A Syosset Scrapbook

Created by Pamela Boslet Buskin (Apr. 17, 1945—Feb. 4, 2006) and John Delin 



Update:  Look for the signs to see the latest additions, as of April 2015.

My book for Arcadia Publishing.  Images of America:  Syosset People and Places went on sale in August 2008.  While you will recognize many images from this site, there are many new ones and extensive text.  I believe you will want to hold this Syosset book in your hands and enjoy it!  Syosset People and Places is dedicated in loving memory to Pamela Boslet Buskin.  She would have co-authored it had she lived.

For those of you who no longer live in Syosset or Long Island, you can order Syosset People and Places from
Arcadiapublishing.com, Amazon
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Click here for my interview with Kim and Jim on KJOY radio, 8/22/08:  Radio Interview

Pictures from my successful book signing at the Syosset Borders 8/23/08:

(photos courtesy of Christina Delin Ruggiero)

Welcome home to Syosset!

"To some of you, Syosset is still home, a vibrant, ever-changing community.  To others, Syosset exists only in your memories.

To all of you, we hope you will enjoy this brief trip home." Pamela Boslet Buskin (1945-2006)

"Nearly all of the old town can only be seen in memories and in eyes closed resurrections in front of the new boring unaesthetic fleeting structures. Many houses and churches, tho, are still there   The Rail Road tracks and Rail Road station remain but the surrounding stores contain only ghosts. "  John Delin 

This site, established in December 2000, is expanding as new material is discovered.

There are now thousands of images.

Many photographs and memorabilia are from Pamela Boslet Buskin's collection; some are from John Delin's.  Many of the photographs were taken by Pam's father, Robert Boslet, or by Bob's brothers, Joseph and Donald.   There are numerous late 19th and early 20th century photographs by George Edward VanSise (1873-1965).  A number of pictures were originally posted on eBay.  Several photos of recent vintage are from the Web sites of various institutions. Other acknowledgments are listed with the images.

Listen to the late Joseph Boslet Jr., interviewed by Isabel Goldenkoff at the Syosset Public Library as he reminisces about old Syosset.  We placed excerpts from this 1991 tape throughout Scrapbook.  You may have to temporarily disable your firewall in order to access the sound files.
Look for the signs.   If you live in Syosset, visit the library to borrow the entire tape and tapes featuring other longtime Syosset residents.  If you wish to listen to the tapes in the library, call the library first to see if they have a tape player; otherwise bring your own.

Look for videos: 

JoeBoslet_plane_1937.jpg (39491 bytes) DON_WIN_JOE_C1957.JPG (70507 bytes)

Joe Boslet with parts of model airplane, 1937, and Joe on right with younger brother Don and mother Winifred, c. 1957.
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If you can identify anyone in a picture who is not named, please tell me.

If you notice any inaccuracies or have further information regarding any of the pictures, please tell me.

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Pamela Boslet

Split Rock School, 1954

Syosset, 2000

John Delin

Split Rock School, 1954

Syosset, 2000


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Special Notice:  Syosset High Alumni News has migrated from AOL.

Syosset High Alumni News:   http://syossetscrapbook.freeservers.com/olofblue.html

Alumni site by John Delin with news, reunion pictures, and featured alumni.


Feel free to copy any of the images for personal use.  If you'd like to display any on a Website, please let me know.  Use the following credit:  From "A Syosset Scrapbook," courtesy of John Delin.

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Click here:   Syosset Scrapbook Part One

Scenes around Town       

Click here:   Syosset Scrapbook Part Two



Lollipop Farm

Sports, Clubs and Organizations

Click here:   Syosset Scrapbook Part Three


Syosset Post Office

Syosset Fire Department

Syosset and World War II

Click here:   Syosset Scrapbook Part Four


Local Restaurants and Bars

Boslet's Restaurant

Click here:   Syosset Scrapbook Part Five

Syosset Schools

Click here:   Syosset Scrapbook Part Six


Syosset High School

Local Houses of Worship

Click here:   Syosset Scrapbook Part Seven


Long Island Rail Road

Syosset Area Estates

Click here:   Syosset Scrapbook Part Eight


Click here:   Syosset Scrapbook Part Nine

Syosset Houses

Click here:   Syosset Scrapbook Part Ten

Syosset People

Click here:   Syosset Scrapbook Part Eleven

Other Long Island Scenes

Click here:   Syosset Scrapbook Part Twelve

Syosset Stories









Steel Rails Through the Pines
The First 150 Years of the Syosset Station
by Tom Montalbano

Free download!  Fabulous history of the Syosset LIRR station and its influence
with informative text, beautiful illustrations and many old photos.


Welcome Syosset Residents, Past and Present:  http://syossetimages.freehosting.net/

Tom Montalbano's site, about his book, Images of America:  Syosset, and how to order it.  A 128-page pictorial history of "The Place In The Pines" from 1650 to 1950, featuring more than two hundred rare photographs and documents.  It also contains a chapter:  "Beyond the 50's."

SyossetBook.jpg (173313 bytes) 
(click to enlarge)



Syosset Fire District Home Pagehttp://www.syossetfd.org/index.php


Syosset-Jericho Tribunehttp://www.antonnews.com/syossetjerichotribune/

           Denise Nash's review of Syosset People and Places, Aug. 15, 2008:  http://www.antonnews.com/syossetjerichotribune/2008/08/15/news/

Denise Nash's article on Syosset alumni Websites, Dec. 22, 2000:  http://www.antonnews.com/syossetjerichotribune/2000/12/22/news/


Syosset Public Library Home Pagehttp://www.nassaulibrary.org/syosset/

Residents for a More Beautiful Syossethttp://www.syosset.org/


Syosset Chamber of Commercehttp://www.syossetchamber.com/


Lex Realtyhttp://www.lexjim.com/index.htm

Great sites to help stay in touch with our hometown.




Syosset High School Alumni:


Sandy and Richard Riccardi ('60) All-Comedy Cabaret   http://www.partyriccardi.com/default.html


Syosset Rules!  Delphi Forum:  http://forums.delphiforums.com/syossetrules

This free forum is hosted by Rob Giordano ('67).  Message, chat and exchange pictures and attachments with your classmates. 

Rainbow Puddle Psychedelic Lightshow Projections:   http://www.rainbowpuddle.com/

Hal Muskat's ('65) site, which includes  information for the class of 1965 plus old Syosset photographs.

Syosset Memories, a Delphi forum:  http://forums.delphiforums.com/syossetmemories

Reminisce about Syosset on Bob Zito's ('69) free forum.

Bob Zito's The Misfits of Channel 10:   http://www.lulu.com/content/62395

Join Bob Zito (SHS '69) for a nostalgic look at Lafayette Radio, the awkwardness of coming of age in the Syosset '60s and not being one of the “in crowd.” 



Long Island:  

LongIsland.com  http://www.longisland.com

Comprehensive directory of Long Island with regional search engine, news and more

Long Island's Gold Coast, Past and Present, by Warren Conklin:  http://ligoldcoast.com

A guide to Long Island's Gold Coast mansions, past and present.  Includes mansion ruins and those used in movies.


Comprehensive Long Island site, including many images, past and present.

The Long Island Rail Road History Website (Unofficial):  http://lirrhistory.com

S. Berliner III's Long Island Rail Road Pagehttp://sbiii.com/boxcabs1.html

Everything you want to know about the Long Island Rail Road

LiSEEK:     http://www.liseek.com

Long Island Seek has information about Long Island's wineries, schools, real estate, towns, classifieds, traffic, transportation, forums, and more.

Society for the Preservation of Long Island Antiquities:   


House museums and collections, historic properties, exhibits, and more

I Dream of Genealogy Databases - New York - Long Island Cemeteries:

All the genealogy information you need.

North Shore Wx  Long Island North Shore Weather and Outdoors 

Site by Ed Moran, SHS '78.  Great Long Island nature photography and information, including pictures of Syosset snowstorms.


Other Links: 

ken*again, the literary magazine  http://kenagain.freeservers.com/

Poetry, prose and art are featured in this ezine inspired by ken*, the Syosset High School literary magazine.  Edited and published by John Delin (SHS '60).  Conceived and co-founded by Pamela Boslet Buskin (SHS '63).

Pam:  A Eulogy, in the Spring 2006 issue 

Nancy E. Lutz's vintage maps of New York City, Brooklyn and Long Island: 



Many fine old maps from the 17th to the 20th Century


Historic Map Works, Residential Genealogy:  https://www.historicmapworks.com/


The National Gallery of Art :  http://www.nga.gov/


Cinerama-- site by Roland Lataille:  http://cinerama.topcities.com/index.html

The Internet's Original Trainboard.com:  http://www.trainboard.com/  

This site is one of the oldest railfan and model railroad-related message board/discussion forums on the Internet.  Here you will find Syosset Scrapbook contributor Gregg Mahlkov (Thirdrail)'s images of the William Willock estate railroad and further description.  http://www.trainboard.com/railimages/showphoto.php/photo/26178



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