainview_ford_holder3.jpg (77183 bytes)

Plainview Ford Registration holder c. 50s, with ads

plainview_ford_ad_1960.jpg (137638 bytes)

Plainview Ford, 1960 advertisement

hospital- new.jpg (63962 bytes) Hospital.jpg (191496 bytes)

The caption of the Syosset Community Hospital postcard on the left reads:
 "A new modern medical facility for an expanding Long Island... Across the street from the famous Villa Victor Restaurant and Island Lodge Motel."
(image courtesy of Tom Montalbano)
Right, North Shore University Hospital at Syosset, formerly Syosset Community Hospital, on Jericho Turnpike

syossethospitalpins.jpg (70722 bytes)

 Syosset Hospital vintage volunteer service pins

first_aid_facts.jpg (74963 bytes)

First Aid Facts from Syosset Community Hospital
Pull inner slide until the black dot appears under "Ailment" to be treated and read its "Symptoms" and method of "Treatment" in windows below.
(image courtesy of Larry Chernow)

Library-N.JPG (252609 bytes)

Syosset Public Library on South Oyster Bay Road, opened in 1970 

cerro.jpg (23008 bytes)

The Cerro water tower, demolished September 2004
The Cerro Wire & Cable Co. on Robbins Lane produced electrical conduit and hot-rolled copper rods from the 1950s through 1986.

memorialgarden2003.jpg (205471 bytes)

KoreanwarMonument2003.JPG (110528 bytes)

VietnamWarMonument2003.JPG (127205 bytes)

Left, Syosset Memorial Garden 
(from the Residents For a More Beautiful Syosset website);
Center, Korean War Memorial; Right, Vietnam War Memorial

storesblizz03.jpg (282387 bytes)

Jackson Avenue during the "Blizzard of 2003" 
(photo by Tom Montalbano) 

MunsBBye-n.jpg (62508 bytes)

Mun's Laundry, Spring 2004
Longtime fixture on Ira Road
"Sadly for Rent"
(image courtesy of Tom Montalbano)

FamilyWachovia.jpg (56560 bytes)

2005:  This was the old Sunoco station on the corner of Jackson Ave. and Convent Rd.
It will soon be replaced by a branch of the Wachovia Bank.
(image courtesy of Tom Montalbano)

SyossetMarch142006C.jpg (56334 bytes)

 2006:  Construction of the Wachovia Bank branch begins
(image courtesy of Tom Montalbano)

MuttSign.jpg (96638 bytes)

Above:  The plan to renovate/replace the buildings shown immediately below (in 2005):
(image courtesy of Tom Montalbano)

Muttcorner2.jpg (87257 bytes)

Muttcorner3.jpg (110287 bytes)

Muttcorner1.jpg (90965 bytes)

Corner of Jackson Avenue and Muttontown Road
Center, sites of the Andrew Wencko Grocery (left, which looks intact in the plan) and the old Puccio's Barber Shop, later the Village Tavern;
Right, behind the corner building is the auto body shop which was once the Syosset Fire Department.
(image courtesy of Tom Montalbano)

part1_VillageTavernMar1952.jpg (33199 bytes)

March 1952 Advertisement for the Village Tavern
(image courtesy of Tom Montalbano)

part1_VillageTavern1953.jpg (49674 bytes)

1953 Advertisement for the Village Tavern
(image courtesy of Tom Montalbano)

SyossetMarch142006A.jpg (56458 bytes) SyossetMarch142006B.jpg (56285 bytes)

Corner of Jackson Avenue and Muttontown Road
Construction underway March 2006
(images courtesy of Tom Montalbano

SmokeShop-n.jpg (58971 bytes)

 2005:  The Smoke Shop that moved into the site of the 
old Weinstocks/Weintraubs "Everything Store."
(image courtesy of Tom Montalbano)

Lex2005.jpg (58001 bytes)

2005:  "Jim Balletta's Lex Realty is being remodeled to resemble an earlier time. 
 The brick work on top was uncovered recently, when workers started to remove
 the brown siding that had been up for years.  Presently, masons are matching the old brick with new.  It's looking good."  Tom Montalbano
(image courtesy of Tom Montalbano)


hill.jpg (71905 bytes)

hill2.jpg (32901 bytes)

hill3.jpg (56230 bytes)

The hill from Syosset Woodbury Road to Woodbury Road
(dangerous left turn onto Woodbury Road) being taken away in 2006
and a piece of the pavement
(images courtesy of Barbra Broidy)

part1_syosset_glass.jpg (99566 bytes)

 Syosset Glass Company, September 2008
This landmark building is at 60 Underhill Boulevard, near Tredwell Avenue, 
In 1914, it was a farmhouse owned by F. De Rosa; this stretch of Underhill Blvd. was High Street.

part1_possible_cemetery_site.jpg (137301 bytes)

 Corner of parking lot, Syosset Glass Company,September 2008
Is this the site of an old graveyard?
Are the graves shown below still here or were they moved?

part1_map_drawn_1926_1a.jpg (137816 bytes) part1_map_drawn_1926_2a.jpg (103142 bytes)

Florence C.  Wencko Kwiatkowski drew these maps of the area and the graves she saw in 1926.  "Two old grey tombstones visible from the footpath had American flags in front of them. The area was overgrown with grass and old apple trees and the time of year when I first saw it was August 1926. The flags were for 2 soldiers buried there before World War I.
(contributed by Florence Kwiatkowski Sendrowski)



part1_currentmap_glass.jpg (47035 bytes)

part1_map_nassau_county_parcel113.jpg (46608 bytes)

part1_map_nassau_county_parcel113-2.jpg (154927 bytes)

Left, current location of Syosset Glass; center, Nassau County Tax Assessor map showing likely location of graves at "113."; right, aerial view.
The map in the center shows Kings St., the street that never was.  Did the gravesite stop the contruction of Kings St.? And/or, it was said that Mr. Burden, Woodside Acres, didn't
want another street running thru next to his property line.
(left, contributed by Tom Montalbano; center and right, contributed by Florence Kwiatkowski Sendrowski)


LIESyosset.JPG (144067 bytes) LIESign 2.jpg (166034 bytes)

Exits for Route 135, Ralph J. Marino Expressway (formerly Seaford-Oyster Bay Expressway), on the Northern State Parkway (left) and the Long Island Expressway (right) 
(photos by Doug Kerr)

   Listen to Joseph Boslet speak about change; click here:  Changes

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