A Syosset Scrapbook 

 Part Eight


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duryea1.jpg (35872 bytes)

duryea2.jpg (45311 bytes)

Charles T. Duryea, Civil War-era politician, lived in Syosset.
Photo is signed on reverse, Charles T. Duryea, Syosset, Queens Co.

OldSyossetMap.gif (96868 bytes)

Map.JPG (35796 bytes)

Maps of Syosset, 1873 (courtesy of Nancy E. Lutz) and 1984
[Scroll down on the 1873 map to see it all.
If you are using Internet Explorer's Automatic Image Resizing, click the Automatic Image Resizing icon in the lower-right corner
 of the picture, which will expand it so you can see the detail.

OysterbayTown1873.JPG (325116 bytes)

1873SyossetDetail_N.JPG (266636 bytes)

Left, 1873 Map of Oyster Bay Township
Right, detail of Syosset
[Scroll down and side-to-side on both.
If you are using Internet Explorer's Automatic Image Resizing, click the Automatic Image Resizing icon in the lower-right corner
 of the picture, which will expand it so you can see the detail.

memorabilia_1906_map_larger_area.jpg (267833 bytes)

memorabilia_1906_map_smaller_area.jpg (113207 bytes)

Left, Map of Nassau County 1906, Syosset and vicinity
Right, detail of Syosset
An area on both sides of the LIRR tracks, west of present day Jackson Avenue and south of the Rail Road station was known as Nassau Heights.
[Scroll down and side-to-side on both.
If you are using Internet Explorer's Automatic Image Resizing, click the Automatic Image Resizing icon in the lower-right corner
 of the picture, which will expand it so you can see the detail.

memorabilia_1914_map.jpg (1046998 bytes)

 Map of Syosset (Syossett) 1914
Note:  what is now Berry Hill Road in Syosset was named Cold Spring Road.
[Scroll down and side-to-side.
If you are using Internet Explorer's Automatic Image Resizing, click the Automatic Image Resizing icon in the lower-right corner
 of the picture, which will expand it so you can see the detail.

part8_1927_map.jpg (300520 bytes)

 Map of  Syosset, 1927
[Scroll down and side-to-side.
If you are using Internet Explorer's Automatic Image Resizing, click the Automatic Image Resizing icon in the lower-right corner
 of the picture, which will expand it so you can see the detail.

memorabilia_1939_map_larger_area.jpg (371029 bytes)

 Map of Nassau County 1939, Syosset and vicinity
[Scroll down and side-to-side.
If you are using Internet Explorer's Automatic Image Resizing, click the Automatic Image Resizing icon in the lower-right corner
 of the picture, which will expand it so you can see the detail.

part8_StageLineSept1880.jpg (89542 bytes)

 The Old Locust Valley Stage Line
1880 Advertisement from the East Norwich Enterprise
(image courtesy of Tom Montalbano)

part8_JohnSCheshireCiderSept1880.jpg (49417 bytes)

 John S. Cheshire, Cider Maker
1880 Advertisement from the East Norwich Enterprise
(image courtesy of Tom Montalbano)

part8_UnderhillJun1881.jpg (66186 bytes)

 Underhill Bros.
1881 Advertisement from the East Norwich Enterprise
(image courtesy of Tom Montalbano)

part8_SchenckFarmJun251881.jpg (84653 bytes)

 Farms for Sale:  Nicholas Schenck
1881 Advertisement from the East Norwich Enterprise
(image courtesy of Tom Montalbano)

part8_FarmForSaleJul1881.jpg (77753 bytes)

 Farm for Sale:  Charles Story
1881 Advertisement from the East Norwich Enterprise
(image courtesy of Tom Montalbano)

part8_DVHortonNov1881.jpg (52144 bytes)

D. V. Horton
1881 Advertisement from the East Norwich Enterprise
(image courtesy of Tom Montalbano)

part8_AuctionDec1881.jpg (83846 bytes)

Jackson Farm Auction
1881 Advertisement from the East Norwich Enterprise
(image courtesy of Tom Montalbano)

part8_PollyDentonDec31881.jpg (72166 bytes)

"Aunt Polly" Denton obituary
1881 from the East Norwich Enterprise
(image courtesy of Tom Montalbano)

part8_TSWaltersSept1883.jpg (67884 bytes)

T. S. Walters
1883 Advertisement from the East Norwich Enterprise
(image courtesy of Tom Montalbano)

part8_StrayCowSept151883.jpg (34957 bytes)

Stray cow found
1881 from the East Norwich Enterprise
(image courtesy of Tom Montalbano)

part8_PicklesSep81894.jpg (62171 bytes)

Concerning the Alart & McGuire Pickle Factory
1894 from the East Norwich Enterprise
(image courtesy of Tom Montalbano)

part8_pickle.jpg (35246 bytes) part8_pickle2.jpg (76320 bytes)

Pickle bottle from Alart & McGuire

part8_CheshireAuctionsSept1896.jpg (102592 bytes)

Left, Devine and Cheshire 1896
Right, John R. Devine 1898 (not a thumbnail)
Advertisements from the East Norwich Enterprise
(images courtesy of Tom Montalbano)

part8_GCheshireSept1896.jpg (88061 bytes)

George A. Cheshire
1896 Advertisement from the East Norwich Enterprise
(image courtesy of Tom Montalbano)

part8_ACheshireApril1898.jpg (84837 bytes) part8_ACheshireBeefApr1898.jpg (46745 bytes)

Left, Albert Cheshire and Sons 1896
Right, Albert Cheshire
1898 Advertisements from the East Norwich Enterprise
(images courtesy of Tom Montalbano)

part8_NRyanHorsesApr1898.jpg (79700 bytes)

N. Ryan
1898 Advertisement from the East Norwich Enterprise
(image courtesy of Tom Montalbano)

clown.jpg (64181 bytes)


clown2.jpg (53853 bytes)

Sketch of a clown, signed "M. J. Griscom."  
"Lloyd C. Griscom Syosset N. Y.  Clown 1917" is written on the back.
Lloyd Carpenter Griscom (1872-1959) was a lawyer who served in the U.S. Army during the Spanish-American War and was U.S. Minister to Persia, 1901-02, Japan, 1902-06, U.S. Ambassador to Brazil, 1906-07, Italy, 1907-09 and a delegate to the Republican National Convention from New York, 1912. 

Venturefarms1918.jpg (51224 bytes)

Philip Livingston Jones' Venture Farm Jerseys ad, 1918
"Registered, tuberculin tested animals of all ages
and both sexes always for sale"


cross3.jpg (45496 bytes)

cross2.jpg (55154 bytes)

cross4.jpg (93940 bytes)

Antique gold crucifix, engraved on back Syosset LI and signed M. S. Tiffany February 11, 1921  

foxhunthorn1.jpg (82119 bytes)

Foxhunt horn brought from England and used by huntsman John Richard Greenway of Syosset
 from 1920 to early 1940s in Syosset and vicinity.  Inscription on horn reads:  1851 (unreadable symbol) 1862 KÖHLER & SONS Makers (From Covent Garden) 186 Piccadilly London. 
(photo courtesy of Lois Ann Greenway Helser) 

part8_lulu_brower.jpg (21347 bytes)

part8_lulu_2.jpg (37998 bytes)

Lulu Brower, stage dancer and instructor
Ads from 1920s

part8_oldarticle_cornwell1.jpg (85501 bytes)


part8_oldarticle_cornwell.jpg (83736 bytes)

Tragic death of Everett Cornwell, 1931
Syosset Fire Department elects officers
"Stanley Cathcosky" was Stanley "Cement" Kwiatkowski
(discovered by Florence Kwiatkowski Sendrowski)

wencko_grocery1.jpg (57784 bytes)


wencko_grocery2-n.jpg (119153 bytes)

Account of the Samuel Budd family at the Andrew Wencko Grocery at 10 Jackson Avenue
The sales are from September 2nd and 3rd, 1932.
Note the 3 packs of Luckies for 45 cents.
(images courtesy of Mary Wencko Gaida)


memorablia_sadstory_1936-n.jpg (118877 bytes)

Funeral Mass Cards for friends Catherine Keibel (Farmingdale) and Estella Tylicki (daughter of Stanley and Josephine Tylicki of Syosset)
Both died tragically March 14, 1936, killed while crossing Jericho turnpike.  They were 16 years old.
(images courtesy of Mary Wencko Gaida)


DrHorn.JPG (46325 bytes)


Babybooktxt-700.JPG (252293 bytes)

Instructions for expectant mothers from
Dr. Karl Horn, Oyster Bay Road (later Jackson Avenue) c. 1940

HospitalBill-N.JPG (48518 bytes)

Bill for incidental expenses incurred during a one-week childbirth stay in Huntington Hospital in 1940:  phone, $2.50; radio, $1.00; circumcision, $2.00

DonaldBoslet_photographer.jpg (50737 bytes)

Donald A. Boslet, photographer, pictured with prize shot after receiving first prize in the Hicksville High School photography contest
(from Newsday, February 18, 1941)

SLA_PIN.JPG (59385 bytes)

c. 1940s pin left by Robert Boslet
Could SLA stand for Syosset Ladies Auxiliary?

part8_miscell1.jpg (55815 bytes)

Syosset news from the Long Islander, March 4, 1943
For the entire article, click here: http://apa3.olivesoftware.com/Repository/ml.asp?Ref=TElTLzE5NDMv

part8_coalbill_reference.jpg (30073 bytes)

D. E. Twist, coal dealer, receipt, April 10, 1944
1 Ton Nut sold to Stanley Kwiatkowski for $14.45
Nut coal is small coal that will pass through screens with one half to two inch wide openings.  (courtesy of Florence Kwiatkowski Sendrowski)

part8_handy_guide_cover_front.jpg (46015 bytes)

part8_handy_guide_cover_back.jpg (90900 bytes)

Front and back cover of HANDY GUIDE for local towns including Syosset
Year 1945-46

Below,  ads from local businesses in the HANDY GUIDE

part8_handy_guide_dipietro.jpg (58123 bytes)

part8_handy_guide_foley.jpg (64905 bytes)


part8_handy_guide_p38.jpg (206635 bytes)

part8_handy_guide_ryan.jpg (39323 bytes)

Left, includes some residential addresses and phone numbers

part8_handy_guide_wertheimer.jpg (29216 bytes)

part8_handy_guide_young.jpg (28305 bytes)

stiler_ode-n.jpg (161120 bytes)

"Ode of an Immigrant" (original copy #5) by Curt Stiler
written July 1946
Inge F. Stiler owned Syosset Florist which originally was in the building that later housed Bahnhof's and moved later to 320 Jackson Avenue. 
(image courtesy of the Kwiatkowski Family)

Syossettax.jpg (125429 bytes)


Syossettax2.jpg (115994 bytes)

Tax Levy for property at Beatrice Ave. and Humphrey Dr.,1946
The annual bill was 64.31! 
(images courtesy of Joseph Freitas)

syossetcantbe_beat.jpg (49229 bytes)

Old postcard:  "Better Leave the Noise and Heat.  Come to Syosset, N. Y. 
 It Can't Be Beat"

airplane72r.jpg (21243 bytes)

Piece of airplane that crash landed in Hurley's Field (off Split Rock Road), Jan. 10, 1954 (retrieved from the field by Robin Boslet)
The pilot walked away, unhurt.


T-33.jpg (30934 bytes)

This is a T-33, similar to the one that crashed.
"When the plane crashed I was in the living room of our home at 9 Ryan Street, when I heard a loud whooshing sound, and our house seemed to shake.  It was the plane gliding to a landing on the snow covered farm, which the pilot thought was a lake.  Given that our house was at the top of a slight hill close to the farm, the plane must have come very, very close to our house.  I soon heard the fire engines, and then ran across the farm to see the plane.  As I recall, the damage was not great, and the pilot was uninjured.  The sound of the plane passing overhead and the shaking of the house are still vivid memories 50 years later."  Bob Holm

fairchildmodel.jpg (52759 bytes)

Fairchild F-27 metal airplane model with original box, made by Hallmark Models, Syosset, c. '50s

sharkjaw-N.jpg (16263 bytes)

Jaw of a baby shark found on beach 
in Cold Spring Harbor, 1960


thermo.jpg (65273 bytes)

letteropener3.JPG (27210 bytes)

Thermometer/barometer and letter opener from Syosset Nurseries (note phone numbers)

part8_bulbs.jpg (47596 bytes)

 Cover of catalogue, 1950
Walter J. Guille Inc, flower bulb specialists

SyossetNurseries.jpg (33412 bytes)

Syosset Nurseries, (also known as Ritchie's), advertisement, 1962

memorabilia_lillies_book.jpg (41899 bytes) memorabilia_lillies_book2.jpg (55465 bytes)

Left, Consider the Lilies, issued by W. E. Marshall & Co., Inc., 1932.
Right, William Emerson Marshall among his lilies.
His Lily Field and Trial Grounds were located in Syosset behind
Syosset Nurseries on Jackson Avenue.

memorabilia_lillies_book3.jpg (76033 bytes)

How to reach the Lily Field, 1932

bank.jpg (31754 bytes)

Bank envelope.jpg (20836 bytes)

Bank of Syosset
money bag

Bank of Syosset
deposit envelope

NorstarBank1.jpg (27464 bytes) NorstarBank2.jpg (30325 bytes)

35th Anniversary mug, Syosset branch of the Norstar Bank
The Hempstead Bank acquired the Bank of Syosset in 1953 and eventually became Norstar and then Fleet Bank.

hempsteadbank_ad_1962.jpg (84571 bytes)

Hempstead bank ad, 1962

IslandFedSanta.gif (49734 bytes)


IslandFedSantaBack.gif (43540 bytes)

Cardboard Santa from Island Federal Savings and Loan Association
"START YOUR Christmas Club TODAY!"


island_federal_savings_ad_1963.jpg (92973 bytes) IFS_new.jpg (114814 bytes)

Island Federal Savings and Loan Association, 1963 and 1973 advertisements

part8_IslandFederal1965.jpg (70632 bytes)

Island Federal Savings and Loan Association, 1965 advertisement
(image courtesy of Tom Montalbano)

bosletphoto.jpg (22028 bytes)

Boslet Photo Service,  1940s

amateurradio1.JPG (138278 bytes)

Amateur radio station verification report (QSL card)
 sent from Syosset ("On The Gold Coast"), Sept. 13, 1948



part8_qsl.jpg (41108 bytes)


memorabilia_qsl_1.jpg (52012 bytes) memorabilia_qsl_2.jpg (32393 bytes)


QSLschwartz.jpg (63606 bytes) amateurradio_4.JPG (78782 bytes)


amateurradio2.JPG (129028 bytes) amateurradio3.JPG (118730 bytes)

More QSL cards sent from Syosset 
(image third row left courtesy of Warren Mills)

coombsruler.gif (45994 bytes)

Yardstick from Coombs & Oliver Hardware Store

weinstocks72r.gif (101619 bytes)

Weinstock_Photo_Envelope.jpg (71832 bytes)

Bag and photo envelope from Weinstock's on Jackson Avenue, around 1950 
  Weinstock's later became Weintraub's.

part8_WeintraubApr1952.jpg (115976 bytes)

April 1952 Advertisement from the East Norwich Enterprise
(image courtesy of Tom Montalbano)

Weintraub's.jpg (90002 bytes)

Photo envelope from  Weintraub's

weintraubs_ad_1956.jpg (103195 bytes)

Weintraub's, 1956 advertisement

c-r-printing.jpg (100722 bytes)


c-r-printing-2.jpg (41293 bytes)

Blotter from C & R Printing Company, c. 1950
Note the telephone number, SYosset 6-0929-M.
A letter after the last four numbers denotes a "party" line.

cloves.jpg (67224 bytes)

cloves2.jpg (68101 bytes)

Tin from Roulston's Store on Jackson Ave. (later J. W. Baker & Son)

Mr. Mayor.jpg (59822 bytes) Mr. Mayor2.jpg (80699 bytes)

First Day Cover sent to Syosset's "mayor"
and the people of his "fine community"

Fieldwood.jpg (40979 bytes) FieldwoodAd.jpg (41709 bytes)

Left, coat hanger (reads "Syosset & Merrick, N.Y.")
 from Fieldwood Men's Shop, 41 Jackson Ave, c. 1950s
Right, Syosset Casuals (formerly Lady Fieldwood) and Fieldwood, advertisement, 1962

fieldwood_ad_1955.jpg (95763 bytes)

Fieldwood advertisement, 1955


stetsonhat.jpg (37985 bytes)


fieldwoodsstetson.jpg (109447 bytes)

Vintage Stetson hat from Fieldwood's

fieldwoodbag1.jpg (46998 bytes) fieldwoodbag2.jpg (44006 bytes)

Garment bag from Fieldwood
(images courtesy of Barbra Broidy)

franklyn_ad_1959.jpg (114165 bytes)

Franklyn (misspelled "Franklin") of New York and Syosset, 1959 advertisement

Franklynfurs.jpg (76447 bytes)

Fur coat owned by Nellie Boslet, from
Furs by Franklyn of Syosset, LI, 56 W. Jericho Turnpike


franklyn_new1.jpg (69882 bytes)


franklyn_new2.jpg (40357 bytes)

Vintage mink wrap from Franklyn's


franklyn_leopard2.jpg (18737 bytes)


franklyn_leopard1.jpg (47332 bytes)

Vintage coat from Franklyn's

part8_leventritt.jpg (45298 bytes)

Notice for estate sale including furntiture and sculpture
from Roy Leventritt of Syosset

part8_farmers.jpg (81042 bytes)


farmersmarket1.jpg (33583 bytes)

farmersmarket2.jpg (33347 bytes)

           Matchbook covers from the Hicksville Farmers Market off Jericho Turnpike, Syosset


SyossetTrucksLighter1.jpg (20895 bytes)

SyossetTrucksLighter2.jpg (25064 bytes)

penknife-SyossetTruck.jpg (78851 bytes)

Promotional lighter  and penknife from Syosset Truck Sales Inc., c. 1950s

Below,  1952 ads from local businesses 
(images courtesy of Tom Montalbano)

part8_PearlHurley1952.jpg (54890 bytes)

part8_Puccio1952.jpg (79698 bytes)

part8_WatsonandHazel1952.jpg (26576 bytes)



Below,  March 1952 ads from local businesses 
(images courtesy of Tom Montalbano


part8_DuganMar1952.jpg (33371 bytes)

part8_JWBakerMar1952.jpg (55632 bytes)


part8_StanleyWertheimerMar1952.jpg (30527 bytes)

part8_MauriceMeyerMar1952.jpg (37012 bytes)


part8_SyossetAutoBodyMar1952.jpg (57017 bytes)

part8_SyossetCesspoolMar1952.jpg (27352 bytes)


part8_SyossetLiquorMar1952.jpg (50443 bytes)

part8_SyossetRadioMar1952.jpg (38686 bytes)

Below,  1953 ads from local businesses 
(images courtesy of Tom Montalbano)


part8_JWBakerJan1953.jpg (64402 bytes)

part8_National5and101953.jpg (14970 bytes)


part8_PuccioBev1953.jpg (34149 bytes)

part8_SyossetBarber1953.jpg (45954 bytes)


part8_SyossetTV1953.jpg (83463 bytes)

part8_SyossetTV1953b.jpg (39017 bytes)


part8_SyossetTV1953c.jpg (70854 bytes)

part8_SyossetTailor1953.jpg (55697 bytes)


Below,  1956 ads from The Syosset Spartans Official Program 
(courtesy of Shirlee Sarver Iacono)



part8_spartanad_1.jpg (61365 bytes)


part8_spartanad_2.jpg (68458 bytes)


part8_spartanad_3.jpg (68689 bytes)


part8_spartanad_4.jpg (604503 bytes)


part8_spartanad_5.jpg (94068 bytes)


part8_spartanad_6.jpg (58622 bytes)


part8_spartanad_7.jpg (81284 bytes)


part8_spartanad_8.jpg (75171 bytes)


specialties_inc1.jpg (45668 bytes)

Gun sight and servo for aircraft use, c. 1950s
from Specialties Inc. "Skunks Misery Road, Syosset, L. I. N. Y."
Originally in Lattingtown, "when Specialties, Inc., moved from Skunk's Misery Road to Syosset, they supposedly petitioned the Postal Service to maintain their unique address.
"  S. Berliner III

part8_specialties1.jpg (53834 bytes) part8_specialties2.jpg (27405 bytes)

Specialties Inc. handbook, 1955
"For the technical man away from his desk"




part1_stutz_knettel.jpg (61733 bytes) part1_car_knettel.jpg (53515 bytes)

William L. Knettel's cars
Left, Stutz
(images courtesy of Diane Oley)

part1_Gordonswoody.jpg (33989 bytes)

Gordon McAuliffe's Woody
(image courtesy of Maureen McAuliffe Smith)

part8_burden_car1.jpg (204919 bytes) part8_burden_car2.jpg (119656 bytes)

William Haire
's restored 1948 Plymouth wooden station wagon
It was "originally sold by James Frontero and his Chrysler/Plymouth dealership in Bayville to Mrs. F.A. Tobin of Woodside Acres on Muttontown Road in December, 1948. She titled it in her name and that of Woodside Acres until her death in 1960 when it went to her son, W. Douglas Burden of Charlotte, Vermont." William Haire
(images courtesy of William Haire)

'part1_weidig_53Chevy.jpg (40177 bytes)

Al and Charlie Weidig in Al's yellow 1953 Chevy convertible. 
The house visible in the background was Rocco Serena's house, at the southwest corner of Dawes Ave and Jackson Ave.
(image courtesy of Charles Weidig)

part8_1954cadillac.jpg (38623 bytes)

Florence Kwiatkowski's 1954 Cadillac convertible
"I had more fun with that car.  Couldn't close the garage doors and had only inches to
spare on each side.  After pulling the car in, I had to swing over the back fin and slide
down the trunk.  I was so skinny at that time and folks said that five of me
could fit in the front seat.  Is it possible that gas was under 30 cents?"  Florence
 (image courtesy of Florence Kwiatkowski Sendrowski)

part1_mm_'58 Olds.jpg (35468 bytes)

Marie Manning's  '57 Olds convertible
(image courtesy of Marie Manning)

part8_deasla_car.jpg (181783 bytes)

Richard De Asla standing by his 1960 Chevy, c. January 1960
 (image courtesy of Richard De Asla)

part8_ferri_car.jpg (68531 bytes)

Charles Ferri and his Mercury wagon
(image courtesy of Stephanie Ferri Green)

part1_car_taylor.jpg (36599 bytes) part1_car_taylor2.jpg (51805 bytes)

Tommy Taylor's cars
Left, 1960
Right, 1961, with Tommy
(images courtesy of Diane Oley)

part1__delin_36ford_SuffolkRoad.jpg (43620 bytes)

part1_parentswith'49Ford.jpg (34804 bytes)

part1_anglia.jpg (57901 bytes)


part1_vw_now.jpg (52911 bytes)

Helmer Delin's cars
Left, 1936 Ford, searching for the Bagatelle Nursery c. 1952,  sold for $5 in 1954
Center, 1949 Ford, c. 1954, junked 1959
Right, 1959 Anglia, bought new for $995
Unlike the Anglia in "Harry Potter," this one couldn't get up a hill.
Below, 1962 Volkswagen ragtop, bought new for $1,495, now owned by grandson Eric, residing and still going strong in Staten Island, N.Y., a valuable antique
"Once he got it, he got it right."  John Delin

part8_valente.jpg (129437 bytes)

George A. Valente's 1932 Ford street rod, c. 60s
(courtesy of George Valente) 

part8_mm_license.jpg (49202 bytes)


part8_syosset_OK.jpg (67049 bytes)

Syosset vanity plates
left, Mike Mark's; right Charles Reiss'
(courtesy of Michael Mark)

woodennicfront1.jpg (26576 bytes) woodennicback1.jpg (28556 bytes)

Big discount at Comet Car Wash!

comet_car_wash_ad_1960.jpg (109018 bytes)

Comet Car Wash, 1960 advertisement

memorabilia_advance_cartoon_1959.jpg (94597 bytes)

Cartoon in Syosset Advance, 1959

gourmet_kitchens.jpg (64629 bytes)

1960 advertisement in LI Living for Gourmet Kitchen Inc., 45 Cold Spring Road

ashtray-N.jpg (146714 bytes)

Souvenir glass ashtray from Champion Storm Window Corporation on Eileen Way, c. '60s

mars.jpg (111287 bytes)

Mars Electronics (sellers of communications equipment), 135 Eileen Way, advertisement in CQ magazine, November 1963 

post_liquors.jpg (39629 bytes)

Vintage key chain from Post Liquors
(image courtesy of Larry Chernow)

malbycover.jpg (60863 bytes)


Maltby-1.jpg (48070 bytes) Maltby-2.jpg (47069 bytes)

45 rpm record of Syosset musician Richard Maltby and His Orchestra
He was hired by Paul Whiteman in the late 1930s, then moved on to work for Benny Goodman in the 1940s; he formed his own big band in the early 1950s.  He then arranged for Lawrence Welk's television show.  Maltby wrote a serious piece, "Threnody: Requiem for John F. Kennedy," after the president's assassination.

Stegmeyer-600.jpg (42059 bytes) Stegmeyer-1.jpg (44463 bytes)

45 rpm record of Syosset musician Bill Stegmeyer and His Orchestra
He played clarinet with Bob Crosby (1939-40) and in the '40s worked and arranged for Billy Butterfield, Yank Lawson, Bobby Hackett, Will Bradley and Billie Holiday (1945-47).  Stegmeyer arranged for the popular "Hit Parade" television show during 1950-58 and was staff conductor for CBS in the 1960s.

stegmeyer_becker.jpg (52849 bytes)

78 rpm record of the Bill Stegmeyer Octet
(image courtesy of Steven Becker)

furys.jpg (82927 bytes)

The Furys, c. 1960
These Syosset High School classmates performed for several years before disbanding in 1961.
unidentified (non-band member), Ralph Stanio, guitar,
 Ray Orobona, drums, unidentified announcer, Vinnie Messina, lead singer, Joe Getz, guitar

takers.jpg (48925 bytes)

Business card of the '60s Long Island band, the Takers
The group consisted of John Dizek, Allen Kahn, Bob Snoody,
Bill Tracy and Larry Zampino.
(image courtesy of Audrey Schwartz)

TheReasonsWhy.jpg (30638 bytes)


ReasonsWhy_side_1.jpg (57714 bytes) ReasonsWhy_side_2.jpg (58708 bytes)

45 rpm record, 1967, of the '60s Syosset band, the Reasons Why
Personnel:  Dan "Fing"  Horton, lead guitar, Al Stegmeyer, drums, Buzz Feiten, bass/vocals and Steve Beckmeier, rhythm guitar/vocals.
The group, as shown at top (probably at the Village School):  Dan Horton is in front; back, left to right:  Doug Stegmeyer, Al Stegmeyer and Buzz Feiten.
(images courtesy of Jeanne Sittig Moore)

reasons_becker.jpg (29850 bytes)

45 rpm record of the Reasons Why
(image courtesy of Steven Becker)

TheHassles.jpg (90956 bytes)


hassles45_1.jpg (95690 bytes) hassles45_2.jpg (59882 bytes)

45 rpm record of the '60s Long Island band, the Hassles
The group, as shown at top c. 1967, consisted of Billy Joel, keyboard (who, in 1966, replaced original member Harry Weber, organist and Syosset resident), Jon Small, drums, Richard McKenna, guitar (a Syosset resident), John Dizek, vocals, and Howie Blauvelt, bass.
The Hassles formed in 1964 and disbanded in 1969.

Beckmeier Bros 1979 front.jpg (56496 bytes)


Beckmeier Bros 79 Back.jpg (56165 bytes)

Beckmeier Brothers album, 1979
From Syosset, Freddie Beckmeier (blue shirt and vest) and Steve Beckmeier (leather jacket)
The other band members are David Kalish, Richard Haywood and R. A. Martin.
(images courtesy of Jeanne Sittig Moore)

glasses72.jpg (35314 bytes)

Memories from Dr. Freeman's office on Ira Road;
Pam Boslet's glasses, c. mid-'50s

JPFreeman.jpg (33320 bytes)

 Dr. Freeman's office; 1962 advertisement


Advance-N.JPG (271457 bytes) Tribune-N.JPG (161547 bytes)

Syosset Advance,
October 16, 1959

Syosset Tribune,
August 1, 1963
(Photo of Mr. & Mrs.
Thomas Nowak)

syosset_coc_1957_1.jpg (147718 bytes)


syosset_coc_1957_2.jpg (176741 bytes) syosset_coc_1957_3.jpg (166278 bytes)


syosset_coc_1957_4.jpg (130073 bytes) syosset_coc_1957_5.jpg (177102 bytes)


syosset_coc_1957_6.jpg (111858 bytes) syosset_coc_1957_6a.jpg (181411 bytes)


coc_booklet_7.jpg (72716 bytes)

 Chamber of Commerce booklet,
printed by Berry Hill Press, 1957
(images courtesy of the Wencko and Kwiatkowski families)

Chamber1-N.JPG (236839 bytes) Chamber2-N.JPG (237043 bytes)

Members of the Chamber of Commerce, c. 1957

coc.jpg (170966 bytes) coc2.jpg (145473 bytes)

Back of the Chamber of Commerce map of Syosset, early 1960s


Below,  ads from local businesses in the Syosset Advance 1955-1960:

pecheur_ad_1955.jpg (73071 bytes) olneys_ad_1960.jpg (121633 bytes)


hub_ad_1955.jpg (73092 bytes) syosset_radio_television_ad_1955.jpg (83485 bytes)
samuel_smith_ad_1955.jpg (57356 bytes) centre_station_ad_1955.jpg (139614 bytes)



demailly_ad_1959.jpg (71028 bytes) dugans_farm.jpg (135207 bytes)

Below, booster ads from local establishments in the Country Fair program, Woodbury Methodist Church, 1962:

Natl5and10.jpg (33614 bytes) SyossetBakery.jpg (19763 bytes)


StarAutoStore.jpg (27728 bytes) Scotts5and10.jpg (26852 bytes)
Puccio'sDistributors.jpg (34620 bytes) Puccio'sGarage.jpg (29685 bytes)


SyossetBarberShop.jpg (37062 bytes)


abalene_oil.jpg (73656 bytes) abalene_new.jpg (80858 bytes)

Abalene Oil, 92 Jackson Ave., 1962 and 1973 advertisements

BikeShop-n.jpg (65986 bytes)

 Ad for Syosset Bicycle Shop, 71 Jackson Avenue
(image courtesy of Tom Montalbano)

part8_SyossetBicycle1965.jpg (71314 bytes)

 1965 Ad for Syosset Bicycle Shop, 71 Jackson Avenue
(image courtesy of Tom Montalbano)


part8_christmas_ornament2.jpg (43543 bytes)

 Christmas tree ornament purchased by John Delin, c. 1952,
from National Five and Ten, 25 Jackson Avenue

part8_Syossetitems12212010005.jpg (66965 bytes)

Vintage key ring from Shop Wise Drug Store
(image courtesy of Larry Chernow)

memorabilia_nautical.jpg (23650 bytes)

The Nautical Shop, Jericho Turnpike and Burke Lane
vintage matchbook cover

part8_locust_liquors1.jpg (35127 bytes)

part8_locust_liquors2.jpg (35054 bytes)

Vintage matchbook cover from Locost Liquors, S. Oyster bay Rd and Jerchico Turnpike

part8_circus.jpg (33926 bytes)

Ticket to Hunt Brothers Circus, c.1950s
The circus performed off Jackson Avenue in Locust Grove.

part8_chevron.jpg (33206 bytes)

Vintage scraper

part8_connie-bannister-book.jpg (44851 bytes)

part8_connie-bannister-insc.jpg (82788 bytes)

Cover of A Child's Grace, by Ernest Claxton with photographs by Contance Bannister,Syosset's well-known baby photgrapher, 1948
 Right:  Inscription written by Ms Bannister to Patrick Wright, one of her first child models
(Images courtesy of Pat Wright)

part8_bannister&me2cornetap.jpg (94486 bytes)

Article about Patrick Wright and Constance Bannister from Coronet, 1948
(Image courtesy of Pat Wright)

part8_bannister-football194.jpg (187621 bytes)

Baby Banters---by Bannister, New York Sun, October 1, 1948
Starring Patrick Wright
(Image courtesy of Pat Wright)


Bannister-Steel-cover.jpg (52274 bytes)

Bannister-Steel-1.jpg (62467 bytes)

Bannister-Steel-2.jpg (39305 bytes)

"It Tickles" calendar, 1959, published for U.S. Steel Supply 
by Constance Bannister
 Click on the thumbnails to enlarge;
for a more legible reading of the note by Ms. Bannister,
 click here:  Text  (Note the last line and closing.)

bannister_cards1.jpg (33969 bytes) bannister_cards2.jpg (47858 bytes)

From a set of playing cards advertising Salmick Brake Service on Jericho Turnpike, c. late 50s 
Photos by Constance Bannister


bannister1.jpg (111004 bytes)

Bannister5.jpg (164920 bytes)


Bannister2.jpg (75533 bytes) Bannister3.jpg (129528 bytes)


Bannister1961.jpg (114804 bytes) Bannister1962.jpg (57561 bytes)

Appointment books, 1960-1962, by Constance Bannister
Click on the thumbnails to enlarge;
for a more legible reading, click here:  Text  


Bannister-TicklishSituation.jpg (61318 bytes)

Bannister-TicklishSituation2.jpg (55743 bytes)

Bannister-TicklishSituation3.jpg (84245 bytes)

"Tampering With Taxes is a Ticklish Situation" by Constance Bannister, 1966 


Bannister-HolyDeadlock.jpg (75110 bytes)

Bannister-HolyDeadlock2.JPG (100056 bytes)

Bannister-HolyDeadlock3.JPG (79767 bytes)

"Holy Deadlock" by Constance Bannister, 1970

bannister_obit.jpg (81882 bytes)

Constance Bannister
New York Times obituary

Volunteen-N.JPG (86761 bytes)

Syosset Hospital Volunteen cap, 1962

florence_phillips.jpg (40748 bytes) florence_phillips2.jpg (24233 bytes)

Florence Phillips, Queen of the Seabees, 1962
(images courtesy of Warren Mills)

part8_SyossetCasuals2.jpg (47736 bytes)

Ladies compact, never used, purchased from Syosset Casuals, 39 Jackson Ave. c. 1963 
 (courtesy of Florence Kwiatkowski Sendrowski)

syosset_duck.jpg (86217 bytes) syosset_duck_back.jpg (128663 bytes)

Mallard duck hand carved in 1963 by H. Hargrove, Syosset

lady_cake_shop1.jpg (58205 bytes) lady_cake_shop2.jpg (57895 bytes)

Box from Lady Cake Shop, 336 Jericho Turnpike
(images provided by Larry Chernow in memory of Pat Lowry) 

Syosset Camera.jpg (161528 bytes)

Photo envelope from Syosset Camera advertising the 1964 New York World's Fair

part8_pennysaver.jpg (71135 bytes)

August 26, 1964

Below,  ads from local businesses in the PENNYSAVER


part8_pennysaver_abalene.jpg (43634 bytes)

part8_pennysaver_ajack.jpg (54477 bytes)


part8_pennysaver_bank.jpg (67856 bytes)

part8_pennysaver_golf.jpg (82427 bytes)


part8_pennysaver_lex.jpg (61891 bytes)

part8_pennysaver_painting.jpg (81508 bytes)


part8_pennysaver_paving.jpg (88427 bytes)

part8_pennysaver_razzanos.jpg (42354 bytes)

part8_pennysaver_saveon.jpg (77101 bytes)

part8_hometown_1.jpg (61182 bytes)

part8_hometown_2.jpg (48412 bytes)

Front and back cover of Syosset Hometown U.S.A 

Below,  ads from local businesses in Syosset Hometown U.S.A 

part8_hometown_3.jpg (34481 bytes)

part8_hometown_colony.jpg (51719 bytes)


part8_hometown_drugstores.jpg (32200 bytes)

part8_hometown_fieldwood.jpg (41012 bytes)

part8_SyossetFuneral1965.jpg (35479 bytes)

Ad for Syosset Funeral Home, 1965
(image courtesy of Tom Montalbano)

syosset__league_of_mercy_1.jpg (84072 bytes) syosset__league_of_mercy_2.jpg (231603 bytes)


syosset__league_of_mercy_3.jpg (197181 bytes) syosset__league_of_mercy_4.jpg (122511 bytes)

Program and menu for the Syosset League of Mercy Hospital International Luncheon Fashion Show, November 6, 1966
The Syosset League of Mercy served Mercy Hospital in Rockville Centre, now Mercy Medical Center.
Mrs. William McGurk, wife of the former Syosset Board of Education President, was on the decorating committee.
Mrs. Robert Jessop was a model representing the United States.
Acknowledgements included:  Mrs. Lyndon B. Johnson, Princess Grace of Monaco,
Senator Robert Kennedy, Viennese Coach Restaurant, Mah Jong Restaurant and other Syosset restaurants and companies.
Sweepstakes gifts included an ink drawing from Robert Kennedy, luncheon for two at the Maine Maid and a Westinghouse bulb assortment.

SyossetLeagueCookbook-1.jpg (51020 bytes) SyossetLeagueCookbook-2.jpg (27661 bytes)


SyossetLeagueCookbook-3.jpg (66302 bytes) SyossetLeagueCookbook-4.jpg (85135 bytes)

Captivating Cookery, a recipe collection published by the 
Syosset League of Mercy Hospital, c. '50s;
two recipes by Alice Hofgren
(images courtesy of Suzanne Berger)

part8_dogfood.jpg (96878 bytes)

Vintage label from the 60s


Below, 1973 advertisements:

beney_funeral.jpg (41564 bytes) flower_cottage_1973.jpg (49037 bytes)


north_shore_travel.jpg (33652 bytes) coach_realty_1973.jpg (97181 bytes)


Misfits_front1.jpg (38120 bytes) Misfits_Rear4.jpg (31419 bytes)

Bob Zito's (SHS '69) book, The Misfits of Channel 10, is "about coming of age in the '60s and the huge part that Lafayette Radio's warehouse in Syosset, its equipment and CB Radio played in this process."
(images courtesy of Bob Zito)

laf_62.jpg (48135 bytes)

 Catalog from Lafayette Radio, 111 Jericho Turnpike, 1962 


Laf50th.jpg (23530 bytes)

Lafayette73-N.jpg (82685 bytes)

Laf1974.jpg (28050 bytes)

 Catalogs from Lafayette Radio:  1971, 1973, 1974 
(images courtesy of Bob Zito)

part8_SyossetLafayetteRadioRuler1962-2.jpg (113301 bytes)

Lafayette ruler, 1962
(courtesy of Jonathan Borkum)



LafayetteOp1.jpg (44639 bytes) LafayetteWarrantyBack.JPG (46951 bytes)

Lafayette information

lafayette_opera_glasses.jpg (40073 bytes) lafayette_opera_glasses-2.jpg (81549 bytes)

Lafayette opera glass and description
"This opera glass surely will help you to satisfy such your eyes' desire."

lradio.jpg (83115 bytes)

Lafayette solid state radio purchased by Bob Boslet, c. '70s

lafayette_walkie_talkie.jpg (22376 bytes) lafayette_walkie_talkie2.jpg (38869 bytes)

Lafayette Dyna-Com walkie-talkie, early '70s

lafayette_experimenter1.jpg (127392 bytes) lafayette_experimenter2.jpg (115392 bytes)

Lafayette 150-in-1 electronic experimenter's kit

lafayette-batteries.jpg (83412 bytes)

Lafayette "D" batteries


lafayette_tapes_1.jpg (50001 bytes)

lafayette_tapes_2.jpg (53758 bytes)

lafayette_tapes_3.jpg (43096 bytes)


lafayette_tapes_4.jpg (75325 bytes)

lafayette_tapes_5.jpg (76023 bytes)

lafayette_tapes_6.jpg (71756 bytes)

Vintage audio tape boxes from Lafayette

royal_card__gift_1.jpg (51194 bytes)


royal_card__gift_2.jpg (46253 bytes)

Bag from Royal Card and Gift, 103 Jackson Avenue, c. '80s

MobilTankerSyosset_1.jpg (52282 bytes) MobilTankerSyosset_2.jpg (36926 bytes)


MobilTankerSyosset_3.jpg (80191 bytes) syossetring.jpg (54751 bytes)

 The Mobil oil tanker Syosset, c. 1989
  It was originally the ARCO Endeavor, built in 1959, and became a Mobil ship in the early '80s.
Bottom, Michael Mann on deck and the life ring hanging in the Mann's backyard
(images courtesy of Laurie and Michael Mann)

nyt_fill_in_blanks.jpg (254615 bytes)


nyt_fill_in_blanks_detail.jpg (37799 bytes)

Word game from Fashions of The TImes, c. 2000
Right, the detail with Syosset as one of the word choices to fill in the blanks

part8_syossetopoly.jpg (41864 bytes)

Board game with images from Tom Montalbano's Syosset

part8_marias_gift_shop.jpg (24467 bytes)

Bag from Maria's Gift Shop, 35 Jackson Avenue, 2008

SyossetPin.JPG (39704 bytes) Button_2.jpg (27794 bytes)

Syosset buttons


   Listen to Joseph Boslet talk about Syosset in 1991; click here:  Syosset Today

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