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 Part Eleven


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Other Long Island Scenes


Below: Equestrian Images captured by Bob Boslet:

part11_BobBosletonHorse.jpg (68735 bytes)

Bob Boslet was an avid horseman

Fox Hunting:


part11_MeadowbrookHunt_Westbury1925.jpg (137955 bytes)

Meadow Brook Hunt 1925




part11_foxhunts_Foxhunt1.jpg (116653 bytes)


part11_foxhunts_Foxhunt2.jpg (99932 bytes)


part11_foxhunts_Foxhunt3.jpg (79706 bytes)


part11_foxhunts_Foxhunt4.jpg (98648 bytes)


part11_foxhunts_Foxhunt5.jpg (95880 bytes)


part11_foxhunts_Foxhunt6.jpg (115268 bytes)





part11_polo_MeadowBrook1.jpg (81186 bytes)


part11_Polo-Meadowbrook-Iglehart-1.jpg (55999 bytes)


part11_Polo-Meadowbrook-Igleart-2.jpg (38020 bytes)


Drawing of C.V. Whitney and Stewart Iglehart


part11_Polo-MeadowBrook-Hitchcock.jpg (56996 bytes)


part11_Polo-Meadowbrook-CVWhitney.jpg (37335 bytes)


part_11_Polo-Meadowbrook-Bostwick.jpg (80059 bytes)


Horse Shows and Jumping:

Smithtown 1937


part_11_Horsejump.jpg (51819 bytes)


part11_HorseJumping-2.jpg (61882 bytes)


part11_horsejumpingHorseShow1937.jpg (47120 bytes)


part11_HorseShowSmithtown1937-1.jpg (56944 bytes)


part_11_HorseShowSmithtown1937-2.jpg (44554 bytes)


part_11_HorseShowSmithtown1937-3.jpg (55555 bytes)


part11_HorseShowSmithtown1937-4.jpg (72905 bytes)


Piping Rock 1937:


part11_PipingRockPairsofMeadowbrookHunters.jpg (54711 bytes)


part11_PipingRockShow-2.jpg (50293 bytes)


part11_PipingRockHorseShow-Heflin, Plumb.jpg (56477 bytes)


part11_horsejumping_PipingRock1937PatrolmanBurke.jpg (47145 bytes)

Patrolman Burke


part11_horsejumping_PipingRock1937PatrolmanBurke2e.jpg (48693 bytes)


part_11_horseshows_PipingRock-3.jpg (57987 bytes)


part_11_horseshowsPipingRock-4.jpg (63951 bytes)


part11_horsejumpingPipingRock-6.jpg (70589 bytes)


part11_horsejumpingPipingRock-7.jpg (58912 bytes)



GentlemanRiding.JPG (84969 bytes)



oldOBHS.jpg (35917 bytes) OysterBayHS-N.JPG (43895 bytes)

Oyster Bay High School, early 1900s, and 1958 graduation invitation

part11_OBHIGH-A.jpg (65875 bytes)


part11_OBHIGH-B.jpg (93417 bytes)

More recent pictures of Oyster bay High School
(images courtesy of Stephanie Ferri Green)

HicksvilleHS.jpg (19347 bytes) glencovehs.jpg (46326 bytes)

Left, Hicksville High School
Right, Glen Cove High School

WestburyHS.jpg (282487 bytes) CarlePlace-N.jpg (40110 bytes)

Left, Westbury High School, under construction, 1935 
(Edward J. Smits, Nassau Suburbia, USA, Friends of the Nassau
County Museum, Syosset, New York 11791, 1974)
Right, Carle Place High School

 Syosset students attended other high schools, including the five above, before
 Syosset High School opened in 1956.

march_2005_hicksville_hs_play-n.jpg (152164 bytes)

Play performed at Hicksville High School, c. 1932
From left, Stella Nowak (5th), Nellie Nowak (17th) 
 Other students from Syosset are in the cast.
(photo courtesy of Stella Nowak Berg)

MildredKnettel_Hicksville.jpg (82276 bytes)

Mildred Knettel of Syosset graduated from Hicksville High School in 1933.
 (from Mildred Knettel Vanstane's album,
image courtesy of Diane Vanstane Oley)

part11_Hicksville_Grads_1933.jpg (366615 bytes)


part11_knettel_hicksville2.jpg (103424 bytes)

Senior Class Hicksville 1933
Class picture at Mount Vernon
Mildred Knettel is in 2nd row, 6th from right.
Her classmates autographed the back.
Note all the girls wore hats and some of the boys held walking sticks.
[Scroll down and side-to-side.
If you are using Internet Explorer's Automatic Image Resizing, click the Automatic Image Resizing icon in the lower-right corner
 of the picture, which will expand it so you can see the detail.
image courtesy of Diane Vanstane Oley)

part11_ferri_hicksville.jpg (55493 bytes)


part11_ferri_hicksville2.jpg (56002 bytes)

Charles Ferri of Syosset
in his classroom at Hicksville High School c. early '80s
Mr. Ferri taught Chemistry there for many years.
images courtesy of Stephanie Ferri Green)

part11_RayBurckley.Retirement1979.jpg (34675 bytes)


part11_RayBurckleyRetirement1979.jpg (47613 bytes)

Raymond Burckley's retirement c. 1979
Mr. Burckley of Syosset (left and far right) taught at Hicksville High School for many years.
images courtesy of Stephanie Ferri Green)

part11_guckenberger1.jpg (29177 bytes)


part11_guckenberger2.jpg (103134 bytes)

Guckenberger's Luncheonette menu, Hicksville, c. 1935
Memento from Mary Wencko of Syosset's first real date.
(image courtesy of Florence Kwiatkowski Sendrowski)

other_OB_1949_grad.jpg (29109 bytes) other_OB_1949_grad2.jpg (63396 bytes)


other_OB_1949_grad3.jpg (79069 bytes)

other_OB_1949_grad4.jpg (47898 bytes)

Oyster Bay High School Commencement Program
June 28, 1949 
Graduate John Alfred Pennington is the grandson of Charles Alfred VanSise, Syosset's postmaster 1892-1896 and 1905-1927.


StDom-N.jpg (23390 bytes)

StDoms1911.JPG (136269 bytes)

stdom_2004.jpg (162562 bytes)

Left, St. Dominic's R.C. Church and Parsonage in Oyster Bay
Center and right, St. Dominic's Church, c. 1911 and 2004
Before St. Edward's was built, many Syosset Catholics attended St. Dominic's.



part11_St.DominicsProm1936.jpg (41630 bytes)

Florence Wencko's Senior Prom ticket, May 20, 1936
$1.00 per couple.

(image courtesy of Florence Kwiatkowski Sendrowski)

other_GordonHS1.jpg (40794 bytes) other_GordonHS2.jpg (14844 bytes)

Left, invitation to the Commencement Exercises of Saint Dominic's High School, June 26, 1936 
Right,  Gordon McAuliffe, graduate
(images courtesy of Maureen McAuliffe Smith)

St_dom_3rd_grade_1949-50-n.jpg (183930 bytes)

St. Dominic's Third Grade 1949-50
One Teaching Sister to 64 Students.
Syosset students:  Middle row, Norris Miller (2nd), Maureen Hakker (5th),  Marjorie Langa (7th), Florence M. Kwiatkowski (16th);
Top row:  Chucky Martin (end of row)

(image courtesy of Florence Kwiatkowski Sendrowski)

other_eastnorwich.jpg (60869 bytes)

Intersection of Routes 25A and 106 in East Norwich,
before and after the street widening in 1964
While this caused the destruction of an historic general store,
Rothmann's restaurant (1907) on the right was spared.
(April 8, 1966 news clipping courtesy of Diane Oley)

part11_rothmans.jpg (31339 bytes)

Vintage Rothmann's East Norwich Inn postcard


part11_enorwich_inn_1.jpg (58097 bytes) part11_enorwich_inn_2.jpg (22007 bytes)

Burt Bacharach's East Norwich Inn postcard

part11_Pa'shouse.jpg (68926 bytes)

6270 North Hempstead Turnpike, home of Richard Downing Sr.
It is now a photography studio and is unrecognizable from its earlier days, seen above.
(image courtesy of Peter Hayward) 


part11_Rachel'shouse,exteriornorthsideview.jpg (157513 bytes)

6278 North Hempstead Turnpike, East Norwich, c. 1980
 Syosset resident Downing Hayward grew up in this house  It is located across and a bit to the east of Rothmann's.  The house has fallen on sad days.  It is now leased by Fido's fences.
(image courtesy of Peter Hayward)


Pickwickinside-N.jpg (84633 bytes) Pickwick-Ad.JPG (101941 bytes)


pickwick-N.jpg (55633 bytes) pickwick2-N.jpg (73576 bytes)

The Pickwick Motor Inn
Exit 48, Long Island Expressway, Plainview

Camelot.JPG (94613 bytes)

Ad for the Camelot Restaurant at the Pickwick Motor Inn, c. 1974

MidIsland1.jpg (28138 bytes) MidIsland2.jpg (30288 bytes)

Mid-Island Plaza, Hicksville, 1957 
(photos courtesy of The Library of Congress,  Prints and Photographs Division, Gottscho-Schleisner Collection:
    left, LC-G613-71033; right, LC-G613-71035)

MidIlslandAerial.jpg (141593 bytes)

Aerial view of Mid-Island Plaza, Hicksville, c. '70s
(August Viemeister, An Architectural Journey through Long Island,
Kennikat Press Corp., Port Washington, N.Y./London, 1974)

mid_island_plaza_token.jpg (30600 bytes)


mid_island_plaza_token-2.jpg (33980 bytes)

BIDS for KIDS $1 tokens, good only at Mid Island Plaza, late '50s

gertz.jpg (38958 bytes)

Vintage Gertz charge plate

hicksv_tick.jpg (112661 bytes)


hicksv_tick2.jpg (95669 bytes)

Admission ticket to Century Theatre, Hicksville, January 31, 1960

WestburyDriveInTheater2.jpg (38865 bytes)

Westbury Drive-In Theater, c. 1970s, photo from Newsday


part11_nhpi_first.jpg (46304 bytes) part11_nhpi.jpg (33954 bytes)

New Hyde Park Inn matchbook cover
The Inn was the site of the Syosset High School Five Class Reunion in 1998.


TugboatSyosset.jpg (104147 bytes) sy_tug.jpg (36974 bytes)

The tugboat Syosset, locations unknown 
(image on left, from the website, "TugBoats:  From my time in the Industry")
"Beginning in the 1880s, freight cars were floated across New York Harbor between riverside railroad terminals in New Jersey and Long Island, ending the expensive and time-consuming process of transferring freight from railroad cars to barges and back to cars at the other end.  All of the railroads involved soon acquired their own tugboats and carfloats.  In 1899, the L.I.R.R. purchased its first steel-hulled tug, the Syosset, from Cramp's Shipyard in Philadelphia...."
text from THE LONG ISLAND RAIL ROAD in Early Photographs
Ron Ziel, 1990, Dover, page 87

Syosser1847.jpg (119147 bytes)

"Water-Cure at Syosset, L.I."
This July 7, 1847 letter published in the New-York Daily Tribune (July 19,1847) extols Dr. Joel Shew's hydropathic cure and the charming village of Syosset with its exhilarating springs (and ladies). 
"Syosset" is really the hamlet of Oyster Bay which was called Syosset between 1845 and 1848.
(If you are using Internet Explorer's Automatic Image Resizing, click the Automatic Image Resizing icon in the lower-right corner of the picture, which will expand it and you can scroll to see the detail.)

other_sag_entrance_1915.jpg (162321 bytes)

other_tr_fountain.jpg (44554 bytes)

Left, the entrance to Sagamore Hill (pre-1915 postcard)
Right, the Roosevelt Memorial Birdbath Fountain 


Sagamore-outside-N.JPG (182875 bytes)
Sagamore-inside-N.JPG (160091 bytes)

Sagamore Hill, Oyster Bay

part11_drwingroom.jpg (131891 bytes)

Sagamore Hill, Oyster Bay
Drawing room

sag_pennant.jpg (47116 bytes)

TR/Sagamore Hill pennant

tr_oyster_bay_1914.jpg (101953 bytes)

President Theodore Roosevelt is greeted by a huge crowd in Oyster Bay upon his triumphal return from his expedition to the heart of the Amazon basin in 1914.  
(Candice Millard, The River of Doubt : Theodore Roosevelt's Darkest Journey, Bantam Dell Pub Group, 2005)

part11_harpers.jpg (82390 bytes)

Cartoon from Harper's Weekly, June 4, 1904

TRsGrave-N.JPG (191063 bytes)

Grave of Theodore Roosevelt, Oyster Bay

Film clip of the Prince of Wales placing a laurel wreath on TR's grave, Nov. 21, 1919
View using Internet Explorer.  If you see an X instead of the video, click on it.
(Library of Congress Motion Picture, Broadcasting and Recording Sound Division Washington, D.C. 20540 USA)


sagamore_hill_program_1953_1.jpg (55404 bytes)

sagamore_hill_program_1953_3.jpg (34344 bytes)

sagamore_hill_program_1953_2.jpg (54850 bytes)

 Program for the exercises on the first day of issue of the commemorative postage stamp honoring Sagamore Hill, September 14, 1953
The address was given by Fleet Admiral William F. "Bull" Halsey (1882-1959);
 Syosset lawyer Benjamin Zipper was on the Commemorative Stamp Committee.

part11_yachtclub.jpg (29720 bytes)

Seawanhaka Corinthian Yacht Club, Centre Island
The Club was founded in 1871; The Clubhouse opened in 1892.

part11_pipingrock.jpg (48702 bytes)

Vintage cartoon regarding Piping Rock Club in Locust Valley

part11_pipingrock1913.jpg (69394 bytes)

part11_Piping_rock1915.gif (123402 bytes)

Piping Rock Club
Left, 1913 Horse Show; right, 1915 press tag,

other_grocery_sign_csh.jpg (73025 bytes)

Sign advertising Steven A. Pedrick's grocery store in Cold Spring Harbor, c. 1910

NYFishery.JPG (133900 bytes)

FishHatchery-N.jpg (47916 bytes)

WhalingMuseum-N.jpg (42364 bytes)

 Left and center, t
he Fish Hatchery in 1930s, Cold Spring Harbor
Right, Cold Spring Harbor Whaling Museum (courtesy of the Cold Spring Harbor Whaling Museum) 


ChurchandLake.jpg (125008 bytes)

Cold Spring Harbor.jpg (159539 bytes)

StJohnswithpeople.jpg (79612 bytes)

St. John's Episcopal Church on Route 25A, Cold Spring Harbor
(photo on right, August Viemeister, An Architectural Journey through Long Island,
Kennikat Press Corp., Port Washington, N.Y./London, 1974)


LaureltonHall2.jpg (99908 bytes)

 Laurelton Hall
, Cold Spring Harbor, New York

LaureltonHall.JPG (96540 bytes)

Loggia from Laurelton Hall
, Cold Spring Harbor, New York, ca. 1905
Louis Comfort Tiffany (1848–1933)
 American Limestone, ceramic, Favrile glass, 21 x 23 ft. (640 x 701 cm)
The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York
Gift of Jeanette Genius McKean and Hugh Ferguson McKean, in memory of Charles Hosmer Morse, 1978 (1978.10.1)


TiffanyFoundationArtist.jpg (98250 bytes)

Tiffany Foundation artist, 1937
"In 1918 Tiffany established a foundation to which he deeded Laurelton Hall with the aim of establishing a program to nurture young artistic talent.  Not intended as a place for technical instruction, Laurelton Hall was a haven for fostering creative freedom."
(text from www.metmuseum.org)


csh_eugenics_vintage1.jpg (74663 bytes) csh_eugenics_vintage2.jpg (80748 bytes)

Vintage postcard from the Eugenics Records Office of the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
The postcard contained a request for a copy of a schedule—"Record of Family Traits"— that the ERO used to document these traits..
From 1910 to 1940, the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory housed this infamous and discredited office which had become a major advocate of eugenic sterilization in the United States.  The Carnegie Institution ordered it to stop its efforts in 1939, and withdrew funding for it. 

hershey.jpg (21715 bytes)

Letterhead and signature of Alfred D. Hershey
His discoveries involving viral DNA at the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory in the early '50s won him the Nobel prize in 1969.
Although his letterhead reads "Syosset", the address actually is in Laurel Hollow, which uses the Syosset post office.

EFHutton-new1.jpg (23327 bytes) EFHutton-new4.jpg (31000 bytes)


EFHutton-new2.jpg (25134 bytes)

EFHutton-new3.jpg (28486 bytes)

Home of Mrs. E. F. Hutton
Hickory Lane, Laurel Hollow, June 26, 1967
(photos courtesy of The Library of Congress,  Prints and Photographs Division, Gottscho-Schleisner Collection,
    clockwise from top left:  Exterior, LC-G613-81347; Exterior of porch, LC-G613-81327;  Hall, LC-G613-81342; Library, LC-G613-81343)

part11_OldDock.jpg (79014 bytes)

Old Dock


LaurelHollow1937-Bus.JPG (71097 bytes)

LaurelHollow_Don_Bob.JPG (108157 bytes)

LaurelHollow-N.jpg (75096 bytes)

Laurel Hollow
 Left, Bus Lambertson and daughter Helen, 1937;
center, Don and Bob Boslet, 1937;
right, c. 1956

BosletService Station1937.JPG (87285 bytes) BosletsServiceStation_N2.jpg (86004 bytes)


Joe & Don @ gas station.jpg (47032 bytes)

BosletsServiceStation_N1.jpg (37919 bytes)

Boslet's service station, Jericho Turnpike, Ellwood, L.I., c. 1937
Clockwise from top left: pumps, car and trailer;
view of station;
Bob Boslet; Joe Boslet, unidentified and Don Boslet


part11_carracingRooseveltFieldAuto_1937.jpg (52315 bytes)

Roosevelt_Rosemeyer_1st.V.cup_1937.JPG (40456 bytes)

Roosevelt1937_Seaman_2nd.V.Cup.JPG (39887 bytes)

Racing at Roosevelt Field 1937

part11_wencko_farm_letter_1941.jpg (25911 bytes)

Andrew Wencko kept his home in Syosset but he also had a farm in Huntington from 1941 to 1945, where he died.
Above is a 1941 letter from the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture re acreage planted.
(image courtesy of Florence Kwiatkowski Sendrowski)

part11_wencko_q.jpg (73985 bytes) part11_wencko_q2.jpg (94316 bytes)

Selective Service Occupational Questionnaire sent to Andrew Wencko, 1942
(images courtesy of Florence Kwiatkowski Sendrowski)

part11_wencko_postcard1.jpg (32122 bytes) part11_wencko_postcard2.jpg (42283 bytes)

1945 postcard asking Andrew Wencko if he wanted to hire Jamaicans for farm labor
(images courtesy of Florence Kwiatkowski Sendrowski)

part11_wencko_postcard3.jpg (55196 bytes) part11_wencko_postcard4.jpg (80291 bytes)

1945 postcard asking Andrew Wencko if he wanted to hire Jamaicans or POWS for farm labor
(images courtesy of Florence Kwiatkowski Sendrowski)

Vanderbilt-N.JPG (173394 bytes) Vanderbilt2.jpg (70361 bytes)

Vanderbilt Museum, Centerport
Right, Vanderbilt Planetarium
Back of postcard reads:  "Long Island's first and only major planetarium, one of the world's largest and best equipped; its main sky projector shows 11,369 stars
2,459 more than any other."

part11_thatched.jpg (54102 bytes)

part11_thatched2.jpg (54042 bytes)

Thatched Cottage, Centerport
match cover

other_dahlstroms.jpg (97754 bytes) other_dahlstroms2.jpg (65334 bytes)

Dahlstrom's Green Tree Lodge, c. '30s-'40s
Jericho Turnpike in Huntington Station
"A favorite of my family and my first introduction to smörgåsbord and g
lögg outside of my home.  I remember it was still there in 1962."  John Delin 

part11_dahlstroms_new_1.jpg (222904 bytes)

Another image of Dahlstrom's Swedish S
mörgåsbord  c. 50s

other_greenlawn.jpg (74788 bytes)

Smith St. Greenlawn, c. 1900
Back of postcard reads "Miss Laura Smith Syosset L.I."
Laura Smith, her siblings and parents, Henry and Carrie, moved from Greenlawn to Syosset.  Mr. Smith became the superintendent of the McGuire Pickle Works.
(postcard courtesy of Diane Oley)

NorthportHarbor-N.jpg (166413 bytes)

Northport Harbor

other_bagatelle.jpg (59988 bytes)

Vintage ad for the Bagatelle Nursery
It was owned by Dr. Herman Baruch who supplied azaleas to Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt in 1947.
It was located on Bagatelle Road in the Half Hollow Hills area. 
"My father and I searched for the Bagatelle Nursery for years.  We kept following the signs for it, to no avail.  We finally stumbled on it in the late '50s and once found, the challenge was over. We didn't buy anything." John Delin

other_bayview_vansise.jpg (47372 bytes)

This photograph by the noted photographer, VanSise, probably taken in the 19th century, has "Bayview, L.I."  written on the back of the mounting. 

Bayville-New3.JPG (69200 bytes)

Bayvillebridgepostcard.JPG (226791 bytes)

BayvillB-N.JPG (71053 bytes)

Bayville Bridge
 (image on right, courtesy of Virginia Budd Vail Hofstad)

part11_ozzie_caroline_agnes_bob_bayville.jpg (40444 bytes)

Oswald "Ozzie" Andreasson, Caroline Nowak, Agnes Nowak and Bob Boslet at Bayville, c, late 30s

(photo courtesy of Caroline Nowak Zgutowicz)


JonesBeach-N.JPG (151393 bytes)

JBWatertower1935.JPG (71661 bytes)

Jones Beach and the Water Tower at night (c. 1935)

part11_JB_bath.jpg (99944 bytes)

Jones Beach State Park
West Bathhouse

part11_JBswimmers.jpg (86432 bytes)

Jones Beach salt water pool

RobertMosesCausewayN.jpg (128921 bytes)

FireIsland1N.jpg (33056 bytes)

FireIsland2N.jpg (138290 bytes)

Robert Moses Causeway and Robert Moses State Park


other_wildwood_state_vintage.jpg (51748 bytes)

other_camping4.jpg (35680 bytes)

other_camping1.jpg (33926 bytes)


other_camping3.jpg (40684 bytes)

other_camping2.jpg (39250 bytes)

other_camping5.jpg (40311 bytes)

Camping at Wildwood State Park, Wading River
Top row:  John Delin, c. 1949
Bottom row:  c. 1950, John's parents, John and his father and John

other_wildwood.jpg (76331 bytes)

The beach at Wildwood State Park 

part11-WILDWOODSP.jpg (56216 bytes)


part11-WILDWOODSP2.jpg (65851 bytes)

Vintage postcards of Wildwood State Park

other_greatriver2.jpg (30606 bytes)

Great River, c. 1946
John Delin and his mother on vacation


part11_LISavingsBankSanta-front.jpg (36503 bytes)


part11_LISavingsBankSanta-back.jpg (35146 bytes)

Cardboard Santa from Long Island Savings Bank


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