A Syosset Scrapbook 

 Part Four


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Listen to the late Joseph Boslet Jr., interviewed by Isabel Goldenkoff at the Syosset Public Library, as he reminisces about old Syosset.  We  placed excerpts from this 1991 tape throughout Scrapbook.  You may have to  disable your firewall temporarily in order to access the sound files.
Look for the signs.  If you live in Syosset, visit the library to borrow the entire tape and tapes featuring other longtime Syosset residents.  If you wish to listen to the tapes in the library, call the library first to see if they have a tape player; otherwise bring your own.


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Local Restaurants and Bars

Boslet's Restaurant


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Local Restaurants and Bars

VanSiseTavern-N.jpg (98831 bytes)

Liquor license application in 1860 by tavern owner Cornelius Van Sise 
"To sell Strong and Spiritous Liquors and Wines"

langon1.JPG (54089 bytes)

langon2.JPG (50232 bytes)

langon3.JPG (41180 bytes)

Matchbook cover from Langon's Restaurant on Jericho Turnpike, c. 1930;
Langon's later became Romaine's

Romaines-N.jpg (139667 bytes)

Romaine's Bonnie Brook Lodge, Jericho Turnpike, 1946

part4_oaks1.jpg (33291 bytes)

part4_oaks2.jpg (33393 bytes)

Matchbook cover from the Oaks Restaurant, Jericho Turnpike

part4_peacock_n_2.jpg (49686 bytes)

part4_peacock_n_1.jpg (49756 bytes)

Matchbook cover from the Peacock Restaurant, Jericho Turnpike

peacock_,manor.jpg (41353 bytes)

peacock_,manor2.jpg (41150 bytes)

Matchbook cover from the Peacock Manor, Jericho Turnpike

syossetmanor.jpg (130322 bytes)

Interior of the Syosset Manor, 347 Jericho Turnpike, c. 1950

(image courtesy of Warren Mills)

lamp_post_ad_1955.jpg (30097 bytes)

Jimmy Eaton's Lamp Post, 347 Jericho Turnpike, advertisement, 1955

eatons2.jpg (31280 bytes)

eatons3.jpg (31729 bytes)

Matchbook cover from Jimmy Eaton's Lamp Post

grasshut.jpg (18981 bytes)

grasshut2.jpg (18945 bytes)

Matchbook cover from The Grass Hut, 347 Jericho Turnpike

part4_dowds1.jpg (105052 bytes)

part4_dowds2.jpg (126461 bytes)

Matchbook cover advertising Manero's Al Dowd's, 347 Jericho Turnpike


part4_jewel.jpg (73353 bytes)

part4_jewel2.jpg (178799 bytes)

part4_jewel3.jpg (204704 bytes)

Next at 347 Jericho Turnpike was the Jewel of India, demolished in June 2012.
(images center and right courtesy of brian Fitterman)

woodbury_rest-n.jpg (62794 bytes)

The Woodbury Restaurant
Jericho Turnpike at South Woods Road, northeast corner, c. mid-1930s
(photo postcard image courtesy of Mary Wencko Gaida)

part4_WoodburyResturant1955.jpg (176647 bytes)

The Woodbury Restaurant January 8, 1955
Owned by the Petersons. Ann was
the assistant manager at Bank of Syosset.
(image courtesy of Florence Kwaitkowski Sendrowski)



part4_shamrock.jpg (25587 bytes)

T-shirt from The Shamrock Pub

SyossetStockholm2.jpg (23808 bytes)

SyossetStockholm3.jpg (23003 bytes)

SyossetStockholm.jpg (31081 bytes)

 The famous Stockholm Restaurant in Manhattan had a "Country Place" in Syosset, c. '40s, 
at South Woods Road and Jericho Turnpike
It burned down c. late 40s.


part4_stockholm_veryold1.jpg (57122 bytes)

part4_stockholm_veryold2.jpg (43906 bytes)

          Early matchbook cover from the Stockholm Restaurant

part4_stockholm_napkin.gif (170827 bytes)

Napkin from the Stockholm Restaurant

northlights-n.jpg (32716 bytes)

northlights2-n.jpg (32429 bytes)

northlights3-n.jpg (20754 bytes)

Matchbook cover from the Northern Lights, Jericho Turnpike, c. '40s


pierres-n.jpg (56606 bytes)

PierresBack.jpg (63254 bytes)

Pierre's Restaurant, c. 1940; formerly Restaurant Cordon Rouge and later the Viennese Coach, Jericho Turnpike

Pierresmatch1.JPG (47011 bytes)

Pierresmatch2.JPG (47239 bytes)

Pierresmatch3.JPG (28893 bytes)

Matchbook cover from Pierre's


part4_Syossetitems12212010010.jpg (93291 bytes)

part4_coach_glass.jpg (81723 bytes)

Viennese Coach, Jericho Turnpike; Russ Lindstrum's business card and glass from the restaurant
(image on left, courtesy of Larry Chernow)



VienneseCoach-N.jpg (174718 bytes)

VienneseCoach1.jpg (15746 bytes)

Viennese Coach, Jericho Turnpike; cover of menu, c. 1960s

part4_VIENNESECOACH_verynew.jpg (975308 bytes)

   Matchbook from Viennese Coach
(courtesy of Florence Kwiatkowski Sendrowski)


part4_Syossetitems12212010004.jpg (100455 bytes)

part4_Syossetitems12212010009.jpg (126126 bytes)

part4_Syossetitems12212010003.jpg (170609 bytes)

   Menu from Viennese Coach
(courtesy of Larry Chernow)


part4_vcoach1.jpg (53800 bytes)

part4_vcoach2.jpg (48923 bytes)

part4_vcoach3.jpg (32631 bytes)


Eberhardts-1.jpg (40615 bytes) Eberhardts-2.jpg (41892 bytes) Viennesecoachmatch3.JPG (35883 bytes) Coachmatchbook3.jpg (26470 bytes) Viennesecoachmatch2.JPG (48748 bytes) Viennesecoachmatch1.JPG (48864 bytes)

Matchbooks  from Viennese Coach

VillaVictor.jpg (115260 bytes)


VillaVictor2.jpg (93588 bytes)


VillaInterior-Old.jpg (163518 bytes)


VillaVictorInterior.jpg (229261 bytes)

Villa Victor, Frank Zani's French restaurant, Jericho Turnpike
"Flagstone Bar and Cocktail Lounge.  Summer or Winter, Leisure Dining is yours."


villa_aerial_1.jpg (33091 bytes)

villa_aerial_2.jpg (45310 bytes)

          Aerial views of Villa Victor, c. 1940s



part4_villa_new_match.jpg (104279 bytes)


girlvillavictor-N.jpg (21706 bytes)

girlvillavictor2-N.jpg (25213 bytes)


Villavictormatch2.JPG (26796 bytes)

Villavictormatch1.JPG (27068 bytes)

Villavictormatch3.JPG (50461 bytes)

Matchbook covers from Villa Victor

NorthRitzPond.jpg (70609 bytes)

The pond at the North Ritz Club today, formerly Villa Victor


IslandLodge.JPG (122642 bytes)

IslandLodgeAd.JPG (183571 bytes)

IslandLodgeMap.JPG (176394 bytes)


IslandLodgeRest.JPG (215944 bytes)

IslandLodgewithPool.JPG (182789 bytes)

IslandLodgeRoom.JPG (201993 bytes)

Brochure from the Island Lodge Motel adjoining the Villa Victor
The advertisement says "contains one of the most beautiful swimming pools on Long Island" (!)
and "as you relax on your private patio, there are no cars in sight, no busy highway..."
(just a brick wall...)


IslandLodgeBusiness.jpg (93948 bytes)


Villawine.jpg (63440 bytes)

Business cards:  Island Lodge and Villa Victor

villa_victor_ashtray.jpg (61151 bytes)

Vintage Villa Victor ashtray
(image courtesy of Larry Chernow)

part4_vv_tray.jpg (56237 bytes)

Villa Victor ashtray


Below:  Milleridge Inn


Milleridge2.jpg (117302 bytes)


Millnew.jpg (252352 bytes)


MilleridgeRedflowers.JPG (212465 bytes)

Milleridge3.jpg (265140 bytes)

Milleridgewide.jpg (92092 bytes)


Milleridge_flowers.JPG (233404 bytes) milleridgeinterior.JPG (231853 bytes) MilleridgeInterior-N.jpg (120596 bytes)

Top left, Milleridge Village, c. 1970s;  Milleridge Inn, Jericho, built in 1672 on property acquired by trade from the Matinecock Indians.  "One of America's famous old Inns.  Luncheons from $1.95, dinners from $3.25.  Superb American cuisine."
Second row, far right:  August Viemeister, An Architectural Journey through Long Island, Kennikat Press Corp., Port Washington, N.Y./London, 1974)

milleridgematch5.JPG (43273 bytes)

milleridgematch4.JPG (42549 bytes)

milleridgematch6.JPG (38457 bytes)

Matchbook cover from The Milleridge Inn


MilleridgeRevWar.JPG (91483 bytes)

Members of The Brigade of the American Revolution commemorate the area's participation in the American Revolution at the Milleridge Inn

MilleridgeMenu.jpg (36989 bytes)

Milleridge Inn Mother's day greetings




Mainemaid2.JPG (189098 bytes)

Mainemaid1.JPG (234306 bytes)

MaineMaidPostcard.JPG (211865 bytes)


MaineMaid_Lewis.JPG (122934 bytes)

MainemaidNew.JPG (181055 bytes)

MaineMaidwithcars.jpg (85403 bytes)

 Top left, The Maine Maid Tea House; 
The Maine Maid;
 Route 106 and Jericho Turnpike, Jericho 
(bottom left, Cyril A. Lewis, Historical Long Island Paintings and Sketches,
The Long Island Forum, Westhampton Beach, N.Y., 1964)

Mainemaidinterior-3.JPG (168417 bytes)

Mainemaidinterior-1.JPG (166966 bytes)

Mainemaidinterior-2.JPG (147067 bytes)

Left and center, Maine Maid interior and right, history

TownandCountry-N.JPG (90111 bytes)

TownandCountry.jpg (46424 bytes)

Town and Country Diner on Jericho Turnpike
(photo left, courtesy of Tom Montalbano)

Syossetcoachgrill-2.JPG (30867 bytes)

Syossetcoachgrill.JPG (30292 bytes)

Matchbook cover from the Syosset Coach Grill, 40 West Jericho Turnpike

Brancato's.jpg (33346 bytes)

Brancato's on W. Jericho Turnpike, advertisement, 1962


Burger_Square1-n.jpg (70697 bytes)

Burger_Square2-n.jpg (47280 bytes)

Burger Square on Jericho Turnpike, Sept. 1969, right after the fire that closed it
(images courtesy of Joe Maggio)

Ds_1.jpg (42923 bytes)

D's2-N.jpg (42020 bytes)

Ds_3.JPG (52888 bytes)

Matchbook cover from D's, 510 Jericho Turnpike, c. 1970s
"Famous for the Dockets of Delights"

Moonraker_1.JPG (34778 bytes)

Moonraker2_N.jpg (34526 bytes)

Matchbook cover from Moonraker, 650 Jericho Turnpike, c. 1970s


CafeTesarossa-1.JPG (25722 bytes)

CafeTesarossa-2.JPG (26268 bytes)

Matchbook cover from Cafe Testarossa, 499 Jericho Turnpike
It was the site of Joey Buttafuoco's get-out-of-jail celebration in 1994.


Capriccio-1.JPG (48682 bytes)

Capriccio-2.JPG (46216 bytes)

Matchbook cover from Capriccio Restaurant, 399 Jericho Turnpike, c. 1970s

Foxhollow.JPG (53088 bytes)

The Fox Hollow Inn across from the Syosset-Woodbury Community Park, c. 1974


part4_aspar1.jpg (22230 bytes) part4_aspar2.jpg (35273 bytes)

Asparagii Natural Foods, 44 W. Jericho Turnpike matchbook

part4_paddock1.jpg (46040 bytes)

part4_paddock2.jpg (76440 bytes)

Matchbook cover from the Paddock Inn, Jericho Turnpike

RoyalVikingPostcard.jpg (114175 bytes)


RoyalViking.JPG (125017 bytes)

The Royal Viking on Jericho Turnpike, owned by Mr. and Mrs. Erik Larsen, c. 1974


royalviking_matchbook1.jpg (69675 bytes) royalviking_matchbook2.jpg (52212 bytes)

Royal Viking match books
(images courtesy of Larry Chernow)

MahJongDrawing.JPG (256922 bytes)

MahJong-N.JPG (82702 bytes)

MahJong-New.jpg (100465 bytes)

Postcards of the Mah Jong Restaurant, Jericho Turnpike, owned by Peter and Nellie Chinn 
Upper left, art by S. Savino; from the postcard on lower right:  "Long Island's leading Chinese-Polynesian restaurant.  New ALOHA ROOM for south seas dining.  Exotic cocktails in BAMBOO LOUNGE.  Open air patio and Chinese 'Art' garden.  Hawaiian entertainment week-ends and exciting LUAU 'table of plenty' on Wednesdays."

MahJongAd-1974.JPG (136835 bytes)

Mah Jong advertisement c. 1974

peteryee.jpg (46847 bytes)

Matchbook from Peter and Susan Yee's restaurant on Jericho Turnpike 
(image courtesy of Susan, Peter, and Edgar Yee)

HarmonyRest.jpg (18804 bytes)

Harmony Rest on Jericho Turnpike, advertisement, 1962

skyliner-ad_1955.jpg (56779 bytes)

The Skyliner Diner, Jericho Turnpike and South Oyster Bay Rd.
1955 advertisement

KyleMoranInside.JPG (73823 bytes)

O'NeillsFront_2003.JPG (128977 bytes)

Left, Kyle and Moran's on Jackson Ave. and Convent Road, interior, c. 1950s 
(photo courtesy of Tom Montalbano) 
 Right, Kyle and Moran's is now O'Neill's, 2003.

part4__kandm.jpg (68208 bytes)

Kyle and Moran business card
(courtesy of Johanna S. Kyle)

matches.gif (26388 bytes)


Christiano's2003.JPG (150659 bytes)

Matchbook, 2000 and Christiano's, 2003
 Christiano's closed in February 2014.

part4_2000.jpg (25601 bytes)

Better days
Michael Mark and John Delin, Christiano's 2000

part4_carn.jpg (61331 bytes)

The Carnival Room, 98 Jackson Avenue

part4_SyossetRestaurantApr1952.jpg (125261 bytes)

The Carnival Room, 98 Jackson Avenue, 1952 advertisement
(image courtesy of Tom Montalbano)

carnival_room_ad_1955.jpg (100334 bytes)

The Carnival Room, 98 Jackson Avenue, 1955 advertisement

towne_diner_ad_1960.jpg (82692 bytes)

The Towne Diner, Jackson and Whitney Avenues, 1960 advertisement

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Boslet's Restaurant

In the 1930s, the Boslet family took over the former Spreer's Hotel.
During Prohibition, the restaurant also sold illegal beverages
when an interior room functioned as a speakeasy.

   Listen to Joseph Boslet speak of the speakeasy;
 click here:  Speakeasy Part One

and here:  Speakeasy Part Two


bos.jpg (22702 bytes)

boslets2.jpg (21070 bytes)

Boslet'sSnowFeb91945.JPG (62394 bytes)

Boslet's Restaurant, west side of Jackson Ave., c. 1940, later in the '40s and February 9, 1945
In 1941, the bar obtained Syosset's first television.


part4_boslets_closeup.jpg (68063 bytes)

Closeup of Boslet's


  Listen to Joseph Boslet about Syosset's first TV; click here:  First TV


Boslet's Bar.jpg (35859 bytes)

inboslets.jpg (22891 bytes)

Boslets_interior-n.JPG (82486 bytes)



JosephBoslet.jpg (81589 bytes) inboslets2.jpg (22101 bytes)

Left, Joseph G. Boslet, Sr., Proprietor, 1937
Right, Mr. Boslet with son Joseph Boslet Jr. and George Beatty, early 1940s


  Listen to Joseph Boslet tell more about the restaurant; click here:  Boslet's


DocMelvilleandFriendsatBoslets.jpg (28248 bytes)

Herman_inside_Boslets.JPG (82694 bytes)

bosletnb.jpg (22374 bytes)

Left, "Johnny", Milton Titus, "Evelyn "Evvie" Diel and "Doc" Melville, 
Milton and Evvie married.
Center, Herman Brussenski
(Henryk Brusjewski):  "Working Class Hero";
 Right, unidentified, William "Bill" Rynsky, unidentified

Boslets-Car-N.JPG (76071 bytes)

Winifred A. Boslet outside Boslet's

Nellie_BosletsKitchen_1944.JPG (36167 bytes)

Nellie Nowak Boslet in kitchen, c. 1943


BosletsDeliveryRobin-10Feb91945.JPG (55320 bytes) BosletsDeliveryRobin-2-Feb91945.JPG (64695 bytes)


part4_robin_boslets2.jpg (36061 bytes) part4_robin_boslets3-good.jpg (43988 bytes)

Robin Boslet playing as beer is delivered
February 9, 1945

  Listen to Joseph Boslet describe Boslet's menu; click here:  On food

Boslet'sMenu.JPG (42810 bytes)

This menu from Boslet's might include:
Hot roast beef, ham or turkey dinner, with potatoes, three slices of bread
and two vegetables—40˘; 14 oz. glass of beer—10˘

Coasters-N.gif (80785 bytes)

Coasters from Boslet's

cemetery 1945.JPG (79002 bytes)

Robin Boslet and grandmother Winifred at grave of Joseph Boslet, Sr. in 1945, Holy Rood Cemetery, Westbury


part4_boslets_ad.jpg (155476 bytes)

January 1947 advertisement
Boslet's had the only television in town during World War II
thanks to the acumen of Joseph and Winifred.
(image courtesy of Tom Montalbano)

part4_Boslets1953.jpg (34097 bytes)

1952 advertisement
(image courtesy of Tom Montalbano)

part4_BosletsFeb211952.jpg (307418 bytes)

Syosset Advance announces Boslet's closing
(image courtesy of Tom Montalbano)


LongIslandSavingsBank.jpg (59678 bytes) syo_004.jpg (27219 bytes)

The old hotel was torn down in 1955, replaced by the
Long Island Savings Bank (left) which was also demolished.
Boslet's is now a parking lot for another bank (currently Astoria Federal Savings and Loan) which was built where the row of stores including Roulston's had been.
 (photo on right by Michael Mark)

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