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A Syosset Scrapbook 

 Part Nine

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Syosset Houses


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Syosset Houses

The photos in this section are arranged by location, from north to south (to the best of our knowledge).

Historical note:  In 1924, 18 houses were erected in Syosset.  The real estate agents were Titus and Carnes, Raymond Smith (Office, Oyster Bay), Henry W. Warner, A. M. Bayles, Albert Cheshire and Sons and Syosset Estates Inc.


newsday_magazine_1984_syosset.jpg (115555 bytes)

Cover of The Newsday Magazine, May 6, 1984

AluminaireSyosset.jpg (71982 bytes)

Aluminaire house created by Frey and Kocher for the Allied Arts and Building Products Exhibition in New York 
Architect Wallace K. Harrison bought the house for a summer home and moved it first to Syosset, where it is shown above in 1931, then to his property in West Hills, in Huntington.  It is now preserved as a landmark in Central Islip.


SyossetSurburbia.jpg (194062 bytes)

"Postwar development streets in Syosset were quickly lined with thick landscaping."
(Edward J. Smits, Nassau Suburbia, USA, Friends of the Nassau
County Museum, Syosset, New York 11791, 1974)


9RyanSt.jpg (72493 bytes)

9 Ryan Street, 1952
Home of Vincent and Solveig Holm from 1947-1966
"Note that there are a chicken coop and barn behind the large maple tree. 
 When they sold their property, four houses were constructed...
 The original house is still there."  Bob Holm
(image courtesy of Robert Holm)

19Calvin_1957.jpg (58926 bytes) 19Calvin,Car.jpg (95260 bytes)


19Calvin_71.jpg (85796 bytes) 19Calvin_back_1988.jpg (96088 bytes)


Houses-19Calvin2001.jpg (15517 bytes)

19 Calvin Avenue (corner of Crestwood Street)
Home of Robert and Nellie Boslet from 1952-1988
Top, 1957 and 1960; Middle, 1971 and back of house on moving day, 1988;
Bottom, c. 2001

Frazer_Molitor.jpg (83291 bytes) Denise.jpg (74362 bytes)

20 Calvin Avenue
 Left, home of the Molitor family, 1955; in 1956, the Frazers moved in; Right, c. 2000 (owner unknown)


Bastak_house.jpg (58732 bytes)

26 Calvin Avenue, 1955
Home of John and Agnes Nowak Bastak


10MeadowbrookOld-1-N.jpg (82505 bytes)

10MeadowbrookOld-sharp-N.jpg (87805 bytes)

NellieRobin-10Meadowbrook-1.JPG (71629 bytes)


Houses-10Meadowbrook-Now.jpg (72305 bytes)

10 Meadowbrook Road
Home of Robert and Nellie Boslet in the early 1940s
Top, c. 1940, Nellie Boslet and Robin (the house on far right was the Cassidy home at #8);
Bottom, c. 2001


Houses_McAuliffe_11Meadowbrook_50s_1.jpg (63742 bytes) Houses_McAuliffe_11Meadowbrook_54.jpg (86760 bytes)


Houses_McAuliffe_11Meadowbrook_56.jpg (61145 bytes)

11 Meadowbrook Road
Home of Edward and Mary McAuliffe
Top, early '50s;  Mary McAuliffe with daughter Maureen, 1954 (the house on left was the Harrison home at #15); bottom, building the den and garage, October 15, 1956
(images courtesy of Maureen McAuliffe Smith)


Houses-Weidig_71Meadowbrook.jpg (65389 bytes)

71 Meadowbrook Road, December 1963
Home of the Weidig family (formerly home of the Lutz family)
(image courtesy of Charles Weidig)

196Berry Hill1.jpg (63607 bytes) 196BerryHill2.jpg (141053 bytes)


Houses-196Berry Hill_40s_southside.jpg (66867 bytes) Houses-196Berry Hill_40s_shed.jpg (65482 bytes)


Houses-196Berry Hill_40s_porchlookingnorth.jpg (48528 bytes) Houses-196Berry Hill_40s_porchlookingsouth.jpg (64252 bytes)


5Rodeo.jpg (81791 bytes)

196 Berry Hill Road, 1940s (now 5 Rodeo Drive)
Home of William and Wilhelmina McAuliffe 
Top row, Wilhelmina on porch and front view in 1944;
third row, side view facing south and shed in rear of property
(abutting the Sir Ashley Sparks estate with its apple trees);
second row, views from porch facing Berry Hill Road, north and south
bottom, 5 Rodeo Drive, c. 2001
(images courtesy of Maureen McAuliffe Smith)

WeberHomeandGreenhouse.jpg (76615 bytes)

1 School House Lane
The Weber home, early 20th century, on the corner of School House Lane 
and Oyster Bay Road (later Berry Hill Road)
Later, the home of Royall Victor Jr. and his family
Finally, the home of the Sheedy family.
(photo postcard courtesy of Leone Knettel Taylor)
  William J. Knettel and his son William L. Knettel were in charge of the greenhouses
 around the turn of the century.  German- speaking society people came every 
weekend from New York City for parties.  (information source:  Leone Knettel Taylor) 
  "The main part of the house was Dutch construction, c. 1728.  
  King Zog and a Greek princess stayed here while his house was being updated on  Rt. 106.  Loretta McQuade told me this story."  Mike Sheedy
"He lived in the Weber home while his estate on Muttontown Road was being revamped."  Diane Oley, niece of Leone Knettel Taylor    

weber_home_1880s-n.jpg (87435 bytes)

1 School House Lane
The Weber home, rear, c. 1880
 Mildred Knettel Vanstane wrote on the back of this photo that Mr. Weber is standing on the porch at the back of the house.   She also identified her father
William Knettel as the boy on the left, her Uncle George Knettel next and her grandfather William Knettel.
(image courtesy of Diane Oley)

part9_1schoolhouse lane_beforedemo.jpg (111595 bytes)

SCHOOLHOUSE LANE 4.JPG (201855 bytes)

SCHOOLHOUSE LANE 6.JPG (265127 bytes)

Left, 1 School House Lane, c. 2000; center and right, after sad demolition, 2008
Time marches on, sometimes unfortunately.
(images in center and right courtesy of Brian Fitterman)

part9_carnes.jpg (50611 bytes)

South Oyster Bay Rd (now Berry Hill Rd), c. 1911
Home of George and Susan Carnes
George was the LIRR Station Agent and Susan was the organist for the Community Church
Both were very active in the church.

part1_wheat.jpg (73644 bytes)

Early 1900s George Edward VanSise postcard of wheat gathering in Syosset at the Carnes residence.
(image courtesy of Tom Montalbano) 

part9_titus.jpg (440186 bytes)

The Samuel Titus Residence
South Oyster Bay Rd (now Berry Hill Rd), c. 1911

part9_shl.jpg (169244 bytes)

Recent image of 23 School House Lane
Home of Wachtang and Wanda Domagalska Kazimiera Abaszidze, c. 1954-1963
Current home of Maria and Alan Dove
(Image courtesy of Marissa Dove)

houses_grandpa_knettel.jpg (49444 bytes)

Grandpa Knettel's home
(photo courtesy of Diane OIey)

110elliman.jpg (88924 bytes)

110 Elliman Place, c. 2003
Home of Jack and Mary Cleary from 1960 to 1966 
(image courtesy of Tim Cleary)

part9_SaleFlyer1.jpg (31436 bytes) part9_SaleFlyer2.jpg (42876 bytes)

Original promotional for The Berry Hill Estates homes, 1954
Donald Meyer lived at 36 Renee Road for 50 years.
"We could actually see the sound back in '54, from the corner of Renee and Azalea, because the trees were smaller.  Good luck trying that now."  Don Meyer
(images courtesy of Donald Meyer)

houses-greenway-in-syosset.jpg (151558 bytes)

New York Herald Tribune ad c. 1952 for Greenway-in-Syosset.  These homes are located off Cold Spring Road with the street names:   Wisteria Place, Laurel Lane, Azalea Drive, Lilac Drive, Crocus Drive, Iris lane and Narcissus Drive.
(image courtesy of David Land)

houses-10ChurchSt-80s_2.jpg (75506 bytes) houses-10ChurchSt-80s_1.jpg (79532 bytes)

10 Church Street, c. 1980s
 Home of the Mueller family from 1952-1977
Duncan and Mary Beaton purchased the house from the VanCott family, c. 1945.
Their daughter, Mary (aunt of Joseph Mueller), sold it in 1989.
(images courtesy of Joseph J. Mueller)

16ChurchSt_RidingBackToSchool.jpg (97402 bytes)

16 Church Street, c. 1943
Home of Howard and Cecilia (Horan) Kreutzer 
Sally Anne Lynch on bicycle and a pre-war Lincoln Zephyr in driveway
(image courtesy of Sally Anne Lynch)

17Church-1931.jpg (54555 bytes) 17Church1996-1.jpg (80257 bytes)

17 Church Street
 Home of Dan and Sally Lynch
Left, 1931; Right, 1996
(images courtesy of Sally Anne Lynch)

68 Church Street:

houses_68_church_st_50s.jpg (59097 bytes) houses_68_church_st_pond.jpg (63776 bytes)


houses_68_church_st_mortgage.jpg (53314 bytes) houses_68_church_st_coupon_book.jpg (77957 bytes)


houses_68_church_st_1987.jpg (91041 bytes)

68 Church Street
Home of Stanley and Florence Kwiatkowski
Top, House in the '50's;  Florence C. 
Wencko Kwiatkowski sitting next to the goldfish pond;
  Middle, mortgage dated September 11, 1951 and payment coupon book;
Bottom, 1987 real estate ad
In 1926, Mr. Henry Underhill had this house built for his daughter who married a Crosby.  The Crosbys sold to Harry L. and Lillian Smith.  In 1951, the Smiths sold it to Stanley and Florence Kwiatkowski for $13,500.00.  A mortgage was obtained for $8,500.00 with monthly payments of $68.00 for 15 yrs.  
In the picture top right, in the background is Leventritt's horses' field.  When Mr. Leventritt lent his pasture to others, they frequently forgot to water their horses.  The horses would push over the fence to drink from the goldfish pond.  Stan would come home from work and water the horses who would be stomping their hooves for attention; the fence was reinforced.
(history, comments and images courtesy of Florence Kwiatkowski Sendrowski)

part9_snow_1961_stan_mary.jpg (49592 bytes)

68 Church Street, 1961
Stanley Kwiatkowski and Mary Wencko
 (image courtesy of Florence Kwiatkowski Sendrowski)

TwelveNorthSt-Feb.1935.jpg (40154 bytes)

12 North Street, February 1935
Home of Chris and Ann Carl and son Sherwood; 
Sally Anne Lynch is in carriage with Airedale Terrier, Larry, standing guard.
 (image courtesy of Sally Anne Lynch)

Kinsella.jpg (54368 bytes)

6 East Street, c. '50s
Home of the Kinsella family
(photo courtesy of Diane OIey)

part9_hammond.jpg (58440 bytes)

17 East Street, built 1936
Home of the Hammond family
(image courtesy of Elaine Hammond Tucker)

houses_knettel2.jpg (94603 bytes)


KnettelHome_3_4_1940.jpg (87734 bytes)

houses_knettel_1961.jpg (47184 bytes)

83 Cold Spring Road
 Home of William and Laura Smith Knettel
Bottom: left, March 9, 1940; right, William digging out from the storm of 1961.
(photos courtesy of Diane OIey)

Knettel.jpg (46906 bytes)

ArizonaAve.jpg (67328 bytes)

Left, 2 East Street, c. 1940; Right,  Arizona Avenue, c. 1960
 (photos courtesy of Diane OIey)

Houses-Judge-Arizona Ave 56.jpg (52859 bytes)

41 Arizona Avenue c. 1956
 Home of the Judge family
(photo by William Judge)

Houses-Arizona Ave 1957.jpg (60333 bytes)

Arizona Avenue c. 1957
 (photo by William Judge)

houses-oley-march-n.jpg (94221 bytes)

High Street, off what is now Cold Spring Road, c. 1916
Laura Smith Knettel had lived in the big house with her parents, Henry and Carrie Smith.  (Henry came from Greenlawn to manage the McGuire Pickle Works.)  Laura's children, Leone and Mildred,  were born in the little house.
The houses were on land owned by John Topps.
High Street started at Brookville Road (now Cold Spring Road, near the Fire Station), continued where the RR parking lot is now, crossed Jackson Avenue, ran along the rail road tracks past the freight depot and stopped at Willis Avenue and proposed Kings Street (no longer on map; Kings Street never actually existed).

The Lawrence Zabel family later lived in the big house for many years until 1960.  After they moved, both houses were torn down to make more room for the RR parking lot.  And there is no more High Street.
(photo postcard courtesy of Leone Knettel Taylor)

KnettelFamily_1916.jpg (71801 bytes)

 Laura and William Knettel with daughters Leone and Mildred, c. 1916
The house where her parents lived is in the backgound.
(image courtesy of Diane Oley)

WinifredBosletHouse.JPG (56666 bytes)

WinifredBosletHouse2.jpg (131015 bytes)

14 Nassau Street
Home of Winifred Boslet 
Left, 1961; Right, c. 1970

houses-10_jackson_sale_of lot-n.jpg (78983 bytes)

houses-10_jackson_sale_of lot2-n.jpg (93919 bytes)

houses-10_jackson_sale_of lot3-n.jpg (82718 bytes)

10 Jackson Avenue
Sale of property from Samuel and Marcella Martino 
to Charles and Josephine Garney (Gurney)
May 3, 1923
(images courtesy of the Wencko family)
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click the Automatic Image Resizing icon in the lower-right corner
 of the picture so you can see the detail.

Houses_10_jackson_propertysearch-n.jpg (103902 bytes) Houses_10_jackson_propertysearch2-n.jpg (131331 bytes)

10 Jackson Avenue
Property search in connection with the sale of property from Charles and Josephine Garney (Gurney) to Andrew and Mary Wencka (Wencko), April 2, 1925
(images courtesy of the Wencko family)
If you are using Internet Explorer's Automatic Image Resizing, 
click the Automatic Image Resizing icon in the lower-right corner
 of the picture so you can see the detail.

World'sFairTree1939-1.jpg (64332 bytes)

World'sFairTree1939=2.jpg (65300 bytes)

World'sFairTree1939-3.jpg (66586 bytes)

 10 Jackson Avenue, c. 1937
"1939 World's Fair Committee needed mature trees for their
Flushing Meadow site in New York.  This tree was taken from the backyard of
10 Jackson Avenue, Syosset, the home of the Wencko Family.  The tree was
hand dug by laborers and placed on a flat bed truck.   Note the fire siren
tower atop the firehouse on Muttontown Road.
"   Florence Kwiatkowski Sendrowski
(images courtesy of Mary Wencko Gaida)

stanley_florence_chicken_1945-n.jpg (28486 bytes)

 10 Jackson Avenue, 1945
Florence and Stanley (Little Cement) Kwiatkowski, ages 4 and 8
with the Chicken
"During WW II almost every family in Syosset had chickens.  Everything
was rationed and chickens were a very important food source.
When 'drifters' arrived in town some of your chickens would be stolen.
Depending, the chickens would be sold to your neighbors or on occasion there
would be a mix up and you would buy back your own chickens.  There were 'locals'
that stole your chickens
."   Florence Kwiatkowski Sendrowski
See the Article posted below about chicken theft on the George Mann property.
 (photo courtesy of the Wencko & Kwiatkowski families)

10JacksonAve-now.jpg (15702 bytes)

 10 Jackson Avenue became
architect/builder's offices next to a bank.

HousenexttoBoslets-April1944.JPG (47871 bytes)

 Catherine Taylor's home and employment agency on Jackson Avenue, 
next to Boslet's Restaurant, April 1944, now a bank parking lot

LewDiehl-1.JPG (82254 bytes) LewDiehl-2.JPG (100617 bytes)

The Lewis Diel family home, c. 1930s

part9_charlie_diel.jpg (36289 bytes)

Charlie Diel, c. 1937

part9_browercomplete.jpg (302674 bytes)

The John and Mary Brower Boarding house beside the railroad station near Ira Road
Many Burden estate workers in 1916 stayed there. It was sold in 1927 and later torn down.
(photo courtesy of Tom Montalbano)

part9_cheshire.jpg (143702 bytes)

The Albert Cheshire home early 1900s
Jackson Ave between present day Ira and Convent Roads

part9_Brooklyn_Daily_Eagle_Sun__Nov_7__1954_(2)SyossetHillsPS.jpg (96655 bytes) part9__Brooklyn_Daily_Eagle_Sun__Nov_14__1954_SyossetHills2-PS.jpg (102354 bytes)

Brooklyn Eagle articles about Miller Homes, 1954
I don't recall Miller Homes ever being called Syosset Hills
I recall some of the Miller Homes on Ira Road were there in 1952, at the time of the World Series.
(image courtesy of Randee Burke Tavarez)


part9_17millerblvd_1a.jpg (20446 bytes)

part9_17millerblvd_1c.jpg (20142 bytes) part9_17millerblvd_1b.jpg (23684 bytes)

part9_17_miller_blvd.jpg (23026 bytes) part9_17_miller_blvd2.jpg (19448 bytes)

17 Miller Boulevard
Home of the Marrinan family 1954-2000
Middle row:  left, move-in day.  Note taped on window.  right, backyard looking
 toward Arizona Ave, c. 50s
Bottom row:  left, Cathy and Judy Marrinan
right, Cathy with baby Mary.  Young Coal towers is in background.
(images courtesy of Stephen Marrinan)

convent_road_1913-n.jpg (35033 bytes)

 Convent Lane (now Road), 1913 
Home of Bonifacy and Helena (nee Gurna/Gurny) Brusjewski Kwiatkowski
Pictured are Helena with children Maryanna Brusjewski 
and Stanley S. Kwiatkowski Sr.
"I believe this house was near the water tank and on the left [north] side.
  Helena came to America in 1904 and was a widow by 1910 with two small children.  
She married Bonifacy Kwiatkowski in 1911."  Florence Kwiatkowski Sendrowski
(photo courtesy of the Kwiatkowski Family)

houses_thralls_1954.jpg (50864 bytes) houses_thralls_1960.jpg (33455 bytes)

Convent Road and 4th Place, 1954 and 1960
Home of the Thralls family
(photos courtesy of Priscilla Thralls King)

63Convent2005.jpg (45072 bytes)

Convent Road and 4th Place, now 63 Convent Rd., 2005 
(image courtesy of Linda Manning-Koziatek, whose house on 4th Place is shown in background)

Part9_myhome1.jpg (454762 bytes)

Part9_myhome2.jpg (179759 bytes)

Part9_myhome3.jpg (81162 bytes)

Syosset Hills ad in New York Times, 1950
The model home was on Jackson Avenue, north of Jericho Turnpike, not the actual homes as
stated in the ad.

8GreenwayBW.jpg (29865 bytes) Houses-8Greenway_1951.jpg (52361 bytes)


8GreenwayColor2-N.jpg (32098 bytes) 8GreenWayRearOld-sharp-N.jpg (34890 bytes)


8GreenwayColor.jpg (78484 bytes)

Houses-8Greenway_June1958.jpg (59132 bytes)

8Greenway2000.jpg (91616 bytes)

8 Greenway Circle
This section was originally "Syosset Hills."
Home of the Delin family from 1951-1962
Top, 1950 and 1951; Middle, early '50s; Bottom, 1957, 1958 and 2000

part9_syosset_hills.jpg (59307 bytes)

The model home for "Syosset Hills," Jackson Avenue, c. 2000

ConventRoadN.jpg (70820 bytes)

 Convent Road across from Greenway Drive South, 1951
Johnnie Delin with cousin Anna-Lisa Weiss
Houses on left in the background:  95 Convent Road, home of the Ebel family;
97 Convent Road, was the home of the Moisan family.


part9_93Convent.jpg (253115 bytes)

part9_93Convent_replaced.jpg (211360 bytes)

part9_newhouses_replacing _real _houses.jpg (249484 bytes)

93 Convent Road before and after destruction
95 and 97 Convent Road after destruction and replaced with oversized new houses.
(images courtesy of Stephen Marrinan)



houses_mann.jpg (38734 bytes)

The George Mann Homestead (rear view), c. 1909, across from St. Mary's Home on Convent Road.
The Mann family obtained this house in the late 19th century.  It had belonged to the Schenck family dating from its construction c. 1685 to 1710.
Mann's  farm land on present day Convent Road is now the site of the Village School.
(Photo by George Edward VanSise)

part9_WagonFromSyosset-mann.jpg (127625 bytes)


part9_mann.jpg (62947 bytes)

Left, the Mann family posing with their farm wagon around the turn of the 19th century
In front of wagon;  George Mann, b. 1844 and wife Louisa, b. 1842
On wagon:  The man in the dark suit is George P. Mann, b. 1866.  On his right is his wife, Ida Horton Mann, b. 1873, daughter of George and Phoebe Horton.
Right, Mann family.  Ida and George P. Mann, top row standing on left

part9_chickens.jpg (74931 bytes)

Story of alleged chicken theft on George Mann's property
From the Long Islander, September 9, 1932 

part9_schenck_burckley_rear_7_28_43.jpg (51267 bytes)

The Schenck-Mann house, July 28, 1943
This is a rear view.  Note the summer kitchen on the right.
By 1947, the house was uninhabited and in disrepair.
(photo courtesy of Ronald Burckley)

part9_schenck_burckley_front_construction.jpg (73223 bytes)


part9_schenck_burckley_rear_construction.jpg (61924 bytes)

The Schenck-Mann-Burckley house restoration
Raymond Burckley purchased the house from George Mann in January 1947.
Left, the front of the house, which faced Jericho turnpike, under restoration
Right, rear view from Convent Road, 1947, dormers under construction.  To the right is a 600-year-old Black Walnut tree, with new growth as of 2008.
(photos courtesy of Ronald Burckley)

part9_schenck_burckley_rear2.jpg (62432 bytes)


part9_schenck_burckley_sider.jpg (85477 bytes)

The Schenck-Mann-Burckley house restored
Left, view from Convent Road
Right, side facing west.
(photos courtesy of Ronald Burckley)

part9_burckleyhousefrommybook.jpg (402084 bytes)


part9_burckleypondold.jpg (374527 bytes)

The Schenck-Mann-Burckley house restored
Left, east side and rear view with south bank of pond visible.
Right, VanSise image of the pond, early 1900s
(left photo courtesy of Ronald Burckley)

part9_schenck_burckley_1993_front_color.jpg (78019 bytes)


part9_schenck_burckley_front.jpg (60430 bytes)

part9_schenck_burckley_Sept_1993_front1.jpg (68374 bytes)

The Schenck-Mann-Burckley house, September 1993
Front views
(photos courtesy of Ronald Burckley)


part9_schenck_burckley_interior.jpg (66701 bytes)

part9_schenck_burckley_interior2.jpg (78001 bytes)

part9_schenck_burckley_interior3.jpg (84487 bytes)


part9_schenck_burckley_interior4.jpg (68820 bytes)

part9_schenck_burckley_interior5.jpg (76711 bytes)

part9_schenck_burckley_news6.jpg (83626 bytes)

The Schenck-Mann-Burckley house
1.  Corner fireplace in library
2.  Stone piers in basement supporting fireplace in library
3.  Stone and brick fireplace in dining room.
4.  Stone piers in basement supporting ding room fireplace.
5.  Stone panel on west exterior.
6.  Exterior view of rear and west end.
(from Preservation Notes Volume XXXII Nos. 1 and 2 Fall 1996
courtesy of Ronald Burckley)

OldSchenckHouse.jpg (135256 bytes)

OldSchenck2-N.jpg (100569 bytes)

schenck_barn.jpg (130237 bytes)

Left and center, the rear of Schenck-Mann house, 222 Convent Road, c. 2000
Sold by the Burckleys c. 1996, the house is a designated Federal Landmark.  Right, the barn, built c. 1901, which has town landmark status



27 PINE DRIVE_color.jpg (94963 bytes)

Houses-27 PINE DR1.jpg (37624 bytes)

Houses_manning_58 Olds.jpg (50051 bytes)

27 Pine Drive, 1958
Home of Carl and Lois Manning 
Marcia Feinberg on right in Marie's '57 Olds convertible
(images courtesy of Marie Manning)

houses_Aunt Georgie's house, Syosset, LI.jpg (60684 bytes)

Home of Theodore and Georgiana Van Wicklen May
From the early 20th century to c. 1940, Theodore and Georgiana operated the general store on the corner of Convent Road and Jackson Avenue called "May's Corner."
(image courtesy of Karrin Marie Tollin Werrenrath)

Walters.JPG (72163 bytes)

The Walters' home being built in 1903 by Albert Budd and James Benton
 at Jackson and Walters' avenues 
(image courtesy of Virginia Budd Vail Hofstad)


part9_williams_near_track.jpg (194389 bytes)

April 17, 1929
House on Mrs. D. Williams property
Camera 275 South of RR track near Willis Avenue crossing.



WilliamsHouse2003.jpg (119937 bytes) houses_williams_now.jpg (46867 bytes)

Left, the Williams' home at 175 Jackson Avenue in 2003, built 1923 
Right, new house on site in 2006
 Eugene Williams was Syosset's fire commissioner during the '30s.  German POWs worked on his farm during World War II.  (source:  Images of America Syosset, by Tom Montalbano; photo on right, courtesy of Tom Montalbano) 

Buddhome1902-2.jpg (113332 bytes)


Buddhome1902.jpg (100709 bytes)

The Budd home being built in September 1902 on what later became Devine Avenue
Samuel A. Budd (Civil War veteran), Albert Frankland Budd, Sam Jr. and Edwin Budd
(images courtesy of Virginia Budd Vail Hofstad

NellieBuddandchildren.jpg (90640 bytes)

Nellie Budd with children Albert and Violet,
 in front of home on Devine Avenue in 1909 
(image courtesy of Virginia Budd Vail Hofstad)

part9_AlbertFBuddHome2.jpg (48974 bytes)

Albert Frankland Budd's family home on Devine Avenue 
(image courtesy of Virginia Budd Vail Hofstad

Kaiser home 1920's.jpg (178738 bytes)

Jackson and Devine Avenues, 1922
Ralph Kaiser home built in 1825
(image courtesy of Virginia Budd Vail Hofstad)

e_Brooklyn_Daily_Eagle_Sun__Jan_29__1950_Syossetmanor2PS.jpg (180367 bytes) oklyn_Daily_Eagle_Sun__Sep_16__1951_(2)SyossetmanorpicPS.jpg (161991 bytes)

Brooklyn Eagle articles about Syosset Manor 1950 and 1951
Hillside Lane area
(image courtesy of Randee Burke Tavarez)


Syossetinsnow.jpg (106150 bytes)

13 The Spur, c. 1980
Home of Eleanor and Al Cronemeyer for 32 years
(image courtesy of Eleanor and Al Cronemeyer)

Part9_e_Sun__Sep_6__1953_(2)SyossetFurwoodgardens.jpg (80450 bytes)

Furwood Gardens 1953
(image courtesy of Randee Burke Tavarez)

Houses_Weidig_6Dawes1.jpg (100097 bytes)

Houses_Weidig_6Dawes2.jpg (133782 bytes)

Houses_Weidig_6Dawes3.jpg (111281 bytes)

6 Dawes Avenue
Home of the Weidig family c. '40s to 1963 
Left, c. 1950, Charlie and older brother Al with mother Clare in doorway
Center, 1956, with the Syosset Gospel Church partially visible on right
Right, 1959, '60 Chevy is in front.  The Ken Voorhest house is on left; he was the builder of his 
and the Weidig house as well as other neighborhood houses.
(images courtesy of Charles Weidig)

34Dawes-Old.JPG (118493 bytes)

34DawesOld-Sharp2.jpg (163205 bytes)

34Dawes1945-1952.JPG (95363 bytes)


34dawes-robin-1.JPG (102846 bytes)

34dawes-robin-2.JPG (93937 bytes)

Chickencoop-N.jpg (139295 bytes)


Little House on the Prairie.jpg (63772 bytes)

Houses-34DawesNow.jpg (81405 bytes)

34 Dawes Avenue
Home of Robert and Nellie Boslet from 1945-1952
Top middle picture taken from side yard of Locust Grove School;
Middle row left, Robin Boslet standing on property which was later to become the Raynor house (below); Right, the chicken coop in the back yard;
Bottom left "Little House on the Prairie", c. late '40s, Robert Boslet and daughter Pam
Bottom right, 2001 

Bosletcar_raynorhouse.jpg (86779 bytes)

28 Dawes Avenue
The Boslet family car parked in front of the Raynor house
The Monilaws house is in background.
This 1940 Cadillac with a roll-up window between the front and back seats (controlled from the back seat only, a wonderful device for the children to shut out their parents) was bought by Bob Boslet from one of the local estates around 1950.


part9_ooklyn_Daily_Eagle_Sun__May_10__1953_(2)SyossetGardensPS.jpg (270557 bytes)

Brooklyn Eagle 1953 ad for Syosset Gardens
(image courtesy of Randee Burke Tavarez)

SyossetGardens_LC-G612-54625.jpg (50382 bytes)

SyossetGardens_LC-G612-54626.jpg (45454 bytes)


SyossetGardens_LC-G612-54624.jpg (28325 bytes) SyossetGardens_LC-G612-54627.jpg (38514 bytes)

Syosset Gardens (Harmon Homes) March 2, 1949
"...behind property that later became the Syosset Hospital.  Syosset Gardens included some experimental homes built with steel foundations."  Tom Montalbano.
(photos courtesy of The Library of Congress, Prints and Photographs Division, Gottscho-Schleisner Collection,
    clockwise from top left: LC-G612-54625, LC-G612-54626, LC-G612-54627, LC-G612-54624)

part9_harmon_model_home.jpg (74743 bytes)

Syosset Gardens (Harmon Homes) 
1949 Model home which became the home of the Viscardi family
(image courtesy of Stephanie Ferri Green)

part9_birthday_party_steph.jpg (71156 bytes)

part9_halloween_raynam.jpg (59266 bytes)


part9_mr_ferri.jpg (75174 bytes)

part9_outside ferri_home.jpg (62773 bytes)

10 Raynham Drive
Home of Charles and Connie Ferri from March 1949 to the fall of 1988
children:  Stephie, Tony, Ginny, Teresa and Vincent
Top left:  1963, Ginny Ferri's 8th birthday party
Teresa Ferri, unidentified, Mary Griffin, Pat Steele, Ginny Ferri, unidentified, MaryAnn Farren.
Top right:  Halloween 1953.  Tony Ferri, unidentified, Stephie Ferri
Bottom left and right:  Charles Ferri
(images courtesy of Stephanie Ferri Green)

54 Fieldstone Drive-1950.jpg (55091 bytes)

54 Fieldstone Drive-1952.jpg (63740 bytes)

54 Fieldstone Drive-1954.jpg (42538 bytes)

54 Fieldstone Drive, 1950; 1952 (Lorrie in doorway) and 1954 (George and Lorrie)
Home of the Graf family
 (images courtesy of Lorraine Graf Zabel)

part9_jackson.jpg (160640 bytes)

The Jackson home early 1900s
Jackson Ave. and Jericho Turnpike

Houses-Sieleff.jpg (106346 bytes)

The Sieleff House (formerly the Jackson Home) at Jackson Avenue and Jericho Turnpike, pre-1950
"Mr. Sieleff was a farmer who leased the Jackson land for some time 
before it became Lollipop Farm."  Tom Montalbano
(image courtesy of Maureen McAuliffe Smith)

part9_lhomes.jpg (37602 bytes)

Entrance to Lenard Holmes, near Viennese Coach on Jackson Avenue.


16 Locust Lane 1957-n.jpg (35224 bytes)

16 Locust Lane, 1958
Home of the Sittig family
(image courtesy of Jeanne Sittig Moore)

part9_deAslarescir1960-1.jpg (43316 bytes)

part9_deAslarescir1960-2.jpg (40099 bytes)

part9_deasla_snow.jpg (120379 bytes)

9 Harriet Drive
Home of the De Asla family 
Right, shoveling out in front of house, after blizzard, c. 1960-61
(images courtesy of Richard De Asla)

Prestonpark.JPG (142899 bytes)

Prestonpark2.jpg (117811 bytes)


Prestonpark8.JPG (104511 bytes) Prestonpark9.JPG (91670 bytes)

Preston Park Homes on Preston Lane, c. 1950s 
(images courtesy of Larry Chernow)

part9_50preston.jpg (100585 bytes)

50 Preston Lane, September 1955
Home of the Ries family; Mike Ries on bike 
(courtesy of Michael Ries

houses_stricker_1954.jpg (52349 bytes)

34 Georgia Drive, 1954
Home of William and Elsie Stricker, 1954 to present
(image courtesy of Randy Stricker)


part9_stricker_home snow.jpg (54872 bytes) part9_stricker snow2.jpg (40868 bytes)


part9_stricker_new_1.jpg (25544 bytes)

part9_stricker_new_2.jpg (26390 bytes)

part9_stricker_new_3.jpg (19073 bytes)

34 Georgia Drive,
Top, after 1963 snowstorm
Bottom, left, Thom Stricker, 1954; center, Elsie, Thom and Bill Stricker, 1955. in backyard
right, Thom and Elsie Stricker, 1955, in kitchen
(images courtesy of
Randy Stricker)

Houses-Star-DonaldDrive.jpg (58447 bytes)

Donald Drive, c. 1965
Home of the Starr family
Left to right, Crowe family child, Lisa Howard, Paul Engle
(image courtesy of Eileen Green Alexander)

Houses-6DebraPlace.jpg (72462 bytes)


Houses-6DebraPlace-backyard.jpg (126631 bytes)

6 Debra Place
Home of the Green family
Left, 1971, with Jessica Siegel
 Right, backyard, 1974:  The Harry B. Thompson Jr. High School is in the background.
(images courtesy of Eileen Green Alexander

8NewmarketRoad1964-n.jpg (40639 bytes)

8 Newmarket Road, 1964
Home of the Alfred Boccafola family
(image courtesy of Joyce Boccafola Michels)

surburban_at_syosset_1.jpg (96270 bytes)

surburban_at_syosset_2.jpg (67425 bytes)


surburban_at_syosset_3.jpg (75434 bytes) surburban_at_syosset_4.jpg (81414 bytes)

Suburban at Syosset ad, c. 1953
House pictured on top left is 12 Newmarket Road,
home of the Chernow family since 1953
Suburban at Syosset homes are also on Gainsboro Lane and Gary Road; some were moved from Newmarket Road to make way for the expressway.
(images courtesy of Larry and Jennifer Chernow)


houses_circledrive_1954.jpg (52361 bytes)

houses_circledrive_50s.jpg (55714 bytes)

houses_circledrive_84.jpg (115875 bytes)

 Circle Drive
Left, Betty Endersby with daughter Connie in carriage, 1954, in front of their home;
Right, 1984
(from the Newsday Magazine, May 6, 1984)

Part9_Brooklyn_Daily_Eagle_Sun__Jun_29__1952_ClearviewVillagePS.jpg (85986 bytes)

Brooklyn Eagle article about the new Clearview Village
June 29, 1952
(image courtesy of Randee Burke Tavarez)

houses-3ClearlandRoad.jpg (98690 bytes)

3 Clearland Road in Clearview Village, 1985
Home of the Burke family 1955-1985
(image courtesy of Randee Burke Tavarez)

part9_friedman2.jpg (78729 bytes)

5 London Road in Clearview Village, c. 1961
Home of the Friedman family
Pictured is Joel Friedman; the gnome's name was "Happy."
(Image courtesy of Joel Friedman) 


Syosset Trailer Camp off Jericho Turnpike, 1940.
Click image to see video of the residents' eviction in 2014. 

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