A Syosset Scrapbook 

 Part Seven


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Listen to the late Joseph Boslet Jr., interviewed by Isabel Goldenkoff at the Syosset Public Library, as he reminisces about old Syosset.  We placed excerpts from this 1991 tape throughout Scrapbook.  You may have to  disable your firewall temporarily in order to access the sound files.
Look for the signs.
  If you live in Syosset, visit the library to borrow the entire tape and tapes featuring other longtime Syosset residents.  If you wish to listen to the tapes in the library, call the library first to see if they have a tape player; otherwise bring your own.


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Long Island Rail Road

Syosset Area Estates


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Long Island Rail Road


Historical note:  In 1924, Syosset had 22 trains running on weekdays and 15 on Sundays, with 3 additional on Saturdays.  The average number of monthly commuters was 94; a 60-trip monthly ticket cost $12.32.



The old hotel which later became Boslet's Restaurant is on the far left.
(photo by George Edward VanSise)

OldTrain-N.jpg (35823 bytes)

SyossetLIRR1921.jpg (70100 bytes)


OldTrain2-N.jpg (37604 bytes)
oldtrain2.jpg (41986 bytes)

part7_SyossetTrainStation_early.jpg (74772 bytes)

Early Syosset RR station
(top and top right images courtesy of Don Karas)


part7_rrstation_train.jpg (97846 bytes)

c. pre-1910
Note the pickle factory on the left

part7_tom_train_station.jpg (160289 bytes)

Awaiting train
(image courtesy of Tom Montalbano)



GoodStationShotEdit1.jpg (283764 bytes)


part7_rr_agents.jpg (136971 bytes)

Above, c. 1910 views of the station with telegraph agents
O.R.T stands for Order of Railroad Telegraphers
(top photo courtesy of Tom Montalbano)  

swampdig-N.JPG (79631 bytes)

Workers digging by LIRR tracks, c. 1910
  The earth excavated here was used to elevate the Jamaica LIRR station; a deep channel was left that now goes under Southwoods Road.  This dig created the Swamp, popular in many of our childhoods.  Syosset High School was built near it. 
(photo courtesy of Tom Montalbano)  

SwampSyosset2003.JPG (268618 bytes)


Swamp6_2003.JPG (273622 bytes)

The Swamp, January 5, 2003

rr-oley1a.jpg (65139 bytes)


rr-oley2a.jpg (70137 bytes)

At the LIRR station, c. 1916
Left, Eugene S. Smith, William Knettel, George Carnes (station agent), LuLu Brower, unidentified.
Right, William Knettel, Eugene S. Smith, George Carnes, unidentified, Lonny Brower.
American Legion post #175 on Berry Hill Road was named for Eugene S. Smith, 
 killed in World War I.
(images courtesy of Diane Oley)

part7_commutation_1922.jpg (87732 bytes)

Monthly LIRR commutation ticket September 1920, June 1922 and September 1922,
 good for use between Penn Station in NYC and either Oyster Bay or Syosset

RRUnderpass.jpg (115181 bytes)

1929 photo of the new underpass which eliminated the grade crossing 
at Jericho Turnpike east of Underhill Boulevard
 approximate cost— $150,000 
(photo courtesy of Janette Nilsson)  

rr_1930-n.jpg (39550 bytes)

Rail Road station c. 1930

derail37.jpg (24743 bytes) derail 37-2.jpg (61846 bytes)


derail 37-3.jpg (76089 bytes) tracks with people.jpg (61409 bytes)

Above:  Derailment at the Jackson Avenue crossing, 1937

part7_1939twnsth.jpg (27520 bytes)

View of train station and tracks, looking south, c. 1939, 
(image courtesy of Tom Montalbano)

JacksonAveCars.JPG (65793 bytes)

Traffic jam on Jackson Avenue, c. 1940

  Listen to Joseph Boslet describing traffic in Syosset:  click here:  Traffic


Below:  The day after a derailment near Southwoods Road, 1944


derail4-N.JPG (71282 bytes) march_2005_derailment.jpg (60727 bytes)

LIRR-Derailment-1944-1.jpg (68869 bytes) LIRRDerailment-1944-2.JPG (80883 bytes)


Derail3-N.JPG (72384 bytes) derail2-N.JPG (72971 bytes)

"She [Engine 5406] was assigned to the LIRR in the 40's and was pulling a commuter train west on the Port Jefferson branch right after a terrible rain storm.  Just east of Syosset, she hit a washout and derailed, burying her nose in the sand and breaking off her keystone.  She went back to the Pennsy for rebuilding and 'the beauty treatment'." Richard Glueck (whose father, Harry A. Glueck, a LIRR executive, supervised the cleanup)

TrainEngine-N.JPG (60771 bytes) 218Cldsphill2.jpg (59712 bytes)

Coal-fired steam engine, c. 1930; photo dated Sept. 15, 1944

Commuter train climbing
Cold Spring Hill, c. 1967 
(photo courtesy of Richard Glueck)  

part7_lirr-1946.jpg (89320 bytes)

View of train station June 24, 1946
(purchased from photo collection of Ron Ziel)

LIRR Lions Pin.jpg (81034 bytes)

LIRR pin with Lions Club emblem, c. '50s

part7_SyossetRRStation1957.jpg (41644 bytes)

Rail Road Station 1957
(image courtesy of Michael Mark)

LIRRTimetable_n.jpg (51174 bytes) LIRR_1962-n.jpg (58446 bytes)

 Train schedule, effective 12/15/62, "The Route of the Dashing Commuter"
and Long Island Rail Road train in Syosset, 5/26/62

craigs_taxi.jpg (84277 bytes)

Craig's Taxi, Jackson Avenue at the train station, met the trains for many years.
This ad is from 1962.

SyossetHill.jpg (65044 bytes)

Lirrboxcar.jpg (116078 bytes)

Left, LIRR Diesel Locomotive #20, at "Syosset Hill", 5/11/1964
Right, Syosset boxcar

part7_traintown.jpg (64677 bytes)

Coming through


part7_197=64.jpg (71807 bytes)

LIRR train in Syosset, 1964

st_james_syosset.jpg (74126 bytes)

One-half fare ticket between St. James and Syosset, stamped July 27, 1964

StationPlatform-N.jpg (89355 bytes) Overpass.jpg (232357 bytes)

Train station platform,

Overpass, constructed by Continental Bridge


Syosset LIRR02.jpg (43484 bytes)

Train station from Fire Department parking lot
(photo by Patrick Judge)

Station1970s-N.JPG (97068 bytes)

train.jpg (25903 bytes)

stationblizz03.jpg (220850 bytes)

Left, train station, 1975; Center, train station, 2000 (photo by Michael Mark); 
Right, during the"Blizzard of 2003" (photo by Tom Montalbano)

Blizzard05Town-n.jpg (19444 bytes)

Blizzard05Train-n.jpg (22394 bytes)

Blizzard05Bikes-n.jpg (52676 bytes)

 During the "Blizzard" of 2005
(photos by Tom Montalbano)

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Area Estates

    Listen to Joseph Boslet speaking about the estates; click here:  Estates

butlers_ball_1937.jpg (183113 bytes)

Many local estate workers attended the Butlers' Ball at the Hotel Commodore in New York City, January 13, 1937.
Stella Nowak is in 5th row, 4th from left. 

march_2005_tod_house_pond-n.jpg (48280 bytes)


Tods-Aerial1-N.JPG (87508 bytes) Tods-Aerial-2-N.JPG (78312 bytes)


part7_thistleton.jpg (33666 bytes)

part7_tod_tm.jpg (53754 bytes)

Thistleton, the summer estate of Robert Elliot Tod on Underhill Lane (later Burtis Lane) across from Split Rock School, c. 1945
Houses currently occupy the site.
(top photo courtesy of Stella Nowak Berg; bottom left courtesy of Caroline Nowak Zgutowicz, bottom right, courtesy of Tom Montalbano)

Mr. Tod supported the Thomas E. Dewey campaign against  FDR in 1944.  Two days after the election, Tod shot and killed himself in his bedroom just as his daughter, Katharine, was approaching his door.  His wife, also Katharine, was in the next room but heard nothing as she was hearing impaired.   Aniela Nowak, wife of the estate's superintendent, Thomas Nowak, (and grandmother of Pam Boslet), was  called upon to clean up afterwards.  
"...Roosevelt was a shoo-in for his fourth term and Tod was practical enough to know that.  The reason we have always been given for his death was the Navy’s refusal to let him serve in WWII.  He had been a highly decorated veteran of WWI and the French government gave him their highest civilian award.  He thought his talents should be put to work in WWII but he was too old.  Supposedly he had just received a letter from some junior clerk in Washington telling him that his services were not required."  Richard Jay Hutto, son-in-law of Anne Martin 
(granddaughter of Robert Elliot Tod).

part7_karina1.jpg (35084 bytes) part7_karina2.jpg (56224 bytes)


part7_karina3.jpg (42737 bytes) part7_karina4.jpg (40003 bytes)

Commodore Tod's yacht, Karina, a three-masted schooner, and, at the time, the largest 
pleasure sailing craft ever built in America, was launched April 13, 1911.  Commodore Tod is seen at bottom left.
(photos courtesy of Caroline Nowak Zgutowicz)

part7_burgess_karina3.jpg (179878 bytes)

part7_burgess_karina.jpg (496148 bytes)

part7_burgess_karina2.jpg (217502 bytes)

Karina was sold by Commodore Tod to T. P. Burgess in 1912 who owned it until his death in 1917.
Left, Karina in 1915; Center, Mr. Burgess' daughter Eliz (white hat) on deck off Boston, c. 1915; Right, Mr.  Burgess
(images courtesy of Charles Washburn)

part7_h55388.jpg (92347 bytes)

 Robert E. Tod on board the USS Corsair
Ship's officers and crew posed in mid-1917.   Lieutenant Robert E. Tod, USNRF, first navigating officer, is  seated 4th from left.  The USS Corsair was formerly J. P. Morgan's yacht.
(Naval Historical Center)

RobertElliottTod.jpg (49315 bytes) Todon5thAve.jpg (41949 bytes)

 Left, Robert Elliot Tod
Right, on 5th Avenue, Manhattan,
Mr. Tod holding hand of granddaughter Anne Martin;
wife Katharine and daughter Kay following 
(photos courtesy of Richard Jay Hutto)

march2005_Tod_family.jpg (49488 bytes)

march_2005_katherine_tod_children.jpg (58621 bytes)

march_2005_tods_camera.jpg (66971 bytes)

c. 1938
 Left, Katharine Tod, Robert E. Tod, Katharine "Kay" Tod Martin, children Anne and Helen
Center, Anne, Kay and Helen
 Right, Katharine Tod, Anne Martin and Robert E. Tod with Helen Martin taking a picture.
(photos courtesy of Stella Nowak Berg)

part7_anne_tods.jpg (37683 bytes) part7_anne_martin.jpg (24026 bytes)

 Left, Katharine Tod, Anne Martin, Robert Elliot Tod; right, Anne
(photos courtesy of Caroline Nowak Zgutowicz)

part7_katharine_tod_boat_girls.jpg (43435 bytes) part7_katharine_tod_girls_swing.jpg (33970 bytes)

 Left, Katharine Tod, Helen and Anne Martin; right, Helen, Anne and Katharine
(photos courtesy of Caroline Nowak Zgutowicz)

part7_kay_tod_martin.jpg (125302 bytes) part7_helen_jigs_anne_katharine.jpg (35843 bytes)

 Left, Kay Tod Martin; right, Helen on Jigs, Anne and Kay
(photos courtesy of Caroline Nowak Zgutowicz)

part7_martin_children1.jpg (146167 bytes)

part7_martin_children2.jpg (112672 bytes)

part7_martin_children3.jpg (168609 bytes)

 Left, standing:  Oliver Fox-Pitt and Anne Martin; sitting, Helen Martin and Mervyn Fox-Pitt
Center, Anne (standing) and Helen (sitting)
Right, Oliver, Anne and Helen
The boys, Tod cousins from England, stayed with the Tods for the duration of World War II.
Their father, Gen. Billy Fox-Pitt, was the military attaché to King George VI.
(photos courtesy of Caroline Nowak Zgutowicz)

Stella's--G'ma&4girls-n.jpg (88539 bytes)

Growing up on the Tod Estate, 1922
Aniela Nowak and daughters, Nellie, Caroline, Stella and Agnes
(photo courtesy of Stella Nowak Berg)

Todswell3.jpg (88847 bytes) Todswell.jpg (86093 bytes)

 Tod's well, late '20s
On right,  Ethel, Reginald and Eleanor Greenway
(photos courtesy of Lois Ann Greenway Helser)


TodEstate-Carrie, Stella, Nellie.JPG (99357 bytes)

TodPond-N.jpg (71543 bytes)

TodPond-Nellie, Carrie, Stella.JPG (78331 bytes)

The Nowak sisters at the Tod summer estate c. 1940
 Left, Carrie, Stella and Nellie 
Center, Agnes, Stella and Carrie
 Right, Nellie, Carrie and Stella


Nellie_TodPool.JPG (49202 bytes) Stella_GeorgeBerg_Tods.jpg (127202 bytes)

Left, Nellie Nowak at Tod's pool
Right, George and Stella Nowak Berg
in front of the estate's main house

part7_stella_well.jpg (67604 bytes) part7_carrie_stella_agnes_trees.jpg (84413 bytes)

Left, Stella Nowak Berg
Right, Carrie, Stella and Agnes  
(photos courtesy of Caroline Nowak Zgutowicz)

part7_nowakgroup1.jpg (74407 bytes)

part7_nowakgroup2.jpg (64416 bytes)

part7_nowaks_robin.jpg (60003 bytes)

c. 1943
 Left:  Top,  Agnes Nowak Bastak and John Bastak
Standing:  Caroline Nowak Zgutowicz, Henry Zgutowicz, Thomas Nowak, estate superintendent, unidentified, Nellie Nowak Boslet
Sitting, George Berg and Stella Nowak Berg
Center, Bob Boslet, Caroline Nowak Zgutowicz, Agnes Nowak Bastak, John Bastak, Nellie Nowak Boslet, Stella Nowak Berg,
Thomas Nowak
Children:  Thomas Berg and Robin Boslet
Right, Aniela Nowak, Nellie Nowak Boslet, Caroline Nowak Zgutowicz, Henry Zgutowicz with Robin Boslet, unidentified, Thomas Nowak, Stella Nowak Berg
On ground:  Agnes Nowak Bastak, John Bastak, George Berg

march_2005_tod_pond_with_kids.jpg (34750 bytes)

c. 1938
Tod's Pond and the Martin girls
(photo courtesy of Stella Nowak Berg)


TodPond-Robin.JPG (52350 bytes)

TodPond-NellieandRobin.JPG (109048 bytes)

RonnieLois6.JPG (48211 bytes)

At Tod's Pond
 Left, Robin Boslet, c. 1945;
Center, Robin with mother Nellie, c. 1945;
  Right, Ronnie Berg and Lois Ann Greenway, 1949
(photo courtesy of Lois Ann Greenway Helser)


march_2005_pam_pump_house-n.jpg (47504 bytes)

Ronnie's cat & Pam c.1954-n.jpg (41699 bytes)

march_2005_ronnie_berg_with_bow-n.jpg (61251 bytes)

On the Tod estate, c. 1954
Left, Pam Boslet on top of pump house (which handled the overflow
 from the pond and pool);
Center, Pam with cousin Ronnie Berg's cat;
Right, Ronnie Berg with bow and arrow
The Nowak house on the estate is in the background, in center and right pictures.
(photos courtesy of Stella Nowak Berg)

part7_ronnie_berg_tod_lake.jpg (41945 bytes)

 Ronnie Berg by the lake
(photo courtesy of Caroline Nowak Zgutowicz)

Tod's Field.jpg (190368 bytes)

A field on the northern end of Tod's estate, facing east, 1957
    The fence in the background is parallel to and about 1/4 mile west of Split Rock Road.

Tod's Field with Didi.jpg (69514 bytes)

 Didi Bastak in Tod's field, 1957

part7_nowaks_59.jpg (96020 bytes)

Thomas and Aniela Nowak

part7_tod_estate_pond_view.jpg (85258 bytes)

The Martin Estate
 (courtesy of Caroline Nowak Zgutowicz)

Poppy and Martin girls.jpg (81740 bytes)

Helen Martin on Jigs, John Richard Greenway and Anne Martin near the Martin estate gatehouse driveway off Split Rock Road, c. 1944
(image courtesy of Lois Ann Greenway Helser) 

augustbelmont1.jpg (102596 bytes) augustbelmont2.jpg (56263 bytes)

The Belmont estate was on what became Burtis Lane. 
  The book is With Cortes the Conqueror, by Virginia Watson, 
The Penn Publishing Company, Philadelphia, 1917
and was owned by August Belmont III.
The inscription reads:  "Augie from Dearie Cameron."

part7_belmont_1.jpg (116843 bytes) part7_belmont_2.jpg (119066 bytes)

The Belmont estate's "big house" in the early 2000's

part7_christian_fellowship_house.jpg (88162 bytes)

The Christian Fellowship House, 369 Split Rock Road, formerly
The Franklin Lord Estate

part7_mrs_warner_front.jpg (135260 bytes)

part7_mrs_warner_rear.jpg (135732 bytes)

part7_mrs_warner_plan.jpg (53350 bytes)

Estate of Mrs. E. L. Warner, Split Rock Road
House designed by J. W. O'Connor, Architect

part7_hw_warner_front.jpg (163919 bytes) part7_hw_warner_front_double.jpg (74277 bytes)


part7_hw_warner_rear.jpg (128100 bytes)
part7_hw_warner_plan.jpg (65163 bytes)


Estate of H. W. Warner Esq., Split Rock Road
House designed by J. W. O'Connor, Architect

part7_syosset_estate.jpg (178863 bytes)

Unidentified estate from Boslet photo collection

part7_pony_boy.jpg (193443 bytes)

Unidentified "Pony Boy"  estate unknown

part7_more hounds.jpg (148504 bytes)

Fox hunt;  estate unknown

BurdenPlans.jpg (66577 bytes)

1919 original architectural print of the J. A. Burden house on Muttontown Road
 by Delano and Aldrich, Architects, from the Architectural Review

BurdenEstate2-N.jpg (49431 bytes) BurdenEstate-N.jpg (61549 bytes)

Woodside, the estate of James Abercrombie Burden on Muttontown Road in the 1920s; now the Woodcrest Country Club 
(courtesy of the Frances Loeb Library, Graduate School of Design,
Harvard University)

burden_new.jpg (72158 bytes) WoodsideHounds.jpg (91729 bytes)

Left, sketch of Woodside by Chester B. Price, 1922;
Right, The Meadow Brook Hounds at Woodside Acres, Syosset, Long Island, Thanksgiving Day, 1923, painting by Franklin B. Voss

princewales-new.jpg (101351 bytes)

Elliot Service Company Press wire photograph, dated 1924
 The photo is a composite of the Burden Estate and an informal snapshot made before the Prince of Wales' (far right) visit. 

PrinceofWales-GoldKey.jpg (39370 bytes)

Caption for the above wire photograph:  
 "Prince has golden key to Burden home."

part7_burden_prince.jpg (64825 bytes) part7_Prince-Wales.jpg (45757 bytes)

Left, where the Prince of Wales will stay in America, while attending polo matches at Meadowbrook.
Right, The Prince at the Meadowbrook Club
(image on right, Edward J. Smits, Nassau Suburbia, USA, Friends of the Nassau
County Museum, Syosset, New York 11791, 1974)

part7_prince_new.jpg (55840 bytes)

Click the above image for a Youtube video of the 1924 visit, 
courtesy of Tom Montalbano.




PrinceofWales1924-1.jpg (69462 bytes) PrinceofWales1924-2.jpg (95404 bytes)

Left, the Prince of Wales, later King Edward VIII, and later the Duke of Windsor,
chatting with Jerry Frankel, international news photographer, during the Prince's 1924
 visit to the USA when he stayed at the Burden estate;
Right, the caption (dated 1/21/36) taped to the back of the photo
The Prince "as the most photographed man in the world, knew considerable about cameras
and Frankel was astounded by his technical knowledge."

The Prince of Wales, 1924

part7_burden_garden_gnomes.jpg (59567 bytes)

Garden gnomes given to the Burdens by the Prince of Wales, c. 1924

burden_hicks.jpg (87802 bytes)

Rear view of the Burden estate c. 1925
Advertisement from Hicks' Nurseries in Westbury


Tobin-N.jpg (125640 bytes)

Tobin_Hall-N.JPG (120342 bytes)

TobinHedgedWalk.jpg (84858 bytes)

The Burden Estate became known as Woodside Acres after Burden's widow, the former Florence Adele Sloane (a great-granddaughter of Commodore Cornelius Vanderbilt) married Richard M. Tobin, banker, philanthropist and former Minister to Holland.
The image on right shows a half-mile hedged walk.
(photos left and center, courtesy of The Library of Congress,  Prints and Photographs Division, Gottscho-Schleisner Collection:
    left, LC-G612-38696; center, LC-G612-38727)


WoodsideAcres4.jpg (138167 bytes)

WoodsideAcresSyosset.jpg (34873 bytes)

woodsidefarm.jpg (58218 bytes)

                            Woodside Acres
(left, image courtesy of Virginia Budd Vail Hofstad) 

TobinPasteurizer.jpg (53040 bytes) TobinCooler.jpg (35162 bytes)

TobinRefrigerator.jpg (43798 bytes)

WoodsideAcresMilkBottle.jpg (46803 bytes)

The estate raised cows and sold milk under the name Woodside Acres Inc. 
Left to right:  the estate's pasteurizer, cooler, refrigerator (1941)
(photos courtesy of The Library of Congress,  Prints and Photographs Division,
 Gottscho-Schleisner Collection:
   LC-G612-39517;  LC-G612-39518; LC-G612-39519)
and the product
(courtesy of Michael Katsar)


MrsTobin1.jpg (81506 bytes)

mrstobin2.jpg (132897 bytes)

mrstobin3.jpg (135811 bytes)

More images of Mrs. Tobin's gardens
(James M. Fitch & F. F. Rockwell, Treasury of American Gardens,
Harper & Brothers, New York, 1956)


    Listen to Joseph Boslet on the Burden estate; click here:  Burden Estate


Woodcrest.JPG (84371 bytes) WoodcrestText.JPG (147077 bytes)

Left, the 14th hole of the Woodcrest Club; Right, the history of the Burden/Tobin Estate and the Woodcrest Country Club 
(Dr. Bill Quirin, Golf Clubs of the MGA, Triumph Books, 1997)

part7_woodcrest_match.jpg (15386 bytes) part7_woodcrest_match2.jpg (15256 bytes)

Matchbook cover from the Woodcrest Club

suarezfacade.jpg (92442 bytes)

suarezforecourt.jpg (105727 bytes)

suarezgatehouse.jpg (90873 bytes)

Diego Suarez estate on Muttontown Road
 Left, facade; center, forecourt; Right, gatehouse 
Diego Suarez (1888-1974) was a Colombian-born landscape architect, trained in Florence.
He designed the formal gardens at Vizcaya
, estate of James Deering, in Florida (1914-1916).
Mrs. Suarez was the Chairman of the Citizens Committee for Planned Parenthood in 1939.
(courtesy of the Frances Loeb Library, Graduate School of Design,
Harvard University)

suarez_furntiture.jpg (18431 bytes)

suarez_furntiture2.jpg (21536 bytes)

suarez_furntiture3.jpg (35684 bytes)

From auction catalogue:  Fine XVIII Century English Furniture
Collected by Mrs. Diego Suarez; Removed from "Easton" Syosset, LI, 1951.
(images courtesy of Warren Mills)

Zog-5-N.jpg (17456 bytes)

Knollwood, the Charles Hudson estate on Muttontown Road
It became known as the King Zog estate when the former king of Albania 
purchased it in 1951 for $102,800.  He sold it in 1955 without ever living there. 
(courtesy of Warren Conklin)

HudsonEstate.jpg (122692 bytes) HudsonEstate2.jpg (87191 bytes)

Postcard of the Hudson estate's gates, postmarked 1911 from Syosset
The sender, a visitor to the area, writes, "This is a rotten hole.  It grows worse every day..."

part7_knollwood_barns.jpg (32441 bytes)

The Dairy Barn at Knollwood Farm, c. 1911
This is the front of a postcard postmarked from Syosset, January 21, 1911 from Willard Orr to his mother, Hester Orr.  The writer planned on going to "hear Teddy Monday night."

knollwood_farm.jpg (18914 bytes)

Old dairy utensil engraved "Knollwood Farm, Syosset LI"
"The metal object under Knollwood Estate is a cap pick used for removing the paper caps 
from the old milk bottles."  Michael Katsar
(image courtesy of Larry Chernow)

limestone_becker.jpg (60672 bytes)

1924 ad for Indiana Limestone featuring the Hudson estate
(image courtesy of Steven Becker)

MeadowBrookHounds.JPG (208999 bytes)

Meadow Brook hounds leaving Knollwood, late 1920s 
Thomas Allison, Huntsman for the Meadow Brook Club 1911-1949
is second from right
Whipper Wesley Heflin is on far right..  
(Edward J. Smits, Nassau Suburbia, USA, Friends of the Nassau
County Museum, Syosset, New York 11791, 1974)

Zog-1-N.JPG (105684 bytes) Zog-4-N.JPG (72388 bytes)

Knollwood mansion shortly before it was demolished in 1959 
(Monica Randall, The Mansions of Long Island's Gold Coast,
Hastings House, 1979)

Zog-6-N.jpg (23036 bytes)
Zog-2-N.JPG (57504 bytes)


(Left, courtesy of Warren Conklin; Right, Monica Randall, The Mansions of Long Island's Gold Coast,
Hastings House, 1979)

Zog-3-N.JPG (96096 bytes)

Zog-7-N.jpg (15526 bytes)



(Left, Monica Randall, The Mansions of Long Island's Gold Coast,
Hastings House, 1979; Right, courtesy of Warren Conklin)


knollwoodruin-new.jpg (57023 bytes)

The Knollwood ruins above are now a part of the Muttontown Preserve.

part7_zog_gates.jpg (110126 bytes)

Entrance to King Zog's Estate, summer 2006
(image courtesy of Michael Mark)

Moore_Estate_new_1.jpg (24261 bytes)

Moore_Estate_new_2.jpg (14958 bytes)

Moore_Estate_new_3.jpg (16893 bytes)

Chelsea, the Benjamin Moore summer estate in Muttontown
June 6, 1933
Benjamin Moore was the great, great grandson of Clement Moore, who wrote the famous poem, “’Twas The Night Before Christmas.”
The cobblestones used around this mansion were brought from the
 Chelsea section of Manhattan.  
Moore's widow, Alexandra, lived there until her death at 89 in 1983.
Chelsea now houses the Nassau County Office of Cultural Development
(photos courtesy of The Library of Congress,  Prints and Photographs Division, Gottscho-Schleisner Collection,
    Left:  entrance facade, LC-G612-19996; Center, house from moat, LC-G612-19981; 
 Right, house from court, LC-G612- 19895)

part7_mcdonald.jpg (97758 bytes)

The McDonald Estate

part7_delano.jpg (67800 bytes)

W. A. Delano, Esq.


part7_egerton_winthrop.jpg (49623 bytes)

part7_egerton_winthrop2.jpg (53534 bytes)

part7_egerton_winthrop3.jpg (57501 bytes)

part7_egerton_winthrop4.jpg (44560 bytes)

Muttontown Meadows, built in 1904
Estate of Egerton Winthrop Jr and Emmeline Heckscher Winthrop
Mr. Winthrop was an attorney, philanthropist and, at one time, the President of the NYC Board of Education.
Mrs. Winthrop was a social activist and
The estate is now Nassau Hall, part of the Muttontown preserve

part7_willock_1.jpg (78745 bytes) part7_willock2.jpg (45778 bytes)


part7_willock3.jpg (56498 bytes) part7_willock4.jpg (47362 bytes)

Willock Estate Railroad, 1950's
The William Willock estate was on Muttontown Road.
Mr. Willock maintained his private railroad there and was always glad to give visitors a tour.
(images courtesy of Gregg Mahlkov

part7_dusenberg_willock.jpg (368622 bytes)

1935 Duesenberg Model J restored
                Originally owned by Mrs. William W. Willock 


George S. Brewster Estate, Muttontown
1914 Georgian-style mansion
William McAuliffe, caretaker
Now the Hoffman Center
Nature Preserve and Wildlife Sanctuary
  (image courtesy of Maureen McAuliffe Smith)

part7_mallow1.jpg (42703 bytes) part7_mallow2.jpg (39879 bytes)


part7_mallow6.jpg (33486 bytes) part7_mallow7.jpg (26745 bytes)


part7_mallow3.jpg (27011 bytes)

part7_mallow4.jpg (24669 bytes)

part7_mallow5.jpg (14319 bytes)

The Estate of Walter Farwell (now the East Woods School)
Top left, courtesy of Warren Mills
Middle, courtesy of The Library of Congress, Prints and Photographs Division, Gottscho-Schleisner Collection:  LC-G612-45075-74
Bottom, LC-G612-45078-77-76

part7_henry_coe_1.jpg (79023 bytes) part7_henry_coe_3.jpg (82962 bytes)


part7_henry_coe_2.jpg (139562 bytes) part7_henry_coe_plan.jpg (47413 bytes)


part7_henry_coe_library.jpg (81247 bytes) part7_henry_coe_library2.jpg (122047 bytes)

The Estate of Henry E. Coe Jr, c.1930
North Hempstead Turnpike
Mr. Coe was an independent stockbroker.  The house was designed by Roger H. Bullard, Architect.


part7_mccannfam.jpg (92745 bytes)

Charles McCann and family of Sunken Orchard

part7_mcann2.jpg (30553 bytes) part7_mcann5.jpg (23170 bytes)


part7_mcann1.jpg (34453 bytes)

part7_mcann3.jpg (243376 bytes)

part7_mcann4.jpg (252360 bytes)

Sunken Orchard
Off Berry Hill Road, Oyster Bay Cove
The Estate of Charles E. F. McCann and Helena Woolworth McCann
Top left, Playhouse garden looking back to music room, May 9, 1936, courtesy of The Library of Congress, Prints and Photographs Division, Gottscho-Schleisner Collection:  LC-G612-26583
Top right, General view, music room to balcony, July 24, 1931, LC-G612-16649
Bottom left, Detail steps and ivy, Sept. 5, 1931, LC-G612-16647
Bottom center and right, formal gardens, 

courtesy of the Frances Loeb Library, Graduate School of Design, Harvard University

The Sunken Orchard "music room" and 25 acres became in 1951 
The Playhouse, country home of
William "Billy" Woodward Jr., financier, industrialist and owner of the famed 
racehorse, Nashua, and Ann Crowell Woodward, former Powers model and radio entertainer.
On October 30, 1955, Ann killed Billy in a tragic accident, thinking she was shooting at a prowler.
The Playhouse is now owned by The Society of St. Pius V.

part7_woodwardnow.jpg (80499 bytes) part7_woodward_now2.jpg (84221 bytes)

The former Woodward estate in 2008

Bruce EstatePath-N.jpg (58838 bytes)

David K. E. Bruce estate on Southwoods Road at Jericho Turnpike,
now the Oyster Bay Town Golf Course 
(courtesy of the Frances Loeb Library, Graduate School of Design,
Harvard University)

BruceEstateGarden1-N.jpg (60063 bytes) BruceGarden2-N.jpg (41661 bytes)

David K. E. Bruce estate, formal garden and garden 
(courtesy of the Frances Loeb Library, Graduate School of Design,
Harvard University)

Ailsa Mellon Bruce (Mrs. David K. E. Bruce)
Portrait by Philip Alexius de Laszlo, Ailsa Mellon Bruce Collection, National Gallery of Art
For a larger version, please go to the National Gallery of Art web site.   

TobayGolfCourse.jpg (341504 bytes) TobayText.JPG (295583 bytes)

Left, the 4th hole of the Oyster Bay Town Golf Course;
Right, some history of the Bruce estate and the course 
(Dr. Bill Quirin, Golf Clubs of the MGA, Triumph Books, 1997)


little_ipswich_new.jpg (121177 bytes)


LittleIpswich.jpg (87922 bytes) ChalmersWoodHall.JPG (68332 bytes)


ChalmersWoodLibrary.JPG (161567 bytes) ChalmersWoodBedroom.JPG (139270 bytes)

Little Ipswich, c. 1943, home of Chalmers and Ruby Ross Wood on Syosset-Woodbury Road
Chalmers Wood was a stockbroker and member of the exclusive Knickerbocker Club.
   Ruby Ross Wood was the noted interior designer.
Mr. Wood's  son (from his first marriage to Katherine Turnbull), Chalmers Benedict Wood,
 served in the U.S. State Department in the Kennedy administration. 
As of 2003, although long gone, Little Ipswich was still on the post office list of places using zip code 11791.

Below, recently discovered memorabilia of the Wood Estate and Ruby Ross Wood: 


part7_primrosepath1a.jpg (355041 bytes)

The Primrose Path

part7_primrosepath2a.jpg (62323 bytes)

part7_little_ips1.jpg (195807 bytes)

part7_little_ips2.jpg (43234 bytes)

part7_little_ips3.jpg (70784 bytes)

part7_little_ips4.jpg (143130 bytes)

part7_little_ips5.jpg (178928 bytes)

part7_little_ips6.jpg (70183 bytes)

part7_little_ips7.jpg (59978 bytes)

part7_rubywood1a.jpg (186946 bytes)

part7_rubywood2.jpg (117683 bytes)


part7_rubywood3.jpg (60931 bytes)


part7_rubywood4.jpg (75413 bytes)




ogden_l_mills.jpg (80307 bytes)

Estate of Ogden Livingston Mills, United States Treasurer

The estate is now the Woodbury Country Club.
 (courtesy of the Frances Loeb Library, Graduate School of Design,
Harvard University)

part7_ogdenlivingstonmillsestate.jpg (71997 bytes)

Estate of Ogden Livingston Mills, rear view
 (courtesy of Elliott Thau)


part7_FrederickRKingResidence1.jpg (40172 bytes)


part7_FrederickRKingResidence2.jpg (32297 bytes) part7_FrederickRKingResidence3.jpg (33377 bytes)


part7_FrederickRKingResidence4.jpg (20748 bytes) part7_FrederickRKingResidence5.jpg (15583 bytes)


part7_FrederickRKingResidence6.jpg (21400 bytes) part7_FrederickRKingResidence7.jpg (25095 bytes)

Frederick R. King Residence 
678 Woodbury Road, July 20, 1959
(images from the Gottscho-Schleisner Collection courtesy of Elliott Thau)

part1_hoyt.jpg (150424 bytes)


part7_hoyt1.jpg (47491 bytes)

Mulberry Corner
Residence of Lydig Hoyt 

HarkAway.jpg (76816 bytes)

Hark Away, the home of Mrs. Elisabeth T. Babcock in Woodbury 
(photo courtesy of Hal Muskat)


babcockinterior3-N.jpg (87260 bytes) babcockinterior4-N.jpg (101988 bytes)


babcockinterior1-N.jpg (88590 bytes) babcockinterior2-N.jpg (87088 bytes)


babcockinterior5-N.jpg (88700 bytes) babcockinterior6-N.jpg (78218 bytes)

 The interior of the Babcock estate c. 1927


babcock_illustrations_2.jpg (27383 bytes) babcock_illustrations_1.jpg (55392 bytes)


babcock_illustrations_5.jpg (70142 bytes) babcock_illustrations_6.jpg (63137 bytes)


babcock_illustrations_3.jpg (47188 bytes)

babcock_illustrations_7.jpg (81470 bytes)

babcock_illustrations_4.jpg (43424 bytes)

Just Hunting, by Harry T. Peters and illustrated by Betty Babcock, 1935
Five of Mrs. Babcock's illustrations are shown above.
Note especially the fox hunts on Jackson Avenue and Underhill lane on the Tod estate (later Burtis Lane), bottom left and center.

expandable_pig1.jpg (54332 bytes) expandable_pig2.jpg (65904 bytes)

Betty Babcock, The Expandable Pig, Charles Scribner's Sons, New York, 1949
The inscription to Robin Boslet reads: 
 "To Robin with the affectionate regard of 'Pig' and Betty Babcock Feb. 19, 1950"


ElisabethBabcock.JPG (40114 bytes) BabcockBio.JPG (76165 bytes)

 Elisabeth T. Babcock and her biography 
(Hark Away:  The Estate of Elisabeth T. Babcock of Woodbury, Long Island, Skinner Bolton, MA, 1985)

BabcockEstate.JPG (61665 bytes) LivingstonTable.JPG (68052 bytes)

 Left, cover of Hark Away, the Estate of Elisabeth T. Babcock 
Right, the "Livingston Table", a classical revival rosewood and mahogany card table,
c. 1815, passed down to Mrs. Babcock through her family 
(Hark Away:  The Estate of Elisabeth T. Babcock of Woodbury, Long Island, Skinner Bolton, MA, 1985)

BabcockAuction-1.JPG (86039 bytes) BabcockAuction-2.JPG (85318 bytes)

 Contents of Hark Away, at auction in November 1985 
(Hark Away:  The Estate of Elisabeth T. Babcock of Woodbury, Long Island, Skinner Bolton, MA, 1985)

RBosletLetterfromETBabcock.JPG (88312 bytes)

Letter from Mrs. Babcock to Robert Boslet, 1963

part7_gair_estate1.jpg (70277 bytes)

part7_gair_estate2.jpg (60471 bytes)

part7_gair_estate3.jpg (71339 bytes)

Rooms in the Robert Gair Jr. estate, 1926
Mr. Gair's father accidentally invented the corrugated cardboard boxin 1870.

hrwinthrophouse-n.jpg (87115 bytes) winthrop-tennis.jpg (53944 bytes)

 The Henry Rogers Winthrop estate
Juneau Boulevard off Jericho Turnpike
While the mansion, left, was destroyed by fire in 1964, the Tennis House (right) remains today at the Gates of Woodbury
The estate was around the corner from Hark Away.
H. R. Winthrop's wife was Alice Woodward Babcock, who may have been related to Elisabeth Babcock's husband.
(image of the mansion, courtesy of Elliott Thau)


part7_bronson.jpg (38467 bytes)

The Bronson Winthrop Estate

Houses_Goodwin_1925.jpg (77053 bytes) part9_goodwin_new.jpg (43592 bytes)

Philip L. Goodwin's home, c. 1925, designed by himself
A prominent architect, his estate was between Jericho Turnpike and Woodbury Road off Piquet Lane.  The main entrance was at what became 7980 Jericho Turnpike.

stables.jpg (51818 bytes)


J. Watson Webb's horse stables, c. 1924
Webb was a world-famous left-handed polo player
His estate later became the Tinker estate.


Boccafola_WoodburyFarms-N.jpg (40425 bytes)


BoccafolaLicense.jpg (75562 bytes)

Left, the Boccafola home on Woodbury Farms (on the Edward Tinker estate, Jericho Turnpike) 
This 1959 photo shows James and Donald Boccafola on the Farmall tractor.
The house is now the site of a handball and basketball court
in the Syosset-Woodbury Community Park.
Right, Alfred Boccafola's chauffer's license, c. late '50s
Mr. Boccafola was the superintendent of Woodbury Farms.
(images courtesy of Joyce Boccafola Michels)


SyossetGameFarm-n.jpg (109454 bytes)


part7_woodbury-farms.jpg (17681 bytes)

Left, early advertisement for the Syosset Game Farm, which became Woodbury Farms (right,  cover of 1938 price list) 
Pheasants, cranes, turkeys, ducks, and geese were sold, probably primarily to the large estates.

tinkerspond2002.JPG (96025 bytes)


tinkerspond2-2002.jpg (116567 bytes)

Tinker's Pond, May 2002 

(photos courtesy of Bob Zito)

CommunityCenter.JPG (109140 bytes)

A portion of the Tinker estate became the Syosset-Woodbury Community Center

part11_stevens_hunt.jpg (74935 bytes)

Joseph Stevens estate at Jericho
A meet of the Meadowbrook Foxhounds
Mr. Foxhall Keene, M.F.H in the centre.
From Harper's Weekly, June 4, 1904

part7_coe1.jpg (73400 bytes)


part7_coe2.jpg (97794 bytes)


part7_coe4.jpg (79828 bytes)


part7_coe5.jpg (88989 bytes)


part7_coe7.jpg (71531 bytes)

Scenes from
Planting Fields Arboretum State Historic Park,
the former estate of William Robertson Coe

part7_planting_SDC1055.jpg (241184 bytes)

Planting Fields scene
(courtesy of Michael Mark)


part11_westbury_house.jpg (108567 bytes)


part7_phipps_new.jpg (69554 bytes)

Westbury House, completed in 1906
Old Westbury Gardens, 71 Old Westbury Rd.
It was the  home of John S. Phipps, his wife, Margarita Grace Phipps and their four children. 

Below, Otto Kahn's Oheka Castle

 "Following Kahn's death in 1934, the property was sold to the City of New York City for use as a retreat for sanitation workers and then was a government training school for merchant marine radio operators.  In 1941 Orson Welles filmed the exterior and gardens to serve as the home of Charles Foster Kane in "Citizen Kane."  In the late 1940s, an upscale housing development was constructed and in 1948, Eastern Military Academy (EMA) purchased the mansion and 23 acres around it.  By the time the school went bankrupt 30 years later, the gardens had been bulldozed, rooms subdivided and paneled walls painted over.  Following the departure of EMA, vandals repeatedly set fire to the building, however, because Kahn had insisted on fireproofing the building, through a concrete, brick and steel structure, the building survived.  In 1984 a local developer purchased the estate for $1.5 million and began the largest private renovation project in the United States."  Wikipedia

The Kahn estate is now Oheka Castle Hotel and Estate.


kahn2.jpg (30934 bytes)

Otto Hermann Kahn
(DN-0089252, Chicago Daily News negatives collection, Chicago Historical Society)

kahn.jpg (63990 bytes)


kahn7.jpg (52577 bytes)


kahn6.jpg (57642 bytes)


kahn8.jpg (46298 bytes)


kahn3.jpg (43897 bytes)


kahn5.jpg (55676 bytes)

(above images of Oheka, courtesy of the Frances Loeb Library, Graduate School of Design, Harvard University)


part7_okeka_milk.jpg (63597 bytes)

Vintage bottle cap from the Okeka Dairy

part7_sanitalodge2.jpg (666651 bytes) part7_sanitalodge.jpg (175225 bytes)

 Article from the Monday, July 10, 1939 issue of the New York Times
 On July 9, 1939 the Otto Kahn estate was open to the N.Y. City sanitation workers who had recently purchased Oheka.  They owned Oheka for less than a year. 
(images  courtesy of Elliott Thau)


part7_sanitanew1.jpg (159637 bytes)

part7_sanitalodge3.jpg (135149 bytes)

part7_sanitanew2.jpg (193839 bytes)

 July 9, 1939: The sanitation workers and their families on the Oheka grounds, renamed "Sanita". 
(images  courtesy of Elliott Thau)


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