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 Part Two


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Lollipop Farm

Sports, Clubs and Organizations


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part2_memorial_day_1941.jpg (67928 bytes)

The first Memorial Day Parade was in 1941.  This article from the Long Islander July 5, 1941 provides information.
(image courtesy of Tom Montalbano)



MemorialDay-6.jpg (29631 bytes)

Parade2-N.JPG (114326 bytes)

memday5.jpg (24574 bytes)


Parade3-N.JPG (107989 bytes)

memday2.jpg (25603 bytes)

memday3.jpg (26032 bytes)


parade1.jpg (26832 bytes)

memday4.jpg (28045 bytes)

MemDay-7.jpg (114213 bytes)


MemDayNew.JPG (94971 bytes)

MemDayNew-2.JPG (101857 bytes)

MemorialDayGirlScouts.jpg (113306 bytes)

(photo courtesy of Sally Anne Lynch)


MemorialDay70s.jpg (61137 bytes)

MemorialDay1975-2.jpg (116906 bytes)

MemorialDay1975-3.jpg (97181 bytes)


MemorialDay1975-4.jpg (49323 bytes)

MemorialDay1975-5.jpg (78708 bytes)

Memday65.jpg (244837 bytes)

(1965 photo courtesy of Tom Montalbano)

Memorial Day,1951
Left, marchers.  Mrs. Bannard is the Brownie leader.  Stephanie Ferri is looking back. Right, Gail Barnum, John Barnum and Tony Ferri
(images courtesy of Stephanie Ferri Green)

part2_parade_1953.jpg (62315 bytes)

Memorial Day Parade 1953
Brownie Troop marching south past the Carnival Room on Jackson Avenue
(image courtesy of Stephanie Ferri Green)

Left, Memorial Day,1958
Right, 1959, with Syosset High School Marching Band
Both show marchers coming down Dawes Ave. to Jackson Ave. 
(images courtesy of Charles Weidig)

Memorial Day,1961
Left, Syosset High School Marching Band.  Willis Netter, Director.
Directly to Mr. Netter's right is Ray Orobona on snare drum.  Behind Ray is Donald Gwynne on bass drum, behind Don is Fritz Weinrich on trombone. Also pictured are Linda Banvard and John Duffy.  The majorettes are probably Donya Gerber and M. Wilson.
Right, Ray Orobona and John Duffy playing the marching cadence.  To Ray's right in the picture is Meg Glueck.
(images courtesy of Ray Orobona

part2_fdx.jpg (93642 bytes)

 Christmas Parade, 1963


Parades-E584MD1978.jpg (85719 bytes)

Parades-SyossetMemorialDay_1980_1.jpg (68861 bytes)

Parades-SyossetMemorialDay_1980_2.jpg (53858 bytes)

Syosset fire trucks in the Memorial Day parade
Left, 1978
(photo by William Judge)
Center and right, 1980 (photos by Jeanne Langion Judge)


part2_parade_1982.jpg (62536 bytes)

 Memorial Day,1982
(photo courtesy of Diane Oley)


Left, color guard and the SHS marching band, early '60s
(image courtesy of Richard De Asla)
Right, 2002
(from the Residents For a More Beautiful Syosset website)



Click here:  Memorial Day, late '50s

(courtesy of Doug Klein)


Memorial Day, 2008



Above, Memorial Day parades


FD-Engine584_William Judge_1958.jpg (84752 bytes)

 Fireman William Judge driving Engine 584, 
Hicksville Labor Day parade, 1958
(image courtesy of Patrick Judge)

Parade-Hicksville-N.JPG (93877 bytes)

Parade-Hicksville2-N.JPG (94010 bytes)

Parade-Hicksville3-N.JPG (112703 bytes)

Syosset fire trucks in the Labor Day parade, Hicksville, 1975


Parades-5thBattalion_1986_Syosset_2.jpg (93849 bytes) Parades-5thBattalion_1986_Syosset_1.jpg (92986 bytes)

Syosset fire trucks in the Fire Department 5th Battalion Parade, Syosset, 1986
(photos by William Judge)


Parades_Hicksville1989_1.jpg (65327 bytes)

Parades_Hicksville1989_2.jpg (62225 bytes)

Parades_Hicksville1989_3.jpg (64018 bytes)

Syosset Fire Department in the Hicksville Labor Day parade, 1989
(photos by Patrick Judge)

LittleLeagueParade-N.jpg (23811 bytes)

Little League Parade, 1954:   John Delin and Chip Harrison, tipping hats, Bill Eaton looking toward parked cars, 
Coach Pierce, Mgr. Fred Bolk

LittleLeagueParade2-N.jpg (32512 bytes)

Hanging out at the Little League Parade, c. 1955

Tom Bolk, Jack Erickson, John Delin, ?, Buddy Norris, ?

thralls_joan_morrison_majorette_1959.jpg (74173 bytes)

thralls_majorettes_marchingband_1960.jpg (64411 bytes)

Parades in 1959 and 1960
Left, majorettes 
  Joan Morrison, head majorette; Debbie Eddy, Jayne Ann Mierisch,
 Donya Gerber, Betty Henn
Right, Pat Lutz, Debbie Eddy and Jayne Ann Mierisch, majorettes;
Edwin "Andy" Netter in white uniform;
Elinore Abravanel on snare drum;
John Duffy on tom-tom
(photos courtesy of Priscilla Thralls King)

part2_marrinan.jpg (38484 bytes)

Syosset High School majorettes in a parade c. 1960,
Joan Morrison, head majorette
(image courtesy of Stephen Marrinan)

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Lollipop Farm

  Lollipop Farm, a petting zoo on Jericho Turnpike, was Syosset's main attraction for many years. 
"It was founded and developed by Harry and Alice Sweeny, and opened in June of 1950.  The location was the old Jackson Farm, which also had been a stagecoach stop.  The building with the steeple had been an icehouse, ice being cut from the pond.  Our barn was for the horses, and the old Nichols Hardware building just west of it was the old carriage barn.   My dad was the Asst. General Director at the Bronx Park Zoo in the 40s, and he designed their Children's Zoo.  Lollipop Farm finally closed after finding homes for all the animals in 1967 and Mom and Dad retired to Pennsylvania."  Eva Sweeny Mancuso

Click above for Video!
(courtesy of, and thanks to Paul Saur)


LollipopMap.jpg (71458 bytes)

lolli_pin_new.jpg (37345 bytes)

part2_lolli_pin_2.jpg (73209 bytes)

Postcard and pins


Icehouse2.jpg (84105 bytes) IceHouse_Lewis.JPG (106938 bytes)

The old icehouse on the Jackson property, c. 1940, which later became the Steeple House at Lollipop Farm 
The road in front (left) is Jericho Turnpike.
(Left, photo courtesy of Maureen McAuliffe Smith
Right, Cyril A. Lewis, Historical Long Island  Paintings and Sketches,
The Long Island Forum, Westhampton Beach, N.Y., 1964)


lollytrain.JPG (40735 bytes)

LollyNew.jpg (24476 bytes)

lollipopbooth.jpg (134587 bytes)


Lolli-kids.JPG (110161 bytes)

Lollipopfarm-ducks.jpg (182573 bytes)

Lollipoppostcard.JPG (166323 bytes)

part2_lolli_santa.jpg (36490 bytes)

Postcards of the late, great Lollipop Farm on Jericho Turnpike, c. 1950s
The train engineer is John Dryfuss.

part2_ferri_johnD.jpg (99545 bytes)

1951. John Dryfuss with Stephanie and Tony Ferri
(image courtesy of Stephanie Ferri Green)

part2_LollFarmJan52.jpg (52984 bytes)

Advertisement 1952 
(image courtesy of Tom Montalbano)

part2_dianeoley.jpg (98214 bytes)

Diane Vanstane Oley, 1953
(photo courtesy of Diane Oley)

part2_stephie_lollipop.jpg (28494 bytes)

part2_stephie_lollipop2.jpg (39147 bytes)

Stephie Ferri, 1953
(images courtesy of Stephanie Ferri Green)

part2_dk.jpg (36920 bytes)

part2_dk2.jpg (20024 bytes)

Doug Knowlton, Norma and Mildred Wood
(images courtesy of Doug Knowlton)

part2_lolli_article.jpg (192396 bytes)

 From the General Outdoor, 1954
(courtesy of Tom Montalbano)

LolliTrain-Abbe1.jpg (50739 bytes) LolliTrain-Abbe2.jpg (39478 bytes)

The Lollipop Farm train, John Dryfuss and kids, c. 1954 
(photos by Kathryn Abbe) 

part2_potus_twins.jpg (225215 bytes)

Potus Twins 7th Birthday Party
Standing: Lynn Kachner, Gerry Potus, Linda McManus, Nancy Eastman, Jackie Potus
Linda Snyder, Lynn Holthausen (?)
Sitting: Carol Johnson, Martha Ostham, Marie and Geraldine Bressel, Joanne and Maureen Burke, Audrey Oliver, Marie Place
(courtesy of Gerry Potus)

LollySteeple-N.JPG (89911 bytes)

The Steeple House at Lollipop Farm

Below:  Lollipop Farm by Alice Vee Sweeny, 1950
Illustrations by Kathleen Elgin

Lollipopfarm-1.JPG (48295 bytes) Lollipopfarm-2.JPG (24241 bytes) lolly.jpg (87887 bytes) Lollipopfarm-3.JPG (38580 bytes) Lollipopfarm-4.JPG (38174 bytes)

Lollipopfarm-5.JPG (78340 bytes) Lollipopfarm-6.JPG (78437 bytes) Lollipopfarm-7.JPG (87887 bytes)

Lollipopfarm-8.JPG (77441 bytes) Lollipopfarm-9.jpg (81683 bytes) Lollipopfarm-10.JPG (72182 bytes)

Lollipopfarm-11.JPG (78693 bytes) Lollipopfarm-12.JPG (83242 bytes) Lollipopfarm-13.JPG (77831 bytes)

Lollipopfarm-15.JPG (82024 bytes) Lollipopfarm-14.JPG (91623 bytes) Lollipopfarm-16.JPG (51689 bytes)

Lollipop.jpg (62465 bytes)

Bobbibut_Pedro2.jpg (71077 bytes)

bucky.jpg (87345 bytes)

part2_lollipop_lalla.jpg (51182 bytes)

Lollipop Farm booklets by Alice Vee Sweeny, 1950s

Lollipopandbabies.JPG (142150 bytes) Tommy-Inca-LollipopFarm.JPG (140659 bytes)

Left, Lollipop and her babies; Right, Tommy-Inca, the proud llama

Lollideer.jpg (48584 bytes)

Wooden wall note holder, c. '50s
The decal on bottom reads "Lollipop Farm, Syosset, Long Island, New York."

part2_lf_ashtray.jpg (83895 bytes)

Vintage ashtray


lolli_sign.jpg (30160 bytes)

 Vintage bumper sticker



lf_pennant.jpg (44984 bytes)

part2_pennantlolli.jpg (54858 bytes)

Vintage pennants



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Sports, Clubs and Organizations




part2_bev_francisgym1.jpg (76752 bytes)

part2_bev_francisgym2.jpg (85162 bytes)

Bev Francis Powerhouse Gym 2014
Right, Carl Delin
(images courtesy of Carl Delin)

syossetvshicksville1.jpg (46706 bytes)

syossetvshicksville3.jpg (48872 bytes)

syossetvshicksville2.jpg (44300 bytes)

Hicksville vs. Syosset softball game (no gloves) September 7, 1931. 
 Charlie Rynsky is the runner for Syosset.  In left and center, the man covering the base wears a Hicksville Chiefs shirt.  This could have been a game after the Labor Day Parade in Hicksville.
Note:  Men seated atop fire truck, crank handle to start fire truck engine,
 young man wearing knickers, firemen in uniforms. 
(images courtesy of Mary Wencko Gaida)

SyossetFederals-N.JPG (92473 bytes) SyossetBallClub.jpg (114488 bytes)

Left, the Syosset Federals 
(photo courtesy of Tom Montalbano)
Right, the Syosset Ball Club, 1936 Long Island Champions
 Dan Lynch, manager, front row center wearing tie, Frank Manarel, back row, third from right
Picture taken at Summers' Field 
(photo courtesy of Sally Anne Lynch)


SyossetBaseball-300dpi.JPG (61764 bytes)

BirchSmithBaseball.JPG (111100 bytes)

part2_summers_field_baseball.jpg (50316 bytes)

7-11.jpg (88718 bytes)

1937 baseball game at Summers' Field, bordered by
Berry Hill Road, East Street and North Street
 Became the site of a 7-11, bottom

part2_zabel.jpg (38990 bytes)

Gary Zabel (left) of the Syosset Little League, V.F.W. Vets, 1953
(and Walter Bailey?)
(image courtesy of Gary Zabel)

part2_delin_LL_in_uniform2.jpg (33774 bytes)

John Delin of the Syosset Little League, Specialties Inc. Team (originally called the Specialists), 1953

LittleLeague-N.JPG (55920 bytes)

LittleLeague2N.jpg (26518 bytes)

Syosset Little League certificate, 1953

Syosset Little League award, 1955

syosset_advance_1955_little_league._records-n.jpg (61381 bytes)

Syosset Little League statistics, Syosset Advance, June 1955;

Team standings, leading batters and pitchers

syosset_pony_league_1955.jpg (118540 bytes)

Syosset Pony League box score of a no-hitter by Phil Lynch, Syosset Advance, June 1955
Notes:  The text and the team captions are in error; Phil pitched for the Vamps against Fieldwood.  Third baseman "Givas" is Tommy Ginas.

part2_bankers57.jpg (121192 bytes)

 Syosset Little League 1957 team, the Bankers
First row:  unidentified, Emery Dessofy, unidentified, Jim De Jesu, George Graf
Back row:  Mr. Johnson, Dennis Callahan, Ralph Willard, B. Izzo, unidentified, Pete Morrison
(image courtesy of Jim De Jesu)

part2_little_league_dinner_57_1.jpg (49602 bytes)

part2_little_league_dinner_57_2.jpg (49249 bytes)

Ticket to Syosset Little League dinner, Dec. 1957
Autographs on back:  Dusty Rhodes of the New York Giants and Jackie Farrell, Public Relations Director of the New York Yankees
(images courtesy of Jim De Jesu)

part2_st_ed_baseball2.jpg (51276 bytes)

part2_st_ed_baseball.jpg (45462 bytes)

St. Edwards' CYO Little League, 1957
Left, Tony Ferri (SHS '66) is third from left.
Right, Tony Ferri at bat.
(images courtesy of Stephanie Ferri Green


part2_cards.jpg (94681 bytes)

 Syosset Cards, 1957
Top row: 
Bob Rutzel (1st), Al Boccafola (2nd), George Wyer (3rd), Bill Hogue (4th),
Dennis Wolownik (5th), Charles Jameson (7th)
 Second row:
Bill Eaton (1st),
Bottom row: Mike Ries (2nd), Lenny Hershkovitz (4th), Bob Harrison, (5th)
(courtesy of Michael Ries)

 Syosset South Little League Team, c. 1957
:Howie Ries (SHS '65) back row, far right.
(courtesy of Michael Ries)

Panthers1962St.EdwardsCYOreduced.jpg (60894 bytes)

 St. Edwards' 1962 CYO baseball team, The Panthers
They came in 2nd place that year.
First row:  Patrick English (1st), Stephen Fricker (2nd), Richard Ballantine (4th)
(image courtesy of Stephen Fricker)

part2_TheRobins.jpg (89329 bytes)

Syosset Little League c. 63 team, the Robins, City Champs 
Standing next to coach, far right is Jack Vanderveer.
Kneeling far right is Jerry Cisenius.
(image courtesy of Jerry Cisenius)

SyossetLLBat.jpg (25087 bytes)

Bat from Little League Sectional Tournament, Syosset 1968

part2_JCPenneybaseball.jpg (156945 bytes)

Syosset Little League c. early '70s team, JC Penney 
Top row from left, Joshua Weider, 2nd, Steve Griffin. 3rd.
(image courtesy of Steve Griffin)

north_syosset_little_league_1977.jpg (79457 bytes)

Former N. Y.  Mets star Ed Kranepool presents an award to Lucien Forte and Mark Gehrke at the North Syosset Little League Dinner, 10/21/77.
Supervisor Colby, Councilman Ken Diamond and Gordon Duncan, V.P. of the league, look on.

SyossetBase_N.jpg (34769 bytes)

Vintage "emo" baseball jersey


Below, four images of football somewhere in Syosset, c. 1930s


SyossetFootball.JPG (107122 bytes)


SyossetFootball-2.JPG (110609 bytes)


SyossetFootball-3.JPG (72730 bytes)


SyossetFootball-4.JPG (85606 bytes)

part2_mosesH.jpg (29703 bytes)

Moses D. Hallett
Tackle at Harvard, 1939.

part2_ries1a.jpg (91384 bytes)

 Syosset-Woodbury Colts football team 1956
:Front Row:  Bill Baldwin, head coach, Rick Failer, Billy Baldwin, Mike Ries, Steve Denes, Larry Beer,
Chip Harrison, Fred Harris, Ted Hochman, Steve Repetti, line coach.
Second Row:  John Farraday, 
Jack Erickson, Russ McCall, Menard Doswell, Walter Bailey, Tom Bolk,
Steve Repetti, Clyde Pinebird, Larry Folb, Bob Farrall, head line coach.
Third Row:  Steve Failer, line coach, George Casey, backfield coach, Steve Leksutin,
Tom Harrison, Bruce Pecheur, Richard Vallary, Dennis Wolownik, Jim O'Connor, George Wyer,
Jon Tedeschi, Lee Vanderdrift, Bob Plessner, line coach.
(courtesy of Michael Ries)

part2_spartans_team.jpg (112911 bytes)

 Syosset Spartans 1956
Midget Football
:(courtesy of Shirlee Sarver Iacono)

part2_spartans_cheer_twirl.jpg (115495 bytes)

 Spartans' Cheerleaders and Twirlers 1956
: (courtesy of Shirlee Sarver Iacono)

part2_spartans_front.jpg (59677 bytes) part2_spartans_back.jpg (74127 bytes)


part2_spartans_forward.jpg (53205 bytes)

part2_spartans_rosters.jpg (78393 bytes)

part2_spartans_schedule.jpg (39331 bytes)

 Spartans' Program 1956
Top left:  Front cover Top right:  Back Cover
Bottom left:  Forward, Bottom center: Rosters, Bottom right: Schedule
(imgages courtesy of Shirlee Sarver Iacono)

part2_Syossetitems12212010007.jpg (51252 bytes)

  Syosset Spartans pen
:(courtesy of Larry Chernow)

SyossetFoot_N.jpg (61208 bytes)

Vintage "emo" Braves football t-shirt

m_kupec.jpg (35152 bytes)

c_kupec.jpg (28748 bytes)

College football trading cards, c. 1970s
Syosset residents, left, Matt Kupec; right, Chris Kupec

basketball.jpg (46690 bytes)

Vintage basketball shirt

sue_bird.jpg (39627 bytes)

"Be Yourself" by Sue Bird, famed basketball star from Syosset 

syosset_tennis_club_ad_1959.jpg (118139 bytes)

syosset_tennis2.jpg (68827 bytes)

Left, 1959 advertisement for the Syosset Tennis Club;
Right, vintage tennis jacket

syosset_racquet_club.jpg (90947 bytes)

1973 advertisement for the Syosset Racquet Club
Note the Franklyn of Syosset ad placed in the middle!


weber_golf_ad_1955.jpg (76679 bytes) SYOSSETGOLFERSCLUB.JPG (33126 bytes)

Syosset Golfers Club
advertisements, left, 1955 and right, 1962

part2_GalizaJan1947.jpg (66029 bytes)

 Advertisement for Theodore Galiza Stables, Split Rock Road, 1947
(image courtesy of Tom Montalbano)

Mr.Galiza-N.JPG (30581 bytes) Mr.Galiza_friends.JPG (25979 bytes)

Left, Theodore Galiza
Right, with his friends, Duke and Buttons 
(photos courtesy of Sally Anne Lynch)

GalizaTicket.gif (100581 bytes) stable1.jpg (33032 bytes)

Galiza's Stables, riding ticket, 1957
Right, Tricia Boslet in the ring at Galiza's Stables, Fall '63
She learned to ride at age 5 and subsequently won many prizes.

part2_tricia_boslet1963.jpg (43175 bytes)

 Tricia Boslet victorious on Snow Queen, 1963
(courtesy of Tom Montalbano)

part1_tricia_galizas_2.jpg (41237 bytes)


part1_tricia_galizas_3.jpg (33057 bytes)

Left, Tricia on Silver Dollar; right, Tricia on Mickey.
(photos courtesy of Maureen O'Brien)

part1_tricia_galizas_4.jpg (26971 bytes)


part1_maureen_galizas.jpg (40403 bytes)

Left, Tricia on Silver Dollar; right, Tricia's mother, Instructor Maureen Boslet, is shown in the main ring with one of her pupils. c. 1965.  The horse’s name is Susie. Every Sunday in the 1960s,  a dozen children of the United Nations’ visiting diplomats and employees came to Galiza’s for riding instructions.  The hack stable, housing horses reserved for the general public,  is in the background as is Bill Murphy, Galiza’s Stables manager.
(photos courtesy of Maureen O'Brien)

galiza_stables_ad_1959.jpg (88910 bytes)

galiza_stables_amon_1959.jpg (74477 bytes)

Left, 1959 advertisement;
Right, Jack Amon on "Iceman," October 1959

Galiza card--1.jpg (138352 bytes)

Galiza card--inside.jpg (74847 bytes)

Invitation to a 1992 Galiza Stables reunion
The card on the front (left) is c. 1960s. 
(courtesy of Maureen Boslet O'Brien)

GALIZA_APTS2003-n.jpg (113562 bytes)

 Galiza's was sold in 1972 and converted to senior housing, seen in this 2003 photo.

par2_vladimir_littauer.jpg (24077 bytes)

 Captain Vladimir S. Littauer
Captain Littauer, formerly of the Russian cavalry, was a horseback riding instructor
and the author of several books on the subject.  He founded and was an instructor 
at the Boots and Saddles Club of New York.  He lived at 510 Split Rock Road, 

part8_1929Littauer.jpg (40607 bytes)

 Trophy awarded for the Gymkhana event by the Boots and Saddles Club of Syosset
 at the Syosset Derby, September 1929 
Gymkhana is a term used to describe timed games on horseback.

part2_littauer2.jpg (63960 bytes)

 Cover of Schooling Your Horse, 1956, by Captain Vladimir S. Littauer

part2_ben_steall.jpg (103492 bytes)

part2_steall_winner.jpg (49226 bytes)

Left, Ben Steall (10th from left), legendary harness racing great and Syosset resident for many years, at Monticello for the "Battle of the New York Legends, 2003; right, Ben drives Something Superb (4) to victory in one of his many wins at Roosevelt Raceway.

syosset_track.jpg (28522 bytes)

Vintage Syosset Track and Field  shirt

shs_track.jpg (68773 bytes)

 Syosset track hurdle

crosscountry.jpg (9944 bytes)

Vintage Syosset Cross Country  t-shirt

SyossetSoccer.gif (57883 bytes) SyossetSoccer2.gif (40677 bytes)

Syosset Soccer Club patches
(patch on right, designed by Brian Fitterman)

Syosset Soccer 25th Anniversary Emblem.jpg (61591 bytes)

Syosset Soccer Club 25th Anniversary Emblem
designed by Brian Fitterman
(image courtesy of Brian Fitterman)

MAD Soccer 1.jpg (89156 bytes)

MAD Soccer 2.jpg (157676 bytes)

MAD Soccer 3.jpg (120639 bytes)

Syosset Sharks soccer team picture, Stillwell Field, 1995
The coaches and the 10-year-old boys are wearing Alfred E. Neumann masks made by Brian Fitterman.
The picture on the right appeared in Mad Magazine #337, July 1995.
(images courtesy of Brian Fitterman)

soccer_pin.jpg (40804 bytes)

soccer_pin2.jpg (48421 bytes)

soccer_pin3.jpg (39717 bytes)

Vintage Syosset Soccer Club pins

SyossetLacrosse.JPG (42655 bytes)

Syosset lacrosse stick

hockey.jpg (57774 bytes)

Amateur hockey pin
(image courtesy of Warren Mills)


SyossetLanes1.jpg (20192 bytes)

SyossetLanes2.jpg (20096 bytes)

           Matchbook cover from Syosset Lanes on Jericho Turnpike


SyossetlanesShirt.jpg (45714 bytes)

Vintage "emo" bowling shirt


MarketLanes.jpg (65036 bytes)

MarketlanesMap.jpg (51258 bytes)

Matchbook from Market Lanes on Robbins Lane, c. 1950s

part2_marketa.jpg (28661 bytes)

part2_market.jpg (28298 bytes)

           Matchbook cover from Market Lanes
(image courtesy of Michael Mark)

market_lanes_ad_1959.jpg (135794 bytes)

Market Lanes, 1959 Advertisement

leone_bowling.jpg (44831 bytes)

Mid-Island Bowl 1958-59
Jenny Jozwiak Smith, Margie Kotowski Langa, Leone Knettel Taylor, Joan Mazola, Nellie (nee Kotowski)
(image courtesy of Diane Oley)

wrestling.jpg (35734 bytes)

Front of vintage wrestling t-shirt



I promise to do my best to love God and my country, to help 
other people every day, especially those at home
.  (Brownie promise, c. 1954)

Brownie troop, 1948 
(photo courtesy of Lois Ann Greenway Helser)
Click on the picture for larger version and names.

part2_steph_brownie.jpg (40988 bytes)

Stephie Ferri, 1953
(image courtesy of Stephanie Ferri Green)

BrownieBeanie etc.-2.jpg (60286 bytes) Brownie hankie.jpg (86451 bytes)

Brownie beanie, purse, socks and handkerchief, c. 1954

BrownieUniform-N.jpg (63216 bytes) BrownieDoll2.jpg (44096 bytes)

Uniform and doll, c. 1954

BrowniePinOriginal1.jpg (47144 bytes) BrowniePin-N.jpg (41978 bytes)

 Pins, early '50s


Scouts book-Brownie-Pam's.jpg (56892 bytes) BrownieCard_2_55.jpg (139409 bytes)

Brownie Scout Handbook, ©1951 by Girl Scouts of the U.S.A., Sixth Impression, July, 1954; membership card, early '50s

brownie_troop_701_1977.jpg (105395 bytes)

Brownie Troop 701, 10/27/77 
Elizabeth Patterson, Dawn Beney, Jacqueline Keenan, Karen Keenan, 
Colleen Patterson, Donna Karklin, Kelley Patterson, Kelli Hopp

On my honor, I will try
To do my duty to God
and my country
To help other people
at all times
To obey the Girl Scout Laws
(Girl Scout promise, early '50s)


GirlScoutPurse.jpg (72787 bytes) GirlScoutcard_1_58_front.jpg (130143 bytes)

Girl Scout purse and membership card, '50s

GirlScoutPin.gif (45171 bytes) GirlScoutEmblemPin.jpg (74031 bytes)

 Pins, mid-'50s


GirlScout-N.JPG (141678 bytes) GirlScoutSash.jpg (29048 bytes)

 Uniform and sash, c. 1956


Scouts book-girl-Pam's.jpg (84989 bytes) Scouts book-girl-Pam's-2.jpg (144222 bytes)

 Girl Scout Handbook, ©1955 by Girl Scouts of the United States of America, Seventh Impression, April, 1955


part2_camp_eddy_steph.jpg (68425 bytes)

part2_steph_gs_camp.jpg (28957 bytes)

part2_steph_gs_camp2.jpg (60411 bytes)

 Scenes from Girl Scout Camp Edey, Bayport, LI, 1954
Left center, center and right:  Stephie Ferri
(images courtesy of Stephanie Ferri Green)

part2_CWoodburyGirlScoutTroop371CarolPetito.jpg (136658 bytes)

Woodbury Girl Scout Troop 371, c. 1950s
Carol Ann Petito, top row left.
(courtesy of Carol Ann Petito Babina)

I promise to do my best
To do my duty
To God and my country
To be square, and
To obey the Law of the Pack
(Cub Scout promise, pre-1971)

Scouts shirt, Cubs, front left-N.jpg (51285 bytes) Scouts shirt, Cubs, front.jpg (71283 bytes)


cubscouts.JPG (83217 bytes) Scouts shirt, Cubs, Den 3.jpg (114349 bytes)

Cub Scout shirt, c. 1950


Scouts hat, Cubs.jpg (57342 bytes) Scouts tie, Cubs.jpg (55695 bytes)

Cap and necktie, c. 1950

part2_locustgrove_cub_scouts.jpg (70840 bytes)

part2_vincent_ferri_cub_scout.jpg (34098 bytes)

Left, Locust Grove Cub Scouts at Locust Grove School, 1973
with, left to right, Mrs. Yamada and Mrs. Connie Ferri
Right, Vincent Ferri
(images courtesy of Stephanie Ferri Green

Scouts book- cub-Robin's.jpg (81618 bytes)

How Book of Cubbing, ©1943 by Boy Scouts of America, a supplement for den mothers to the Cubbing Handbook


be_prepared-n.jpg (51435 bytes)

On my honor I will do my best
To do my duty to God and my country
and to obey the Scout Law;
To help other people at all times;
To keep myself physically strong,
mentally awake, and morally straight
(Boy Scout oath, 1911)

SyossetBoyScouts.jpg (46457 bytes)

Boyscout280.JPG (34559 bytes)

Boy Scout neckerchiefs, left c. 1959; right c. '50s-'60s

Scouts book- boy- old.jpg (97163 bytes)

The Boy Scouts of the Naval Reserve, ©1914, Hurst & Co., a novel,
 one of a series of Sterling Boy Scout Books

stan_kwiatkowski_scouts_1929-n.jpg (146955 bytes)

reverse_stanley__k_scout-n.jpg (181929 bytes)

Official Boy Scout certificate for Stanley Kwiatkowski
 (misspelled Cathcosky) for the year ending 1929
He was Assistant Patrol Leader in 1928 and a charter member of Syosset's first Boy Scout troop formed by Mr. L. Goelette.
(image courtesy of the Kwiatkowski family)

part2_ries_bsa_eagles.jpg (57579 bytes)

 BSA Troop 280, Locust Grove
Eagle Night program, November 21, 1958
(courtesy of Michael Ries)

part2_scouts1960.jpg (82495 bytes)

 1960 Boy Scout Jamboree, Colorado Springs
Third row: Michael Ries is on the end kneeling with his arm resting on the tower.
Also third row: Steve Denes (2nd), John Carpenter (7th), John Avellar (8th).
Top row:  Bill Steiglitz (1st), Don Anderson (4th), Paul Kimmel (5th), Tom Burns (6th), Bruce Chasan (10th). John Avellar Sr. is the scoutmaster on the right (no glasses).
( courtesy of Michael Ries)

eagle_scouts_1960.jpg (99018 bytes)

Eagle Scouts Paul Kimmel and Glenn Lux receive awards from Scoutmaster Franklin Tenure and Commissioner Preston Wheeler, 1960

troop170.jpg (56820 bytes)

Syosset Boy Scout troop patch


part2_camp.jpg (53039 bytes)

Syosset scouts camped at Camp Wauwepex in Wading River



Clubs and Camps


Lions' pin.jpg (33950 bytes)

LionsPastPresident.jpg (62509 bytes)


LionsAttendancePin.jpg (45461 bytes) Lionspin2.jpg (61131 bytes)

Bob Boslet's Lions Club pins


LionsGavel-600 resN.jpg (29102 bytes)

Ceremonial gavel presented to Bob Boslet
The inscription reads:  "Robert Boslet Past President 1957-58"

Lions_Letter.jpg (116424 bytes) Lions_Letter-2a.jpg (109430 bytes)

Letters to Lions Club
Left, an invitation to Lion's annual beach party 
at Stehli's beach in Bayville, by Carl Baker, 1959
Read what you could get for $2.00 in those days!
Right, an announcement of Lions Club meeting at the Villa Victor with guest speaker Wilbur Christensen, Syosset High School teacher, who "will relate some of his experiences gained last summer in East Berlin in successfully smuggling out the fiancé of a friend," by Bob Boslet, 1961

lionspin1983-n.jpg (18437 bytes)

Lions Club 35 year pin, 1985

lions_pin_car_n.jpg (63956 bytes)

Another vintage Lions Club pin

part2_kiwanis_1.jpg (197012 bytes)

part2_kiwanis_2.jpg (210983 bytes)

part2_kiwanis_3.jpg (209724 bytes)

Kiwanis Club Charter Night program
March 19, 1955
(courtesy of Gerry Potus)

part2_kiwanis_4.jpg (238014 bytes)

George Potus, first Syosset President, at Kiwanis Dinner
(courtesy of Gerry Potus)

part2_kiwanis_potus.jpg (287873 bytes)

George Potus receiving the charter
(courtesy of Gerry Potus)

halloween_paint_up_1956_pam_boslet.jpg (202170 bytes)

Kiwanis Club second annual Halloween Paint-up contest, 1956;
Intermediate winner Pam Boslet's window (Syosset Sweet Shop)

DanceRecitalPicture-n.jpg (62491 bytes) DanceSchoolPicturescan80-n.jpg (86933 bytes)

The Clearview Dance Studio, 1958
Left, performance on the big stage at Baylis Elementary School
 Standing:  Debbie Berstein (2nd), Randee Burke (3rd), Dorothy Katzenberg (last);
"Our tap shoes were spray painted silver with glitter, our skirts were satiny blue and the sequin designs on our tops were red."  Randee Burke Tavarez.
Right, dance class rehearsal in the basement studio of the Clearland Road home 
of Trixie Evans
Standing: Trixie Evans, instructor, her daughter (3rd girl), Rochelle Burke (5th girl),
Randee Burke (last girl);
On floor:  Dale Evans (Trixie's son), Dorothy Katzenberg (5th girl), Rickee Burke (last girl)
(images courtesy of Randee Burke Tavarez)

WoddburyCCAd.jpg (15917 bytes)

WoodburyCC-N.jpg (100665 bytes)

 Left, camp counselors at Woodbury Country Club, Jericho Turnpike, 1960
(photo courtesy of Richard Glazer) 
Click on the above picture for larger version and names;

Center, advertisement, 1962;
Woodbury Country Club today

part2_ACarolCampCounselor.jpg (85704 bytes)

Camp Su-Re-Ka counselors, c. 1959
Top row left to right: Warren Pollock, John Pawluk, Norman Effman, David Lezak, Ben Green, David Pardoe Jr, Jon Fisher, Tony Rao,, Bob Lucinatelli, ?, ?
Second row: Sandra Schmukler, Linda Lowenstein, ?, Ruth Crystal?, Kim Egan, Penny Pollock, Judy Baron, Carol Schmukler, Jayne Ann Mierisch, Carol Ann Petito, Laurey Lebenson.
Bottom:  Iris Falcone, Angeline Mucera, Sue Meyrowitz, Carole Nymann, Susan Montaperto, Bobbi Malchman
(courtesy of Carol Ann Petito Babina)

part2_BCarolCampCounselor1960.jpg (94735 bytes)

Camp Su-Re-Ka  1960
counselor Carol Ann Petito, left.
(courtesy of Carol Ann Petito Babina)

syosset_rotary_pin.jpg (50800 bytes)

Rotary Club pin

rotary_club_1977.jpg (100719 bytes)

Rotary Club luncheon, Fox Hollow restaurant, 1977
Alfred Roach, Fran Diambalvo, Gil Fields, Hala Kitani,
Ben Bimstein (Rotary Club Pres.), Ambassador Andre Coulbary of Senegal, William Douglas, William Kupec, Wilson Gearheart 

Other Organizations

legion.gif (63150 bytes) legion2.gif (68219 bytes)

American Legion hat
Post #175 on Berry Hill Road was named for Eugene S. Smith, 
a Syosset soldier killed in World War I.


VFWFront.jpg (86448 bytes)

VFWBadge.jpg (161198 bytes)

VFWBack.jpg (93216 bytes)

 Syosset VFW jacket and emblem


VFW_1951.jpg (34165 bytes)

VFW goblet, 1951

safety_patrol_1955.jpg (66683 bytes)

American Automobile Association's School Safety Patrol
Captain Johnny Delin, c. 1955

syosset_board_visiting_nurse_1959.jpg (83932 bytes)

Syosset board members of the Oyster Bay Visiting Nurses Association, 1959
Mrs. Mildred Bolk, Mrs. Russell S. Burdge, Mrs. Edith Reid (supervising nurse), Mrs. Russell R. Roetger, and Mrs. J. Harold Sandifer.

Jericho-Protest.JPG (294529 bytes)

Birchwood at Jericho Civic Association protesting unsafe construction in 1960
(Edward J. Smits, Nassau Suburbia, USA, Friends of the Nassau
County Museum, Syosset, New York 11791, 1974)


SyossetAuxSgt.jpg (79430 bytes) SyossetAux.jpg (102624 bytes)

Syosset Auxiliary Police badges from early 1970s 
(images courtesy of Don Karas)


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