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 Part Ten

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Syosset People


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Syosset People

The photos in this section generally are arranged in alphabetical order



people_appleton_boys.jpg (110072 bytes)

Harold and Fredrick Appleton of Meadowbrook Road, c. 1935
sons of Harry and Edith Appleton
(photo courtesy of Diane Oley)

people_Doug_Baird - accordion-1.jpg (23073 bytes) people_Doug_baird_ accordion -2.jpg (22998 bytes)

Douglas Baird



The Boslet-Nowak Families

part10_joseph_boslet_sr.jpg (136189 bytes)

people_JosephBoslet-1.jpg (16814 bytes) people_JosephBoslet-2.jpg (18650 bytes)

Joseph Boslet, Sr.

people_WinifredBoslet-2.jpg (24202 bytes) people_WinifredBoslet-3.jpg (16282 bytes)

people_WinifredBoslet-4.jpg (27137 bytes)
people_WinifredBoslet-5.jpg (19257 bytes)

Winifred Youngman Boslet

people_BobBoslet_winter34-35.jpg (20639 bytes) people_BobBoslet_beachLH1937.jpg (22261 bytes)

people_BobBoslet_nite1937.jpg (18118 bytes)
people_BobStreet.jpg (28466 bytes)

people_BobBosletMarch51944.jpg (27859 bytes)
people_BobBoslet_ParksvilleHonorRoll1958.jpg (36566 bytes)

Bob Boslet

people_Nellie_in_gown.jpg (26687 bytes)

peopleNell_Boslet and Friend.jpg (36032 bytes)

people_NellieBoslet_hiway_inn_1958.jpg (70185 bytes)

Nellie Nowak Boslet
Center, with "Toots" Rausch

part10_sylvia-30s.jpg (117620 bytes)

Nellie Nowak, bridesmaid (second from left), at friend Sylvia's wedding c. mid 30s

people_Robin Xmas '46.jpg (40399 bytes) people_robin_boslet.jpg (28440 bytes)

Robert Joseph (Robin) Boslet

people_Pam, Xmas '46.jpg (42432 bytes) people_early_photo_pam.jpg (29954 bytes)

people_PamXmas58.jpg (39581 bytes)
people_pam_67.jpg (29665 bytes)

people_pam_bond_yarrow_1968.jpg (37312 bytes)
PBChristChurchGirls.jpg (82414 bytes)

people_Dad,Mom,Pam.jpg (39160 bytes)

Pamela Ellen Boslet
First row:  with Dad, Christmas 1946; late '40s
Second row:  Christmas 1958; modeling, c. 1967
Third row:  with Julian Bond and Peter Yarrow, 1968;  teaching, c. 1970
Bottom:  with Dad and Mom, early '70s

people_RayBoslet_Haile_spring1937.jpg (15582 bytes)

people_Joe_Boslet.jpg (17633 bytes)

people_JoeBoslet_summer1937.jpg (17374 bytes)

people_DonBoslet_LaurelHollow1937.jpg (33021 bytes) DonBoslet_nightindoor_1937.jpg (23275 bytes)


people_DonJoe_boslet_beach.jpg (28096 bytes) people_JoeDon_Boslet_7PM_1937.jpg (32299 bytes)|


people_Don_Joe_Boslet_outinback_1937.jpg (49174 bytes) people_DonBobJoeBoslet_spring1937.jpg (17172 bytes)

Boslet brothers
First row:  left, Ray; Joe
Second row:  Don
Third row: Don and Joe; Joe and Don
Bottom:  Don and Joe; Don, Bob and Joe


part10_tricia_sean.jpg (65505 bytes)

Tricia and Sean Boslet, October 12, 1958
Children of Donald and Maureen Boslet
Photo taken by Donald Boslet

part10_maureen_boslet.jpg (82670 bytes)

Maureen Boslet

people_Boslet family, c. 1972,2.jpg (78727 bytes)

 Boslet family, c. 1965
Back row:  Dorothy, Joe, Maureen. Nellie
Second row:  Ray, Don, Winifred, Bob
In front:  Tricia, Alan, Sean

part10_nowak_wedding_1913.jpg (36068 bytes)

Thomas Nowak and Aniela Madjeski wedding, 1913

people_Nowaks-1.jpg (18606 bytes) people_Nowaks-2.jpg (18909 bytes)

Nowak Family
Left:  Aniela Madjeski Nowak, with her father Mr. Madjeski, husband Thomas Nowak and children, Stella, Agnes and Nellie c. 1919
Right:  Caroline, Agnes, Stella and Nellie

people_Nowaks-3.jpg (34339 bytes)

The Nowaks
Stella, Thomas, Nellie, Agnes and Caroline
Aniela, seated
Mr. Nowak was the superintendent of the Tod estate.

people_caroline_1957.jpg (40365 bytes)

Caroline Nowak Zgutowicz


part10_toots_caroline.jpg (59467 bytes)

"Toots" Rausch and Caroline,  c. 40s

people_stella_berg_pam.jpg (68920 bytes)

Stella Nowak Berg with niece Pam Boslet Buskin, February 26, 2005


people_delins_burckley.jpg (38101 bytes)

Ron Burckley, on right, c. 1952, with members of the Delin family, Anna, John and Gurli
The Burckley family for many years owned the "old Schenck house" on Convent Road, built c. 1680 to 1710.
When the house and land were sold, the Burckley family stipulated that the house and barn be preserved and a lot of the surrounding land be kept from development.  The house is now a Federal landmark.

part10_Meinmyroom1968.jpg (89358 bytes)

Randee Burke
(image courtesy of Randee Burke Tavarez)

people_Patricia_Cattani.jpg (33625 bytes)

 Patricia Cattani
(image courtesy of Elaine Cattani)

people_Anne_Christiano.jpg (49952 bytes)

 Anne Christiano
(image courtesy of Elaine Cattani)



The Delin Family

people_helmer_delin2.jpg (28035 bytes) people_helmer_delin.jpg (27042 bytes)

Helmer J. Delin

people_mother1952.jpg (26346 bytes) people_gurli_early40s.jpg (25614 bytes)

people_mrsdelinapron.jpg (36796 bytes)
people_mrsdelin_chemise.jpg (39092 bytes)

Gurli Svensson Delin

people_delinsjonesbeach.jpg (50921 bytes)

 Helmer and Gurli Delin at Jones Beach, c. '50s

people_jd_age8.jpg (34191 bytes) people_delin_bayvillewithmother.jpg (29318 bytes)

people_johnietv2.jpg (26956 bytes)
people_talentshowcomedian.jpg (29643 bytes)


part10_Summer1960_5and10_delin.jpg (21108 bytes)

people_delinmuscle15.jpg (78665 bytes)
people_jd_71.jpg (20610 bytes)

delin_arnold_1979.jpg (64364 bytes)

John Delin
Top row:  1951
Fourth row:  1952
Third row: 1960, taken at National 5 & 10, Jackson Ave.
Second row:  1959 and 1971
Bottom:  with Arnold Schwarzenegger, 1979

Delin-Ebel.jpg (48360 bytes)

 Lawrence "Larry" Ebel, c. 1952
(on right, with John Delin)



The Ferri Family


part10_ferris.jpg (52987 bytes)

Charles and Connie Vitiello Ferri
(image courtesy of Stephanie Ferri Green)

part10_steph_n_dad_1961.jpg (51043 bytes)

Daughter Stephie and Charles Ferri, 1961
(image courtesy of Stephanie Ferri Green)

part10_steph_chip_tommy_eileen.jpg (52221 bytes)

Wedding February 6, 1965
Eileen Callahan, Stephie, husband Joseph "Chip" Harrison and Tom Harrison
(image courtesy of Stephanie Ferri Green)

part10_tony_ferri.jpg (57084 bytes)

Tony Ferri, 1955
(image courtesy of Stephanie Ferri Green)



people_Denise,Xmas'57.jpg (34446 bytes) people_Denise,,Xmas'60.jpg (39038 bytes)

Denise Frazer

people_charles_garvey1.jpg (47313 bytes) people_charles_garvey2.jpg (33662 bytes)

Charles Garvey
(photos courtesy of Diane Oley)

part10_betty_gillies.jpg (28862 bytes)

Betty Huyler Gillies
A pioneer American aviatrix in World War II, she lived on Burtis Lane.

people_Gentleman_on_street.jpg (29960 bytes)

 Gentleman on a Syosset street, c. '30s
James A. Devine?

people_Barbara&Lois.jpg (29788 bytes)

 Barbara Wolheim and Lois Green
(image courtesy of Lois Green)

people_greenwayboys.jpg (57939 bytes) people_greenwaycircleboys3.jpg (61210 bytes)

At Steve Zajac's house, Greenway Circle, c. 1952
Left:  Larry Ebel, Ron Burckley, Steve Zajac, John Delin
Right:  Butch Lamont, Larry Ebel, John Delin, Steve Zajac, Robert Zepf

people_greenway2.jpg (28325 bytes)

 Lois Ann Greenway Helser

people_Ginnie inpalmdale.jpg (51076 bytes)

Virginia Budd Vail Hofstad



The Knettel, Smith and Hayward Families

people_knettel_william_j_parents_dora.jpg (30237 bytes) people__william_l_knettels.jpg (29796 bytes)

Left:  John and Dora Knettel
Right:  son, William J. Knettel and wife
(images courtesy of Diane Oley)

people_knettels_1920.jpg (28378 bytes)

 William L. Knettel, Leone (Oney), Mildred and Laura Smith Knettel, c. 1920
(image courtesy of Diane Oley, daughter of Mildred Knettel Vanstane)

part10_WLKnettelFeb1924.jpg (47907 bytes)

William L. Knettel
1924 Ad from the East Norwich Enterprise
(image courtesy of Tom Montalbano)

people_duncan_birch_leone_1913.jpg (73849 bytes) people_freddie_dot_knettel_miller.jpg (28630 bytes)

Left:  Leone Knettel with uncles Clarence "Dunk" and Raymond "Birch" Smith, High Street, c. 1913
Right:  Freddie and Dot Knettel
(photos courtesy of Diane Oley)

people_bayville_leone_mildred_friends.jpg (69745 bytes)

 Picnic at Bayville, August 1941
Charles "Dusty" DeMilt in window, Top:  Mildred Knettel, Dot VanSise,"Tot" DeMilt
Bottom:  Leone Knettel Taylor, Edith "Poncey" Webb 

(photo courtesy of Diane Oley)

people_leone_grass_skirt.jpg (36570 bytes)

 Leone Knettel Taylor, 1945
Her brother-in-law, Forrest Vanstane, sent the skirt to the Knettel women from Hawaii. 

(photo courtesy of Diane Oley)

people_reincke_henry_ida.jpg (25029 bytes)

Henry and Ida Knettel Reinke

(image courtesy of Diane Oley)

people_carrie_smith.jpg (35496 bytes)

people_carrie_smith2.jpg (55476 bytes)

people_carrie_smith3.jpg (42351 bytes)

Carrie "Gram" Smith
(images courtesy of Diane Oley)

people_knettel_anniversary.jpg (63878 bytes) people_knettel_anniversary2.jpg (44522 bytes)

William L. and Laura Smith Knettel celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary, 1/31/60
Ida Smith DeMilt, left, is the hostess.
(clipping and photo courtesy of Diane Oley)

people_poole_demilt_hsmith_fsmith.jpg (29312 bytes)

  Bernard Poole (brother-in-law of Clarence "Dunk" Smith), Charles DeMilt, Henry and Frank Smith (brothers of Laura Smith Knettel)
c. 1920s-1930s

people_nellie_schmidt.jpg (25158 bytes)

Nellie Poole Schmidt
(sister-in-law of Clarence "Dunk" Smith)
(photo courtesy of Diane Oley)

people_nellie_mrpennington_leone.jpg (31615 bytes) people_nellie_leone_ethel.jpg (30507 bytes)

Nellie Poole Schmidt
Left:  pictured with John Pennington and Leone Knettel
Right:  pictured with Leone Knettel and Ethel Pennington (John's daughter)
(photos courtesy of Diane Oley)

people_tot_poncey.jpg (26870 bytes)

  Florence "Tot" DeMilt (Charles and Ida Smith DeMilt's daughter) and Edith "Poncey" Webb (Harry and Ella Smith Webb's daughter), 1939
(photo courtesy of Diane Oley)

people_FlorenceTotDeMilt.jpg (37379 bytes)

 Florence "Tot" DeMilt
(photo courtesy of Diane Oley)

people_edith_budd_1982.jpg (38744 bytes)

 Edith Smith Budd, 1982
(photo courtesy of Diane Oley)

people_raysmith.jpg (33665 bytes)

 Raymond "Bubby" Smith, 2006
Ray was "Birch" Smith's son.
(image courtesy of Diane Oley)

part10_ray_peter_smith.jpg (97710 bytes)

 Earlier photo of Raymond "Bubby" Smith and family
Left to right, grandson Kevin, Bubby, daughter-in-law Linda, son Peter, 
grandson Tom.  In front, grandson Chris.

part10_Barbara,Downing,LillianHayward.jpg (156227 bytes) part10_Barbara,Rachel&LillianHayward.jpg (157340 bytes)

The Hayward Family, c. 1938
 Left: "Bubby" Smith's wife Barbara Hayward Smith (1926-1993) with her father, Richard Downing Hayward (known as Downing, 1905-1976) and her sister Lillian (b. 1925). Right:  Barbara and Lillian with aunt Rachel Downing Hayward.
Downing and his wife, Beatrice Rhodes Hayward, lived at 83 Convent Road until Downing passed away in 1976.  Downing and Beatrice were active in the Syosset community.  In the 1930's Downing served as secretary of the Syosset Fire Department and Beatrice was involved in the fire department's women's auxiliary.
(images  courtesy of Peter Hayward)

part10_Groupextendedfamilyphoto.jpg (251761 bytes)

 Hayward family May 20, 1941
Funeral party for Harry Hayward, grandfather of Peter, Barbara and Lillian.
 Front Row:  Barbara, Lillian, Beatrice & Downing Hayward, Helen Hayward (Peter's  mother), Mabel Downing Hayward (grandmother of Peter, Barbara and Lillian), Uncle Edward Downing (Mabel's brother), Rachel Hayward, Gordon (Rachel, Downing and Jack's brother) and his wife Ann, Jack Hayward (Peter Hayward's father).
(image courtesy of Peter Hayward)

part10_Downingportrait2.jpg (61423 bytes)

 Richard Downing Hayward
(image courtesy of Peter Hayward)

part10_RachelattheGardenParty.jpg (142841 bytes)

 Rachel Downing Hayward
 seated left.
(image courtesy of Peter Hayward)



people_kupec.jpg (43825 bytes)

 Helen and Bill Kupec 
60th wedding anniversary, 1/19/04
(image courtesy of Bob Epstein)



The Kwiatkowski and Wencko Families

part10_andrew_wencko_citizenship.jpg (127312 bytes) part10_andrew_wencko_citizenship_booklet.jpg (56225 bytes)

Andrew Wencko
Left, Mr. Wencko's Certificate of Citizenship, received October 5, 1929
Right, cover of Andrew's study book, "How To Take Out Your First Papers"
(images courtesy of Florence Kwiatkowski Sendrowski)

part10_MWG1932.jpg (75033 bytes)

Mary Wencko
Labor Day 1932 in the driveway of 10 Jackson Avenue. 
Mary Wencko (Gaida)  was 13 1/2 years old.
(image courtesy of Florence Kwiatkowski Sendrowski)

part10_Mary,Andrew,FlorenceWencko1936.jpg (44155 bytes)

Mary, Andrew and Florence Wencko, 1936
(image courtesy of Florence Kwiatkowski Sendrowski)

part10_florence_sr_st_dom.jpg (14834 bytes)

Florence Wencko (Andrew's daughter) at her desk at St. Dominic's School, c. 1928
(image courtesy of Florence Kwiatkowski Sendrowski)


part10_florence_wencko.jpg (42185 bytes)

Florence Wencko (Andrew's daughter) in her backyard at 10 Jackson Avenue, c. 1930s
Florence married Stanley Kwiatkowski
(image courtesy of Florence Kwiatkowski Sendrowski)


people_Syosset_well_drillers-n.jpg (24462 bytes)

 Syosset Well Drillers, 
Chanute Air Force Base, Rantoul, Illinois,
c. 1938
John (Kwiatkowski) Flower, Kenny Harris, Stanley Kwiatkowski sitting in Bill Rynsky's car
"These men were not drafted into World War II because their work was considered vital to the war effort at home.  Stan was shot at returning to base after dinner.  The
guards had changed and Stan drove thru the gates with a handwave.  The shots
quickly brought his truck to a stop."  Florence Kwiatkowski Sendrowski
(image courtesy of the Kwiatkowski & Rynsky Families)


part10_florence_sheep.jpg (32892 bytes)

Florence and Stanley's daughter Florence and son Stanley (obscured)
with the Doss family sheep, c. mid 40s
(image courtesy of Florence Kwiatkowski Sendrowski)

part10_StanFlo1945-1956.jpg (107950 bytes)

945 Stan & Florence Kwiatkowski in Doss' backyard
on Queens Street.  Tommy Whitenack's grandparents' home. 
 1956 Backyard of 68 Church Street.

Florence Kwiatkowski and Gale Meyerdierks, c. 1957
The photo machine (in National 5 & 10) was on the right hand side
of the store and you could get a strip of 4 pictures for $1.00.  
 Gale's dad was of the Meyerdierks Market in East Norwich.
(image and information courtesy of Florence Kwiatkowski Sendrowski)

people_florenceK.jpg (36985 bytes)

 Florence Kwiatkowski, 1959
Syosset High School graduation picture

part10_GrandmothersWedding1963.jpg (28614 bytes)

Helena Kwiatkowski and Mary S. Wencko at granddaughter Florence's wedding in 1963
(image courtesy of Florence Kwiatkowski Sendrowski)

part10_HarvestMoonBall.jpg (97571 bytes)

John and Florence Sendrowski finalists in the Harvest Moon Dance, September 1973
(image courtesy of Florence Kwiatkowski Sendrowski)

The Manning Family

part10_manning.jpg (48613 bytes)

Carl and Lois Manning
(image courtesy of Carolyn Manning DeJesu)

people__marie_manning_graduation_1960.jpg (32217 bytes) people_1960Graduation_Manning_Winkler.jpg (38554 bytes)

Marie Manning
Right, pictured with Betty Winkler
1960 Syosset High School Graduation
(images courtesy of Marie Manning)



The McAuliffe Family

people_wilhelmina_william_mcauliffe.jpg (18174 bytes) people_wilhelmina_william_mcauliffe2.jpg (24927 bytes)

William and Wilhelmina Black McAuliffe
(images courtesy of Maureen McAuliffe Smith)

people_wilhelmina.jpg (21400 bytes) people_wilhemina2.jpg (29844 bytes)

Wilhelmina Black McAuliffe
(images courtesy of Maureen McAuliffe Smith)

people_mcauliffe_gordon_jim_ed_babe.jpg (62318 bytes)

 Gordon, Jim, Ed, Babe McAuliffe
(image courtesy of Maureen McAuliffe Smith)

people_gordon_mcauliffe.jpg (113875 bytes) people_Gordongun.jpg (20441 bytes)

Gordon McAuliffe
(images courtesy of Maureen McAuliffe Smith)

people_mcauliffe_ed.jpg (33009 bytes)

people_mcauliffe_ed2.jpg (37635 bytes)

people_mcauliffe_ed_babe.jpg (25844 bytes)

Left and center, Edward McAuliffe
Right, Edward and Babe 
(images courtesy of Maureen McAuliffe Smith)

people_mcauliffe_wedding.jpg (43987 bytes) people_mcauliffe_wedding2.jpg (30389 bytes)

Edward McAuliffe and Mary Nesbit wed, July 12, 1952
(images courtesy of Maureen McAuliffe Smith)

people_mary_mcauliffe.jpg (12034 bytes)

 Mary Nesbit McAuliffe
(image courtesy of Maureen McAuliffe Smith)

people_maureen_gordon_eileen_michael_mcauliffe.jpg (36163 bytes)

 Maureen, Gordon, Eileen and Michael McAuliffe
(image courtesy of Maureen McAuliffe Smith)

people_mcauliffe_maureen_first_communion.jpg (37662 bytes)

 Maureen McAuliffe
First Communion, 5/8/60
pictured with Gordon and Eileen
(image courtesy of Maureen McAuliffe Smith)

people_mcauliffe_maureen.jpg (33364 bytes) people_maureen_solo.jpg (44607 bytes)

Maureen McAuliffe
(images courtesy of Maureen McAuliffe Smith)

people_mcauliffe_eileen_first_communion.jpg (34766 bytes) people_mcauliffe_eileen_72.jpg (24394 bytes)

Eileen  McAuliffe
Left:  First Communion, May 8, 1965, pictured with 
Maureen, Gordon and Michael
Right:  1972
(images courtesy of Maureen McAuliffe Smith)

people_gordon_56.JPG (32440 bytes) people_gordon_meadowbrook.jpg (32691 bytes)

Gordon  McAuliffe
(images courtesy of Maureen McAuliffe Smith)

people_DocMelvilleandfriends.jpg (19113 bytes)

Doc Melville and friends, 1937

part10_Michalowski,Sophie.jpg (28812 bytes) part10_Michalowski,Sophie&Helen2.jpg (18391 bytes)

The Michalowski sisters of Devine Avenue
Left, Sophie, age 17, 1937
Right, Sophie and Helen
Their younger brother, Stanley, was a World War II veteran.  He entered the Army February 17, 1943 at around age 19.
(images courtesy of Florence Kwiatkowski Sendrowski)

part10_otis_bike.jpg (62412 bytes) part10_otis_now.jpg (66701 bytes)

Bob Otis, 50s and present
(courtesy of Robert Otis (Weiss))

people_bruce_pecheur.jpg (10838 bytes)

Bruce Pecheur



part10_joan_puccio.jpg (123896 bytes)

Joan Fletcher Puccio, 1940s
(courtesy of Florence Kwiatkowski Sendrowski)



part10_toots.jpg (84035 bytes) part10_toots_r.jpg (115800 bytes)

"Toots" Rausch, c. '40s

part10_judy4.jpg (20386 bytes)

people_judy_riccoboni_prianti2.jpg (51132 bytes)

Judy Riccoboni Prianti



Shirlee Sarver


part10_shirlee_archer.jpg (92728 bytes)

Shirlee in 1958
(courtesy of Shirlee Sarver iacono)


part10_shirlee_lindaW.jpg (81092 bytes)

Shirlee, center, with Nancy Standing and Linda Walters
(courtesy of Shirlee Sarver iacono)


part10_shirlee ,alice.jpg (57424 bytes)

Shirlee and Alice Degen, Dec. 1957
(courtesy of Shirlee Sarver iacono)


part10_gaspare_shirlee_marty_jane_denis.jpg (88299 bytes)

1993:  Shirlee. left, with Gaspare Puccio, Marty Puccio, Jane Puccio and Denis Norman 
(courtesy of Shirlee Sarver iacono)


part10_jane_denis_marty_shirlee_gaspare.jpg (75577 bytes)

1994:  Shirlee, right, with Jane, Denis, Marty and Gaspare
(courtesy of Shirlee Sarver iacono)


part10_shirlee, gaspare, jane.jpg (91188 bytes)

2006:  Shirlee, left, with Gaspare and Jane
(courtesy of Shirlee Sarver iacono)


part10_jane_denis_shirlee.jpg (76658 bytes)

2008:  Shirlee, right, with Jane and Denis
(courtesy of Shirlee Sarver Iacono)

part10_BillySchulman1.jpg (58186 bytes) part10_BillySchulman2.jpg (61826 bytes)

Billy Schulman
"Woodbury’s own Billy Schulman was just thirteen years old when he starred alongside David McCallum (The Man From Uncle) and Ossie Davis in Teacher, Teacher, a Hallmark Hall of Fame movie that debuted on NBC in February of 1969." Dale Thielker.
For Billy's story see Part 12, Syosset Stories.

 (images courtesy of Dale Thielker)

people_jeannie_sittig.jpg (39471 bytes)

Jeanne Sittig

Strongin Family


part10_BarryStrongin,JacobStrongin,GaleStronginWexler,Spring1965.jpg (255432 bytes)

Barry, Jacob and Gale Strongin of Fifth Place, Spring 1965
(courtesy of Barry Strongin)




part10JacobMorrisStronginatwork,early1950s.jpg (122791 bytes)

Jacob Morris Strongin at work, early 1950s
(courtesy of Barry Strongin)



part10_NewYorkIslandersLogo,DesignedbyJacobMorrisStrongin.jpg (82729 bytes)

NY Islanders Logo designed by Jacob Morris Strongin
(courtesy of Barry Strongin)




people_kathleen.jpg (52074 bytes)

Kathleen Tracy
modeling, c. 1968

part10_kath_1946.jpg (26566 bytes) part10_kath_1976.jpg (12483 bytes)

Kathleen in 1946 and 1976
(images courtesy of Kathleen Tracy)

people_MichaelDebEileen.jpg (43398 bytes)

 Debbie Travis, Eileen Travis and Michael Mark
Cruising through town...
(image courtesy of Michael Mark)


The Sydney Franklin VanSise Family

people_franklin_flora_vansise_1909.jpg (29972 bytes)

 Engagement party of Ella Augusta May and Voorhees Allen Herbert, c. 1909
 3rd gentleman from the left, Sydney Franklin VanSise; in front of him, Flora Isabella May VanSise.
5th Gentleman from the left is Mr. Herbert with Miss May in front of him.
(image courtesy of
Karrin Marie Tollin Werrenrath)

part10_floramay.jpg (35561 bytes) part10_sydlyvansise.jpg (38051 bytes)

people_franklin_flora_vansise.jpg (46359 bytes)

 Sydney Franklin VanSise and Flora Isabella May VanSise
Original owners of VanSise Farms
(images courtesy of
Karrin Marie Tollin Werrenrath)

people_vansise_family.jpg (47951 bytes)

VanSise Family, 1946
 Harold Van Sise (son of Sydney and Flora) on right
Left to right, mother Flora Isabella May Van Sise, daughter Edna May Van Sise,  cousin Darrin M. Tollin (
granddaughter of Ella Augusta May Herbert, sister of Flora Van Sise), and daughter Cynthia Van Sise 
Harold ran the farm with his father and was also Trustee of the Wesley Methodist Episcopal Church, East Norwich.
(image courtesy of
Karrin Marie Tollin Werrenrath)

people_hal_van_sise_1.jpg (35015 bytes) people_hal_van_sise_2.jpg (26366 bytes)

Harold Bruce "Hal" VanSise, 1959
Left, as Syosset High Varsity Football tackle
Right, as a Varsity Wrestler



waltwhitman_memorabilia-n.jpg (156863 bytes) people_louisa_van_velsor.jpg (25914 bytes)

Louisa Van Velsor Whitman
Mother of Walt Whitman
She was the daughter of Major Cornelius Van Velsor and
Naomi Williams.  They lived on the Van Velsor homestead near present-day Velsor-Stillwell Road.
(images courtesy of Florence Kwiatkowski Sendrowski)

people_MrsWilkens.jpg (46995 bytes)

Teresa Wilkens, holding son Christopher, pictured with Gurli Delin, early '50s



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