A Syosset Scrapbook 

 Part Three


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Listen to the late Joseph Boslet Jr., interviewed by Isabel Goldenkoff at the Syosset Public Library, as he reminisces about old Syosset.  We placed excerpts from this 1991 tape throughout Scrapbook.  You may have to disable your firewall temporarily in order to access the sound files.
Look for the signs.  If you live in Syosset, visit the library to borrow the entire tape and tapes featuring other longtime Syosset residents.  If you wish to listen to the tapes in the library, call the library first to see if they have a tape player; otherwise bring your own.


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Syosset Post Office

Syosset Fire Department

Syosset and World War II


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Post Office


PO_1920-n.jpg (119323 bytes)

The VanSise Store c. 1920
Looking south on what is now Berry Hill Road,
the Syosset post office was located there.
Charles Alfred VanSise, Proprietor, was the Syosset Postmaster 1892-1896, 1905-1927 and his daughter Elsie served as "postmistress."
 (image courtesy of Don Karas)

1846.jpg (41008 bytes)

 This stampless letter ("Paid 5") was postmarked in 1846 from Syosset.
  At that time, Oyster Bay used the name Syosset.
(image courtesy of Warren Mills)


part3_syosset3001.jpg (71458 bytes)

part3_syosset2001.jpg (76374 bytes)


part3_syosset1001.jpg (164730 bytes)

part3_1886syosset4001.jpg (78161 bytes)

Early mail, clockwise from top: 
to Mr. George Brewer of PA, sent in 1847, postmarked "Syosset" when Oyster Bay was named Syosset
to Mr. Henry Smith, Cedar Swamp, LI, c. 1860s
to P.E. Borland, NYC, c. 1870s
to Mrs. W.W. Taylor, Michigan, July 1886
(images courtesy of Frank Braithwaite)

part3_old1873.jpg (30285 bytes)




MissBurtis.jpg (48174 bytes)

ob_posted_burtis.jpg (41970 bytes)


Envelope-N.gif (66203 bytes)

Syosset_1908_postcard.jpg (65864 bytes)


to_boslets_1941.jpg (63218 bytes) MissNellieNowak2.JPG (102801 bytes)


MissNellieNowak.JPG (143453 bytes)

Small town mail, clockwise from top: 
 to Miss O. Burtis before the creation of Nassau County on Jan. 1, 1899;
from Helen Burtis, 1906; 
 to Miss Susan Cagwin, 1908;
Miss Nellie Nowak, 1938;
 Miss Nellie Nowak, 1939 (Penguin Pond);
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Boslet, 1941
Pam Boslet, 1949

postcard_to_pam_1950-1.jpg (93262 bytes) postcard_to_pam_1950-2.jpg (88580 bytes)

Postcard from Postmaster Boslet to his daughter Pamela, July 26, 1950,
apparently to test the new home delivery



RomainesLetter.jpg (78989 bytes) ottawa_to_syosset_july_4_1947.jpg (57927 bytes)



1954Letter.jpg (109293 bytes) SyossetPOfromMalmo.jpg (77317 bytes)

More small town mail:
Top left, to Mrs. Arline Romaine from Elise Rademacher in French-occupied Rhineland Pfalpz, Germany, c. 1947;
Top right, First Day Cover marking the Advent of Canadian Citizenship to Miss Barbara Sohies (?) from Ottawa, Canada, July 1947;
Bottom left, to Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hicks Seaman, 1954;
Bottom right, to "The Employers at Syosset Postoffice" from Malmö, Sweden, 1955

prt3_oldburtisnew.jpg (38587 bytes)

Very old letter to Miss Burtis, Syosset Vineyears, Queens County.

part3_jones1.jpg (136263 bytes) part3_jones2.jpg (108316 bytes)

Postcard marked September 1906 to Oliver Livingston Jones, Jr., Esquire

part3_graham_postcard1.jpg (109088 bytes) part3_graham_postcard1a.jpg (76966 bytes)

Postcard to John J. Graham, June 11, 1909, probably on birth of his daughter, Virginia

part3_graham_postcard2.jpg (111591 bytes) part3_graham_postcard2a.jpg (83742 bytes)

Postcard to three-year-old Virginia Graham, May 27, 1912, from Aunt Ida

part3_GordonPostcard2.jpg (40286 bytes) part3_GordonPostcard.jpg (46458 bytes)

Postcard from Gordon McAuliffe to his parents, June 9, 1938
The card was sent from Orient Point, LI to Syosset; Gordon reported that the trip (a distance of approximately 76 miles) took 2 hrs and 15 minutes.)
(images courtesy of Maureen McAuliffe Smith)

part3_schiess.jpg (92161 bytes) part3_schiess2.jpg (58761 bytes)

Letter to Beverly Schiess, postmarked August 14, 1940

Mildred_PO.jpg (72451 bytes)

In front of the Post Office, August 1939
 Postmaster James A. Devine, Mildred Knettel, Gordon McAuliffe
(image courtesy of Diane Oley)

Postmaster_FarleyEnvelope.JPG (102040 bytes)

Postmaster_FarleyLetter.jpg (66284 bytes)

Letter from James A. Farley, United States Postmaster General, to  
Robert E. Boslet, telling him that he approved him as Syosset Postmaster, March 8, 1940

PO-Nomination2.jpg (24204 bytes) PO-Nomination.jpg (38312 bytes)

Robert E. Boslet becomes Postmaster
Click on the thumbnails to enlarge;
for a more legible reading, click here:  Text of Articles

PMCertificate4.JPG (293831 bytes)

Official appointment of Robert Boslet as Postmaster, March 21, 1940
Click on the thumbnail to enlarge;
for a more legible reading, click here:  Text of Certificate

Po_old-n.jpg (97499 bytes)

1940s' era Syosset Post Office on Jackson Avenue;
left to right, new Postmaster Robert E. Boslet, Ruth Raplee, Gordon McAuliffe and Mildred Knettel
Notice the World's Fair poster on the right.

mildredknettel_postcard_rear-n.jpg (55933 bytes)

Back of postcard to Postmaster Boslet from 1st Assistant Mildred Knettel, 8/7/40
(Mr. Boslet, who had recently been appointed postmaster, was only 25 at the time and was no doubt delighted to be addressed as "The Honorable Postmaster."  
Mildred Knettel did not resign.)

precancels-n.jpg (34002 bytes)

Pre-cancelled stamps, c. 1940s
(image courtesy of Warren Mills)

Meninfrontof POandCoombs.JPG (62185 bytes)

In front of the Post Office during World War II
 Gordon McAuliffe (with hat) and two unidentified friends
Notice the Savings Bonds poster on the right.

PO-old-Bob-N.JPG (72903 bytes)

 Postmaster Robert E. Boslet

 Listen to Joseph Boslet speak of his brother; click here:  My brother, Bob

BobOnStreet-N.JPG (46758 bytes)

In front of the post office, c. 1940


poboxdoor.gif (115353 bytes)

Old Syosset PO box door

PO1943-n.jpg (54963 bytes)

Syosset Post Office, Christmas 1943
Top row:  Bernard Middendorf, Mildred Knettel, Robert E. Boslet
Front row:  Patricia Montgomery, Mary Wencko, Leone Knettel, Ruth Raplee
(photo courtesy of Mary Wencko Gaida)

BosletRecommendation.jpg (79610 bytes)

Letter of recommendation written by Postmaster Boslet for Mildred Knettel Vanstane,
February 2, 1946
(image courtesy of Diane Oley)


bosletbadge400.jpg (23453 bytes) PostmasterButton.jpg (51711 bytes)

POBadge2-N.jpg (20278 bytes)

Mr. Zip.jpg (24915 bytes)

Postmaster's badge, button, Post Office badge and Mr. Zip pin promoting the use of the newly-created ZIP Code (Zoning Improvement Plan), begun on July 1, 1963 


POTiePin2.jpg (81607 bytes)

PONecktieJewelry3.jpg (38646 bytes)

Postmasterpin.jpg (75343 bytes)

Bob Boslet's post office tie tack, tie bars, and National Association of Postmasters pin

POAirMail-N.JPG (84020 bytes)

Area postmasters in 1940s
Airmail stamps skyrocket to 5¢!

postoff.jpg (21470 bytes)

Syosset P.O. and the Sweet Shop
The post office moved to this new location farther east on Jackson Avenue in 1950 and home delivery of mail was begun.

sagamore_hill_first_day.jpg (120003 bytes)

First Day Cover commemorating the issuance of the
 commemorative postage stamp honoring Sagamore Hill
and signed by John A. McGarr, Oyster Bay postmaster 
September 14, 1953

POletterof1954.jpg (159714 bytes)

Copy of letter dated Dec. 3, 1954 to Postmaster Boslet from 
the National Archives and Records Services
answering his request for information regarding the Syosset Post Office
The letter lists all postmasters from 1855 to 1954.

po.JPG (103595 bytes)

Post Office personnel, 1955

Front row, l. to r., Rein Hakker, Thomas F. Carney, Robert C. Smith, William C. Walsh, Al Feinberg, Harold Cheser, Glenn R. Cook, Daniel J. Morgan.  Standing, George T. Manelski, Raymond G. Leighton, Stanley T. Jozwiak, John Doss, Edith Budd, Vladimir (Archie) Borodavchuk, Robert E. Boslet, Michael J. Turansky, Charles W. Ludlam, John J. Quinn

ReinHakker.jpg (148746 bytes)

 One of Syosset's faithful couriers,  c. 1960s 


PO-MrsBudd.jpg (77573 bytes) EdithBuddRetirement.jpg (57041 bytes)

Postmaster Robert Boslet and Clerk Edith Budd, 1955;
Right, Edith Budd on her retirement pictured with
Vladimir (Archie) Borodavchuk, Robert Boslet, Eddie Lagutski, ?, ?


PO-inside-N.JPG (75786 bytes)

PO-Eddie Lagutski.jpg (63285 bytes)

PO clerks.jpg (89483 bytes)

Hard at work in the P.O., c. 1960; Eddie Lagutski is in the center.

LI_Living_1960-B.jpg (83072 bytes)

Postmaster Boslet in Long Island Living, December 1, 1960, preparing for the Christmas rush
Entitled "It's Later Than You Think!", 
the caption informed us that "the Post Office is faced with the Herculean task of moving the 'mountains of mail.'"

POTruck-N.JPG (64927 bytes)

PO truck at Scott's.jpg (40045 bytes)

Behind the P.O., c. 1960

Near Scott's 5&10


syosset_po_wanted_poster_1.jpg (86666 bytes) syosset_po_wanted_poster_2.jpg (85085 bytes)

FBI Wanted poster from the post office, 1961


po3.jpg (12863 bytes) po2.jpg (12900 bytes)

New post office under construction in 1961

The post office at
40 Queens St. in 1964 


boyscouts_1961.jpg (75657 bytes) from_the _postal_record_1961.jpg (86130 bytes)

Flag-raising ceremony dedicating the new post office, Sept. 17, 1961
Left to right, Bruce Chasan, Postmaster Robert Boslet, Congressman  Steven B. Derounian, unidentified scout
Excerpt from The Postal Record, November 1961, written by Robert C. Smith

po_1961_dedication_1.jpg (60291 bytes)

Left to right, Vincent Campanello; James Balletta, chairman of the dedication committee; Postmaster Robert E. Boslet; Harold Cheser, president, and Robert C. Smith,
 secretary, of Branch 4503

PO Letter-2.jpg (75130 bytes) PO Letter-3.JPG (94730 bytes)

PO Letter-4.JPG (94860 bytes)
PO Letter-1A.JPG (54111 bytes)


po_letter_5_1963.jpg (61361 bytes) po_letter_6_1963.jpg (60599 bytes)

po_letter_7_1963.jpg (66924 bytes)
po_letter_8_1963.jpg (67380 bytes)

Letters to the Postmaster from 2nd grade students Joanne Dixon, Jane Rivkind, 
Albert Paciello, Alan Elgort, Mark Levitan, Alan Kuznick, Richard Kass and Michele Dagavarian
 Robbins Lane School, 1963

PO-First Day Cover.jpg (60794 bytes)

First Day Cover commemorating the inauguration
 of the US Postal Service, July 1, 1971

2dollar-n.jpg (76751 bytes)

Bicentennial commemorative two dollar Federal Reserve Note
from Syosset Post Office, stamped April 13, 1976
(image courtesy of Warren Mills)

po_boslet_retirement_1977.jpg (49254 bytes)

Bob Boslet retires from the U. S. Postal Service, August 20, 1977

SyossetPO2004.jpg (60444 bytes)

Inside the Syosset Post Office, 2004
Left, Russell Engel
Right, Fred Reuther
(image courtesy of David Abbey)

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Fire Department



Oldfireheadquarters.jpg (81282 bytes)

The original Syosset Fire Headquarters on 35 Muttontown Road, built in 1916
"This is our big fire house.  It's so old it's a wonder the floor doesn't cave in with the trucks."  Mildred Knettel Vanstane to her husband, Forrest Vanstane, during World War II.
(postcard courtesy of Diane Vanstane Oley)


part3_fh_just_built.jpg (85256 bytes)

The Fire House just built
(image courtesy of Don Karas)

OldFireTruck3.JPG (76072 bytes)

Postcard of 1931 Ford Model AA Firetruck of Syosset Fire Co. No. 1
 published by the Long Island Auto Museum

part3_albert_budd.jpg (60637 bytes)

Albert Frankland  Budd
former fire chief and first chairman of the board of commissioners
(image courtesy of the Syosset Fire District))

Knettel_FD-n.jpg (59059 bytes)

William Knettel, volunteer firefighter, June 1934
(image courtesy of Diane Oley)

part3_cement_fd.jpg (35996 bytes) part3_stanley_kwiatkowski_1953.jpg (18654 bytes)

Stanley "Cement" Kwiatkowski, firefighter c. 1960 and c. 1943
(images courtesy of Florence Kwiatkowski Sendrowski)

Stanley "Cement" Kwiatkowski's pins and badges
Bottom row:  V.B.&E. ASSN. Syosset 
                         CD  Nassau County Civil Defense
                         American Red Cross Pro Patria Blood Donor
                         E - back reads Army Navy Production Award - sterling
(image courtesy of Florence Kwiatkowski Sendrowski)

part3_fire_chief_riccoboni.jpg (95297 bytes)

Dominic Riccoboni sworn in as Chief
(image courtesy of Judy Prianti)

part3_mootsie_now.jpg (16458 bytes)

Jim "Mootsie" Thomas
He registered 60 years as an active volunteer in 2008.

part3_Mootsie1955.jpg (48403 bytes)

Jim "Mootsie" Thomas
with Jennifer Harucki and Jane Puccio, c. 1955
(image courtesy of Florence Kwiatkowski Sendrowski)

part3_ex_capt.jpg (30725 bytes)


FdCapt.jpg (16252 bytes) SyossetFireDept.JPG (54718 bytes)


firedeptbadge3.jpg (63202 bytes)

firedeptbadge2.jpg (29333 bytes)

SyossetFDBadge3.jpg (62350 bytes)

Fire Department badges
(image at top right, courtesy of Don Karas)


GreenwayBadge.jpg (147670 bytes)

GreenwayFDPatch.JPG (124680 bytes)

GreenwayBadge2.JPG (87220 bytes)

These badges and patch belonged to Reginald J. Greenway. 
(images courtesy of Lois Ann Greenway Helser)

syossettfiredist_sign.jpg (74108 bytes)

Syosset Fire District sign, 1941


RollofHonor2-N.JPG (55525 bytes)


Leone_Auxiliary.jpg (55832 bytes)

 Members of the Syosset Fire Department Ladies Auxiliary, early 40s
Right, Leone Knettel Taylor
(photo on right, courtesy of Diane Oley)

FD_Ladies_1951-n.jpg (112902 bytes)

Syosset Fire Department Ladies Auxiliary, 1951
From left to right are (front row) unidentified, unidentified, Jenny Jozwiak Smith, unidentified, Ida Pompa, Josephine Kucinski, Florence Marsola, Frances Hendrickson,  Adele Greenway, Rose Golbin, and Ann Rynsky.   From left to right are (second row) Winifred Boslet, Nellie Solnick, Josephine Miron, unidentified, Wilma Jozwiak, Ida Poole, unidentified, Margie Katowski, Marion Miron, Mary Wencko and Joan Puccio. From left to right are (back row) unidentified, ? Nalback, Bridie Murphy, Irene Arominski,  and ? Van Velsor. 
(photo courtesy of the Wencko family)

FD-LadiesAux-n.jpg (83129 bytes)

 Ladies Auxiliary badge

FD-ChiefMarzola_McInnes.jpg (98178 bytes)

Chief Henry Marzola receiving keys to new truck from Commissioner James McInnes, 1962
(image courtesy of Patrick Judge)

FD-Fallen Members.jpg (65179 bytes)

This is part of the Fallen Members Memorial inside the Syosset Fire Headquarters on Cold Spring Road.  Members’ uniforms, hats, citations, and other memorabilia are displayed.  Chief Richard Serla and Fireman Robert Middendorf  both lost their lives to heart attacks after battling fires.  Fire Police Jim Jimenez perished in an automobile accident on his way to his post at Jackson Avenue and Jericho Turnpike where he directed cars to allow the fire trucks through.

(photo by Patrick Judge)


FD-CaptJudge_FiremanJozwiak.jpg (118439 bytes)


fd_truck.jpg (71184 bytes)

Left, Captain William Judge and Fireman Eddie Jozwiak, c. 1965
(image courtesy of Patrick Judge);
Right, side view of truck


FD-SFDHQ-65.jpg (126810 bytes)

FD-STA2-65.jpg (55466 bytes)

FD-STA301-65.jpg (212172 bytes)

Left, Fire Department Headquarters on Cold Spring Road;
center, Station 2 on Woodbury Road;
Right, Station 3 on South Oyster Bay Road
(images courtesy of Patrick Judge)

FD-Fire_ColumCorr1965_3.jpg (93433 bytes) FD-Fire_ColumCorr1965_1.jpg (87074 bytes)



FD-Fire_ColumCorr1965_2.jpg (43970 bytes) FD-Fire_ColumCorr1965_4.jpg (101729 bytes)
FD-Fire_ColumCorr1965_5.jpg (91325 bytes)

FD-Fire_ColumCorr1965_6.jpg (61581 bytes)

FD-Fire_ColumCorr1965_7.jpg (46683 bytes)

Columbia Corrugated Container Corporation Fire, 1965
From Newsday:  "Four days later water is still being poured on this Syosset fire
 which has been raging since Sunday.  It is estimated that firemen may have to
 stay on the job for another two days to completely put it out...  Most of Syosset's
 140 vamps have been at the scene round-the-clock;  some have not been home in days..."
(images courtesy of Patrick Judge)

FD-SynFire.jpg (59027 bytes)

Fireman Otto Schneck and Benjamin Bimstein carry Torah
  out of the burning East Nassau Jewish Center, South Oyster Bay Road, March 17, 1965
(image courtesy of Patrick Judge)

rynsky copy.gif (20526 bytes)

Fire engine jump seat safety bar;
reproduction of the original filed patent artwork
 Inventor:  William Rynsky, Woodbury Rd., Syosset 
Patent applied 11/9/1973


SVFD_booklet_1974_front.jpg (64094 bytes)

SVFD_booklet_1974_back.jpg (60482 bytes)

SVFD_booklet_1974_inside.jpg (63776 bytes)


SVFD_booklet_1974_inside2.jpg (90518 bytes)

SVFD_booklet_1974_inside3.jpg (44662 bytes)

SVFD_booklet_1974_inside4.jpg (34259 bytes)

Images from a Syosset Volunteer Fire Department booklet, 1974

FD-PatJudge_woodburycommons.jpg (86729 bytes)

Fireman Patrick Judge at Woodbury Commons Fire, 1977
(image courtesy of Patrick Judge)

FD-C-TownFire_c.1980.jpg (118194 bytes)

Fire destroys C-Town supermarket, Cold Spring Road, c. 1980
(image courtesy of Patrick Judge)


sfd-1947_1.jpg (47605 bytes) sfd-1947_2.jpg (60921 bytes)

Syosset Fire Department in Nassau County Firemen's Association parade, Mineola, June, 14th, 1947.  Photos by
George A. Roussey, 1160 Bedford Ave. Brooklyn, 16, N.Y.  Phone: ST 3-8467.
(images courtesy of Mary Wencko Gaida)

sfd-1947_3.jpg (47109 bytes) sfd-1947_4.jpg (68592 bytes)

The Syosset Tournament Team, The Night Raiders, June 15, 1947 in Mineola
 "I think the dark haired man on the back of the speed wagon is Muzzy Mazola.  Pity the two men who crash landed.  It appears there is 
help from a medical team on the other side of the eight foot barbed wire 
topped fence." 
Florence Kwiatkowski Sendrowski
 (images courtesy of Mary Wencko Gaida)

FDTournament5-N.JPG (95075 bytes) FDTournament6-N.JPG (102996 bytes)


FDTournament7-N.JPG (99924 bytes) FDTournament8-N.JPG (83115 bytes)

Local fire departments in the Hicksville Labor Day Tournament, c. 1956
Top, C-Ladder runs:  left, East Meadow; Right, Massapequa
Bottom left, the Oyster Bay Rough Riders are about to dig.

Syosset did not run motorized ladders until c. 1974.
(Source of information:  Digger74's Fire Department Racing Forum)


FDTournament2-N.JPG (73294 bytes)

FDTournament3-N.JPG (77220 bytes)

FDTournament4-N.JPG (82501 bytes)

The Syosset Night Raiders in a Hempstead July 4th Tournament
Jim "Mootsie" Thomas is "running nozzle in C-Hose."
(Source of information:  Digger74's Fire Department Racing Forum)



part3_SVFDNIGHTRAIDERS.jpg (73439 bytes)

Circa 1958 Hicksville Tournament 
Right to left: Muzzy Marzola - driver, Frankie Steele
James Mootsie Thomas w/nozzle in hand
Stan Cement Kwiatkowski
 (courtesy of Florence Kwiatkowski Sendrowski)


FD-NightraidersCentral_Islip1973.jpg (72232 bytes)

The Syosset Night Raiders in Central Islip, 1973
(photo by Patrick Judge)

FD_NightRaiders_WarminsterPA.jpg (62699 bytes)

The Syosset Night Raiders in Warminster, Pa, September 1973
First row:  George Johnson, Kevin Conlan, Dick English, Henry "Muzzy" Marzola
Second Row:  Jim "Mootsie" Thomas, Patrick Judge, Walter Youngs, Mike Rossetti, Tom Demarco
Top:  Joe Langa, Curt Wallen, Billy Dembinski, Jim Bremen
(photo by William Judge)

FD-BucketTeam_Hempstead1974_1.jpg (84098 bytes) FD-BucketTeam_Hempstead1974_2.jpg (53951 bytes)


FD-BucketTeam_Hempstead1974_3.jpg (70289 bytes) FD-BucketTeam_Hempstead1974_4.jpg (53322 bytes)

The Syosset Night Raiders bucket team in Hempstead, 1974
(photos by Jeanne Langion Judge)


FD-BHose_1974_Hicksville.jpg (63185 bytes) FD_C Hose74_Hicksville.jpg (61402 bytes)

The Syosset Night Raiders in Hicksville, 1974
left, "B" hose; right, "C" hose
(photos by Patrick Judge)


FD-B ladder_Hicksville1975.jpg (103956 bytes)

The Syosset Night Raiders in Hicksville, 1975
"B" ladder run
(photo by Patrick Judge)

FD-NightRaiders_Hicksville_1984.jpg (104802 bytes)

The Syosset Night Raiders in Hicksville, 1984
Front Row, sitting: Bill Hoagland, Dale Caines, George Wulforst, Guy
Wallen (hidden), Richard "Butch Serla, Bob O'Brien, Paul "Pucky" Yura Jr., Joe "Friday" Hendrickson, Jim "Mootsie" Thomas.
Back Row: Chris Young, Paul Ackerman, Bruce Stewart, Greg Kanetis
(behind the wheel), Dan Percell, Al Smeitey, Dave Cornell, Steve Morris.
(photo by Patrick Judge)


Syossetfirehelmet5.gif (52612 bytes)

fd_helmet_new.jpg (73992 bytes)

Firehat.jpg (92670 bytes)

Left and center, vintage helmets;
 Right, 1st Assistant Chief dress hat 


part3_fire_hat.jpg (102455 bytes)

Vintage hat 


SyossetFDBadge.jpg (56165 bytes)

FDEagle.jpg (95651 bytes)

SyossetFDAuxPatch.jpg (41969 bytes)


SyossetFDEnginePatch.JPG (80431 bytes)

SyossetFDTaz.jpg (80763 bytes)

SyossetRescue2.jpg (60104 bytes)

Fire Department patches

fdjacket-n.jpg (50474 bytes)

Vintage jacket

FD-Patch_on_truck.jpg (54451 bytes)

Hook and Ladder patch on side of company truck
(photo by Patrick Judge)

FDShield.JPG (161919 bytes)

Syosset Fire Department shield 
(image from the Web site of Precision Art, LTD)

part3_floodlight.jpg (49137 bytes)

Floodlight truck


FD-Engine5816.jpg (77876 bytes) FD-Engine581_artwork.jpg (63271 bytes)

Engine 5816 at Syosset FD Headquarters; artwork on side of vehicle
(photos by Patrick Judge)

FD-Heavyrescue_kingkullen.jpg (103618 bytes)

 Heavy Rescue 585 in Syosset King Kullen parking lot, 1988
(photo by Patrick Judge)

FDPlate.jpg (104613 bytes)

Syosset fire truck identity plate

   Listen to Joseph Boslet extol our volunteers; click here:  Volunteer Fire Department

FireStation-N.jpg (94008 bytes)

Fire station, 2000
(photo by Michael Mark)

    Listen to Joseph Boslet explain how he joined the Syosset FD; click here:
  How I joined

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Syosset and World War II


CivilDefensePin.jpg (52177 bytes)

civildefensebobN.jpg (13226 bytes)

REF-Bob.jpg (18796 bytes)

Bob Boslet's Civil Defense pin; Boslet scanning the Syosset sky for enemy planes; Boslet's plane spotter ID badge



Soldier on Jackson.jpg (95299 bytes) Sodier On Train.jpg (28913 bytes)

Left, a Syosset soldier and friends on Jackson Avenue; the man on left is Burleigh Horan; Gordon McAuliffe is in center and Dan Pepe is on right.
Right, Dan off to war

part3_pepe2.jpg (41307 bytes)

Dan Pepe's grandson Chris Pepe holding John Delin's book, Syosset People and Places, with the picture of Dan Pepe, his grandfather. 
(image courtesy of Elinore Brown)

part3_chris_pepe.jpg (70174 bytes)

Chris holding Tom Montalbano's book, Syosset, with a picture of Patsy Pepe, his granduncle. Patsy was killed in WWII
(image courtesy of Elinore Brown)

part3_WWIIdraftees.jpg (44295 bytes)

World War II Draftees
Syosset men:  Joseph Hoda, lower left
Henry Curran, middle
Pete Hoda, 2nd middle
(image courtesy of Mary Wencko Gaida)

EnsignGay1.jpg (46580 bytes)

Ensign George Gay, World War II hero and later a Syosset resident,
at Pearl Harbor Naval Hospital
The headline reads:  "Japanese at Midway SMASHED."
On 4 June 1942, during the Battle of Midway, his squadron was wiped out. 
 Gay was the only survivor of the thirty pilots and radiomen in that attack.  
After his death in 1994, Ensign Gay's ashes were scattered, per his will, off Midway.
Ensign Gay was portrayed by Kevin Dobson in the 1979 motion picture hit, Midway.
(image from the Navy Historical Center)

part3_georgegay.jpg (40292 bytes)

Ensign George Gay

part3_anker.jpg (46640 bytes)

Charles Anker
Chief Motor Machinist's Mate
Born September 17, 1917
Decorations: Navy and Marine Corps Medal, Purple Heart.
On Submarine USS Lagarto, sunk by depth charge attack on May 4, 1945,
off Malay coast near the Gulf of Siam.
The submarine was found in 2005 in the Gulf of Thailand.
(From the web site On Eternal Patrol

part3_WWIIJosephPuccio.jpg (69892 bytes)

Joseph A. Puccio, BSN. M. 2/c, was cited for halting destruction of his ship, May 21, 1944.
(image courtesy of Mary Wencko Gaida)

part3_WWIIJosephMiron.jpg (75364 bytes)

Staff Sergeant Joseph M. Miron, 1945
First Newsday carrier boy in Syosset, war hero at 20.
(image courtesy of Mary Wencko Gaida)

Albert and LeRoy.jpg (68499 bytes)

Brothers Le Roy and A. H. Budd meeting in the Marshall Islands
while serving in the Pacific campaign 
(image courtesy of Virginia Budd Vail Hofstad


ArchieBordovchuk.jpg (26523 bytes) WinslowSobering.jpg (32709 bytes)

Left, Vladimir (Archie) Borodavchuk
Right, Winslow "Toots" Sobering, in Africa March 1943
(images courtesy of Diane Oley)


Charlie Garvey.jpg (31163 bytes) unknown soldier.jpg (23400 bytes)

Left, Charlie Garvey, 3/27/44
Right, Oswald "Ozzie" Andreasson, 6/4/44

JamesMcAuliffeWorldWarII.jpg (24229 bytes) DeptNavy.jpg (87632 bytes)

Master Sergeant James McAuliffe in '40s;
1965 letter from Gen. Wallace M. Green, Commandant of the Marine Corps, to Wilhelmina McAuliffe
expressing regret at her son James' death
(images courtesy of Maureen McAuliffe Smith)


part3_GeorgeGaida.jpg (48114 bytes)

George Gaida
41 Muttontown Road, next to old firehouse.
Born:  12/20/1918
DOD: 7/11/1953
Enlisted:  4/28/1941
Served to: 12/5/1945
(image courtesy of Florence Kwiatkowski Sendrowski)

part3_ray_boslet1.jpg (22184 bytes)

Raymond Boslet, c. 1941

rayboslet_letter__to_mother.jpg (155077 bytes)

Letter from Raymond Boslet to his mother, Winifred, December 15, 1941
Ray was stationed at Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941; his family in Syosset did not know for several days if he survived.
Note that the censor removed part of the Hawaiian scene.

Boslet1941Letter.JPG (165988 bytes)

Boslet1942Letter.JPG (133516 bytes)

Boslet1945Letter.JPG (170966 bytes)

etters from servicemen to Postmaster Boslet from Hawaii, 1941 and 1942 
(his brother, Raymond) and Will Rogers Field, Oklahoma, 1945 (his friend, Herman Bernstein)



   Below (6)
Vintage newspaper articles mentioning Syosset members of the armed forces:


part3_boslet.jpg (62867 bytes)

Ray Boslet

part3_kozak.jpg (86096 bytes)

part3_wright.jpg (37224 bytes)

part3_wright_np1.jpg (78451 bytes)

part3_wrightnp2.jpg (82809 bytes)

Harry D. Wright, War Hero

part3_more_misc.jpg (70185 bytes)

Charles Garvey, Mildred Greenway, Amy Poole

part3_v_mail_envelope.jpg (107552 bytes)

V-Mail (Victory Mail) letter sheet
[V-Mail)]...was based on the British "Airgraph", and was a system for delivering mail from United States troops to home addresses during World War II.  V-mail correspondence worked by photographing large amounts of censored mail reduced to thumb-nail size onto reels of microfilm, which weighed much less than the original would have.  The film reels were shipped to the US, sent to prescribed destinations for developing at a receiving station near the recipient, and printed out on lightweight photo paper.  These facsimiles of the letter-sheets were reproduced about one-quarter the original size and the miniature mail was delivered to the addressee.  V-mail was composed of a letter that folded into its own envelope. The user would write the message in the prescribed space, fold the letter/envelope form, address it, affix postage and then the mail was on its way. —From Wikipedia

part3_emma_wicks_v_mail.jpg (48935 bytes) part3_emma_wicks_v_mail2.jpg (47517 bytes)


part3_mabel_greenidge_v_mail..jpg (52969 bytes) part3_mabel_greenidge_v_mail2..jpg (48522 bytes)


part3_may_wicks_v_mai3.jpg (36312 bytes) part3_may_wicks_v_mail4.jpg (230188 bytes)


part3_may_wicks_v_mail.jpg (42303 bytes) part3_may_wicks_v_mail2.jpg (227632 bytes)

V-mail 1943-44
All from Stuart V. Hamilton, U.S.N, U.S.S Indiana
Top row:  to his cousin Emma Weeks
Third row:  to his cousin Mabel Greenidge
Second row:  to his aunt May Wicks
Bottom:  to his aunt May Wicks


krebs.jpg (72930 bytes)

April 1944.
During WWII, the Krebs & Schultz building was
leased by the Raymond E. Faust Corporation.  REF apparently sub-contracted sheet metal work for Republic Aviation.
Note the airplane above the door and the sign "REF."
Raymond and his brother were former employees of Republic Aircraft who started the Faust school on Oak Lane
 in Jericho and were training assembly line workers for several top defense manufacturers, including Republic. 
(Thanks to Tom Montalbano for this new information.)

part3_ref.jpg (52858 bytes)

Wartime ad for the REF Aircraft Corporation

SyossetSnowScene.JPG (66930 bytes)

Winter during the war
The REF building (Krebs and Schulz) is in the background

SyossetGrumman1942-N.jpg (104385 bytes)

 Employees of the Upholstery Dept., Grumman Plant 12,
Syosset, Christmas 1942
(photo donated by Barry Stark)

grumman72r.JPG (72335 bytes) grummanSy150.JPG (42306 bytes)

Cover of Grumman's 1943 desk calendar

Inside the Syosset Grumman Plant, 1943

Junction-Old-N.jpg (91149 bytes) junctionew.jpg (27563 bytes)

WWII defense drive

July 2000

Junction of Jackson Avenue and Cold Spring Road
(photo on right by Michael Mark)

part3_fuelstamps.jpg (94968 bytes)

Stanley Kwiatkowski's fuel oil ration coupons, 1943
(image courtesy of Florence Kwiatkowski Sendrowski)

part3_ration_knox.jpg (60078 bytes)

part3_ration_arthur_greenidge.jpg (76197 bytes) part3_ration_mabel_greenidge.jpg (72084 bytes)


part3_ration_may_wicks.jpg (94684 bytes) part3_ration_emma_wicks.jpg (78533 bytes)

Ration book covers
Top, Arthur and Mabel Wicks Greenidge 
Bottom, May Wicks and Emma Wicks
May Wicks' daughters, Emma (1902-1983) and Mabel (1905-2008)
taught at Syosset Union Free School #12, c. 1920s-40s

RationBook1-N.jpg (34111 bytes)

RationBook2-N.jpg (46964 bytes)

Cover of Pam Boslet's ration book 

Ration stamps and red points

SS-Syosset2.jpg (179562 bytes)

The SS Syosset, a tanker built for the Socony Oil Company
Manned by
US Naval Armed Guards and Merchant Marines at the
 time of the Japanese surrender, it was active from 1945 to 1971. 
 It arrived at Castellon, Spain in Nov. 1971 for demolition. 
(William F. Hultgren, Military Historian)

July1936.jpg (104471 bytes)

July 1936 beside Summers' Field
The young man on the left, Clemes Zglieseky
 (pictured with Sammy Puccio, Sally Anne Lynch and her father, Dan), went down on the USS Juneau with the five Sullivan brothers in 1942.
(photo courtesy of Sally Anne Lynch)

part3_WWIIDeceased.jpg (64358 bytes)

Plaque from memorial in Syosset Memorial Park honoring World War II deceased
(image courtesy of Tom Montalbano)


RollOfHonor1-N.JPG (99663 bytes)

RollofHonor3-N.JPG (111356 bytes)

HonorRoll-N.jpg (116443 bytes)

Syosset Roll of Honor, WWII
"Our boys serving our flag on land, sea, and in the air."
Note "Roosevelt, F.D. Jr." in right photo.
(image on right, courtesy of Diane Oley)

Nellie_Robin_HonorRoll.JPG (49363 bytes)

Nellie Nowak Boslet and Robin, Oct. 24, 1943

part3_honorroll.jpg (98157 bytes)

Honor Roll postcard, 1940s
"This is our Honor Roll that is down near the Rail Road station.  I noticed tonight that there were 241 names on it.  So far I think there are about 8 gold stars.  This picture isn't so good because you can't see all the bushes & flowers behind the fence." 
Mildred Knettel Vanstane to her husband, Forrest Vanstane, during World War II.
(postcard courtesy of Diane Vanstane Oley)

Welcome3-N.JPG (72426 bytes)

Hanging the Welcome Home banner;
WWII vet Donald Boslet is on the left.

welcome1.jpg (27386 bytes) welcome.JPG (27809 bytes)

Welcoming home Syosset's World War II veterans
Nobody did it for them, so they did it themselves.

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